19 March 2012

Dr Patton scolded me for typing too hard.

After I set up text to speech translator, after
he couldn't read.

He got a copy of his MRIs, his head was swiss cheese.

After the cyanide ischemia it was different and worse.

Eventually he consumed the full dose without intervention.

I was the friend to break into his apt and discover his notes and pretend to be his fellow adopted brother who happened to have the same first name and age.

Uh huh. But the md in charge was ok with it; i reported what I suspected and knew. Too bad emts
don't carry certain diagnostic / treatment kits.
Some silver photo fixer I think works.

Barbituic acid derivatives are the preferred euthanasia

Fucking swiss cheese. In a phd neuroscientist who couldn't log in anymore.

Swiss cheese.