29 January 2009

So some screwed up mexican chick who lives with her parents and
has 6 kids has had octuplets.

We can only hope that they die peacefully and that she is sterile thereafter.

She's no doubt a drug abuser, a fertility drug fiend.



27 January 2009

Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and cannabis have been shown to have beneficial properties for H. sapiens. Various supposed vitamins and cures have been shown bogus. Scientific method identifies useful tools; organic chem invents new ones to try.

Alexander Shulgin is God.

Naturally the USG will not let his Manna cure the violent post traumatic stress of its sacrificed soldiers. Ecstasy could calm and cure; instead, the government prefers the edge.

Americans need to fear the edge.

Hunter Stockton Thompson's passing...

The basic human thing is improving your kids' lot.

Unfortunately, plague, famine, and war will ravage the next generation more than the past.

And that's saying a lot.

Keep enough ammo to check out without pain.
Rebellious has two l's

Random shiite heard round the haus
I'm eating edimame. Its $1.59 / lb at Albertson's and $1.49 at Zion (Korean) market. They're frozen, and shelled. I want the shelled ones, same price, but Albertson's is out of them. Obviously the shelled are more efficient, a better buy, but the shells taste good when you scrape with your teeth.

You also grind them better when you eat more slowly. The human gastro-intestinal tract expects to be fed finely ground mush.

26 January 2009

Make charcoal from redwoods. Then make black powder from that.
Then dust a plastic surface with the meal powder in John Muir's portrait.
Then fire it up.

The plastic is the deliverable.

(With acknowledgements to the los alamos folks who make art with bristant explosives
and metal plates, using the Monroe effect, see

Obama could divert the billions given to Israel and turn them into a Berlin-style
drop of resources. That would be incredible, credible, PR. Instead, the house
slave will follow the zionists. Joe Lieberman, american traitor, would be proud.
My 9 year old is the best speller in his fourth-grade class.

I was biking home with a jigsaw slung on my shoulder, safety glasses
on my forehead, and a cheap calipers showing from my pocket. Coming
back from making a pinewood derby car. I've been reading and watching
Hunter S Thompson a lot recently, it reminded me of him, less the
cigarette holder.
The president said that these attacks do not help the war on terror," Babar said.


The attacks being the US firing weapons into Pakistan's "sovereign" territory. Of course, all your Pakis are belong to US.

25 January 2009

Butter on the top. Toasted twice she wants. My 300 pound Samoan cat looks the other way.

My assistant, a hundred pound nine year old, runs chores.

I was biking in Irvine. With a jigsaw slung on my shoulder, safety glasses on my forehead, cheap tainwanese calipers sticking from my shirt pocket. I realized, I am Hunter Stockton Thompson as an Irvine dad.

I saw the HST biography recently on Netflix, and am reading the biography of same name.

I resume work tomorrow on a high power CB radio that destroys tissue for doctors. Through slim tubes they stick into your inflated abdomen. The tools follow scripts. Its the most advanced thing in the world, and I'm very glad I didn't have to find a new job doing something less.

24 January 2009

This is pretty funny. Kennedy thinks she can Royalty her way into the senate
(much like Hilary, actually) and then has to bow out because she's got active
skeletons ---like adultery. Which she now can't conceal anyway.

23 January 2009


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...
The DIME concept resembles the highly-fragmenting home-defense pistol ammunition made of dense metal in an epoxy binder. The point being that the round expends its energy rapidly --after hitting a target, for the pistol ammunition, or after a certain distance in air, for the DIME.

For both there should be less 'richochet'.

I wonder what applications there are to DIME in space for anti-satellite work. I also imagine that shaped charges ---kind of the antithesis of DIME-- can go farther in space, which would make for some wild hypervelocity shootouts.

Seems likely that the Israelis used DIME munitions in Gaza, to reduce collateral damage ie far-field damage from shrapnel and the traditional blast wave. Shrapnel greatly expands the lethal field because it couples with the explosive energy better and travels farther than the blast. That's why ball-bearings, nuts, etc are packed around the explosive charge in eg suicide vests and HE warheads. (There was a video about Hamas making candy-rocket engines and they show the lining of the warhead with a layer of bearings-in-plastic.)

In DIME munitions you cut the explosive amount, mix in dense metal powder, and package in something that doesn't lead to shrapnel. Then the metal powder couples the explosive pressure and temperature, but stops after a certain more limited distance. Pretty clever. Of course the survivors don't think so.

