30 March 2009

He plagarized his thesis

And was an adulterer. So he was neither "Doctor" or "Reverend", just another

29 March 2009


Remember, Lincoln invented the US draft, income taxes, suspended the constitution, etc. Bless J.W.Booth! Where is he when you need him now?
There are plenty of people who would pay good money to take a boat into pirate infested waters if they get to blow away the pirates. That would be good for the shipping trade too. Or just offer passage on a boat likely to get ransommed, but you get to bring all the ammo and arms you want.

Pirates, the ultimate game.
So Ashley Biden, the VP's daughter, is going to be outed on her cocaine use. There are video records. She's been busted for drugs before. Al Gore's son was busted for drugs. Obama has consumed drugs, as has Bush, and Bush's daughters got busted for underage drinking.
Governer Arnold also has been documented consuming drugs. Clinton got busted for
fellatio. Heck, even the local Irvine mayor Christina Shea's daughter got busted for meth.

One can hope the resulting Ashley fracas will be similarly amusing.
Critics call WTC tower name change unpatriotic

No one will work in there if its called "freedom tower", which is the same as putting a big bulls-eye on it. Such "heroes" (tm) these cityfolk are. In fact, government workers won't even work there.

Supposedly 3,000,000,000 dollars sunk into it already. Of taxpayer money. What a waste.
Its a private building.

But, lets hope the nuke takes out D.C., that's a worse problem than NYC right now.

26 March 2009

Slow news days, so there are reports that salt is bad for you, so is red meat. Don't they get tired of saying this? You're going to die of something, enjoy yourself.

America boards vessels on the open seas, kidnaps people, tries to shutdown foreign businesses (eg overseas gambling) and now, threatens the Swiss.

America is a desparate, wounded, rabid, dying animal that still has sharp teeth and claws. Best to stay away.
Swiss banks ban top executive travel

By Richard Milne in Geneva

Published: March 26 2009 19:08 | Last updated: March 26 2009 19:08

Switzerland’s private banks have started to ban their top executives from travelling abroad, even to neighbouring France and Germany, because of fears they will be detained as part of a global crackdown on bank secrecy.

The head of one leading private bank in Geneva said the growing determination of countries such as the US and Germany to tackle tax evasion and secrecy meant banks felt they had to take extra measures to protect employees.

“Some banks have taken this precaution,” he said. “If today I go to Germany to visit two banks I deal with...German customs can take me in and question me.”

The travel bans, which have not been brought in by all banks, have focused on those visiting the US, following the detention there last year of a senior private banker from UBS, Switzerland’s biggest bank, as part of a federal tax investigation.

The head of the private bank, which itself has no travel restrictions, said: “Today if you are a banker from Switzerland going to the US you have to fear you will be taken in for questioning. I am thinking twice about going to America.”

However, four people in the private banking industry in Geneva told the Financial Times of banks bringing in total travel bans for staff, even for adjoining European countries.

“Private bankers aren’t even travelling to France. The partners are not leaving Geneva at all,” said a senior industry figure close to several private banks. No bank contacted by the Financial Times wanted to discuss the matter publicly.

The restrictions come ahead of next week’s Group of 20 summit where a clampdown on tax havens is set to be discussed.

Under pressure from other countries, Switzerland, which is estimated to account for about a third of the world’s $11,000bn in clandestine personal wealth, agreed this month to ease its bank secrecy laws and accept international standards on tax transparency.

From their discreet offices on a luxury goods shopping street overlooking Lac Leman, private bankers in Geneva reacted this week with a mixture of intense anger, at what they see as an unjustified attack by big countries, and concern about the threat to their business model.

“It is not really about bank secrecy; it is about solving an internal problem [for the big countries] by finding an enemy outside to bash,” said one senior banker.
Just read that 98% of both the circulating flu virii are resistant to the two classes of drugs used on them.

This could pass to the nasty strain easily.

So, flu gets bumped up in my list of Big Disasters, up there with rapid-spreading MSRA.

And, not only a single nuclear EMP could toast the US, but it turns out that the
sun's coronal mass ejections could too. So, there is a quick, simple antidote to (electricity-based) civilization.

Another prediction: there will never be a US president with a negro mother.

25 March 2009

Hillary goes to Mexico

Maybe they'll finally rid the world of her?

Maybe they'll stop blaming the US and trying to restrict guns?
Maybe they'll stop prohibition and thus eviscerate the gangsters?

Naah, but one can hope.

23 March 2009

>>But the dollar dropped like a stone. Earlier, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao said he was “a little bit worried” that America might cheapen its currency and pay back the $1.2 trillion it owes in depreciated dollars. Now that the Fed has moved, he must be a lot worried.<<

VERY depreciated, bub.

A prof who refused to endure a sexual harassment class gives in, because
he cares about what resigning would do to his colleages.

What a waste of time. When I was teaching at UCI, we were told to use or alternate "she" in our materials.
I told the femi-nazi to write an emacs macro to alternate the pronoun.

What a waste of ink, money, time. All for political correctness.

19 March 2009

If that doesn't raise red flags all by itself, consider that the person submitting it is Cheryl B. Preston. She's listed in the petition with the organization Brigham Young University, but she's part of CP80. She's suggested limiting content on port 80 to the 'right' things, and other stuff can go on other ports, so it can be appropriately filtered by the authorities. Guess who gets to decide what goes on which ports?


This fascist cnt needs a good lesson. Perhaps all mormon content should be delegated
to port 666. By force.

18 March 2009

These platforms are quite visible from where I live.


Feds: Hacker Disabled Offshore Oil Platform Leak-Detection System

A Los Angeles federal grand jury indicted a disgruntled tech employee Tuesday on allegations of temporarily disabling a computer system detecting pipeline leaks for three oil derricks off the Southern California coast.

