29 December 2008

Bush asked to seize land for 9/11 memorial


Anyone see any irony?

27 December 2008

Melt together about 3 parts potassium nitrate fertilizer (Haifa brand) and 1 part sucrose. Pour into a steel tube, which has fins welded to it. Launch from rail. This is a Gaza rocket. Range: a few miles. Warhead: a few pounds of TNT with a rifle primer as the detonator, in the nose.


US-built supersonic warplanes dropping hundreds of hundred pound pounds on clay structures.

Well that's proportional.

BTW, the only casualties from the rocket attacks that provoked this: a few guys who CATOd their rocket on launch.

States sell off infrastructure and (illegal) monopolies like lotteries.

This is how the auto companies are spending their FAILout dollars, advertisements rubbing
it in.

We're too big to fail, though this is the second time you've bailed us out, and you're not! Enjoy watching our shiny new cars go by, as you hold up "will work for food" signs, generous citizen...

25 December 2008

Fill 'Er Up With Human FatPeter C. Beller, 12.22.08, 05:00 AM EST
How a Beverly Hills doctor powered his SUV using his patients' spare tires.


See, I told you that politicians and other useless debris could be rendered
into fuel!

Its like _Fight Club_, except that instead of harvesting and nitrating the glycerin
(obtained via esterification or saponification of human fat) you are using the fatty fragments as fuel; you could also turn them into soap, as in FC. In the biodiesel case, the glycerin is also waste, and could still be nitrated. See, fats are glycerin linked to fatty chains; you can add an alcohol group to the chains for biodiesel, or add an alkali metal and get soap; in either case you free up a glycerin.
Things to do with methanol, ie, HEET in the car-parts section of your local grocery.

With lye, also from your grocery, and oil, make biodiesel. You need to avoid water in this process, and its hard to remove water from ethanol, which would otherwise work.

With salt & detergent, separate & purify your DNA. Any alcohol, ethanol or isopropyl, will work.

With boric acid (roach powder from grocery) make green flame. You must use methanol as other alcohols have a yellowish flame that messes with the green.

With ground up greens (eg spinach) do some paper chromatography. You could use other alcohols or water for this too. You might get different results with different solvents.

Remember, MeOH is toxic and flammable.

Anyway, look 'em up, if you're bored on a break with a little kid.
Archbishop Tutu suggests using violence to remove Mugabe


"If he refuses, I really do believe that we have to invoke this new doctrine of responsibility to protect".

Asked whether that meant using force to remove Mugabe, Tutu said: "Yes, yes, or certainly the threat of it"."

I say, Kill em both. At least Mugabe isn't threatening sovereigns with force.

23 December 2008

Some legit uses of nuclear weapons.

Sudanese pirates.

Zimbabwe, once all the white farmers have left.

Any 20th century assemblage of states which forcefully resists its own voluntary dissolution.
Like the russians. Or romans. Do the math.

Heads of evil cults like the vatican, salt lake city, mecca, D of C and other nazis, etc.

Spring cleaning.

Super high me

A brilliant film.

21 December 2008

What is it, in the last few thousand years, that psychotic breaks let you start a religion? What ever happened to Nature?

No, instead, some palestinian ex-slave goes tripping, and we've got judaism. Then god rapes a little palestinian girl, and Jesus picks up the messianic complex. Then Mohamed goes psycho and starts pretending he's the man. WTF?

What ever happened to itinerant philosophers like Mr. Buddha, or even local dudes into the smoother way like Confuscious? And why are amerind belief systems not more popular? And the whole use of religious pharmaceuticals is oppressed here.

Time to dissolve the union, become a continent of independent assemblies of a few states. The evil on the east coast can be cut out, like any tumor. The citizenry, at least the honest ones, will survive the surgery.

"Steven Seagal may be a tad egomaniacal, but that's the hazard with the job of being a god."

