24 December 2012

You go girl, afghan style

US Spy Killed by Afghan Policewoman in Kabul


A fine demonstration of the empowering of women in Afghanistan!  Maybe the Talibs will appreciate their ability to serve, much as say the french resistance employed women against their invaders.

You go girl!

20 December 2012

New Armalite K-12 Rifle

Consider the new Armalite K-12 Rifle developed for use by US armed forces mercenaries to suppress disrespectful elementary school kids in occupied states.

Based on Adam Lanza's personal specifications.
And Condi Rice.

A civilian version of the K-12 will be available soon, including Hello Kitty and Transformers camoflage.

Its one thing to use a regular stock M16 to clear a school in some petrol-rich olive-skinned part of the world we're trying to pwn, old-skool Sgt. Bales style.   Yawn.  Mai lai.  Been there done that.

Its completely another to use a modern Armalite K-12 to clear a wealthy Conn. suburb
of rugrats.  Without even frickin making a point, cf Breslan, even NSA'ing your hard drive
(if you were in fact clever).

Armalite K-12:
Smooth, reliable, American made, something you could use for decades of occupation or oppression.  By lowlife mercenaries.

You think US AfriCom is going to clear classrooms and gorillas with expensive M16s and their ammo?   The American invasion of Africa (to save their n asses from islam) demands cost effective solutions.  The Armalite K-12 fills that role.   Available in jungle camo.

Otherwise, the Salafists, Wahhabis, Saudis, UBL, and other terrorists win.

On the other hand, if Feinstein, McCain, and similar fascist post-american turds have their way, we all become enemies of the the
festering failed state.

America needs to wake up, jail congress, invade (neighboring failed and invasive State) mexico, and become isolationist.

Then no one will bother us, we will be free of the tyrants in DC, we will prosper.

Or, visualize secession and let the parasite bastards fail.

Yep, I know this is public.   I am just handing out pamphlets in the square.

Problem, mate?


Ban religion.  Divorce the US union.  Live free or don't.

19 December 2012

taking it out on the dog

dog is on my poo-list after his bit of breaking out and breaking through the gate (fobless) and then me having to walk (then carry) him home three long Irvine blocks in the dark with no supplies.

so no, I will not walk him tonight.

wife asks, why are you taking it out on a two-year old (permenant human mental age and current chrono physical age)?

I say, he's annoying me.

Then I think, yeah, but 2 year olds are underage; you can't harvest them til at least 6, cf Newtown.  Have to throw the real younguns back.

Doggie seemed to be trembling on my lap though.  I hope not because of me.

structure activity relationships


nervous system signalling and operation

energetic chemistry


hackito ergo sum

innertubes filled with cats

these are a few of my favorite things

Eliminating Newtown Violence

A simple proposal for eliminating Newtown massacres (housemate borrows legally owned normal weapons).

Have the mil enslave all citizens at age 18 (can't just do men!  Women and trannies too!).  Rate them as far as weapons-ownership.

Ie, mandatory state psych evaluations under the guise of military conscription or eval.  The disobedient will be denied, of course.

The lowest scorers will also be given only 5/8ths of a vote, being essentially slaves, ie, unarmed.


PS: This just made 3-d additive printing relevent.  Fsck receivers; make magazines.

Of course, there are infinate receivers and mags out there.  And Lanza was clean.  He could have bought the tools himself.

But I like the makerbot magazines, since they route around are a recently acknowledged weak point.

17 December 2012


Accordingly, typical feed rates for the P-1 range between
4.0 and 13.5 mg/s, which corresponds to separation factors of 1.48 and 1.26,

Well there you go.

Number of machines vs. Stage number


For a given maximum separative power
of the centrifuge, the effective separation factor then varies inversely with
the feed rate.

I don't understand.  If that's the case, then any 'fuge can separate to an arbitrary concentration.


Its concentration change vs. time that upsets.

But, really, one fuge can given enough time sep enough topes to arb sep?   Cool.  Sounds reasonable.

Listening to: attica

14 December 2012

False flag shooters for Obama

"President Obama promised action to prevent such tragedies again but did not say what that would be."

Just get a few psychos to shoot and you can impose fascism.

Mental illness is a fact.  

Maybe we should mandatory govt-test all 18 year olds psychologically/ psychiatrically.  If we could euthanize all the potential politicians it would be worth it.

Conn. Kids vs. Ore. Mall people

Oregon mall shooter eclipsed by Conn. town doing the Columbine thing, except by a son of a teacher, not victims of school.

Why shoot little kids

Wife learns of Conneticut shooting, 20 dead kids.
(And even some grups)

Asks, why kill little kids (after you shoot your mom)?

I say, well, they can be pretty irritating... but that's probably not the reason.

Deathmatch: Carl Sagan vs. Henry Rollins

Sagan: Hey there, would you like some of this [cough]
Rollins: No man
Sagan: somewhere right now there is a sun exploding
Rollins: and around this sun are a billion lovers
Sagan: and it vaporizes everything
Rollins: and they are stardust, again

12 December 2012

ROBERT FRIPP, modest and bashful egghead electric guitar wizard

ROBERT FRIPP, modest and bashful egghead electric guitar wizard


More artistic jews


Tony Levin !!!

I should have guessed from name but his physiognomy isn't characteristic.

He rocks!  And not just with R. Fripp, but on his own, and with other amazingly skilled and creative musicians.  Thank you Tony.

06 December 2012

canadian jewry hair

Dr. Steven Pinker.

Geddy Lee.

Intellectual, creative, handsome Canadian Jews with serious hair.

I approve.

05 December 2012

Uncle Paul


03 December 2012

union terrorists

So some port workers are striking and the meximafia Villaragosa whines about the billion dollars a day it costs.

Well, the WTC was about 2 billion.  So these unions are pulling off about a 911 every two days.

Rome did not fall in a day.  As Julian wrote, in the worst case, we hasten the einsturzende neubaten.