Anyway here's an air force paper on it that has been pulled by the AF, it was originally


22 January 2009

If I can has a job, I vil payz da taxs.
Note that I have not commented on MO's attire, because

I don't care
I'm blind to that
I don't care
She is not her clothes
I don't care
She's not even going to keep them
I don't care
One of the designers was delighted and surprised over the top
I do care a little bit, because this fellow got appreciated, and that's always nice.
I voted for RP, obviously, but I'm very happy BO won. And I am wanting to share a zillionth of the satisfaction of the SS folks who kept/keep BO alive. That has got to be intense. I think BO wore a ballistic jacket for his walks (with wife, who didn't seem to be wearing one) on the Day. But I could be mistaking male fashion; or his wife is not a target. I would have; I'm not faulting him at all.

I saw that SS movie with "I will always love you" and it was friggin' great. I have moral problems with government fiat money and the treasury (which I mention because I think its part of the SS) but I think the VIP protective service people are great. They also often look cool, although some looked like elves because of the new ear-gear. I wonder if they freak when BO & Co decided to walk. I wonder how they keep awake (and un-obtrusive!) guarding 7 (or whatever) year olds.

BO's wife has a subnormal facial attractiveness (to me --its the jaw) but is likely very smart and appears to have survived a pair of kids well, body-wise. BO has those Kenyan cheekbones and is very very smart. I find it fascinating that he married a negress, given that he was raised by white grandparents, but its his choice, and who cares except us bored anthropologists?

I really like folks who think. That's the impression I get from BO & Co.

Biden, that's another matter.
"There will be no more fighting in the middle east while I'm president. The oil is too important and all players inflict too much "collateral" (TM) damage for modern nations to ignore.

Therefore, anyone lobbing things at another will be destroyed by the US military. That includes Israel and all groups or nations threatening it.

We are in control. We are in control."

(The latter a reference to Rush's 2112 album. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2112_(album))
Civil War cannonball kills relic collector

Hobby cost collector his life, shaking close-knit community of relic hunters

updated 9:17 a.m. CT, Sat., May. 3, 2008

CHESTER, Va. - Like many boys in the South, Sam White got hooked on the Civil War early, digging up rusting bullets and military buttons in the battle-scarred earth of his hometown.
As an adult, he crisscrossed the Virginia countryside in search of wartime relics — weapons, battle flags, even artillery shells buried in the red clay. He sometimes put on diving gear to feel for treasures hidden in the black muck of river bottoms.
But in February, White's hobby cost him his life: A cannonball he was restoring exploded, killing him in his driveway.

More than 140 years after Lee surrendered to Grant, the cannonball was still powerful enough to send a chunk of shrapnel through the front porch of a house a quarter-mile from White's home in this leafy Richmond suburb.
White's death shook the close-knit fraternity of relic collectors and raised concerns about the dangers of other Civil War munitions that lie buried beneath old battlefields. Explosives experts said the fatal blast defied extraordinary odds.
"You can't drop these things on the ground and make them go off," said retired Col. John F. Biemeck, formerly of the Army Ordnance Corps.

Battlefields everywhere
White, 53, was one of thousands of hobbyists who comb former battlegrounds for artifacts using metal detectors, pickaxes, shovels and trowels.
"There just aren't many areas in the South in which battlefields aren't located. They're literally under your feet," said Harry Ridgeway, a former relic hunter who has amassed a vast collection. "It's just a huge thrill to pull even a mundane relic out of the ground."

After growing up in Petersburg, White went to college, served on his local police force, then worked for 25 years as a deliveryman for UPS. He retired in 1998 and devoted most of his time to relic hunting.
He was an avid reader, a Civil War raconteur and an amateur historian who watched History Channel programs over and over, to the mild annoyance of his wife.
"I used to laugh at him and say, 'Why do you watch this? You know how it turned out. It's not going to be any different,'" Brenda White said.
She didn't share her husband's devotion, but she was understanding of his interest.
"True relic hunters who have this passion, they don't live that way vicariously, like if you were a sports fanatic," she said. "Finding a treasure is their touchdown, even if it's two, three bullets."

Weapons remain buried
Union and Confederate troops lobbed an estimated 1.5 million artillery shells and cannonballs at each other from 1861 to 1865. As many as one in five were duds.
Some of the weapons remain buried in the ground or river bottoms. In late March, a 44-pound, 8-inch mortar shell was uncovered at Petersburg National Battlefield, the site of an epic 292-day battle. The shell was taken to the city landfill and detonated.

