20 August 2007

So Allan Stokke is still worried about his attractive daughter Allison Stokke's pictures on the web.

She was ripe at 17 and posed sexually in public events in skimpy clothes. What does
s/he expect?

Allan is no angel himself. He defends teachers who rape children
and recently defended the ex VP's son who was driving at 100mph on
a public freeway. http://www.ocregister.com/news/gore-program-drug-1791331-less-niguel

( Albert Arnold Gore III can be forgiven for being stoned, having an idiot father and
fascist & manic depressive mother (who founded the anti-american PMRC)
but not for driving too fast.)

And then there's esquire Allan's defense of an Irvine cop
David Alex Park who raped someone he pulled over after stalking her

Personally I think Allison needs to be videotaped or photographed with an infrared sensitive camera. And daddy can't do squat about it.

13 August 2007

Ok, we're taking odds that:

Mushareff falls

Paki nukes get lost

DC goes away

Adam Ghadan gets an emmy


Visualize Succession
The thing about the Hilary / Obama ticket is that if you off one of them,
the other is just as bad ---kinda like Bush and Cheney, only more socialist.
Obama is just a way for Hilary to dodge the bullet.
Watching McCain in New Hampshire. One of the freer states.
He is a fascist robot, look at his face.

He is a loser, who exploits his time as loser POW in the last


The plan: Mercuric iodide plus methyl lithium. Yields dimmethy mercury, one of
the most toxic substances around, on the nervous system, yet not a nerve gas.
Dropped in a subway, or tunnel, or resivoir, game over.

Best not to be Rome, to make such enemies. We are, as the GAO has pointed out.

The US government is on a “burning platform” of unsustainable policies and practices with fiscal deficits, chronic healthcare underfunding, immigration and overseas military commitments threatening a crisis if action is not taken soon, the country’s top government inspector has warned.
David Walker, comptroller general of the US, issued the unusually downbeat assessment of his country’s future in a report that lays out what he called “chilling long-term simulations”.
These include “dramatic” tax rises, slashed government services and the large-scale dumping by foreign governments of holdings of US debt.
Drawing parallels with the end of the Roman empire, Mr Walker warned there were “striking similarities” between America’s current situation and the factors that brought down Rome, including “declining moral values and political civility at home, an over-confident and over-extended military in foreign lands and fiscal irresponsibility by the central government”.

Save the planet. Eat politicians.

11 August 2007

In SF, folks on bikes harass folks in cars.

Frankly, the folks on bikes need to understand that stopping a car is a life threat
and I will drive over their bodies. Doesn't matter if they're whites, browns, or blacks,
they are road kill if they try to contain me or my son in our car.

Its that simple

09 August 2007

Google = NSA

Every phone call, every credit card, every toll-road passage,
road cameras in some places. Its a lot of data but it filters & compresses

But *damn* they make fine tools.

Remember NSA_KEY in Micro$oft's code?

What a sense of humor some coder had.
Look up "Thermoacoustic laser" on google, and then look it up
on youtube. Its one of the simplest and coolest demos I've seen!
I messed with it (using the celcor material that forms their thermal
stacks) and got it to work using a cigar tube, PC power supply, and
piece of blow-drier nichrome. Celcor is used in catalytic converters.
Its refractory, a square array of rectangular tubes, lots of surface
area, doesn't conduct heat well.

Stick it in a test tube with a heating coil on the closed side and it
self-oscillates. The temp diff across the stack provides gain.

One group uses this to make electricity from waste heat, another
to run in reverse and make a fridge!

Weird but true science/engineering.

Though its a hundred years old (glass wool, bunsen burner, metal tube).
Shelter in place. When the long beach port nuke goes off, the
study shows most fallout is well north of us. But I have 10 gallons
potable, and the water heater, and we can duct tape ourselves into a huge closet off the
master bedroom. Or tape the whole house, which is better for
oxygen reasons. Duct tape holds the universe together... that's why
I have it, not for paranoid civdef reasons. Sufficient ammo and guns
for several assistants. Again, not paranoid, these are mostly amusement
toys. (There is a legit and very important home, self, and tyranny defense
woven into our Constitution.) Some are expensive, some are big, some are small,
some are shiny, some are black, some rotate and others reciprocate. The
black powder percussion-cap revolvers are the most interactive & fun.

However the lead balls they shoot don't penetrate Fujitsu 14" aluminum disk platters, so I prefer 9mm or 357 modern ammo ---and yes, I'm partial to revolvers. Operated single action
they are way more aimable than semiautos.

My 7 year old shot a .22mag (loaded with .22lr which is supposedly slightly abusive)
at a red bull can at 10 feet and hit it! Yes it was chance but I saved the can.
The pistol was a NAA SA stainless that I can conceal in my palm.

Not too bad for an Irvine punk.
People should be better pharmacists.

Tylenol should be removed from the market. A few times the effective
dose will kill you. For most drugs its maybe 100x. E.g., consider alcohol:
one shot is noticable, 100 will kill you if you can keep them down.
FWIW For marijuana and certain hallucinogens there is no lethal dose. Zero.