Who is John Galt?
I dunno, is he plumbing a Kardashian?

kill these degenerates

anyone who says "impactful"
or even "impact"

anyone who says "dis" or "disrespec"

anyone who says "green" meaning other than the color

FUK DIRCIA gets better

Petraeus’ friend, Brig. Gen. James Shelton, is saying that Broadwell is responsible for the affair with the married retired general.
Petraeus “was the innocent one when it came to relationships,” Shelton told the Daily Mail of London’s website MailOnline. Besides being beautiful, intelligent, and a fellow West Point Academy graduate, Broadwell is “a savvy woman,” Shelton said. “She’s not a kid. In a lot of ways I think she knows more about the world than Dave — I’m talking about sex.”


Experience at buffalo wild wings

Experience at buffalo wild wings

So I wrote the "Buffalo Wild Wings" company about their utter crap treatment of customers.

Here's the boilerplate BS I received: 

I'd like to suggest that "Buffalo Wild Wings" is going to collapse being a generic, poorly executed 'sports bar' which is rude to customers.  Do not visit Buffalo Wild Wings.  You will have a bad time at Buffalo Wild Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver is a major fail.  Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver sucks.  Its that simple.  You can do much better than Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver.  Pulling trash from a dumpster you'd have better service than at Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver.  They will blow smoke in your face while you eat at Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver is.  They will hammer, drill, etc while you to talk at Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver.  When asked, the smokers will not leave the patio, though both doors are marked no smoking, at Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver.  I suggest that the building owners start looking for new tenants at Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver.

Yes, Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver is a place to get dissed, not eat or drink.

25 November 2012

Experience at buffalo wild wings




Seated on the patio with a friend.

Then a carpenter came, hammered while we tried to talk.

Then an employee came to smoke  where there were signs telling patrons not to.  My friend asked him to stop, he didn't.

We gave zero tip to the waitress Helen who was fine except for not protesting.  But WTF is with
management?  What the hell kind of experience is this?

20 November 2012

beyond transparency

A third of couples, husbands and wives, report that they have committed infidelity. What if all of those marriages were subject to surveillance and exposure?

Welcome to the future.

Cryptography and anonymity are your friends.

No telegraph operators.

The anonymity of the city, restored.

Weiner, Spitzer, Morris, Clinton, Petraeus, awesome.  JFK, etc.

The Israelis have known and used this for years, pwning the telcos.  Easy to manipulate for the State.

Why do you think Barak is such a follower? 

16 November 2012

Angie Ammon- Angie's daughter died last year of alchohol posioning

Angie Ammon- Angie's daughter died last year of alchohol posioning


Shoulda smoked cannabis.  Nontoxic.


Have a nice day.




14 November 2012

Ellison < Nicholas < McAfee


between Oracle's Ellison and McAfee's McAfee there is Broadcom's  Henry T. Nicholas III.

13 November 2012

Monserrate Shirley's Nose

Someone named " Monserrate Shirley" smelled something funny but then her house blew up, taking few others around her.

Its not safe to have some people in your neighborhood.

17 October 2012

body bags

"When the government feels sad for the killing of 3,000 people who were killed on Sept. 11," Mohammed said, "they should also feel sorry that the same government that is represented by Gen. Martins and others has killed thousands, millions of people."


On national security and classified information, prosecutors want a protective order that prohibits any mention of the defendants' treatment before they were shipped to Guantanamo in 2006. 

15 October 2012

HPV vaccine not tied to increased promiscuity for girls


HPV vaccine not tied to increased promiscuity for girls

Well I hope they keep on working on one that will.

10 October 2012

Why isnt michael bloomberg dead yet?

What is wrong with new yorkers?  Why isn't Bloomberg a dead tyrant yet?

Oh yeah.  New yorkers.  Slaves and prisoners who think they are cool.

Come on, we know you have the means, method, and motivation.  Clean the earth
of his kind!

03 October 2012

Biden vs. Ryan

Imagine BO and MR are taken out.  Can you imagine the 40 IQ points between the VPs?

Not saying who dominates but...

(MR is 20 behind BO, though they're both socialist scum run by foreign and internal forces.  Clueless rubes.  But you and the TLAs knew that was my opinion.)

The US should survive on only an import tariff of 300%.  This would provide plenty of jobs and strongly resist foreign dumping or monopolization (Got Rare Earths?).  It would provide a limited budget that would avoid wars.  It would avoid a sales or income tax, federal, at least.  Yes, I'm a frickin' isolationist.  Do not involve in nonfriendly nations; allow trade with all.  Under no circumstances fly cruise missiles into people because they can get ideas about flying things into structures.

And then, Reagan and Lebanon barracks, etc, etc.

For our TLAs monitoring this mildly intoxicated rant, I want our govt to follow the blessed Constitution.  That is all.  Well, also, the economy is not the govt's business, blah blah libertarian blah blah.

I really hate this declining empire shit.  I admit, I once did wonder how the Italians fell. But now that I live it (usulua leguinn novel?) I regret wondering about it.

Folks in glass empires ought not fly drones.

I frickin love this meme mutation.  Being a Gadfly is not a crime.  (A gadfly on a skateboard where prohibited might be a misdemeanor.  I don't skate.  Charlie don't surf.  I don't really surf either but I've bodysurfed.
It should be fairly obvious to our monitoring buddies that I don't have nor seek clearances (tm) so I am just another Internets Author (tm).)

My careful parenthetical closing indicates much about my existence.

Doghk nudul and coconut juice wid doghk pulp

Be seeing you.

02 October 2012

Get a cat, Prevent Asthma

The nytimes.com had an article on dog costs.  Being from NYC they are insane.

(Search for nytimes dog costs)
(Thousands per annum)

The Huffingtonpost.com naturally copied this ---that is what they do, with slightly more hysterical titles--

Here's the facts.  Get a cat.

  • Riverside cat $5 during sale incl chip, neuter
  • Gas to Riverside and back $20
  • Cat kibble $5/mo
  • Cat litter --N/A, cat goes outside
Attentional demands compared to babies, SOs, and dogs: nil.

Ability to leave alone for a weekend: yep.