Black powder provided the destructive force for cannonballs and artillery shells. The combination of sulfur, potassium nitrate and finely ground charcoal requires a high temperature — 572 degrees Fahrenheit — and friction to ignite.
White estimated he had worked on about 1,600 shells for collectors and museums. On the day he died, he had 18 cannonballs lined up in his driveway to restore.
White's efforts seldom raised safety concerns. His wife and son Travis sometimes stood in the driveway as he worked.
"Sam knew his stuff, no doubt about it," said Jimmy Blankenship, historian-curator at the Petersburg battleground. "He did know Civil War ordnance."

Investigation continues
An investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms will not be complete until the end of May, but police who responded to the blast and examined shrapnel concluded that it came from a Civil War explosive.
Experts suspect White was killed while trying to disarm a 9-inch, 75-pound naval cannonball, a particularly potent explosive with a more complex fuse and many times the destructive power of those used by infantry artillery.

Biemeck and Peter George, co-author of a book on Civil War ordnance, believe White was using either a drill or a grinder attached to a drill to remove grit from the cannonball, causing a shower of sparks.
Because of the fuse design, it may have appeared as though the weapon's powder had already been removed, leading even a veteran like White to conclude mistakenly that the ball was inert.
The weapon also had to be waterproof because it was designed to skip over the water at 600 mph to strike at the waterline of an enemy ship. The protection against moisture meant the ball could have remained potent longer than an infantry shell.

Homes evacuated
Brenda White is convinced her husband was working on a flawed cannonball, and no amount of caution could have prevented his death.
"He had already disarmed the shell," she said. "From what I was told, there was absolutely nothing he had done wrong, that there was a manufacturing defect that no one would have known was there."
After White's death, about two dozen homes were evacuated for two days while explosives experts collected pieces from his collection and detonated them.

Today, there is little evidence of the Feb. 18 blast. The garage where White did most of his work is still crammed with his discoveries, many painstakingly restored and mounted. Rusted horseshoes are piled high in the crook of a small tree.
White's digging partner, Fred Lange, hasn't had the heart to return to his relic hunting.
"I truly miss him," Lange said. "Not a day that goes by that I don't think of him."

16 January 2009

Cattle shown to align north-south »

Images from Google Earth have confirmed that cattle tend to align their bodies in a north-south direction. Wild deer also display this behaviour - a phenomenon that has apparently gone unnoticed by herdsmen and hunters for thousands of years.


Does this mean they're Muslim?


This is amusing. Its ordinary "candy rocket" fuel. Made with Israeli nitre and sugar.

The rocketeers :-) have seriously bad lab protocol, although their dust masks are great.
They handle chems barehanded, but best of all, they light a sample in their lab, next to piles of it.

But the point of this post is the burn rate: its well below what you can get with homemade BP, albeit this may well be what you want for rockets. I haven't made any candy rockets, the melting of fuel kinda bugged me, but if they can do it...
Harness several hundred (or thousand?) cats and force them to walk in the same 90 degree cone. They will pull with a few newtons each. Insert massive mechanics (vectors) here.

See also James and the Giant Peach
Take the frequency allocation chart at http://www.ntia.doc.gov/osmhome/allochrt.pdf
and illuminate each block when a receiver detects (narrowband) activity in each block.

That would be cool. Its just a quantization of a (broadband) spectrum analyzer's output. It needn't update in fast real time, just as it scans 10,000-10,000,000,000 hz in whatever steps.
And oh its so beautiful its like the fourth of july its like a christmas tree its like fireflies on a summer night. and I wish I could describe this to you a little better. but I cant talk
Well right now cause Ive got this damned gas mask on. so Im just going to stick this microphone out the window and see if we can hear a little better. hello california? whats the weather like
There now? and I only have one question: did you every really love me? only when we danced. and it was so beautiful. it was like the fourth of july. it was like fireflies on a summer night

So is her hubby, Mr. Reed.

California controller to suspend tax refunds, welfare checks

John Chiang announces that his office will suspend $3.7 billion in payments owed to Californians starting Feb. 1, as a result of the state's cash crisis. Student grants are also affected.
By Evan Halper
11:24 AM PST, January 16, 2009
Reporting from Sacramento -- State Controller John Chiang announced today that his office would suspend tax refunds, welfare checks, student grants and other payments owed to Californians starting Feb. 1, as a result of the state's cash crisis.

