14 July 2015

visualize secession

Stars and bars may help you. 

Negroes should wear trigger warning signs.

You do not have to associate with those you chose not to.  For any reason, including creed and those silly religions that have supernatural superheroes.   Or creators made out of pasta.

Kaitlyn and Dolezal to marry in AME

In a final 21st century exercise of the decay of civilization.

Meanwhile, my beagle-terrier self identifies as a husky, and expects to be treated as such.


don't set off dubious fireworks on your head

international feminine protection products



“Our diverse portfolio and scale are enabling this performance, and we’ve continued to invest in building a robust enterprise pipeline that will drive our growth over the long term. Our passion to deliver transformational new medicines and products reflects the ongoing commitment of our dedicated employees to improve whatever."

23 January 2015

my life in the bush of ghosts

Woman with headscarf.  Talks like a total socal girl.

Recently she's been sitting on large ball in front of her computer.

This is pretty hilarious.

shotguns, bullies, doane-stuart school, dawn cruikshank, noel scudds

Shotguns are preferred against bullies.

In my youth: Dawn Cruikshank, a woman my age in our religious Sacred Heart school, Doane-Stuart in Albany, NY.  One day, not at school any more.
Never discussed at school: she got tired of her step father's blowjobs so she shot him.  She died of cancer in jail after 2 years; I have to think it was self-inflicted cancer.

Noel Scudds, a white lowlife in Pittstown, NY.  Got sick of his older brother, also somewhat of a bully, and shotgunned him.   I was so happy to hear this.

Go figure.  Life is weird.

17 January 2015

dog fuz

in evolution, all things must have been useful from start to now

hair was probably sensory, then multiplied.

gliding, feathers, bats, birds

keep the eggs inside or they get eaten

charlie bbc

je suis charlie

don't f with the first amendment.  you can have your caliphate, us should withdraw, crusades over.  I agree; read fatwa.  territory.

do not 

ps bbc is total pussy pander

16 January 2015

luxo jr.

I am learning ecmascript so I can introduce the kid to coding.

Benefits: environment there if you have chrome (incl. html5 graphics & input, not yet explored).  immediate gratification from graphics in a few lines.  (not yet tested) easy input.  PONG game as base-project should be easy, once you get: drawing, state update, timer-animation, and input.


Then he is on his own.

Je suis Charlie

It would be good if the west left the ME alone.  The west could buy stuff, if sold at reasonable prices.  Otherwise, let them solve their civil-war problems themselves.  Then they won't bother you.

Read the FATWA genius.

So many hollow companies, nothing but funders for outsourced development, sales, distribution, complaints, etc.  [Latter required for FDA registered MDD]


Device Change Plan
... Software Change Plan
......SW requirements --> user's guide, --> SW test
.........SW design
............SW implem
...............SW test
For each plan, a Report

Agile is inappropriate when you need multifunctional teams to evaluate software change requests.