Saw a car with a few dozen bumper stickers today. One said, "Not a billionaire left behind". I slowed down to read them all, before passing them with my single Ron Paul message. Yes I'm a dreamer, at least I'm principled. See you in 2012 if there's a nation left.
Zoroastrianism == Hawaiian volcano religions

Both are based on seeing fire from the ground and going, in a pre-industrial way, "wow".

Same with Thor, and lightening.


In the modern world, with a modern, humane belief system,
you are obligated to understand these phenomena (oil seeps, magma chambers, electrical discharge) and (contrary to many dumbass theists' interpretations) encouraged to retain the AWE.
As a transzen person, you also must have a certain emotional and cultural detachment to not only awesources but everything. Especially the religions of government and culture.

Knock wood. Never collaborate; sabotage evil.

"Red red wine make me feel so fine." ---Peter Tosh
If a referendum can remove constitutionally protected rights, we can ban Mormonism.
Not just the authentic polygamy with underage girls, but the watered down modern
version that has been neutered so they could continue their abuse, but only on one
wife at a time.

Lets vote, and clear the state of this abhorrent child abuse known as Mormonism.
The church of Latter day pedophiles.
Iraq vets have now started to come back and kill US folks around them:


Pretty sweet. Of course the "Beltway sniper" was also military trained, but he
was a moslem.
Mo. begins prosecuting under cyberbullying law

He said kids used to say things face to face or pass notes in school commenting on someone's looks or weight. The new law "criminalizes behavior that otherwise wouldn't be illegal except for the medium," he said.

"It's not criminal. It might be mean-spirited, but it's not criminal," he said.

There are already libel laws. To treat electronic expression differently than any other is unconstitutional and just plain dumb. This is why we need to burn the south again.

I guess if you pass law school and can't get a real job, public prosecutor is the swamp what will take you in, in Missouri. St. Charles County Prosecutor Jack Banas is typical of this.

Child porn cartoon conviction upheld in Va.
Dwight Whorley of Richmond is serving 20 years in prison, convicted in 2005 of using a public computer for jobseekers at the Virginia Employment Commission to receive 20 Japanese cartoons, called anime"

Not surprising that folks that close to DC can't tell reality from fiction.


Hey Virginia: here's a representation of you reaming the juvinile Liberty: *-0
Now bust me for that picture.

19 December 2008

"Site users have posted comments ranging from deeply offensive stereotypical statements about Jews and money -- with some suggesting that only Jews could perpetrate a fraud on such a scale -- to conspiracy theories about Jews stealing money to benefit Israel," the ADL said in a statement.

Actually, the zionists don't need a scam; they have the US government by the short
hairs. Consider how traitor Lieberman retains not only his seat in congress, but his position on commites. And how Obama continues to let the US be run on a leash held by Israel.

I say, no foreign funding for anyone. No foreign entanglements, as Gen'l Washington wrote.

18 December 2008

Evangelical Christian Rev. Rick Warren is going to whore for Obama.
Rick needs euthanizing. Soon.

He needs assasinating --like he encourages for others. Eye for an eye.

Remember, biodiesel is not sufficient: you need to mix at least 50%
gasoline. With proper rendering, you can obtain biodiesel from politicans,
preachers, and other bio-waste.
Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks need euthanasia.

Nuff said. Just do it.
Comments on Limor Fried's Master's Thesis on Design Noir


Note that I have an undergrad degree in EECS (VI-3) and also a SB in
cognitive science (IX) from MIT. I have a masters in information and
computer sciences as well.

Although I generally abhor softies, Ms. Fried has enormous cred
because of her excellent EE work.

And I'm friendly towards celljammers, or TV-B-gone, they make a fine part of a
personal EW pod. A hat with IR LEDs hides your face from many


Many "electrosensitives" have other presumably undiagnosed problems
(eg depression, chronic infections) which they mistakenly attribute to
EMF. I once knew a CalTech graduate who thought he had
hypersensitivity (ie allergies) to smog; in fact, he was getting
schizophrenic symptoms.