Living sculpture: yep.

Prevent Asthma: yep

Pick up chicks: maybe

Walks with your leashed dog on dogwalks: this one does.  Famous in the neighborhood.  It really bugs the crows.  And Irvine / Amazonian parrots when they're around.

Chatters in this weird innate way when they see birds they can't get: yep, WTF? 

Cat has harvested bats, rats, mice, lizards, birds, baby rabbits.  (The latter and some other instances let go when I intervened.)  Common law allows cats to roam freely as a common good, ridding the neighborhood of vermin.

Our prev cat of 3 years was eaten by coyotes.  Before that I had a cat for 18 years who enjoyed euthanasia rather than painful death.  Before that, another who died of ingested bones.

If a friend dies mountainclimbing, do you blame the mountain? 

I am always very happy to see current huntress in AM.  Two days ago she smelled intensely of  wild sage.  WTF? 

23 September 2012

Cop kelly states the obvious

New York (CNN) -- The 25-year-old man who jumped from a monorail car into the Bronx Zoo's tiger den was not drunk or insane, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.
"Apparently he has some fascination with tigers," Kelly told CNN affiliate WABC. "

15 September 2012

American cowardice

BOSSIER CITY, La. (AP) — Bossier City police say a woman trying to avoid an Air Force deployment had her husband shoot her before lying to investigators that an intruder was to blame.
Police say 25-year-old Judy Groomes was treated for wounds on both of her legs from one round from a handgun fired by her husband, 26-year-old Christopher Tyquan Groomes. Both are active military based at nearby Barksdale Air Force Base.


Maybe she didn't want to shower with lesbian mercenaries.

12 September 2012

Y U No Mark

Dog herr.  Y U humenz no mark?  Youz pees in da watah.  It no stay.  Y?  Wot yu point?  Y U pee if no mark?  Y U no respect watah?

09 September 2012

Visualize Seccession

the rest of the US is just a parasite on california.   A bunch of fundie religious terrorists, some xian, some other.
All giving a rats ass about israel.

We should isolate from everyone, they're all evil; just buy oil on the open market.  If you don't do this, the US will collapse in 20 years.  Really.

and we will turn the obese xians into biodiesel.

08 September 2012

Tip of the Spear


You're already dead.
Your kids, your pets, your relatives.  All dead.
Your kids returned to you without limbs, or eyes, ears.

You don't really "get" crusades, do you?
You don't really "get" nazi invasion and collaborators?

What is your problem?

Folks in glass empires ought not fly drones.
Get it?

Probably not.

Are you really better than the ussr in af?   Really?   With subnormal mercenaries, vs. the best force in the world?   How'd VN work out for ya?

05 September 2012

Fuck the constitution

Who has ignored the Constitution the most?

BTW, they all deserve Sic Semper Tyrannis, if you know what I mean.  Hi NSA, SS, etc.  How's that workin' for the empire workin out for ya?



I flew a simulator of one.  Amazing.  The mil still fly them, and upgrade them.  Amazing.  They are the best combat airplanes ever, apparently.

Fascinating WP article.

Irvine Mayor

Christina Shea --who lived with a methamphamine user and complained to cops when she was busted.

Larry Agran: --who had delusions of grandeur, including running for President of the US.

Sucky Kang --who paid for a $150 K memorial to chronic lost wars when California was bankrupt, instead of telling local fart Andy Zelinko to just SFU and stop bothering the Council.  Kang is from a nation the US has been at war with for 30+ years so he enjoys perpetual war.  He's just a cookiecutter cog, can be replaced by any vanilla asian.

We won't go into sister-city mexican or japanese personal holiday on taxpayer dime, hydrogen-car perks, or her son offing himself on a cliff.  Fortunately this hausfrau airhead is laying low.

No easy day for Matt Bissonnette

No easy day for Matt Bissonnette
His family, friends, pets, and self can expect to be dispatched.

As can any seal associates.

Since the book makes clear that "Mark Owen" lives in Virginia Beach, where many other members of the military reside, the authors say "This puts a lot of people at undo [sic] risk."



23 August 2012

yet more, introversion, dilbert

Lab tech parties with escaped monkeys
University employee found with pants down, monkeys roaming free


Which is more macho? "Turtle and balloons" (google news) or lab tech
partying with subjects?

["Which is more macho" is a Laurie Anderson ref...
if I don't cite I sound random...]


Ashish came into my office to inquire about my screen saver.  [Recall my
boss AH found a screensaver and balked within 12 hrs; also he saw my shorts
on my dust-bunny day (yesterday, first day back in new boxed office) and
griped, dick.  Dust bunny work is serious.]

Apparently Ashish was closing the office by himself and a "red face" on my
screensaver reflected off my window and freaked him out.  There is a
halloween trick involving old monitors or laptops that does this.  My
screensaver pix are kosher, although I recently added a topless ukranian
female protester sawing down a crucifix, and I daresay its not sexual
(though she's nice) but she's fricking topless with a chainsaw taking down
a 15' crucifix.

I reminded him we're on the 6th floor, so a face in the window.. is not likely

I scanned my current SSaver directory for potential scary red pix.  It was
either Kim Dotcom in shades and beret (note resemblance to CC in white
hat..) or an "occupy oakland" poster done in bright soviet red/black style
that I copied only because the protagonist/proletariot (sp) was a frenetic
cat rendered in hysteric cold war style.

Anyway I told Ash that he was working too long, and apologized generically.
 I was boggled for some time.


I'm stoked, I got a fucking embedded linux image running,
(inside a future TV/set top) pulling the image from one machine and its
file system from another virtual machine,
which is what you do during development, or when someone hands you a pile
of bits to load.  Wasted a day trying Win NFS setups.  Eventually created a
virtual machine and had it run linux and NFS.  Sha fucking zam.  Layers and
layers of cards stacked upon each other.

