31 August 2010

When cannabis is legalized, how will clubs compete?

How about a place with dogs, or cats, or both? To help you de-stress.
A visit to a place with abundant friendly creatures. Help fund the
animals with botany.

Just a thought. I'd go for it.

Got a renewal today. Kid played gameboy in the waiting room. Guy with breathing tube to run his wheelchair in there too. Lots of sandals and facial hair, myself included.

How to restore a netbook that has no CDROM and won't boot?

Alt-F10 goes to a special recovery program. Nice.

29 August 2010

tea party: its about time.

Question: can joe sixpack appreciate lib ideals?
Now Wikileaks does not bother me
Does your conscience bother you?
Tell the truth

27 August 2010

As such, it should not be put out to pasture, banned or delayed until the war is over, as Meredith has suggested

Video games, memorials to the dead, all before the wars are over! How very twenty-first century! Epic empire fail.

Electronic Arts' upcoming shooter “Medal of Honor” has started taking flak because pundits and politicians are upset that gamers can play as the Taliban.

The whole “play as the Taliban” thing is essentially the digital equivalent of the same kind of “cops and robbers” or “cowboys and Indians” kids have been playing since the dawn of time, or at least since the dawn of cowboys.

It doesn't paint the Taliban in a sympathetic light, or require you to detonate a bomb in a crowded marketplace full of American civilians.

Given that past games have had players taking on the roles of Nazis and Stalinists, it's hard to see what the big deal is.

In a widely quoted response statement, EA's Amanda Taggart spoke for most gamers when she said, “Most of us having been doing this since we were 7 — if someone's the cop, someone's gotta be the robber, someone's gotta be the pirate and someone's gotta be the alien.”

Medal of Honor” isn't “Six Days in Fallujah,” whose developers courted controversy a couple years ago by boasting that their quest for authenticity led them to consult with Iraqi insurgents while developing their game.

(Nice PR)


Pentagon officials have demanded that WikiLeaks unrelease the documents and has threatened to take unspecified action against them.

unrelease, up there with refundiate.

19 August 2010

Wear kevlar. Dye and cut hair.

Release the docs.

17 August 2010

>> I hadn’t meant that in terms of personal benefit but more in wider benefit to society. In that sense is there benefit or do you simply see yourselves as no more putting that interpretation on what you do than a pipe considers itself to be providing a benefit by carrying water?<<

(An atomic) Society is a myth, there are multiple overlayed societies in the West.

The pipe & water is very zen.

The pipe does not filter the water
The pipe does not know if its water
Is for irrigation
Or waterboarding

Nor where it comes
A spring of pristine innocence (perhaps lost)
Or an intentionally poisoned well

Pipes are just streambeds with covers
Streambeds are natural
A corollary of geomorphological physics
The world is not flat
And things flow in the gradient

Swim or sink in the deluge
Adapt or die

Got insurance?

08 August 2010

News review. Pgon warns consequences will never be the same, they've backtraced Assange, the cyberpolice have been called.

Got insurance?

Anonymity is a right and a tech possibility. As are Eternal (thanks, Ross Anderson) file systems.

Thus, WL (cryptome, P2P implementations) are inevitable. Get used to it.

What have they got to hide?

Afghani collaborators with the invading force? What happened to French collaborators with the invading force in WWII?

I seem to have run a GB or so in the last few days...

Hi, Cox!
Rove was more than dismissive with the idea that Assange and his website counted as “media,” calling him a “conduit” and remarking, “if he meets the definition of a media outlet, than anybody with a blog posting is media and therefore exempt.

04 August 2010

RMS is one degree of separation from Bradley Manning
(bradass87) via Danny Clark of MIT/pika/gay/fsf.


I'm MIT '86. A year before BM was born.

Wales. Gay. Spc. Intelligence Analyst. Smart. Exfiltration. Gaga.

Cryptome. Architect. Father in law spy. Permenant distrust. Panopticon.

Cypherpunks. Was there, did that. Keepin it real, or at least imaginary.

Or whatever dimension you like.

DADT. Hooah.

WL needs to have a "submit document" button that requests transcoding. It would remove metadata from image, video, docs. Requiring transcoding that does not preserve known watermarks (steganography). The amusing counter-govt problem: stop stego from massmarket sources.

Assange is a god, Manning is Jesus, Lamo is Judas, Obama et al are FAIL.

Empires don't fail in a day.

Not much blogging recently, but watching newz.

Manning is gay, I was right; so is Danny from Pika, who is a friend who was queried by the feds. And Assange's surrogate was detained upon returning to the US, and his cell phones seized, laptop "borrowed".

Obama is fail, DoD is in death throes. Afghan collaborators have a few days to get out of Afghanistan. How were the French collaborators with the Nazis treated?

Assange remains a hero, Manning under "suicide watch", is this a prelim to some TLA suiciding him?

At least the ACLU is questioning why *treasury* should be able to remove Citizen's rights to fair trial, the government assasinating whoever they chose without a conviction, charges, trial.