05 September 2012

Irvine Mayor

Christina Shea --who lived with a methamphamine user and complained to cops when she was busted.

Larry Agran: --who had delusions of grandeur, including running for President of the US.

Sucky Kang --who paid for a $150 K memorial to chronic lost wars when California was bankrupt, instead of telling local fart Andy Zelinko to just SFU and stop bothering the Council.  Kang is from a nation the US has been at war with for 30+ years so he enjoys perpetual war.  He's just a cookiecutter cog, can be replaced by any vanilla asian.

We won't go into sister-city mexican or japanese personal holiday on taxpayer dime, hydrogen-car perks, or her son offing himself on a cliff.  Fortunately this hausfrau airhead is laying low.