16 August 2012

Jamming american style

 He had four weapons, including an assault rifle, on him after the rampage that killed 12 people and injured 58 at a midnight movie screening.

His American-style rifle jammed on an oversized round magazine.

He should have just brought  two semi sawed off shotguns and used buckshot sized pellets.  In a theatre (not military theatre, ha!) this is more useful.  (And in a military theatre where you're fighting in tunnels, a shotgun is traditionally preferred by (losing) american invaders.)

Not even a nice ole reliable AK.  Just shotguns.  Keanu style.

Not sure how you reload a shotgun quickly though, I don't own one.  Should though.  Do any take magazines?  Doubt it ----Business opportunity!   The StreetSweeper had a rotary holder/feeder for its 12g rounds, but I'm not sure how fast it was to reload.

When the zombie (etc...) apocalypse happens, I should probably have practiced with a shotgun, which I've never even held.

OTOH I have a rifle that will destroy an engine...