02 October 2012

Get a cat, Prevent Asthma

The nytimes.com had an article on dog costs.  Being from NYC they are insane.

(Search for nytimes dog costs)
(Thousands per annum)

The Huffingtonpost.com naturally copied this ---that is what they do, with slightly more hysterical titles--

Here's the facts.  Get a cat.

  • Riverside cat $5 during sale incl chip, neuter
  • Gas to Riverside and back $20
  • Cat kibble $5/mo
  • Cat litter --N/A, cat goes outside
Attentional demands compared to babies, SOs, and dogs: nil.

Ability to leave alone for a weekend: yep.

Living sculpture: yep.

Prevent Asthma: yep

Pick up chicks: maybe

Walks with your leashed dog on dogwalks: this one does.  Famous in the neighborhood.  It really bugs the crows.  And Irvine / Amazonian parrots when they're around.

Chatters in this weird innate way when they see birds they can't get: yep, WTF? 

Cat has harvested bats, rats, mice, lizards, birds, baby rabbits.  (The latter and some other instances let go when I intervened.)  Common law allows cats to roam freely as a common good, ridding the neighborhood of vermin.

Our prev cat of 3 years was eaten by coyotes.  Before that I had a cat for 18 years who enjoyed euthanasia rather than painful death.  Before that, another who died of ingested bones.

If a friend dies mountainclimbing, do you blame the mountain? 

I am always very happy to see current huntress in AM.  Two days ago she smelled intensely of  wild sage.  WTF?