27 August 2008

A fine Irvine resident

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
44 Whistling Isle
Irvine, CA 92614

When he's not driving on the curb evading arrest..

07 August 2008

My kid is going to a state-school run reading/science program. Its held at
a Jewish community center. Today, we got a notice that they want the
kids to bring kosher meat if they bring meat.

I wrote a letter to UCI reminding them of the "shall not establish" clause
of that pesky bill of rights. I may have to cook a bacon breakfast in
their parking lot if I arrive early. Its racist, as many of the kids are asian,
and eat pigs and seafood (as do I, despite hebraic ancstry).
Its culturally insensitive, barbaric, to impose your customs on others.
And its illegal in the US, given the funding.
(A private club can be as exclusive as it wants. This is a UCI related activity.)

Further, kosher meats are from animals killed cruelly ---beheading style.
Its not just for salafist jihadis any more.

06 August 2008

Perchlorate found in Martian soil


02 August 2008

Today I got my set of cheap borosilicate test tubes, 25 x 150 mm, for
my acoustic laser experiments. My best "stack" remains a 20 mm tall sample
from the PSU.EDU group. Its heated by 3 coil-segments of nichrome from a
hair dryer and a PC power supply. Using less than 3 coils worked but the coils
burnt out quickly. With the 3-coil heater I could run for a minute before the
cool side of the stack heated. I wrapped the hot end in aluminum foil and pointed
the PC power supply fan output at the cool end, and could run for minutes and minutes.
(Until the wife told me to stop because the kid was going to sleep.)

I love the point where the gain is just enough to make it "ring" ---you blow across
the tube and the tone continues for a while, decaying slowly, exponentially. Until
the gain is enough to lase, and the tone continues indefinately. A spectrum shows
a narrow line when this happens, about 500 hz for my setup.

I also found that a radiometer some distance away was vibrating (not spinning, but
rocking) which was an interesting resonance.

I need to get either a schottky diode to rectify a loudspeaker-as-acoustic-to-electric
converter output OR get a multimeter that can read AC. To see if I can harvest power.

I also find that you need an absorber to the *side* of the thing for best performance. My body
worked, also a spherical ornament decorated with pointy lights. Its all about the
reflection at the open end.

I will have to see how far it carries outside, tomorrow.
I'm getting sick of people calling Obama and Tiger "black". They are mulattoes,
and benefit from the hybrid vigor. You might as well call them caucasian or
asian (respectively) as negroid.

No doubt its a manifestation of white guilt.

I don't know that they have exploited 'affirmative action' racism, and at least
in Tiger's case I don't believe he has. Likely BO hasn't either.

But Ron Paul still is the only hope, texan and pale and male as he is.

Jus' speakin' truth to racists in power.

Hey Jesse, lets cut *your* balls off.
I've been using Skype to videophone my folks, esp when they had my kid,
but I found out about Zimmermann's Zfone and its a very cool software bump
in the wire. That allows privacy, ie, confidentiality, ie access control. (But doesn't
work with Skype's propietary protocol)
All the best to Phil.
We have a 6' diameter inflatable pool. It holds about 18" of water, about
300 gallons. If you only use chlorine bleach, you will still get algae in a week,
in the summer in SoCal. But if you add a teaspoon of "Zep" brand "root-kill"
you can maintain the water at least a month in full sunlight. This is
copper sulphate, which when I was a kid my dad used to reduce the filamentous
algae that grew in our bass pond.

Beautiful blue. Also a fun reagant, mix with baking soda to make a nice
pigment. Mix with egg white and it lasts a long time, esp. on porous concrete.

I've also got a little $10 pump moving the water through a 1 pint
water bottle filled with former pillow stuffing. The fibers trap algae
and the other particles you'll otherwise observe, keeping the water
clear and nominally clean.

Happiness is sitting in your underwear, beer in hand, in your $30 inflatable
backyard pool in Irvine. Under the shade of a backyard umbrella, as the
world heats up around you.

A lot less hassle than a pool or jacuzzi, and all the privacy you want.
So the Anthrax came from a government scientist, who until recently still had
lab access. Yep, the government is protecting you. Right. Keep knocking on
evolution's door.