Chiang said he had no choice but to stop making some $3.7 billion in payments in the absence of action by the governor and lawmakers to close the state's nearly $42-billion budget deficit. More than half of those payments are tax refunds.

The controller said the suspended payments could be rolled into IOUs if California still lacked sufficient cash to pay its bills come March or April.

"I take this action with great reluctance," Chiang said at a news conference in his office. But he said that without action to close the deficit, "there is no way to make it through February unscathed."

The payments to be frozen include nearly $2 billion in tax refunds; $300 million in cash grants for needy families and the aged, blind and disabled; and $13 million in grants for college students.


'Jury' weighs the actions of a Jewish patriarch

A mock trial at Irvine's University Synagogue poses questions of biblical proportions.


IRVINE – Even 4,000 years of separation couldn't keep heady questions of life and death out of the courtroom on Sunday.

By a slim majority, a "jury" of 600-plus people voted to convict Abraham, religious patriarch, for the attempted murder of his son, Isaac. Judge Joseph A. Wapner, the quick-witted adjudicator and original star of television's "The People's Court," listened to the evidence at University Synagogue's mock trial intended to get participants to think about the ancient story's meaning.

Three people abstained from the vote and one called for an appeal, while another Jewish juror expressed reluctance in rendering a guilty verdict for his ancient ancestor.

Of course, all this is essentially moot. The repeat value of the biblical narrative from which the facts of the case were drawn has long been settled outside court in synagogues worldwide.

As the story goes, God instructed Abraham to take Isaac to the heights of far-flung land, to bind the boy to a plank of wood and to slay him. As Abraham raised a blade to his son's body, an angel interceded to stop the sacrifice.

While the details could be considered old news, the People v. Abraham proved a mind-binder for many of the 700-plus people in attendance at University Synagogue, who clung to the words of two prominent attorneys.

Erwin Chemerinsky, constitutional lawyer and founding dean of the UC Irvine School of Law, spoke in Abraham's defense. During his introduction, he broke down the fourth wall of the trial.

"I was thinking of coming here today asking that the charges be dropped based on the statute of limitations," he said, as a ripple of laugher moved through the jury box. "Then, I thought about raising concerns of pretrial publicity. This is the one defendant for whom there's been more publicity than O.J. Simpson."

Prosecutor Jonathan Shapiro, who's written for and produced law-focused television dramas such as "The Practice" and "Boston Legal," strode in with a joke of his own.

"Take judicial notice," he said, pointing to the front row of the audience, "of the defendant as distinct from my son Abraham, who is here and has looked nervous all day."

After opening statements, Chemerinsky argued, in part, that the case lacked physical evidence to demonstrate Abraham's criminal intent.

"Where's the knife?" he asked. "Where's the DNA? The only evidence (Shapiro) has is one page of text."

God, Chemerinsky added, was testing Abraham's obedience, while Abraham was testing God's benevolence.

But Shapiro, who ultimately won over the lion's share of jury support, argued that the facts spoke for themselves: Commanded by a higher power to sacrifice his son or not, Abraham intended to slice the cleaver through Isaac.

"Following orders is not a defense," he said. "Not in California, not in Germany, not here."

"Murder in the name of fanaticism is murder," he soon added.

Juror Myrna Smith, a member of University Synagogue, disagreed with Shapiro's characterization of defendant Abraham as bloodthirsty.

"I think he was a wuss," she said. "He did not have a mind of his own."

Abraham isn't alone. Helmed by Los Angeles-based American Jewish University, several other famous and infamous Bible figures have been wrung through this sort of posthumous jeopardy for the past couple years.

The point, said one of three rabbinical panelists after the trial, is not just to tease the brains of us moderns; wrestling with the meaning of age-old actions is part and parcel of the human experience, especially in a world where martyrs and murderers argue that God told them to do it.

"We gather together and learn the lesson that says, 'We gave that up 4,000 years ago,'" said Rabbi Arnold Rachlis of University Synagogue. "That was the paganism we moved beyond and we ought not move back."

Wrote Florence Dann in an article in Orange County Jewish Life: "Regardless of whether you believe Abraham's actions were holy, abusive, delusional or inspired, it remains an uncomfortable story."

So, as for determining the one true interpretation of the tale, the jury is still out.


15 January 2009

Chesley Sullenberger III, the pilot, refused to don a life vest and left the aircraft last.


14 January 2009

Three Irvine police units to handle an asian teenage girl who has problems with her mother, or just problems, or just a problematic mother. Once she threw stuff out her window onto the street at night. The police showed up then too.

