23 August 2012

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Lab tech parties with escaped monkeys
University employee found with pants down, monkeys roaming free


Which is more macho? "Turtle and balloons" (google news) or lab tech
partying with subjects?

["Which is more macho" is a Laurie Anderson ref...
if I don't cite I sound random...]


Ashish came into my office to inquire about my screen saver.  [Recall my
boss AH found a screensaver and balked within 12 hrs; also he saw my shorts
on my dust-bunny day (yesterday, first day back in new boxed office) and
griped, dick.  Dust bunny work is serious.]

Apparently Ashish was closing the office by himself and a "red face" on my
screensaver reflected off my window and freaked him out.  There is a
halloween trick involving old monitors or laptops that does this.  My
screensaver pix are kosher, although I recently added a topless ukranian
female protester sawing down a crucifix, and I daresay its not sexual
(though she's nice) but she's fricking topless with a chainsaw taking down
a 15' crucifix.

I reminded him we're on the 6th floor, so a face in the window.. is not likely

I scanned my current SSaver directory for potential scary red pix.  It was
either Kim Dotcom in shades and beret (note resemblance to CC in white
hat..) or an "occupy oakland" poster done in bright soviet red/black style
that I copied only because the protagonist/proletariot (sp) was a frenetic
cat rendered in hysteric cold war style.

Anyway I told Ash that he was working too long, and apologized generically.
 I was boggled for some time.


I'm stoked, I got a fucking embedded linux image running,
(inside a future TV/set top) pulling the image from one machine and its
file system from another virtual machine,
which is what you do during development, or when someone hands you a pile
of bits to load.  Wasted a day trying Win NFS setups.  Eventually created a
virtual machine and had it run linux and NFS.  Sha fucking zam.  Layers and
layers of cards stacked upon each other.

Then it turns out the bluetoof (ebonics pronounciation) still doesn't work,
on neither the STB side nor likely the current URC build.  Nice.

but screw it, I got the root prompt I sought.

the building feels like mild earthquakes for minutes a day, but for 2 mos I
have my own office and window, 6 floors (wot, 120 ft) up.  As long as the
planes keep flying east of us, we're good.  Then I have a 7th floor desk, but completely open, and may have to
erect/hack barriers to replicate the peace of a simple office.  Earphones
are not always enough, people are very distracting to me.  To extroverts, I find, they are immune.

22 August 2012


Lab tech parties with escaped monkeys

University employee found with pants down, monkeys roaming free

Turtle duct-taped to balloons rescued from Oceanside tree

16 August 2012

Jamming american style

 He had four weapons, including an assault rifle, on him after the rampage that killed 12 people and injured 58 at a midnight movie screening.

His American-style rifle jammed on an oversized round magazine.

He should have just brought  two semi sawed off shotguns and used buckshot sized pellets.  In a theatre (not military theatre, ha!) this is more useful.  (And in a military theatre where you're fighting in tunnels, a shotgun is traditionally preferred by (losing) american invaders.)

Not even a nice ole reliable AK.  Just shotguns.  Keanu style.

Not sure how you reload a shotgun quickly though, I don't own one.  Should though.  Do any take magazines?  Doubt it ----Business opportunity!   The StreetSweeper had a rotary holder/feeder for its 12g rounds, but I'm not sure how fast it was to reload.

When the zombie (etc...) apocalypse happens, I should probably have practiced with a shotgun, which I've never even held.

OTOH I have a rifle that will destroy an engine...

Chick-fil-A sandwiches as terrorist weapon

He's been charged with assault with intent to kill and with bringing a firearm across state lines.
Authorities found a box of ammunition and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his backpack.'

14 August 2012

No constitution problem

A federal judge Tuesday threw out a lawsuit filed against the U.S. government and the FBI over the agency’s spying on Orange County Muslims, ruling that allowing the suit to go forward would risk divulging sensitive state secrets.


Both Lincoln and Obama have suspended the Constitution.  Awesome.

09 August 2012


When the deepwater thang blew, you could get live feeds of billowing sands etc underwater.  Put it to Eno and you've got entertainment.

Now watching http://www.kittycams.uga.edu/photovideo.html with random ambient and its great.