Then it turns out the bluetoof (ebonics pronounciation) still doesn't work,
on neither the STB side nor likely the current URC build.  Nice.

but screw it, I got the root prompt I sought.

the building feels like mild earthquakes for minutes a day, but for 2 mos I
have my own office and window, 6 floors (wot, 120 ft) up.  As long as the
planes keep flying east of us, we're good.  Then I have a 7th floor desk, but completely open, and may have to
erect/hack barriers to replicate the peace of a simple office.  Earphones
are not always enough, people are very distracting to me.  To extroverts, I find, they are immune.

22 August 2012


Lab tech parties with escaped monkeys

University employee found with pants down, monkeys roaming free

Turtle duct-taped to balloons rescued from Oceanside tree

16 August 2012

Jamming american style

 He had four weapons, including an assault rifle, on him after the rampage that killed 12 people and injured 58 at a midnight movie screening.

His American-style rifle jammed on an oversized round magazine.

He should have just brought  two semi sawed off shotguns and used buckshot sized pellets.  In a theatre (not military theatre, ha!) this is more useful.  (And in a military theatre where you're fighting in tunnels, a shotgun is traditionally preferred by (losing) american invaders.)

Not even a nice ole reliable AK.  Just shotguns.  Keanu style.

Not sure how you reload a shotgun quickly though, I don't own one.  Should though.  Do any take magazines?  Doubt it ----Business opportunity!   The StreetSweeper had a rotary holder/feeder for its 12g rounds, but I'm not sure how fast it was to reload.

When the zombie (etc...) apocalypse happens, I should probably have practiced with a shotgun, which I've never even held.

OTOH I have a rifle that will destroy an engine...

Chick-fil-A sandwiches as terrorist weapon

He's been charged with assault with intent to kill and with bringing a firearm across state lines.
Authorities found a box of ammunition and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his backpack.'

14 August 2012

No constitution problem

A federal judge Tuesday threw out a lawsuit filed against the U.S. government and the FBI over the agency’s spying on Orange County Muslims, ruling that allowing the suit to go forward would risk divulging sensitive state secrets.


Both Lincoln and Obama have suspended the Constitution.  Awesome.

09 August 2012


When the deepwater thang blew, you could get live feeds of billowing sands etc underwater.  Put it to Eno and you've got entertainment.

Now watching http://www.kittycams.uga.edu/photovideo.html with random ambient and its great.

29 July 2012

24 July 2012


if you search for h you will find that some bimbo is divorcing tom cruise who is also a bimbo.

J holmes, stay calm, carry on

Theatre hazards

mad max review

i was aurora boy once but I wasn't

critical period then, grad, nih, school




Theatre hazards takes on a whole new meaning, right occupiers?   Mildeath in theatre..

20 July 2012

bonus points in Aurora

neuro doctorate: bonus
dressing in costume: bonus
clean skin (intel term): bonus
colorado: bonus 
depressive support group bumper sticker: bonus
major american content group meme taint: bonus+

red hair: extra bonus

13 July 2012

links (or chains of memory, or namedropping)

On the drive home I remembered why I had looked up 'eccentric'.  I was reading an article about

wearable computing and this led to reading a prof's bio (Thad Starner); I knew him as a fellow

student at MIT.  He mentioned that he had an Erdos number of 4.  I realized my number is 3,

through a prof I worked with as an undergrad.

Erdos was an eccentric.

FWIW at UCI I've shaken Carver Mead's hand and met Federico Faggin who was one of the 808x

originals.. once I got into Minsky's office when he was out and took copies of all his papers..
and his wife sat on my coat once.  She was
demonstrating a force-sensitive touch screen.
It was a CRT on springs with sensors.

Not an ivory tower groupie, but amusing to a yokel from upstate.

04 July 2012

Take over mexico now

So *mexican* govt can name you and you get dragged off?

Time to occupy that failed nation, which has oil.  One shot, one kill.  Cheap.

And terminate the US vermin that allow this.


US fail: admitting foreign mercenaries as citizens

So Obama is admitting foreign mercenaries who have worked for the USG as citizens.

Rome did the same.

Folks in glass empires ought not fly drones.

29 June 2012


Psychologist Dr. David Weeks mentions people with a mental illness "suffer" from their behavior while eccentrics are quite happy.[6][7] He even states eccentrics are less prone to mental illness than everyone else.
According to studies, there are eighteen distinctive characteristics that differentiate a healthy eccentric person from a regular person or someone who has a mental illness (although some may not always apply). The first five are in most people regarded as eccentric:[6]
  • Nonconforming attitude
  • Idealistic
  • Intense curiosity
  • Happy obsession with a hobby or hobbies
  • Knew very early in his or her childhood they were different from others
  • Highly intelligent
  • Opinionated and outspoken
  • Unusual living or eating habits
  • Not interested in the opinions or company of others
  • Mischievous sense of humor

08 June 2012

what a hernia feels like

When your ileocolic valve between
small and large intestines empties into a hernial
excursion of the latter, you get some very loud gurgling noises.

These feel like a cat on your lap (well, your right
lap) purring.  For a second every 10-30 seconds.

As long as Mr. Appendix is ok, we're cool.  Since it was last November 2011 (or 2010?), I'm good.

Entropy always wins.  Everyone dies of something.

(5 of plumbing for every cancer, but I've shown that you will eventually (in the mathematical sense) eventually get cancer.  At least as modern Western it probably won't be disease or violence, war, famine, or plague.

07 June 2012

cat harvest

Cat finally got one of the Mockingbird pairs that was constantly cawing and flying around our house.  I'm impressed.

The mate is cawing and I feel sorry but that's evolution.

This is the most tiny, and only female cat I've symbioted. What a gal.  She's gotten a little larger, so perhaps she was not fully mature when adopted.

Rats bats lizards and several avian species.

Kid asked me not to save the corpses next to the key he needs to access daily.  So moved a few shelves down.

06 June 2012

because it was fun


A hacker is a technolgical enthusiast.

This is what being a hacker is.


Also because it was fun.

Six June 2012

Transit of Venus is over, won't happen til 2117.
World IPv6 Launch on June 6, 2012,
Heinlein died.

05 June 2012

reuters as fascist tool

"Burials are quick in order to hide casualties and identities."