And of course, tapes *do* sound different than CDs, and some may have
gotten accustomed to this as "normal".

Asimov thought that one of the improvements in humans would be earlids
so we *could* close our ears. People don't seem to realize that
attention is a scarce (ergo precious) resource. Consider cube farms
with phones that ring for any outside call.

As a rural-raised American, I have a large personal space bubble. I
find that urbanoids have greatly reduced bubbles. One day I may have
to kill someone because they do not understand my bubble.

So McLuhan thought phones required answering? I realized some time
ago that I do not choose to be interrupted by machines. Although I
was once an email addict (before most readers had heard of the
internet) I now only check occasionally. Similarly with my snail mail
and phone messages. And I ignore jury notices by choice. (Though I
have a constitutional basis for doing so.) I've also wiped my
driver's licence magstrip. And have Faraday caged my cell phone at

Fried's "Media Glasses" are cute, but really they should detect the TV
and then fire the TV-B-Gone off sequences. To help those without the

I've often thought about a car-mounted microwave magnetron to disable
EMI sensitive devices eg someone's booming car stereo. Mount it in a
fiberglass pod on the roof. Add some supercaps or a big DC-AC
inverter. Also good for frying police radar guns. And clouding the
lenses and testicles of deserving people, such as roadblock attendees.
(Drive south of Needles and you know what I mean.)

Fried talks about controlling our environment. All behavior is about
controlling perception.

I'm a little surprised that Fried did not realize that TV exploits the
human visual system's fondness for motion/change. I often think of
this when mesmerized by a campfire, the original TV. We are all
descended from ancestors that liked campfires.

One thing I like (digressing) is the ability to use my public
surfaces, eg cars and T-shirts, to disrupt cultural thinking. Think
the US flag upside down, or the more modern FAIL over it. Think short
antisocial phrases. That perhaps the kids will ask mom about.

I also like the video/photo everything you see, the panopticon
concept, see Steve Mann, Cryptome.org, etc.

The technical "Theory of Operations" appendices detailing the devices are great,
although fluorescent is not spelled like flour. :-)

Very fine work.

17 December 2008

Someone I know is a California parole system psychiatrist. Some days they drive over an
hour to get to their offices. They are currently being asked to drive 3 hours away.
(Some paths being snowbound tonight!)

Ca could greatly reduce its costs (for prison medical care) by allowing remote video
psychiatry. Ie, a $10 webcam and skype. I hear they have their own "secure" private
net, so that would ameliorate HIPAA worries. It would save gas and add to the productivity
of the physicians.

Of course, they could massively reduce costs by releasing nonviolent "drug" offenders and also by collecting taxes on cannibis. But they won't, dumbasses get the government they elect, so
there will be massive FAIL.
Some 30 US Spy Outposts, er, embassies, have been sent white powder in
an envelope. All benign.

Real bioweapons are off-white. And not obviously sent as a powder, just a dusting
on regular snail mail.

Its possible that various folks are trying to
get the Spy Outposts to be complacent. Similarly for the US governors who have
been targeted.

Wait until They figure out they can poison the US cocaine consumers eg with
long-delay mercury compounds. Wonder how much of D.C. they'll take out.
Seems this judge:

Municipal Court of Douglasville
Chief Judge B. Keith Rollins

P.O. Box 219
Douglasville, GA 30133
Work Phone: 675-715-6032
(via http://georgiacourts.org/councils/municipal/directory_name.asp)

is about to get himself in a heap o' trouble over a scarf.

The cops who enforced this crap

Chris Womack
Police Department
Title: Deputy Chief of Operations
Phone: 678-715-6945

(via http://www.ci.douglasville.ga.us/Directory.asp?EID=19)

This will play well with the shoe-throwing journalist Muntadhar Al-Zaidi. Who has a good
arm under stress.

