18 September 2007

2007. Listening to a Rammstein channel, free, from http://www.pandora.com/, on a computer
with excellent stereo, with a huge sharp LCD display, can burn CD/DVDs, 1.5 Gig RAM,
cable modem, life is good. Cell phone, 7 MPxl camera/ videocam, 100 mW green laser.
Bought some Ron Paul stuff. Cat on anti-thyroid meds. Got some green and some wine.
Camping on the beach Friday. Got some prozac. Got a license. Got glasses. Got nuclear power. Got a job. Got my parents. Got a kid. A gun. A car. Got pictures of Mars on my screen. Got a Stirling engine, radiometer, HV apparatus, liquid metal, chemicals, geiger counters, sources, a collection of disk drives. Got advil, aspirin, alcohol, melatonin, niacin, viagra. Got software, compilers, debuggers, wires. Don't have or need a god or government (well, very teeny for the latter). Doin' ok scraping meaning off the surface of the planet. Got so many passports, so many visas, don't know what I look like.

Life in the bush of ghosts.

I loathe change.

Got a guitar I can't play and a world...

16 September 2007

When something is gamma sterilized its subjected to 40 kGy.This is 4,000,000 RAD or 40 J / gm absorbed dose.
This toasts the programming on many programmed IC devices youmight want to sterilize. Ethylene oxide and autoclaving areNOT a problem, but gamma is nice.
Not surprising that bugs' DNA is toast after 40J/gm.
Lots of things are gamma sterilized, from band-aids up.

For a brief week in 2007, I got to study radiation, cryptography,and medical devices, three tech interests.

Very cool. Will probably end up using Atmel Cryptomemory chip.