No, you clueless Reuters reporter, in deserts you bury fast.  Jews, Muslims, others.
Best not to rot or spread contagion.  The amerinds would burn dwellings too.

Your sheltering empire is crumbling, reuters, report on it.


Top al Qaeda strategist may have been killed in Pakistan

04 June 2012

Kittie don't surf, quadrocopter cat, wagner quadrofeline


My hope in humanity is restored.

Needs aviator goggles, rigidized airblown scarf (for look and to stay away from blades).

Snoopy and his doghouse have nothing on this.

Needs Ride of the Valkyeries broadcast, and two others that fly in formation.  Kittie don't surf.

30 May 2012

Jello Biafra

Mr. Biafra is a genius and american hero.


29 May 2012

sake and crypto

WTF am I listening to?

Oh right, blue man group.  Reading the hot crypto paper
on All your keys are belong to us.



28 May 2012

LA Times hilarity

Slow news (wars, yawn).

Naked man eats other naked man's face, is shot.

Euro-raped mexicans look down on pure indians.

Wind farms considering bird detectors.

24 May 2012

feline independence

Walked the dog.  Halfway through, cat6 joined us.

Irvine panhandler

around 5pm, 5 south and culver exit.
First, "Karma screwed me over" and he had
a cig behind his ear and a cell phone and
clean white garments.

Two days later, "society screwed me over"
and a worse look and no resources.

Today, gone.

09 May 2012


Christina Shea, former Mayor of Irvine, is your live in daughter still using methamphetamine?



Yes, that Christina Shea.

01 May 2012

RF control

Helped test a RF4CE (ie Zigbee consumer subset, a 802.15.4 radio) remote control. Went over 400 feet in a parking lot without any failures. That's nearly a tenth of a mile! We stopped testing. But it was fine at 400 feet. Tested inside, saw crazy results. More power more problems esp. with transmitter orientation as a factor. A 400 foot RF remote is probably a dual use item. Jus sayin.

30 April 2012

Google vs. Sun/Oracle

Been watching the Google v Sun legal conflict. Basically I think the Nintendo decision that "an operational interface can't be copyrighted" applies. Nintendo once made a game system that required the display of the name Nintendo to run software. Non-Nintendo authors had to duplicate this. Nintendo sued, saying the name is copyrighted. Justice said yes, but since you made it operational, you fail. A language, an API, are operational interfaces. Sorry, Sun. They even implemented their own VM. And 9 obvious lines? Gimme a break. .... During his testimony last week, former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz said that Google had done nothing wrong in building its own version of Java .... He argued that Google’s use of Java was akin to using the same labels that Oracle uses on the outside of a filing cabinet — but not the same files and folders used on the inside. IE The Lotus spreadsheet decision.. menu item order etc is not copyrightable, its an interface. ..... Van Nest also attacked Oracle’s complaint that Android has fragmented the Java platform. “You haven’t heard a single developer come in and say, ‘Gee, I’m unhappy about Java because Android fragmented it,’” he said to the jury. He then presented a number of slides and emails that ostensibly show that Sun fragmented Java itself. “And they recognized it,” he said. Yes!

28 April 2012


get on with the fascination the underlying dream lifeson, lee, peart for those who wish to see
with insufficient tact for those who wish to see get on with the fascination the underlying dream

our great computers fill the hallowed halls

our great computers fill the hallowed halls

27 April 2012

shrimp with eyes

Shrimp fell on floor kid won't eat shrimp with eyes dog doesn't get it but brings shrimp to kid study kid melts down dog no eat shrimp still hungry wtf he's a dog wtf wife: "he'll eat it when its cooked" wtf

26 April 2012


Second glass of wine Cat on lap Listening to throbbing gristle

17 April 2012

What the amerikan "homeland" dumbasses don't understand is that Anders Behring Breivik could be you, with farm chems, no matter how whitebread you are. Dumbasses.

An IED a day keeps the dumbasses away. Folks in glass empires ought not fly drones. You get the picture.

Hang Obama, peace prize and all. Hang him high.
Anders Behring Breivik
wow, dude. Self defense is an awesome legal defense.

Anders Behring Breivik
is a hilarious character.

Smart folks playing with violence and the State are most amusing. Ted K. was awesome. And Timmy V., etc.

And the cypherpunks. Did you know you can buy HF as whisk?

George Zimmerman is a hero, Traycoon Martin a thug. Deal.
Don't bring skittles to a gunfight. Taste the rainbow: taste evolution. Don't jump random people, no_limit.

16 April 2012

Get a TI RF4CE chip. cc253x. Very low power. Cheap, ubiquitous. Devkit $200.

Get a micromems microphone. And a few discretes. And a tiny battery. You gotta bug.
Probably sucky antenna since you're size constrained, but deal with it.

Use expensive, small components. While you could build this for $20 as a hacker, your budget as a spook engineer is a few grand per. Live it up. Size matters. You can use as many signal layers on the PCB as you like. You can use exotic PCB materials if it helps. Shit, you can custom integrate an IC and have your fabs make 'em.

Store audio, compress, encrypt, transmit when "read" command received. Only wake up periodically (or time based pseudo-randomly!) to listen for it. Do this on minimal power, for as long as possible.

About 20 mA to listen 30 mA to transmit, for maybe 20 milliseconds each. Can't escape that much.

Actually since you're a TLA you can integrate all this on a 1x1 mm IC, size dominated by battery and whatever you use for antenna. Integrate since you own some nice secret fabs.

Of course the antenna in the white fiberglass truck on the street is very high gain.
To compensate for the mote. Also I suppose you get advanced battery chems, though not RTGs :-)

And you probably need to integrate a lot more audio storage flash on the IC; easily enough done.

With really small batteries you could be getting close to motes. A photocell and a an integrated supercap could last for a long time, but how much energy does it take to record and compress intermittent audio? And burst-encrypt-transmit cycles?

Interesting how, um, low energy *audio monitoring* approeaches physical limits as we get better, much like computation.

