30 July 2009


Nice article by Chambers Johnson, author of "Sorrows of empire", which describes the US decline.

29 July 2009

Rep. Darrell Issa (Calif.), the panel's ranking Republican, was more concerned about the broad availability of pirated, commercial software on P2P networks. Waiving a CD-Rom filled with dozens of examples of tax returns downloaded from P2P networks, Issa addressed Mark Gorton, chairman of LimeWire parent The Lime Group. Issa said he was concerned about hundreds of millions of dollars of software stolen each year through P2P.

"I will tell you this disk represents to me a referral to the California attorney general if we cannot be satisfied," Issa said. "If you condone and allow and induce this to happen, you are guilty of cooperating and participating in every criminal act that flows from that activity."

Hey Issa, the manufacturer of a device is not responsible for its use.

Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Same for software.
Does China think the US is "too big to fail"?

We don't need no stinkin' constitution, we got flu.


SANTA ANA – A Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday that there is legal justification to keep the Central Men’s Jail under medical quarantine – at least for a couple of days – to control a swine flu outbreak.

Judge Thomas Goethals said the “significant medical public health event” in the men’s jail is good cause to temporarily suspend constitutional guarantees to speedy trials, preliminary hearings and arraignments for some criminal case defendants.

He made his ruling over the objections of the county public defender’s office and the alternate defender’s office after a special 90-minute hearing on the status of the health scare in the main men’s jail, which usually houses 800 to 900 inmates.
Chicago cops can now shoot into cars that are not
threatening anyone. Avoid chicago and all that
comes from it.


24 July 2009

Henry Louis Gates Jr. has a major chip on his shoulder. If I crept into
my house via a front window (a rear window is a possibility, actually) I would not be surprised by a cop visit.

The cop may also have had an attitude / penis envy / respect neediness issue.

Not surprised that a liberal arts prof of negro studies has a chip on his shoulder,
actually. Kinda like that NYC prof who "found" a noose on her office door, then
it turned out she planted it, and was kicked out of the university for plagarism.

Affirmative action FAIL. Never can win, actually. Pure rascism, benefitting
individuals because of their race. Just like the opposite would be rascism.

Still, Murray and Herrenstein are right, do the math.

Pretty funny. A Fox talking head calling for the Talibs
to kill a hostage US soldier. Who might have deserted.

Some congresscritters get uppity, harshing on the network for providing “aid and comfort” to America’s enemies. Except that they are America's enemies, not the Talibs on the other
side of the planet.


“If this insolent wicked little man named Peters at FOX manages to turn people against this American who volunteered to serve in the military, fully aware that almost anyone in the Army can be deployed overseas, he should be arrested and tossed in prison,” King continued. “When does FOX News cross the line? This is a new age, a new time, and there is no way in Hell that Peters or FOX can cry ‘free speech’ now.”

Yeah right, "a new age" my ass.

22 July 2009

California is passing out IOUs.

LA is limiting lawn watering for mere citizens, but
LA parks get an exemption.

The fool leaving afghanistan says
The outgoing Nato secretary- general, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, who leaves office on 1 August, declared during a visit to London that withdrawing from Afghanistan was not an option as this would mean that "al-Qa'ida will have a free run again, and their terrorist ambitions are global".

Terrorism is not an ambition, it is what the bigger part of an asymmetric conflict calls the smaller part's methodology.
The ambition is to get the US out of the middle east.

Read the fine fatwas.

Autistic bipolar pedophiles can still get in the Marines! Don't ask, don't

Nice recruitment job there.

Kinda makes you want to get drunk, rape a 14 year old, kill her family, and burn her body. But that's an Army thing, right?

21 July 2009

An eleven year old girl got manateed during
jr. lifeguard practice.

An investigation is underway into the death of Allyssa Squirrell, 11, who died in surgery after apparently being hit by the propeller of a boat used to drop off and then retrieve participants.


17 July 2009

Jared Diamond: do you think as a high status visitor that the eg New Guineans you met were also subject to selection bias?

Prof Diamond: do you think that 'primitive' cultures might have higher average intelligence (or 'g' factor) than urban cultures because the former selects more
than the latter (ie, urban life is cushier, more survivable).

