25 November 2012

Experience at buffalo wild wings




Seated on the patio with a friend.

Then a carpenter came, hammered while we tried to talk.

Then an employee came to smoke  where there were signs telling patrons not to.  My friend asked him to stop, he didn't.

We gave zero tip to the waitress Helen who was fine except for not protesting.  But WTF is with
management?  What the hell kind of experience is this?

20 November 2012

beyond transparency

A third of couples, husbands and wives, report that they have committed infidelity. What if all of those marriages were subject to surveillance and exposure?

Welcome to the future.

Cryptography and anonymity are your friends.

No telegraph operators.

The anonymity of the city, restored.

Weiner, Spitzer, Morris, Clinton, Petraeus, awesome.  JFK, etc.

The Israelis have known and used this for years, pwning the telcos.  Easy to manipulate for the State.

Why do you think Barak is such a follower? 

16 November 2012

Angie Ammon- Angie's daughter died last year of alchohol posioning

Angie Ammon- Angie's daughter died last year of alchohol posioning


Shoulda smoked cannabis.  Nontoxic.


Have a nice day.




14 November 2012

Ellison < Nicholas < McAfee


between Oracle's Ellison and McAfee's McAfee there is Broadcom's  Henry T. Nicholas III.

13 November 2012

Monserrate Shirley's Nose

Someone named " Monserrate Shirley" smelled something funny but then her house blew up, taking few others around her.

Its not safe to have some people in your neighborhood.