30 May 2012

Jello Biafra

Mr. Biafra is a genius and american hero.


29 May 2012

sake and crypto

WTF am I listening to?

Oh right, blue man group.  Reading the hot crypto paper
on All your keys are belong to us.



28 May 2012

LA Times hilarity

Slow news (wars, yawn).

Naked man eats other naked man's face, is shot.

Euro-raped mexicans look down on pure indians.

Wind farms considering bird detectors.

24 May 2012

feline independence

Walked the dog.  Halfway through, cat6 joined us.

Irvine panhandler

around 5pm, 5 south and culver exit.
First, "Karma screwed me over" and he had
a cig behind his ear and a cell phone and
clean white garments.

Two days later, "society screwed me over"
and a worse look and no resources.

Today, gone.

09 May 2012


Christina Shea, former Mayor of Irvine, is your live in daughter still using methamphetamine?



Yes, that Christina Shea.

01 May 2012

RF control

Helped test a RF4CE (ie Zigbee consumer subset, a 802.15.4 radio) remote control. Went over 400 feet in a parking lot without any failures. That's nearly a tenth of a mile! We stopped testing. But it was fine at 400 feet. Tested inside, saw crazy results. More power more problems esp. with transmitter orientation as a factor. A 400 foot RF remote is probably a dual use item. Jus sayin.