09 March 2008

Buy a Roomba. From iRobot. It is the coolest thing.

Do NOT insulate your newborns from dust, cat dander,
etc. They NEED exposure; in some cases, they need to
get cultures from their parents.

Snuggle, and don't spray with antibiotics!
Of course, if the critter appears to suffer at all,
see an MD ASAP.

I saw a Kaiser MD in the UC in Irvine for my second gout flareup, I got a butt shot, and was
fine for a *hike* the next day. No wonder primitives love shots.

On antibios, first time in 15 years, too; good enough for cows. I have to take
anti-inflams for the uric for a bit, may take allopurinol futurewise.

But holy cow that MD cured my toe pain in a shot! I was going to give birth through
my big-toe knuckle, seriously. [I'm a guy]
Previously a Kaiser md gave me colchicine which worked
but took days. I wanted pain pills from the UC doc. Didn't get 'em, cause the pain
was gone next day, and he knew it! It was hard to write to KP to tell them how cool the MD was,
because the KP website isn't set up for kudos for docs.

Dang licit western med has never worked so fast!

Booze takes half an hour but isn't "licit" in the same sense. Won't discuss
N2O or cocainehcl etc but they act fast too, but are not in the Kaiser category.

Don't know about fentanyl; don't do opiates; when I do, I may be too sick to post.

Or, I may well enjoy it.

My family doesn't get heart disease, but cancer; I smoke a pipe and am heavy.
Oh well. As long as the koan holds: first my father, then me, then my son. The
natural order. I know some for whom that is an unlikely wish.

Being an athiest zen dude is not easy but not hard. :-)
Ok, I'm 43, and I still think Rush is god. And Eno. And Waits. And (only appreciated
in the last few years) Smashing Pumpkins. Who I learned about via the simpsons. Which
I only learned about around the 90s, but have been an observant follower ever since.

The animators & authors are brilliant and no doubt aligned with my views. I also
worship King of the Hill. And once tried to follow B&BH back in the day. Usually
I go to sleep before South Park and don't have a TiVo (tm).

I just mentally blocked on SP for a few minutes. I got out of it by naming characters
I remembered (Chef, Cartman, who killed K) (in phosphor) then I was able to remember the
series name. (And re-edited this paragraph)

I have a cog sci degree from MIT so I'm not just smoking dope. We're talking
mnemonic strategies that could be sold to HMOs with bulking Alz clients.

Though personally I think gizmos with voice, GPS, and photographs can help the
weak of mind. Been there, done that.

Consider your client blind although they can think and see; they just can't
understand what they see now.


The Future

I am currently trying to write the skeleton of an easily understood
Java Maraio video game. So I can hang with my kid, and teach
him & his buds what I do, and maybe eventually sell it (give away
the sw, sell educational services. I would even answer xian homeschooled
kids, even if Ca didn't think that was legal. Henry Rollins knows what
I would say to them. Go to youtube.com and search for Mr. R.
There's a cop parked across the street and I'm way out there but not
intimidated. I'm in my home, see. My "King Crimson Channel" is playing
on pandora.com, and my keys are far away from my car, and I have a copy
of the bill of rights in my wallet. I could probably take out the officers as they
returned to their car, them not expecting it, but I am not that angry and
do not want to face the consequences. But as a sometime cryptographer
I am fascinated by security in all its forms.

Actually, the Channel is playing Steve Morse's rendintion of Rush's Villa Strangiato
(while on my "Krimson" pandora-channel). Fascinating, Captain. I will have to
look up whether he has an assistant bassist. Notice that star trek (Mr R. --ed) did not know
about you tube. Or maybe faster than light travel screws with your Wi Fi :-) :-) :-)
A virus has the same chance --whether a good or a bad virus-- of getting
into heaven as Mother Theresa (tm), George Washington, Marilyn Manson,
or anyone else. That is not discouraging ---it simply means you should spend
all your time improving here and now.

And enjoy who you're with, where you are, the ambient temperature, etc.

Every day should be thanksgiving (tm). You have much more to be thankful
for, if you're reading this.
The best way to interpret current events these days is as a documentary
of the decline of the modern empire. From invading hoardes to indifferent citizens
to declining infrastructure and overextended military, we're (Americans)
replaying the Decline extremely faithfully.

Personally I'd be glad to see DC nuked and the US balkanize,
mutually consensually on the latter scenario, and I think freedom
and democracy and our way of life would benefit. Basically, Rome
is corrupt. Or so it seems here on the pacific plate.

Personally I usually regard jury slavery as collaboration in the WWII sense.

In fact, over time, an increasing number of activities will count as collaboration,
as seen by both sides. From hosting websites or relaying broadcasts to participating
in civic events or translating for the enemy (tm). Or making videos. Or, in the end,
suggesting that the Empire may have overstepped, perhaps because it became
infested with other Nation's, or narrow internal interests, but in any case, F'ed. F'ed
bigtime. Sic transit freedom, baby. As a presidential advisor once said, go for the head
shot, they're wearing body armor.
I'll vote for Obama > Clinton > McCain, but they all want slavery.

Physical slavery, beyond the abstract slavery known as taxes.

Won't it be ironic that a mulatto brings slavery (conscription, draft, national service,
call it what you like) back to america? You couldn't make this stuff up.

Of course, UBL will regard it as ironic that a half-muslim will nuke a great
deal of the caliphate, but the Man already regards a great number of his
nominal co-subscribers as apostates. And BHO has to prove his stuff.

As an atheist, I piss on every holy book. An asparagus piss
you will never wash out.

The right to be left alone will be enforced with survival-level response, dig?
Ron Paul's best hope is that John McCain dies. The republifascists
would be required to choose between Hitlerbee and Dr. P.

Its not nice to hope for death, but one person versus 300 million