Yeah, I'm sure the TLAs could do this years ago. But now, everyone can.
ISM make me so horny.

15 April 2012

The nigger in the woodpile of Obama's visit to south america: do not talk about drugs. Do NOT talk about drugs. Talk about anything else. Even if your guests want to.

Meanwhile Obama publicly consumes ethanol and advocates this for his guests. Shithead.

Epic headline. For a prostitution scandal.

13 April 2012

I saw water up the sidewalk midday in western OC;
in Irvine I saw bb-sized hail briefly during a 5 minute severe squall.

Cold air blowing from west.
Warm moist air from south.
Jet stream stirring it up.
What could go wrong?

Major tornados vacuuming up the plains.

See you tomorrow... its 9 pm 13 apr 2012 right now.

Duck and cover.

11 April 2012

Now taking bets on Angela Corey's lifespan, and means and times of death.

You can trademark that.

09 April 2012

castle bravo


02 April 2012

Obama vs. Romney.

Epic American fail.

Fail in 10 years. Soviet style.

Plastic man, israeli man, pwned man.
Cat had third bat this morning.

Then a mouse.

This eve, I'm at the computer and the cat comes running
after a bird. Now watching me from a window.
Now taking bets on Calderone's demise. Also his family.
What street will their decapitated corpses show up on?
How many limbs will his wife have attached?
Place your bet now.

31 March 2012

Like you'd trust a nigga gravedigga as a forensic scientist. Fail.
LA times starts charging for excessive reading of their articles.

Control-shift-N anonymous browser window
works great

LA times run by monkeys

30 March 2012

28 March 2012

A police detective told the father of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin that his son initiated two confrontations with the neighborhood watch volunteer who fatally shot him.

Ahh, golden boy saint.

27 March 2012

To [Principal]


I was pleased to find out that the selling of grades which my kid had reported
was a stunt. Even more pleased that it was to teach about one of the metaphors
I was going to excoriate your staff with.

I was trying to figure it out. Walking the dog before my kid told me of it, I overheard
others of similar age asking each other if it were legal to sell grade. What the heck? I thought.
Later, my kid explained the full horror.

Was it budget desparation? The math didn't work. Cultural deprivation? A trial run? Was my kid making it up?
Even if he misunderstood, what had he misunderstood? And the misunderstood idea itself was a hazard.

I started to think of ways to express my disgust. I recalled the indulgences, how one could
buy one's way out of eg wars, jury, etc. (Not that I think conscription of any form is
constitutional.. nor subscribe to the sins the indulgences forgave..)

So tonight, I find out, when I ask, that it was to teach about indulgences.

I'd only caution against my other suspicion: a nonconsensual ethics test. But, I was delighted to find that
all is well in Irvine.

26 March 2012


The mother of slain teen Trayvon Martin wants to trademark her son's name in the slogans, "I am Trayvon" and "Justice for Trayvon," according to two petitions filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

"I am X" and "Justice for X" are memes, beetch.

And, commercializing is crass.
The real question is now: Who is Trayvon Martin and why did he jump George Zimmerman?

Maybe he was paranoid. He was kicked out of school for bringing narcotics in.


He was 17, impulsive, trained in violence (football), and obviously not the Golden Boy his parents lied about.

Most cannabis users, are not inclined to violence. Cf. ethanol. But for all psychotropics, its the individual, not the material.
Unborn Afghan Child Said to Be 17th Victim of Shootings

What pandering to US christian extremists.

But at $50K a pop, how can you go wrong?

25 March 2012

Learned that Branson supported german electronic music in the 70s. Wow. He's a hero.
US is paying $50K for each afghan slaughtered. Nice.

If they wore hoodies americans would care.
So the new rule is, you can't talk to blacks, or they'll be justified in jumping you from behind?

And when you defend yourself, you'll be lynched by the media and the black news parasites.

Might be time to start bringing a pistol in the car again... (unloaded, in back, locked)

24 March 2012

$10K, anonymous, to anyone who successfully predicts when Mikhail Muhammad meets his demise and how.
Who has better product placement?

Touareg (car)

Skittles (candy)

Kel-Tec 9mm (self defense tool)
Obama's son would look like Martin? No, Obama is Irish/Kenyan. Martins parents are obviously slave imports from a different region of africa.

So Obama's son wouldn't be a 6'3 footballer who starts fights.

But given Obama's foreign policy, perhaps Obama is more right than he realizes --his son would *act* like Martin. And get the appropriate feedback ---kinda like the US is getting overseas...

An armed society is a polite society.

23 March 2012

If 6'3 footballer Trayvor Martin was a "child", can George Zimmerman sue his parents for distress and damages caused by having to put him down?

22 March 2012

saw this

If the giant football player initiated violence against some neighbor talking at him, insteasd of leaving and/or telling him to f-off, does he not expect self-defense with whatever is handy when he attacks said questioner?

The football player had behavior problems at school; came from a broken family; not surprising he should be impulsive and violent. The shooter was nearly killed by the brute who attacked out of paranoia. GZ is a hero. Evolution wins.
"But the newly released police calls paint Andy Zelinko of Irvine as a man obsessed with law and order, with the minutiae of suburban life, and with black males."

Zelinko is a well documented war pornographer.
And expired cop.

So a guy watches an unfamiliar giant football black male act suspiciously in a neighborhood with a huge robbery rate.

The guy questions Trayvon Martin. No physical contact, just words. Yaba yaba. You never have to talk to anyone, just provide a DL if you're driving. We are citizens not livestock.

Trayvon Martin attacks George Zimmerman. Initiates force. Starts violence. Attempts a lethal blow to the face, etc.

George Zimmerman defends himself with whatever is handy.

Now Trayvon Martin is a golden saint; never mind his problems at school, broken family, towering football figure. F that. George Zimmerman is a hero, like Bernie Goetz.

Initiators of force are subject to evolution.

Also works for nations, hows that Occupy Iraq and Invade Afghanistan working out for ya?

Say what you want; touch me and you die. Its simple.
Impulsive, violent "children" learn that assault is
not a joke.

