26 October 2014

dead canadians

Hey Canada, do you have any tall buildings near airports?

Oh wait, you have Niagara, which powers NYC.  Roger.

NYC is toast, like liberia, ebolafrica

26 Oct 2014.
Doctor with MSF brings back ebola.  Takes NYC subway.

Two weeks hence: random ebola cases show up in NYC.  Untraceable.  

Bye bye NYC.   How many bridges do we have to blow?   How many airfields to crater?  

Quarantine with extreme prejudice.

Meanwhile, DC plays the fiddle...

24 October 2014

annie lennox = marilyn manson

I just realized that annie lennox is the prototype for marilyn manson.  they are both most excellent singers and thinkers.

mali is toast

LOL, mali just got nukes by a niglet...

1 million in 1 year; everyone in 2 years.

Under 20 KB, 7 genes, game over.


Famine, plague, war, or birth control.

Can I have freedom fries with my bushmeat sandwich?

23 October 2014

dead canadians

So the Canadians think they can lapdog the US and colonize the opposite side of the planet, without feedback?

LOL, 911 Canada. 

LOL, collaborators with US militarizism are legit targets.  Even Canadian civilians, but the soldiers are more visible.

LOL fail.

LOL rome falling in a day.

LOL glass empires ought not fly drones

LOL Obama peace prize

LOL Ebola


Please use "terror" more times than this moron, I defy you.


Everything is terrorism.  Jury duty, selective service, DEA.  And this loon goes on about some teenage "gamers".

NYC quarantined

22 October 2014

Navy Seals contragate


Navy Seals caught buying illicit weapons for black ops.

Silencers for AKs.

Americans will forget this if they ever knew it.

To their peril, of course.

Dead canadian mercenaries

LOL you lie down with americans, and don't expect feedback?

13 October 2014

All your snappy chat pubes are ours


LOL, more child pornographer minors (minors producing self-childporn) get caught.  They published auto-child-porn, (self-pedophiliaphotography according to DSM-VII) thinking there was a diffference between "private" "cloud" and "publish forever"


All your pubes are ours!

No, seriously, do you see what idiots most of the species are?

You invent a species capable of anything, what do they do, they invent facebook and post images their genitals, which offends the previous generation (who has no idea how anything works, being, in general, palefaced legacy types who play with money and wordsmithing and never actually generate value or anythying that can be measured as value; human placeholders if you will, corporate amerika.  See 12 monkeys etc)

09 October 2014

end times

 And it’s then that the ayatollahs will show their true face and unleash their aggressive fanaticism on the entire world.”

As my cia, fbi, dia, nsa, etc monitors know, I am a rabid atheist and will resist religous oppression of any and all forms.  However, I'm not so happy about .il having a few dozen trit boosted pits, if you know what I mean.  

Not that my opinion matters.

Frankly, let them glass themselves, NA petrol is more valuable with zero risk (Damn Canadians!).  Yes, as a lib, I'm predictably isolationalist, as in, let the savages f themselves.  Even the europeans.  Despite my relatives becoming soap, lampshades, etc.

So, laddies.

The solution to Global Warming (tm), overpop (same), idiocracy, african orphans is ebola.

The cure for Boko is ebola.

The cure for ebola is napalm.

Any questions? 

My opinion is insignificant.  Truth, consistent with physical (and bio / info) laws is not.
Exponential growth is hilarious; its always a sigmoid.

Sucks to be human.

Thanks, Frank Whittle for that engine o' yurz.  Vector.