M & H: why do you not consider that the american negro has been selected for slavery for several tens of generations? (Well, because as you write, the same tests
show a gap for native african populations).

So, I wonder about selection bias.
What is up with Mass. fascism in the courts?


Officer Michael Doyle noticed that a car being driven by Lawrence Louhisdon, 31, of 107 Maxwell St., Apt. 3, was missing its front license plate, said Lt. Robert Nedder. When Doyle ran the back plate through the system, he found a warrant for Louhisdon from West Roxbury District Court for failure to attend jury duty, Nedder said.

Doyle followed Louhisdon's red 1994 Honda Accord and arrested him at 47 Milton St. at 10:49 a.m., Nedder said.

WAYLAND - A Natick woman was arrested Wednesday at 6 p.m. on a warrant, police said.

Tracy A. Walker, 49, of 4 Third St., had a Lowell District Court warrant charging her with failing to appear for jury duty, police said.


15 July 2009

Watched Sonya's hearings tonight. Ok, she's brilliant. And probably not
a rascist in professional (albeit not personal) life. I'm just saying: I appreciate
smart people, and she is one.

That is all.
Govt study support for the Bell Curve:


Freethinkers have supported abortion for eugenic reasons,
which despite the Times' author's opinion, is a good thing.

14 July 2009

Sick idea: geocache at inappropriate places.

Nikki Catsouras
Catsouras, Nikki, born March 4, 1988, passed away October 31, 2006. Our precious Nikki will be greatly missed by her family: mother, Lesli; father, Christos, sisters, Danielle, Christiana and Kira; grandparents, Dick & Dianne Simon, and Jimmy Catsouras; uncles, Geoff, George and Pepi; aunts, Beth, Brenda and Cathy; cousins, Demetri, Angelo, Zoe, Lexi, Anastasia, Brooke, Olivia, Taryn, and Trent. Funeral service - Monday, November 6, 2006 ~ 6:00 PM at Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA. Private graveside service - Pacific View Memorial Park, Corona Del Mar, CA.

10 July 2009


Germany wants to ban certain ideas and expressions on the Internet. Hilarious. We call that fascism.

Big irony. Fascists wanting to ban fascism. On the net.

09 July 2009


Interesting potential for interaction between culture
and genetics here. If there's a genetic link to rape
behavior, then a culture that tolerates it will see those genes propogate in the population. And vice-versa,
A culture that does not
tolerate it (and punishes in a way decreasing the fitness
of the rapist (or victim, actually)) will decrease that genome.

Combined with a cultural tolerancy for multiple partners, its clear that africa is one big incubator. Yet some (paranoids) think the West came up with HIV.

05 July 2009

Shirley Jihad is a NPR reporter. WTF is with her surname?

03 July 2009


LOS ANGELES — An ever-widening budget gap joined with intractable political paralysis to deliver California its biggest fiscal blow in decades on Thursday, when the state’s controller began printing i.o.u.’s in lieu of cash to pay taxpayers, vendors and local governments.

Apparently there's a fed law that says that states can't go bankrupt. So this should get more fun. Interesting that a state can print its own money, although probably this is technically not money.

I also read that if certain 'state' parks close, the fed gets the land back.

02 July 2009

Linda Sanchez, unamerican, unconstitutional race-card piggy congressleaze, and mother of a bastard, calls for the end of anonymity, which was critical in the development of the States, and is guaranteed by our first amendment.

In anticipation of Lori Drew’s sentencing hearing Thursday, Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-California) issued a statement late Wednesday praising prosecutors for their work on the controversial case.

“What Lori Drew did was egregious, and it is time that she be brought to justice,” Sanchez said in a statement designed to draw attention to recent legislation she introduced.

Drew's crime? Not reading or abiding by the user-agreement for a website.


BTW, if you read any part of this website, you must read this part, and you must agree to all its terms. Copying any content, including this contract and user agreement, by your browser or other IP-equipt apparatus, signifies consent.

This is all copyrighted, any non-fair use is subject to penalties and or retroactive licensing fees.

You must also agree to substitute the word "puta" for "congressman" (or woman) in all written output for the next year, when such word(s) refer to Sanchez.

Oh, and if you're reading this, you've agreed.