Mario Azar, 28, faces a maximum 10-year term after being accused of purposely impairing a computer system that monitored for leaks on three Pacific Energy Resources platforms offshore of Huntington Beach.

15 March 2009

New report: Washington DC (mostly blacks) has a huge AIDs infection rate.

>>Among its findings: Almost half of those who had connections to the parts of the city with the highest AIDS prevalence and poverty rates said they had overlapping sexual partners within the past 12 months, three in five said they were aware of their own HIV status, and three in 10 said they had used a condom the last time they had sex. <<

What part of "branching factor" don't you understand? (Oh, any of it, probably)

>>Black men, with an infection rate of nearly 7 percent, carry the weight of the disease, according to the report, which also underscores that the District's HIV and AIDS population is aging. Almost 1 in 10 residents between the ages of 40 and 49 has the virus. <<

Evolution in action.

That would be interesting to model computationally.


>>More than 4 percent of blacks in the city are known to have HIV, along with almost 2 percent of Latinos and 1.4 percent of whites. More than three-quarters -- 76 percent -- of the HIV infected are black, 70 percent are men and 70 percent are age 40 and older.<<

12 March 2009


Spacejunk (from US and chinese and russian ASAT tests, regardless whether recognized
formally) could have offed the space station. I expect it will happen. A few mil lives
will be lost (yawn), and there will be a new reef in the Pacific in a few years.

Maybe space will become Pure again. Or, maybe it will be filled with machine guns
and shaped charges.

Whatever, cool displays for us ground based folks.
So it turns out some young smart unemployed disaffected somali guys from
Michigan are Jihadi now.

Can't wait til they're rounded up and moved to Manzanera, formerly a Jap concentration camp.

After GAME OVER for the US.

Bushbama is a monster clone. Socialist on the outside, fascist on the inside. The last
American president. The Decider whilst the empire implodes as fast as the twin towers.

Keep printing that money, pretty soon, you'll be competing with Zimbabwe.

11 March 2009

Are these Dr. Seuss caricatures?
Admittedly the first lady looks
more Seuss like than the more
Pink Floyd-ish _The Wall_ face
of Hillary.

Hopefully someone can erase these
visages in a single detonation.
Sweet. And peace will return
to the peoples of the earth.
Sarah Palin's 18-year-old daughter Bristol has reportedly broken off her engagement with Levi Johnston, the father of her 2-month-old son Tripp. It's surprising because in an interview just last month with FOX's Gretta Van Susteren, Bristol said the 19-year-old Levi is a hands-on dad and that they planned on marrying after finishing their education.

But in a new interview with Star Magazine, Levi's sister Mercede Johnston says Bristol actually broke up with Levi more than a month ago, is not attending school and rarely lets her baby daddy see their young son. Mercede also says Bristol even told him that she hates him and, when she learned she was pregnant, wished the baby wasn't his.

04 March 2009

DMV says it won't pull driver's licenses of medical pot users

State agency says it hasn't changed its policy, but advocates say prescription marijuana users are gaining rights.

The Orange County Register

Medical marijuana users can exhale a sigh of relief that their driver's licenses will not be revoked or suspended if they have a doctor's permission to use cannabis.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has advised in a memo to its safety officers, who evaluate whether someone's license should be restricted, that medical marijuana should be treated the same as any other legal prescription drug, and that medical marijuana use "does not in itself constitute grounds for a license withdrawal action."

Armando Botello, a spokesman for the DMV, said that the department's policy, which also addresses physical or mental conditions, has not changed. However, a section about medical marijuana was added to the memo, originally written in 2001, he said.

Still, a medical marijuana advocacy group, Americans for Safe Access, said in a news conference Wednesday that the DMV's updated memo is a "significant departure from how the agency approached medical marijuana in the past."

The Oakland-based organization's chief counsel, Joe Elford, said he filed a lawsuit against the DMV on behalf of Rose Johnson, 53, of Atwater, in November, claiming her license was taken away based solely on the fact that she uses marijuana to treat back problems, stemming from an auto crash.

Johnson said that while taking her renewal written test last year, a DMV employee saw her shaking, prompting a medical hearing to see if she was fit to drive. Once Johnson admitted to DMV officials that she was a medical marijuana patient, she was told that her license would be revoked.

Johnson's driving privileges have since been restored.

Botello said the DMV would not comment on the pending lawsuit but issued the following statement:

"There has been no change in the DMV policy regarding medical marijuana. The internal training memo simply updates an old memo issued in 2001 that did not specifically mention medical marijuana… The DMV policy is, and has been, that the department treats medical marijuana exactly the same as any other prescription drug, and that we do not automatically revoke the licenses of those who have a prescription for medical marijuana."


A guy puts a cat in a bong to calm it down:


Neb. man says he put cat in bong three times

20-year-old facing charges says feline would ‘act like a stoned person’

Its kinda like Michael Phelps crossed with Vicks except less cruel.
Germany still run by fascists, needs first amendment

In Germany, the State decides what you can sing about.


German police raids in far-right music crackdown

Mar 4th, 2009 | STUTTGART, Germany -- German police raided 224 apartments and houses across the country Wednesday, confiscating 45,000 music CDs in a crackdown on the far-right music scene.

Stuttgart prosecutors, who led the operation, said 204 people aged 21-45 are being investigated for allegedly distributing the music

03 March 2009

Marvell's SheevaPlug


is a Zetera http://www.zetera.com box ---networked disks--- waiting to happen. You plug in a USB hard drive and your router. The wall wart (Linux machine) handles the network protocol. Your PC or the wall warts can manage the RAID if you choose that configuration.

Similar: http://www.ctera.com/home/ctera-cloudplug.html
Tony Blankley is a fascist coward





the titles are obvious enough.