29 July 2012

24 July 2012


if you search for h you will find that some bimbo is divorcing tom cruise who is also a bimbo.

J holmes, stay calm, carry on

Theatre hazards

mad max review

i was aurora boy once but I wasn't

critical period then, grad, nih, school




Theatre hazards takes on a whole new meaning, right occupiers?   Mildeath in theatre..

20 July 2012

bonus points in Aurora

neuro doctorate: bonus
dressing in costume: bonus
clean skin (intel term): bonus
colorado: bonus 
depressive support group bumper sticker: bonus
major american content group meme taint: bonus+

red hair: extra bonus

13 July 2012

links (or chains of memory, or namedropping)

On the drive home I remembered why I had looked up 'eccentric'.  I was reading an article about

wearable computing and this led to reading a prof's bio (Thad Starner); I knew him as a fellow

student at MIT.  He mentioned that he had an Erdos number of 4.  I realized my number is 3,

through a prof I worked with as an undergrad.

Erdos was an eccentric.

FWIW at UCI I've shaken Carver Mead's hand and met Federico Faggin who was one of the 808x

originals.. once I got into Minsky's office when he was out and took copies of all his papers..
and his wife sat on my coat once.  She was
demonstrating a force-sensitive touch screen.
It was a CRT on springs with sensors.

Not an ivory tower groupie, but amusing to a yokel from upstate.

04 July 2012

Take over mexico now

So *mexican* govt can name you and you get dragged off?

Time to occupy that failed nation, which has oil.  One shot, one kill.  Cheap.

And terminate the US vermin that allow this.


US fail: admitting foreign mercenaries as citizens

So Obama is admitting foreign mercenaries who have worked for the USG as citizens.

Rome did the same.

Folks in glass empires ought not fly drones.