Buy ammo now, for the riots when GZ is exonerated.

21 March 2012

19 March 2012

Dr Patton scolded me for typing too hard.

After I set up text to speech translator, after
he couldn't read.

He got a copy of his MRIs, his head was swiss cheese.

After the cyanide ischemia it was different and worse.

Eventually he consumed the full dose without intervention.

I was the friend to break into his apt and discover his notes and pretend to be his fellow adopted brother who happened to have the same first name and age.

Uh huh. But the md in charge was ok with it; i reported what I suspected and knew. Too bad emts
don't carry certain diagnostic / treatment kits.
Some silver photo fixer I think works.

Barbituic acid derivatives are the preferred euthanasia

Fucking swiss cheese. In a phd neuroscientist who couldn't log in anymore.

Swiss cheese.
In dogs, 30000 years of association are 30000 selective events. As a result, our dog (who thinks himself a wolf) has floppy ears, bug eyes, silly walk, mostly white, and curly tail.

Humans, who have selected each other much longer, have even more ridiculous traits.
compel you at gunpoint “under federal supervision” to work as a slave


Yes this is iwars, but please, please, do this. Accelerate the implosion.

13 March 2012

09 March 2012

Pat Robertson backs legal marijuana.



Marijuana advocates, not surprisingly, are applauding the move while antidrug groups are attacking Mr. Robertson’s credibility, saying he has made several “strange remarks” in the past five years about prayer, tornadoes, and homosexuals.


Ok, if you're going to pray while being in a tornado and surrounded by gays flung by the tornado, you should
probably light up.

Do the prohibitionist idiots have a better idea?


Professor MacCoun says the Robertson comment helps break up polarized discussions.

“We can now have a more grown up discussion about what are the tools in the tool box – rather than just hyperlatives hurled at each side from the extremes,” he says.


Noting that America makes up 5 percent of the world's population but 25 percent of jailed prisoners, Robertson said: “We've said, 'We're conservative, we're tough on crime.' That's baloney. It's costing us billions and billions of dollars. We need to scrub the federal code and the state codes and take away these criminal penalties.”
Mayor Bloomberg of NYC needs killing.

Commissioner Kelly has said that the department’s surveillance of Muslims was nothing out of the ordinary. “In fact, the police department uses many of the same methods to find and stop terrorists that we use to arrest drug dealers, human traffickers, and gang leaders,”

he forgot pedos and cryptographers


He needs to be tried and hung

07 March 2012

David Friend stated:[2]
No one with daughters the age of Sandra Fluke

I'll hit them!
The chinese have tripled their coal consumption 2000-2010
whereas everyone else has remained the same. So all your priuses are fail.

The solution to the CO2 problem is to eat chinese people.

Or, HxNx flu. Same thing, really.

Or, continue on. In another two decades you get 2e9 africans if you keep feeding them.

You *could* have clean cheap energy, or you could continue to be animals, and do the Gtons of CO2 experiment previously run only with volcanoes. Ref Matrix.

02 March 2012

Heard about the USG wanting to require cars to have rear view cameras. At $200 a pop, to save < 250 kids a year.

How about rear-drive beepers and flashing lights? For about $5? Much more reliable electronics and easy to train kids to run.

But govt morons want to require not only mpg but now cameras. In cars.

Not enough AC, radio, cd, gps, dvd. Now cameras, required.


23 February 2012

If you're not sovereign, you're livestock. The state can draft you for jury duty, or to kill people, or prohibit your consensual conduct with consenting others. If you let them. Mob rule.


Folks in glass empires should not fly drones. Rome did not fall in a day, but things happen faster now.

15 February 2012

13 February 2012

Dogg ran out. Followed a dog accompanying a bicyclist.
Wife and kid (both off today, pres day?) spent 6 hours looking for him.

He followed a dog following a bicyclist. Wife got a call.

Dogg is an idiot, almost run over, no loyalty. He does act guilty now though.

12 February 2012

In complicating move, al-Qaida backs Syrian revolt


How's that blowback workin out for ya?

And that Ayrab spring? Trampoline?

US now affiliated not only with taliban but al qaeda too.


06 February 2012

For his part, Chad stated when he was dismissed from the burglary hearing that he had not communicated with other jurors hearing the case or Tweeted any information about the trial. This is important because, under California law, communicating during a case is a misdemeanor offense. The court instructions state to all potential jurors that they cannot discuss a case or use an electronic device to e-mail, get on the internet or Tweet.

After receiving the profuse apologies of Chad and his attorney, Judge Priver decided to let him off with a warning, but city attorneys have the option to reinstate charges if they see fit.

For his part, Chad stated when he was dismissed from the burglary hearing that he had not communicated with other jurors hearing the case or Tweeted any information about the trial. This is important because, under California law, communicating during a case is a misdemeanor offense. The court instructions state to all potential jurors that they cannot discuss a case or use an electronic device to e-mail, get on the internet or Tweet.

After receiving the profuse apologies of Chad and his attorney, Judge Priver decided to let him off with a warning, but city attorneys have the option to reinstate charges if they see fit.

According to reports from the Los Angeles Times, ESPN poker commentator Norman Chad – whose sense of humor is well known to the poker community – was chastised by a California Superior Court judge for using that sense of humor over Twitter.

In an article written by the Times’ Kimi Yoshino, Chad was called in for jury duty in January and was selected as a juror in a residential burglary case. As the case was litigated, court officials informed Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Laura Foland Priver, who was the judge for that particular case, that Chad had been Tweeting during the proceedings. Judge Priver took the action of filing contempt of court charges against Chad and dismissed him from the case as a result of his Tweets.

The hearing on those contempt charges brought Chad and his attorney back to the courtroom on Wednesday, where Judge Priver blasted Chad and his attorney. “He made a mockery of our system,” Judge Priver stated during the hearing to Chad’s attorney. “I’m disturbed by this behavior. Once the information is out there, it’s out there forever. The public who sees these Tweets is going to think this behavior is OK.”


