20 July 2010

Further review of Inspire. Simple match-head chlorate + sugar pipe bomb recipe. Lots of drama over the cartoons, with a "hit list" (tm) of cartoonists needing killing.

Amusingly, the pistol shown is a .50 AE which is made by US/Israeli companies.

Amusingly, there's a sneaker graphic to guilt US blacks.

Amusingly, there's crypto tool instructions, but no traffic analysis nor stego.
But there are PGP fingerprints.

Very amusingly, there's UBL on global warming. He's not a denier.

There's lots of win for the underwear bomber, both as Yemeni/African and for getting through security.

There's a comment that we come via planes because you don't hear our words. That's similar to an old cypherpunk meme, the only language americans understand is dead americans. And, it turns out, only americans killed in america.

19 July 2010

Launched a chinese hot air balloon or two. Then a car stops,
a bunch of asian teens stops, tries to figure it out. After a while
the humor is too much, so I go out and give them a paper balloon.

Very very funny to me. Topless and shoeless, asian kids in a van.

NPR having some idiot who promotes fish. Harshing on farmed fish. Idiots, would rather have humans die of starvation.
But the environment! Will nooo one think of the environment!

Good fish: mackerel, salmon, trout, bass. Anything else, you're being scammed.

Prawns, good. Zion market in Irvine, great. Environazi elites, fail.
They can suck squid ink.

The rest of us will eat well.

And if there's too many africans, well, gaia will take care of that.
The rest of us will adapt.

Salmon:lowqual protein

What part of organisms-used-to-convert-inedible-to-edible don't you understand?

Right, tech bad, green good, overpop is taboo.

Empire isn't free.

Folks in glass empires shouldn't fly drones.

Empire fail.

But, us useful people will remain useful. Parasites remain parasites.
Your mercedes and mansion are about to burn.


The monotheists should be banned; the Islamists read like the freaks on the Mayflower, read their compact, every other word in the Mayflower Compact is Allah.

Fuck 'em all. There is no god, and Murphy is her prophet.

And she's probably menstruating.
Idiot NPR interviewing US merc-farmers sent to Afghanistan.
Idiots think they are building a middle class, teaching Afghanis
to farm.

Idiots, its Afghanistan. They have cash crops you can't meet. And they know you're temporary. And you won't even let them have AN or KNO3.

The US will be slaughtered. It has less clue than the USSR. And deserves it just as much.

Then, the US will fail. I belong to the New Southwest. Let the feds fuck themselves. Actually, continue to fuck themselves. Wonder what all those govt parasites in DC will do. Maybe the
DC negroes will eat them.
Hilarious implosion of tea party, as someone writes what everyone knows: american negroes were bred for dependance, after being sold in Africa by their peers generations ago. The NAACP, specifically addressed, freaks out, but is quite guilty of racism and dependence.

Read the Bell Curve, Mr. Jealous.

Of course, herd properties do not influence the evaluation of individuals.
No racists ---NAACP, sharpton, jackson, hitler-- understand this. And most govt officials regard the citizenry as subjects, herd animals, to be managed.

I say, you bring rope, I'll find a tree.

Some idiot talking head robot says that the oil spill is a matter of confidence. No, dipshit, talk-talk, its about engineering, physics, reality.

Your confidence and other beliefs completely don't matter. And that makes you tremble. Lowlife.
Demos in Calif will remain neutral on 19, the repeal of prohibition.
Most Demos want it. But Demos know about politics, they are cowards,
and will not stand up for what their constituency wants. They deserve to fail, as they will, bigtime, in November.

Meanwhile the NAACP, otherwise a reprehensible entity, and racist, has decided to support 19. Of course, some hysterical negro ministers wonder why the NAACP wants to keep niggers high. Clueless as you'd expect theists to be.

15 July 2010

NACCP head Ben Jealous is not even negroid, but runs the racist organization as a pretend black. And now they're accusing the TP of being racist.

Meanwhile Steele of the RNC, more black than Obama or Jealous, is calling them all on it, and pointing out that the US is FAIL in Afghanistan.

8 US mercs dead yesterday. More to come :-)

14 July 2010

thirty five thousand feet

Tyler Durden


Hindu Cows

I make and I sell soap
Cryptome differs from WL in that the former's infrastructure is paid for by JY, whereas WL more actively begs and supposedly considers more complex funding models (eg timed disclosure with paid first-access).

Both are crude social and tech attempts at (optionally) anonymous write-once global filesystem into which anyone can toss anything, irrevocably. (Other net archives from fas.org to archive.org to google.com are less resistant to well funded legal and technical attacks. While many folks discover "once its out there, it's there forever" this would not be the case given the means of some entities.)

Libraries burn, particularly if the local state du jour is unhappy with them.

Leaks happen, caveat reader, as always, and especially now, when everyone has a printing press.

A bug or a feature, doesn't matter, it is reality, adapt.