And I just read: "In addition, a wealthy Saudi Arabian national has offered to pay USD 10 million for one of the two famous black shoes thrown at the outgoing US president on Sunday. "


15 December 2008

is why the internets were invented.

My earliest post is from 1987.

Has a nice day.
Work is one of my Paths to Clue.

And Fail?

I say "one of" because there are others I'm sympathetic to.
"Will code for liquidity."

At least I scored a GPS unit on black friday, my kid loves it, and is learning the UI more than I. Its just a gameboy with maps.

Though I have studied up a bit on how it works, and he doesn't know what a
correlator is, or how fixing a few points fixes you. I'm totally impressed
by the thing, albeit my tax dollars have paid for a satellite (or two, it seems..)
I might volunteer in the kid's science class, I thought. We'll see.
Narrow window, it seems, the monkeys are released end of week.

At least gas is cheap again. And, free water falls from the sky today.

(California has three seasons: fire, mudslide, and everything else.)
The firm I joined last year+ grew 3x floorspace this year.
Making us fragile.
We are behind making a milestone so our major project
can pay us. Due largely to their delays in getting sheet metal
to us, followed by our assembly, but the contract doesn't handle that.

The financial crisis (tm) means the boss can't borrow money
from banks or friends. The economic situation means we haven't gotten more
business (engineering services) than thought. The accounts payables depts of those that do owe us
have closed and he can't make payroll, so I'm on unplanned unpaid vacation til the new year.
Furlough. Along with half the company. I think the others are getting paid in the
future but not now. When they get build a few units we get paid.

I can float for a month but my wife took my $35K buffer last year when she collected
taxes I had underpaid, she says.

Interesting times.

I'm glad I'm not the long pole in the tent.

We joked after the Meeting about the copper in the walls being worth less given the implosion.

But I left the day in an irrationally good mood because I had solved a problem involving
using I2C protocol on an NXP ARM7 SoC. (Which, it turns out as of three days ago,
is being cancelled, adding another engineering, financial and V&V (medical
device testing) twist to the story.)

This problem I solved gotten two other senior engineers including the VP of engineering who'se been an EE for 40 years. Somehow the CPU's I2C engine's "read" was broken and it would not generate clocks so the slave could output data. I manually grabbed the lines and toggled the clocks and it worked (aka "bit banging") indicating that all was well except for the damn I2C read.
The problem had also gotten me for several frustrating days. Since I map work progress to
mood, (which has pros and cons) it was bumming me out. So, as I'm waiting for my personal meeting with the boss
about getting furloughed, I'm finally able to read out the temperature from this super cool
network analyzer (analog network analyzer, not ethereal) AD5933 chip. Previously we had only
used it via an evaluation board and a Windows/Visual Basic/USB->I2C chain, so using the chip via raw I2C and using the NXP 79524's likely broken I2C engine was a real adventure.

Mind you, I studied artificial intelligence and vision as a lad. Pretty abstract.

I expect to go back to work in January, so my post volume might increase a tad in the interim.

The solution might be characterized as a hack. But it will work.

I had thought I was more insulated from the implosion as I don't own ridiculously
overextended, over-abstracted financial instruments. And my only debt is my
home (and kid :-) But through work we interact with many more. (Work is one of my
Paths to Clue.)

"Will code for liquidity."

At least I scored a GPS unit on black friday, my kid loves it, and is learning it more
than I. Though I have studied up a bit on how it works, and he doesn't know what a
correlator is, or how fixing a few points fixes you. I'm totally impressed, albeit my tax dollars have paid for a satellite (or two, it seems..)

I might volunteer in the kid's science class, I thought. We'll see.

At least gas is cheap again.

Rome did not fall in a day.

