19 December 2012

Eliminating Newtown Violence

A simple proposal for eliminating Newtown massacres (housemate borrows legally owned normal weapons).

Have the mil enslave all citizens at age 18 (can't just do men!  Women and trannies too!).  Rate them as far as weapons-ownership.

Ie, mandatory state psych evaluations under the guise of military conscription or eval.  The disobedient will be denied, of course.

The lowest scorers will also be given only 5/8ths of a vote, being essentially slaves, ie, unarmed.


PS: This just made 3-d additive printing relevent.  Fsck receivers; make magazines.

Of course, there are infinate receivers and mags out there.  And Lanza was clean.  He could have bought the tools himself.

But I like the makerbot magazines, since they route around are a recently acknowledged weak point.