Judges are paid by the State. You cannot trust them.
The 52-year old Mumbai native, a former Pan Am stewardess and Delta Airlines trainer, had been on a hunger strike in jail for nearly three weeks following her December 10 incarceration arising from charges of resisting arrest in a routine jury summons case. On December 29, Lyvita was ordered to be taken to the Vista East Medical Center. She died on January 3, 2012 at the hospital.

The funeral was conducted on February 1 and was attended by over 200 people, all asking the same question that's haunting the Gomes family. The last rites were conducted Thursday in the presence of her sister and brother-in-law who life in UK as well as a large assembly of local community leaders. A Chicago daily reported that around 120 people, including 20 local pastors, have signed a "statement of concern" that will be presented to the authorities.

The family lives along Link Road in Goregaon west. Lyvita's brother Oydsteven, who works in a television production house, has so far managed to keep the news of his sister's death from their father. "He is 94 and is still recovering from a nasty bout of malaria," said Steven. "I have requested several relatives and friends who wish to pay condolence not to visit. Of course, now that the funeral is over, I will have to break it to him."

The second of four siblings, Lyvita was a well-educated, qualified achiever filled with a sense of joie de vivre. She studied biochemistry at Sophia College, then went on to teach chemistry at St Joseph's Convent during which time she wrote workbooks for junior school. Soon she tired of that and joined Pan Am airlines in the United States as a flight attendant and supervisor before moving to Delta Airlines where she graduated to flight trainer.

Much of what happened since December 2011when the Chicago police arrested her remains a blur for the family. Questions linger over the exact circumstances of her arrest, her illness, indeed her mental condition and subsequent death. "We are still unaware of the full truth behind her hunger strike over jury duty," said Steven.

"Those who are in the US are hardly wiser for being there. My sister Lyemia and her husband who live in London conducted the funeral on Thursday. They are seeking answers as are the 200-odd supporters and community leaders who attended Lyvita's wake," he added.

Lyvita was single and did not have family in the US. "Is this how they punish foreign nationals who merely refuse jury duty? Stand by as they forgo food and drink, watch them become dehydrated and die?" he asked. "I cannot help think this is racism. Would this have happened to a white person?" Steven and his siblings are yet to receive an apology or explanation, though the Lake County sheriff's office on Thursday released a timetable of events from Lyvita's arrest up to her death in January 3.

29 January 2012

CIA Mom outed
Jennifer Matthews
Husband: Gary

Children who learn their mother tortured, priceless.


20 January 2012

Alexandria has the highest density of government and military contractors anywhere in the United States.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/julian-assange-the-rolling-stone-interview-20120118#ixzz1k3oIMJHM
The fifth element
if its war you want

You took down a site without due process. You caused others to be arrested overseas for breaking your local laws.

its war you'll get

18 January 2012

I have renamed my domestic symbionts Ms Neutrino (aka Lady Kootoo) and Mr Higgs (aka Jake D Dogg). Ms N weighs nothing and is invisible. Mr H is massive.

08 January 2012

Synthetic Cannabis (HB 2595/PA 97-0193): Adds to the list of Schedule I controlled substances five generic definitions of classes of synthetic cannabinoids, which are often sold alongside smoking paraphernalia to produce a “high” similar to that associated with cannabis. (HB 2595/PA 97-0193): Adds to the list of Schedule I controlled substances five generic definitions of classes of synthetic cannabinoids, which are often sold alongside smoking paraphernalia to produce a “high” similar to that associated with cannabis.

These are morons from Illinois. How do they know something has no medical uses?

hang 'em high, or blow a big crater.
Respectful Language (SB 1833/PA 97-0227): Makes changes to language in state law to replace the term “mental retardation” with “intellectual disability” and substituting “physically disabled” for the term “crippled.”

Respectful Language (SB 1833/PA 97-0227): Makes changes to language in state law to replace the term “mental retardation” with “political interests” and substituting “lame” for the term “crippled.”

Replaces "legislator" with "fascist parasite"..
Internet Threat Penalties (HB 3281/PA 97-0340): Allows a school board to suspend or expel a student who has made an explicit threat on an Internet Web site against a school employee, student, or any school personnel.
ID Card Religious Objections (HB 1484/PA 97-0371): Provides for Illinois Identification Cards or Illinois Disabled Person Identification Cards to be issued without photographs if the applicant has a religious objection.

Well that is certainly useful

04 January 2012

McKinley told ABC News Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO that she quickly got her 12 gauge, went into her bedroom and got a pistol, put the bottle in the baby's mouth and called 911.

03 January 2012

Paul, on Fox News, accused Santorum of trying to "deflect away" from the scrutiny his record is receiving. Paul claims Santorum's support for foreign aid is outside the conservative mainstream.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/01/03/gop-candidates-await-iowa-verdict/#ixzz1iSbbUmMS
Turkey bombed Iraq which was a US 'protectorate'

Turkey though is Israeli and US bedfellow so no objection.

Though this is grounds for war. With Turkey.
Saudi Arabia, with American support, is fomenting religious civil war between the Sunni’s and Shia in
Iraq, Syria and much of the Middle East region
t. ‘People are amazed how fast it can separate the head from the
body,’ he said. Sometimes he also has to carry out amputations of hands or legs. ‘I use a special sharp
knife, not a sword. When I cut off a hand I cut it from the joint. If it is a leg the authorities specify where
it is to be taken off, so I follow that.’”
The Associated Press that Saudi leaders were shocked to
learn 15 of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

02 January 2012

8 > 2

.. ..

Dogz love boobies

01 January 2012

“Any hope that the Obama administration would roll back the constitutional excesses of George Bush in the war on terror was extinguished today.

ya think?
President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law today. The statute contains a sweeping worldwide indefinite detention provision.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are about 1.5 million car accidents with deer each year that result in $1billion in vehicle damage.
Latest figures show that each year more than 100 people are killed with 10,000 injured after collisions with deer.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2079939/Elderly-driver-70-killed-car-crash-severed-deer-head-flies-windscreen.html#ixzz1iCG5ygYP