Read more: http://www.techeye.net/internet/wau-holland-foundation-sheds-light-on-wikileaks-donations#ixzz0tho77KAJ

13 July 2010

Folks who need to get over it:

holocaust folks

911 victimology folks

everyone in afrika

anyone who respects Al Gore, Eliot spitzer, Dick morris, etc

guess what? life sucks. adapt. stop whining.

when you get terminal, take someone
deserving out with you.

yet more "health maintenance" (tm) drugs found to be bad.
keeping your XYZ down. Maybe your genes need tweaking, I certainly
adjust certain levels, and I only eat bacon occasionally. And when I do,
its the most interesting food in the world.
Hurricane Katrina: some cops disarm citizens and abuse their authority by beating people. courts decided.


And some wonder if you can have "too many guns"

Oil spill is not that bad. Bacteria win.

US and rest of west can't exist without petrol. Cheap dense
fungible energy.
The Feds continue to say that they are "uncertain" whether
the new scanners would find an underwear bomb (tm). Obviously one could design experiments to find out, given access to a machine, operator, and clever IED.

So: obviously the Fed's machines cannot detect an artfully concealed bomb of sufficient size to down a pressurized airliner. Otherwise, they'd publish the evidence.

Sometimes "no comment" is a comment.

I saw a transmission x-ray machine being advertised as revealing all the bodily cavities. Nice. Obviously a transmission vs. backscatter machine is like gamma to alpha rays.

12 July 2010

Need an operation? Lucky.

Didn't used to have anesthesia, much less safe anesthesia and monitored

Didn't used to have sterile technique. CAT or MRI images.

A lot of diseases remain, they are genetic or otherwise currently inoperable.
So if you have some problem that can be scooped out, without you writing
in pain and then likely agony from sepsis, congratulations. You're luckier than many.

11 July 2010

Its incredible. I've been sitting here in my garage with high quality
cat fud on the street, and crows (at least 8) have been avoiding it.
I moved the wifi base (a gift from my parents) dlink a few meters and the reception pattern is so much better. No longer 'marginal', now good or excellent, and from even more places than I cared about.

Happy happy. Marconi, Hertz, Maxwell. bless 'em all.
I wrote bp webmaster about how the feeds were great but they need
updated thumbnails so we could see which were the hot feeds.

I love the debris; reminds me of the 'game' Flow.

I suggested to the webmasters that they include ambient music,
as I have when watching, because it seems to synch ( a psych effect )
with the billowing chems.


of course, I am an engineer. and I like to drive, and the ocean.

'sall good
Can watch hummingbird nest. Can watch BP robots fight oil.

Its a wonderful world. Until the CME or other reason for grid fail.

Sitting in my mancave garage. A 24 oz 8.1% brew by my side. Pipe with euro tobac and calif meds. Science magazine. Cat is sleeping in mother in laws room, driveway is bleaching so HOA don't freak. (EPA another matter.)
fluoxetine inside if I want it. catfud on the road, waiting for my corvid
friends to relax and enjoy. (Wife thinks this f'ed. My granddad fed
squirrels, but we have almost none of those. OTOH we have abundant

09 July 2010

Cat brought a juvinile rat in the house. A few days later
I found him alive, and rescued him. He later died.

The cat tortured him, like John Yoo, or GWBush, or BHObama.
Then he died, after being freed.

Fortunately for my cat, and the species in general, the family of
the deceased does not communicate with others.

Not the same in the graveyard of empires. You kill some cucumber farmers, you get a few hundred resistance fighters.

The US deserves to fail. Visualize secession.

Some local yahoo with a punter dog saw the juvvy rat and thought he a chinchilla. The yahoo had a pocket computer/net and looked up chinchilla. Even though the juvvy rat didn't look like the stub-squirrel tail chinchy, the guy still thought so. I took the animal though, and gave variety of food and water; it drank water but was dead by next morn.

The USSR entered AF and a decade later fell apart.

There will be no USA by 2020.

08 July 2010

Atheist. Misanthrope. Still, I turned around and un-stuck the
paralyzed guy in his wheelchair who had gone off-road. He said he had
been there 25 minutes, no one helped him.
Rat (chinchilla) died today. He was in a cardboard box that a passerby had put him in; this after I dumped him over the wall after the cat had terrorized him. It was a short relationship but I wanted him to live.


My deceased friend called my wife to complain about me, she tells
me now. I call BS, and he was deranged.

She says I've sabotaged the back yard. It is my peace place, my cave.

07 July 2010

Cats rule. Teh internets are made of cats.

Wife pouredinstant oatmeal over juvie rat that cat had cornered for 2 days. Rat is in paper box now. Dra

nk water. Still freaked.

Outside typing. Semi hotkoreanwoman comesby with lil white dogs.
Nipples showing, no bra, nice.

Folks walk by. I pet Mr.. K2. A superior being. Young asians
walkby. Niples, skinny ass. Damn. ZOMG its the hystrionic
asian a few doors down. Damn.


Damn, asian virg just flewby on bike. Dang.

Get home. Cat sitting next to terrified juvinile rat.
Now outside, laptop on car, rat in paper box, adopted
from guy who found the rat, thinking it a chinchilla,
when it had made it halfway across the sidewalk.

