16 October 2013


11 October 2013


Working less hard, less stress, good drive, paid more.  Happy.

And long term potential for 'career' and improving human health too.

PS: your buttscope was used on other people... if you ever had a colonoscopy..

You could get prion diseases or bacterial if not properly dried.  Otherwise, just some bacterial endospores.

You can't sell space exploration forever, but people will pay for health tech forever.

05 October 2013

engineering test

engineering test

a virus appears and starting one month after exposure everyone will fibrillate.
A single defib will solve everything.

There are 6e9 targets.  Exposures will occur, lets say uniformly, over 70 days.
So you have 30 days from now to start treating 6e9/70 people per day.

Deal with it.

could be ventilators, 1918, influ

01 October 2013

Obama gets stds from Michelle, news at eleven.

Obama gets stds from Michelle, news at eleven.

The muds implementing the sheet.

Hows dat workin out fo ya?