The girl once showed up at our door, afraid because the mexican who was plooking her middle aged asian mother was stalking her, she said. It was a twilight zone moment, not knowing who or what to believe. Is the girl insane? Is the mother degenerate and the daughter frantic? Is the mexican in control?

Later today I saw the three cars (one left idling for an hour) leave, there was no one in the back. Psychiatric advice from cops? Intimidation?

One cop car had a bag with "M. Wong" on it. Another (the one idling) had a blonde chick cop.
Did a search in the census. There are 71 people with my first, last name in the US.
Its as if Bush were still here.. oh, he is


Supreme Court limits 'exclusionary rule'The 5-4 decision allows police to use evidence seized under a search warrant that is later found to be faulty because of a computer or bookkeeping error.

Bush declares a 'state of emergency' in Washington as cost of Obama's swearing-in ceremony soars to £110m


U.S. military report warns 'sudden collapse' of Mexico is possible


Isn't being overrun by barbarian neighbors part of the Rome Plan?

13 January 2009

Cheap computer chair failed at home, sending me backwards, at first surprised then laughing, unharmed. But the failure of one of five plastic legs has made the whole fraud worthless.

Lehman brothers, anyone?
What was I just thinking about?
Catkido is Aikido applied to cats. Domestic felines. Pussydats.

Its my own invention. My current supplier of domestic feline services was in a bitey mood a while ago. I might have even gotten "cat scratch fever"; in any case, we're cool.

Catkido Rule #1: Cats have more degrees of freedom than your arms. They have flexible spines, great arms, flexible shoulders, and all you have is a forearm. You can x, y, twist your wrist, and your thumb has 2D, and your four fingers 1D, but the cat wins.

Catkido Rule #2: Go towards the attacker. Cats are all about sharp things that guide you to their bellies where their rear claws can shred you. Their front claws bring you in. Their teeth are sharp. If you try to pull out, you are in the Shred Machine. But if you push towards the attacker, he freaks and releases and runs.

Now, you can often blow air in their face to achieve release, cats not having lips and being freaked by air, esp. in the eyes, nictating membranes notwithstanding; but pushing towards the Cat Vortex of Shred totally confuses them.

I will continue to develop the Art as I grow. Catkido is a Tao, not just a goof.
The real villains here are Christopher Cox and the SEC, who investigated Madoff eight times, the last time specifically on suspicion of running a Ponzi scheme, each time “finding” no wrongdoing, which begs the all-too-familiar question of the last eight years: Satanically corrupt or grossly incompetent?

Cox was an OC representative before he got the SEC job. You know OC, the county that went bankrupt a few years ago because its treasurer was investing based on astrology?

Christopher Cox is the modern Robert Citron. Incompetent smiling fools who screw everyone.
Conservative columnist Tony Blankley foresees a dangerous future, in which the United States will be able to ensure its own survival only through a universal military draft and may routinely have to commit hundreds of thousands of troops to overseas excursions, including a potential invasion of Pakistan.

Epil fail. The Empire's game is over.

Not surprising that both left and right statists look towards confiscation of one's time and body.

12 January 2009

If you need govt licensed drugs, you can pay for a $200 initial visit, where the shrink will get your history and your symptoms and also "scope you out". This visit will take an hour, probably 40 minutes of which you'll have to talk to the MD.

Thereafter, every few months you'll need a "med management" visit, 15 minutes, to make sure you don't have side effects.

If you want talk-talk, go see a therapist (ie, psychology "doctorate") in addition. Some probs
are purely chem.
USAService.org the soft beginning of the hitler youth.

Obama & Co start calling for voluntary servitude. You know what comes next.


08 January 2009

"Any call for attacks against Americans is outrageous"
-The state dept reacting to Sadr's call for retribution on the Iraqi occupiers.

Isn't "outrageous" a bit of a fluffy term? I mean, really, we're talking major
geopolitical fun here, and all State can do is "outrageous"?

First we had albright, then rice, now clinton. When the bitch of death visits,
you better hide.

Religion is terrorism, that's how it spreads, through fear.

Terrorism uses religion as a tool, the afterlife makes for excellent
guided cruise missiles, aka suicide bombers, aka martyrs. You can
tell the martyrs, because the HE cuts their upper from their lower body.

Terrorism works: the Irish are free. Some researchers have given up research.

But to me, they all look the same. Irish and English. Koreans, Japs, Chinese. Pakis and Indians. Sunnis and Shiites. Arab Jews and Arab Moslems.