Here comes a dog on leash, and cat jumps on wife car.
Me on netbook, beer, rat in box. Rat has spaghetti, celery,
cheese, water, beer, grass. (Lawn grass)

Supposedly toxo makes rodents not afraid of cats, thereby helping the toxo propogate.

Supposedly toxo affects males and female humans differently and measurably.

Rabies makes you bite. HIV ? There's a virus that makes ants go to the tops of grass where they'll cycle through cows more often.


118W 33N
ICBN coords

that's a different grid than the geodetic one the civil Es maintain.

Didn't even feel the 5.4 in Borrego Canyon. I've camped there,
its great. I was probably on the road. I've only felt one quake
in a car, and it was parked and off.

But when I got home there was a terrified mouse frozen on
carpet in the living room. The cat just sat next to him watching.

WTF. I found some gloves and released him over the fence.
I think he might be ok; his eyes were ok and he could move I
think. He made some empathetic noises when picked up.

Another day in paradise. Unusually it rained overnight again, very
lightly, but for real. Meanwhile east coast fries.

Got grid?

06 July 2010

Let me get this straight. If you look up itinerant hacker, you find both
Julian Assange and Adrian Lamo.

Lamo is lame.

If you look up Bradley Manning you'll find that Bradley tanks are often
manned by people manning them.

Ok. Then we'll add a weird sex kink, some encryption, the DoD CI, Wired, Boing Boing. A dozen russian spies really good with hydrangeas. WTF.
Wikileaks. Cryptome. Beasts. Podcasts. Press fnord releases. Twitter.
Warporn. Graveyard of empires. Glass empires flying drones.

Even Lada Gaga (tm). Exfiltration.

Stegaphuckinography, for the Russians, first ack of this, in public.

No, it was the Hamptons.

And the Fuhrer wants to kill the net, Lieberman is still alive, Hillary still letting the zionists raze a village or two.

Why don't the xians get all funky about the towers of babylon falling?

Empire isn't free.

invasion, occupation
shame and disgrace
Rome didn't fall in a day
Things move much faster now

Saw motion out of the corner of my eye.


Turned out the wife was right, the cat had released a rodent into
the house. He saw it and pursued. Not sure if its caught yet.

03 July 2010

If you're clever and in charge of things destined to fail, badmouth your
boss on Rolling Stone to get yourself fired. And your pussy boss gets to clean up / fail. Nice, Stan. Look out for #1.

And David Betrayus will see his reputation crash and burn, like an IED hit it.

So will the US.

How many Americans is Israel worth?

Inspire, a new magazine. With articles by UBL, but not Adam Perlman.
Because they're trying to recruit moslems, not OC teenagers into Islam.

They should have included links to the CIA's sabotage and other improvised munitions pubs, available online. Even Auntie Arson's manual, meant for animal rightists, not folks who toss goats on horseback for fun.

But its all good. Total, perpetual, long war, noncitizen mercenaries, the whole deal: Rome did not fall in a day.

02 July 2010

May try homebrew bp in a percussion arm. No projectile, harmless,
bus stop

when I was a kid, I walked a quarter mile in the snow down
and up a dirt road (sprayed with oil in summer) to a shack
where sometimes the bus would come. Then an hour ride.

Plenty of time to daydream.

The current kid gets upset if I make him walk 100 m to school.


Lincoln, snow, candles, etc, blah. Lincoln sucked.

the hummingbirds are dogfighting in the air like the drones..
well, not. but there's a lot. maybe they're fighting like afghanis.
In which case, there will be blood.

The funny part is that KKK Robert Byrd is having his dead ass
kissed by Zionist Barak Obama.

The Zionists have BO really tight, faking Turkey, driving Iran.

Please, though, kill biden before you off BO, Biden is even more evil.

Niggabama. You elected him. You kept going into Afghanistan. You will see your babylon towers collapse down upon your heads.

And I'm a frickin' atheist. Imagine what the religious think.

01 July 2010

What I'm saying is, the carbon cycle taught to schoolkids
leaks, and the leaking carbon becomes unavailable.

Until some carbon-organisms start digging up and burning that
buried carbon, releasing it to rejuvinate the ecosystem.

Not sure if I wrote this before or not. Suspect I might have,but don't check my older posts.

Humans were created to release the carbon that naturally is sequestered underground, not able to be used by Life. Humans exist to make that carbon labile again, to make carbon dioxide for the plants which cannot move to do this themselves.

CO2 used to be 100ppm after being much higher, 1000ppm or more;
its been rising from 100 and its now 300 and this has been going on for longer than industrial or even agricultural humans.

So, rising CO2 is normal and there is GOOD in raising it. Good for plants, good for life. Necessary --else the carbon gets sequestered and the planet becomes a nearly barren world, all its carbon sunk under the sea.

News: right to bear arms affirmed. Nice.

Combined with the removal of the Mojave cross, this is a good year.

Can't wait for my subscription to Inspire to start. Just kidding.
I checked the BP live ROV feeds today (they're not filtered at work) and I saw the pipe was still gushing.

Mesmerizing. Performance art. Throw another pelican on the fire.

If your cat won't get off the hood of your car even though you've started the engine and/or started moving, use the windshield-washer spray.