Not long afterward, Tamm says, he started getting phone calls at his office from Jason Lawless, the hard-charging FBI agent in charge of the case. The calls at first seemed routine. Lawless was simply calling everybody who had worked at OIPR to find out what they knew. But Tamm ducked the calls; he knew that the surest way to get in trouble in such situations was to lie to an FBI agent.

Yep, never ever talk to an FBI agent, they are trying to trap you.
Good news today. First, Bush got shoes thrown at him and the thrower is
now a hero.

Second, what I wrote about logistics is coming true.


Truckers stop Nato supplies

Monday, December 15, 2008

By Javed Aziz Khan

PESHAWAR: Truckers have stopped supplies to the Nato forces in Afghanistan in reaction to damage to their vehicles in frequent attacks by suspected militants and the US drone attacks in the tribal areas, a source told The News.

The decision was taken by the Khyber Transport Association (KTA) during an important meeting on Sunday. Owners of over 3,000 trailers, trucks and tankers belong to the Khyber Agency, located on the border with Afghanistan, who can move across the border without producing passports or other travelling documents.

“We feel that our drivers and vehicles are not safe anymore. Also, as tribesmen, we are concerned over frequent attacks by the US drones in our tribal areas, and that is why we want to stop the supply of goods to the US-led allied forces in Afghanistan,” Shakir Afridi, president of the KTA, told The News after the meeting.

09 December 2008

Italian president and media baron Silvio Berlusconi said today that he would use his country's imminent presidency of the G8 group to push for an international agreement to "regulate the internet".

Speaking to Italian postal workers, Reuters reports Berlusconi said: "The G8 has as its task the regulation of financial markets... I think the next G8 can bring to the table a proposal for a regulation of the internet."



08 December 2008

What is the recent UK problem? First they jail some dude for Simpsons cartoon porn, then
they bad wikipedia over a german metal album cover art.

Methinks the MPs be secret paedophiles, and their disks need to be searched.

Then, their organs harvested.

Guy Fawkes might have been a catholic, but he did have the right idea.
Barbara Boxer is stupid. She said "stimuluses" when she should have said "stimuli".
The republic formerly known as
Yugoslavia had the Yugo.

The republic formerly (in the future) known as the USA
had the Amerigo after the USA's government nationalized
the car industry to avoid massive unemployment. They never
used tariffs to make local cars more favorable. Instead,
they occupied the industry (see: Iraq) and made the Amerigo,
which survived (until the Collapse) because it was subsidized by
the US military industrial complex.

Have a nice day.
Part of the global war on carbon will be the carbon jihadists who point
out whenever you release CO2. Which is about 1/10 liter per breath.
(You use half the 20% O2 you inhale)
A completely logical progression of the stupidization of america and the english
language will be:

The War on Carbon
Season of light, my ass

A lot of people have seasonal affective disorder ie SAD ie they get bummed when
days are short. 60 migs of fluox gets me through on a good day.
This is hilarious

The World Trade Center Falling on Your Head Meme


07 December 2008


H.M.,’ Dead At 82

State Man's Tragedy Unlocked Secrets Of The Brain

Henry Molaison

Henry Molaison ()

The man who fundamentally changed our understanding of how the brain works lived for nearly three decades in a Windsor Locks nursing home, a pleasant man with a damaged memory.

Henry Gustav Molaison, a Hartford native, existed in relative obscurity. But as "H.M.," the name used to disguise his identity, Molaison gained an anonymous sort of fame, a man who had been studied by more than 100 researchers and became a staple of psychology class lectures.

Molaison died of respiratory arrest and pneumonia at age 82 on Tuesday, 55 years after an experimental operation in Hartford removed part of his brain. The surgery left him unable to form new memories, though he held on to earlier memories and intellectual abilities.

"What we learned from him was groundbreaking," said Suzanne Corkin, a neuroscientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who had worked with Molaison since 1962.

Scientists had previously believed that memory was located all over the brain, but Molaison demonstrated that it was localized to a small area.

