23 September 2012

Cop kelly states the obvious

New York (CNN) -- The 25-year-old man who jumped from a monorail car into the Bronx Zoo's tiger den was not drunk or insane, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.
"Apparently he has some fascination with tigers," Kelly told CNN affiliate WABC. "

15 September 2012

American cowardice

BOSSIER CITY, La. (AP) — Bossier City police say a woman trying to avoid an Air Force deployment had her husband shoot her before lying to investigators that an intruder was to blame.
Police say 25-year-old Judy Groomes was treated for wounds on both of her legs from one round from a handgun fired by her husband, 26-year-old Christopher Tyquan Groomes. Both are active military based at nearby Barksdale Air Force Base.


Maybe she didn't want to shower with lesbian mercenaries.

12 September 2012

Y U No Mark

Dog herr.  Y U humenz no mark?  Youz pees in da watah.  It no stay.  Y?  Wot yu point?  Y U pee if no mark?  Y U no respect watah?

09 September 2012

Visualize Seccession

the rest of the US is just a parasite on california.   A bunch of fundie religious terrorists, some xian, some other.
All giving a rats ass about israel.

We should isolate from everyone, they're all evil; just buy oil on the open market.  If you don't do this, the US will collapse in 20 years.  Really.

and we will turn the obese xians into biodiesel.

08 September 2012

Tip of the Spear


You're already dead.
Your kids, your pets, your relatives.  All dead.
Your kids returned to you without limbs, or eyes, ears.

You don't really "get" crusades, do you?
You don't really "get" nazi invasion and collaborators?

What is your problem?

Folks in glass empires ought not fly drones.
Get it?

Probably not.

Are you really better than the ussr in af?   Really?   With subnormal mercenaries, vs. the best force in the world?   How'd VN work out for ya?

05 September 2012

Fuck the constitution

Who has ignored the Constitution the most?

BTW, they all deserve Sic Semper Tyrannis, if you know what I mean.  Hi NSA, SS, etc.  How's that workin' for the empire workin out for ya?



I flew a simulator of one.  Amazing.  The mil still fly them, and upgrade them.  Amazing.  They are the best combat airplanes ever, apparently.

Fascinating WP article.

Irvine Mayor

Christina Shea --who lived with a methamphamine user and complained to cops when she was busted.

Larry Agran: --who had delusions of grandeur, including running for President of the US.

Sucky Kang --who paid for a $150 K memorial to chronic lost wars when California was bankrupt, instead of telling local fart Andy Zelinko to just SFU and stop bothering the Council.  Kang is from a nation the US has been at war with for 30+ years so he enjoys perpetual war.  He's just a cookiecutter cog, can be replaced by any vanilla asian.

We won't go into sister-city mexican or japanese personal holiday on taxpayer dime, hydrogen-car perks, or her son offing himself on a cliff.  Fortunately this hausfrau airhead is laying low.

No easy day for Matt Bissonnette

No easy day for Matt Bissonnette
His family, friends, pets, and self can expect to be dispatched.

As can any seal associates.

Since the book makes clear that "Mark Owen" lives in Virginia Beach, where many other members of the military reside, the authors say "This puts a lot of people at undo [sic] risk."