I say, turn the pious into biodiesel.
Sleep is gravity worship.

Life is electromagnetism worship.

In death, what remains is held together by the Strong force.

07 January 2009

California FAIL

The dickswinging, potsmoking, kennedy-plooking governor plans to issue IOUs instead of actual checks:

Epic FAIL. I suggest that citizens issue same IOUs to the government, for jury duty, etc.


(Not that dickswinging or potsmoking are bad, its just that Arnold is a hypocrite. How much coke do you think his wife insufflated?)
I remember being between jobs during various Iraqi invasions, including the one where
laying on the couch watching fireworks on CNN was real big --the first invasion, no doubt.
That was I think CNN's zenith.

Check out http://www.mnftiu.cc/category/gywo/

As another blogger writes "Want to watch Hezbollah TV without your provider going to prison?"

Get this TV over IP viewer http://livestation.com/downloads?tracker=home_download

Search for "Al Manar"

There you go.

Now I wonder, is Livestation providing services for a designed terrorist (tm) organization? Is antiwar.org for providing a link to them? Am I for repeating it (with more detail ---I had to look up "Al Manar")?
This chart
is how the Air Force has operationalized its psyops in the Web 2.0 world.

(Which is now passe, its Web 3.0 as of the Grant shooting
Shooting Niggers In Public No Longer OK - Welcome to Web 3.0")

I'm much amused by the "unhappy customer? Is the posting a result of a personal experience?"
Eg you bombed their wedding and wiped out half their family. That might count.

06 January 2009


I've known this for a long time, esp. being a rural-american.

Cities also increase schizophrenia. Which aligns with the symptoms given above.

Cities are prisons. The prisoners don't know it though.
Movie recommendations

first of a series.

Just got netflix.

2001 space oddysey.
Apocalypse now
Dr. Strangelove

Fight club
Mojave Phone Booth (what's up with the Pink Floyd-esque quasi Wish you were here music at the end? Love it though.)

Kung Fu
The Prisoner
Star Trek
>>Democrats and Obama have said that the corruption charges against Blagojevich would strip credibility from anyone he appoints to the seat. Burris and many of his supporters have suggested that the real reason for the rejection involved race.<<

That's right, play the race card. Never mind the corruption aspect.

Guess what? You've got a black president, so stop whining.

05 January 2009

Sarah Palin's unwed teenage daughter's baby's teenage uneducated father's mom is a drug dealer. Opiates, like heroin.

And she was not prosecuted until after the election.

That would be Sarah Palin's peer were her bastard grandson's parents been married. I don't think there's a name for that relationship in English. (Married or not)

Skankdaughter's boytoy's oldladyI think might work but its a bit wordy for Sarah.

My nine year old had belgian waffles the other day. So he has as much foreign policy experience as Sarah.
Was reading how the Puritans (you know, Plymouth rock and all that) were just as uptight as the Taliban. No dancing, no singing, women as property, the whole thing. Which is pretty funny.

04 January 2009

Current estimates for Obama's inaugurationfest are ranging into the numbers used to describe the Hajj. Typically a few dozen people die in the latter dumbfest. What will it take --a rumor, an odor, a firework-- to cause much more in DC? And how many yahoos will lose their digits from frostbite? Just trying to think positive thoughts given the fun in Gaza and the whining collapse of US industry and finance.
>>WASHINGTON -- Former President George H.W. Bush said on Sunday he'd like to see his second son, Jeb, become President of the United States some day.<<

What part of FAIL doesn't HW get?

Listen to him. When truth is heresy, we're hosed.
Bloomberg goes to Israel

but I bet he won't go into the rocket zones.



03 January 2009

>>If Jett Travolta's seizures remained untreated for theological reasons, the debate is just starting.<<

Yep. Cool.

I expect euthanisia centers when I get old. If not, I'll take out a few politicos or religios or other cancers on humane civilization. Zombie warriors.

Gosh I'm so glad we're over the news slump.
>>The IDF spokesperson emphasized that "anyone who hides a terrorist or weapons in his house is considered a terrorist," adding that "the residents of Gaza are not the target of the operation."<<

This is exactly what the US government will say when they confiscate citizens' arms.

Remember, in the Israel vs. Hamas debate, Hamas is a democratically elected government and Israel is a theocracy. Yet, who does the USG support?

If you have not registered / turned in your arms you are a terrorist, get it?

We are all terrorists. -Major Variola (ret) (a paraphrasing of Tim May's "We are all felons.")