Molaison's inability to form new memories also showed that short-term and long-term memory were two separate systems, not two parts of a continuum as scientists had believed.

And Molaison demonstrated the difference between declarative memory — the kind that allows you to remember facts — and procedural memory, the kind used for skills like riding a bike. Though he could not remember new information, Molaison could learn new motor skills.

Corkin equated Molaison's death with losing a member of her family. He never remembered who she was, but he always greeted her like a friend. He told her he thought he knew her from high school.

Corkin described Molaison as an easygoing, soft-spoken, polite man with a good sense of humor. He did not typically begin conversations, but if someone prompted him, he would talk and talk, sometimes telling the same story three times in 15 minutes.

Much of what he talked about, Corkin said, reflected his desire to do whatever he could to help people.

"He had a very positive attitude about science, about wanting to help in any way he could," said Brenda Milner, a scientist at the Montreal Neurological Institute who co-wrote the first scientific article on Molaison, published in 1957. "If he was just sitting quietly, he might say he wanted to help in any way."

But Molaison never grasped, in a lasting way, how much he had helped.

"From a personal perspective, this was a tragedy," said David Glahn, a Yale psychiatry professor and member of the Institute of Living at Hartford Hospital. "But from the perspective of science, we were able to learn so much from his personal tragedy."

Glahn knows H.M.'s case intimately, but Molaison's death offered a reminder that he and most of the rest of the world never knew something fundamental about the man.

"I've been lecturing about him and teaching about him for years and years, decades, and I've never known his name," Glahn said.

Molaison was born in Hartford in 1926, moved to East Hartford as a teenager and graduated from East Hartford High School. His father, Gustave, worked as an electrician at Baldwin Stewart Electrical Co.

An only child, he suffered from seizures. The cause of the seizures was never clear; he was hit by a bicyclist when he was 9, but such accidents would not typically have such devastating results, Milner said.

Molaison was smart, but his seizures and the medications he took for them held him back. He had a job fixing motors, but had to give it up because the seizures made it difficult for him to work, Corkin said.

By the time he was 27, he was having up to 10 minor seizures a day and at least one major seizure a week.

That was when he underwent the experimental surgery, intended to relieve epilepsy. Hartford Hospital surgeon William Beecher Scoville, an internationally known expert in lobotomies, planned to remove a larger area of brain tissue than had been taken from patients in similar surgeries. He removed most of Molaison's medial temporal lobe, including all or parts of the hippocampus and amygdala.

The surgery, which was performed either at Hartford Hospital or the Institute of Living, left Molaison unable to remember anything new for more than about 20 seconds. But it did not change his personality, Milner said.

"Your autobiography, so to speak, was stopped, but your personality doesn't change," she said.

"He told jokes," she said. "Of course, he told the same jokes over and over because he didn't remember that he told you before."

But he remembered his life before the surgery.

He could not describe specific episodes, but could talk about things like riding with his parents on the Mohawk Trail, his gun collection or roller skating.

Molaison's father died in 1966, and his mother, Elizabeth, died in 1981. For a time he lived with relatives, and in 1980, he moved to Bickford Health Care Center in Windsor Locks, where he lived for 28 years. He blended in and was "a joy" to the staff and residents, according to a statement released by Sean Carney, Bickford's administrator.

"To us at Bickford, Henry was just a regular resident in spite of his exceptional circumstances," the statement said.

Many times, Corkin said, she would tell Molaison how important he was. "I'd say, 'You know, you're really famous, you're more famous than all the doctors who study you.' He'd sort of smile," she said. "He knew. For an instant."

Supply trucks hit in brazen attack in Pakistan


The US occupation of Afghanistan relies on logistics via Pakistan. Those logistics
are vital and Al Q Inc has figured that out.

Bet on the Afghans, they never lose.

The US relies on Paki drivers for the convoys. They have mil assist.

But if a few of their families were blown up, it might be real hard to find new drivers.