And if you drink, and wake up with a hangover, and take a couple times
the usual dose of Tylenol (because your head is throbbing) you can do
serious liver damage. Your liver is your friend, you need it. (And it
needs the rest of you.)

Also Tylenol is used in calling-attention suicides, only they really do cause
serious damage.

I worship aspirin and ibuprofin.

I was told very recently that Tylenol is an analgesic, not just an anti-inflamatory
(CoxII inhibitor) so there may be some benefit. But its dangerous and there are
substitutes in most cases.

[I am not an MD and these are my opinions. Verify everything you read before
you believe it.]
I came here in the fall of 86 to study at university. I have stayed within say 15 mi
of the university since, though I've only been back to check out the construction with my son once (recently) in the last 14 years. I have been here 21 years next month. What a long strange trip its been. CA 'subsidized' me as a grad, but they've been paid back bigtime from my taxes since working for the last 17 years.

I've seen a lot of development in the area, and while I'm a total nature freak (tm) I also wanted a place to live here. Fortunately there are some pockets of Wildness here.

(Speaking of which) I've swam in Walden Pond.
Its kinda like my effort to not pass on arachophobia.
I'm extremely modest, pee in stalls (shy), wear a shirtwhen swimming, never took a shower after gym, and I've chosen to not pass on suchintensity of modesty. Its possible I was too casualbecause I'm not personally perturbed by his nekkidness.
Then again, once you've changed a few hundred diapers and seen him squat in the hallwayto poop because he couldn't make it to the toilet(when learning how to do so) you might get a blindspot.
Today at work I found what the lead EE was lookingfor in a document. He had the same document on his desk but hadn't seen what he was looking for. Documentblindness, like code blindness [you can't see obviouserrors in stuff you've been reviewing all day].That made me feel good. I'm navigating througha dense forest of arcane PC architecture stuff thatI avoided from the 80s to the present. Some kind of bad karma.
But we are starting on the electrosurgery generator.
And the boss brought a puppy to work. Sorta pugfaced apple headed companion small dog, inbred but healthy, cute as possible though fairly dependant. His kids are off to college, his wife is sick, so he got her the dog.He's 52, fucking brilliant & self made, races vintage sports cars he builds, andstill works in the lab. He never throws anything away,technical hoarding syndrome. But we have lots of great toys. We have $40K sweet equiptment bought from ebay for a quarter of that. Lots of equiptment -and we'regrowing. They're having a hard time finding new people.Turns out I'm the second youngest, there's a guy(a serious amateur astronmer) who's 42. Several ofthem are children of (Italian, Polish) immigrants.[In 2007!!] The Italian guy lived with his parentsover a deli all the way through college. I thought he was 20 years younger
than he is. The guy my age I thought as 20 years older.
Its interesting there are certain roles --regulatorywhiz, amazo electromech techs, EE geniouses-- that are common in small medical device design companies. People who do stuff you couldn't do.
My role is also common, that of making it workwith software. Its particularly tricky when the device you're programming is new, ie, buggy, so you can't trust anything. Is the cable inright? The jumpers set correctly? The rightBIOS? Is the socket good? The power supply sagging?
Is the cable good? Did the chip get zapped?

But there are senses of humor and deep intelligencesI can learn from, so its good. I figured out a relaxing and efficient drive (vs. a tour of thebarrio) and got my car smogged 20m away, it
being a car-industrial area. There'sa Sube dealer nearby I will soon check out too which would
be way too convenient. And there's a Kaiser nearby so I can get my eyeschecked out readily. [Not sure if I should pic a 'personal' doc there, near work, or near home, butit doesn't matter, they seem to provide generic doctorservices if you're willing to retell your story tosomeone who has to review your charts. Their copays are very good, too; will evaluate their service soon.]
Convenient if a little farther and more locallyindustrial --but hey, its cheap. Some of the unitsare slept in by folks, but they're friendlyand it probably helps avoid crime.

I wear sandals and shorts, and the lab *still* gets too warm in the afternoon in August.
(Do you know how warm a SCSI drive gets? My stirling engine races when I put it on
the thing for yucks.)

The boss is very fond of Hawaiin shirts, much like the senior senior engineer at my
last company.
Today at work I found what the lead EE was lookingfor in a document. He had the same document on his desk but hadn't seen what he was looking for. Documentblindness, like code blindness [you can't see obviouserrors in stuff you've been reviewing all day].

03 August 2007

An armed society is a polite society (Lytle Creek, CA)

I used to drive up to Lytle Creek with my friends and shoot in a canyon
where lots of diverse folks were also shooting. We shot computer equiptment
mostly, and I have a 14" platter shot by lead balls (no penetration) and another
shot by modern ammo (penetration). If your time travel takes you a few
hundred years back you can use those platters of yours for armor.

Once my kid stuck a platter over his head and it got stuck. Imagine explaining
that to the fire depts. I used a snips or pliers to expand the hole, while he was
wearing it, like a dropped halo.

Definately not in the Dad Script but no one got hurt'

Just one of the kid's 9 lives. Like the time he rolled down a brick
staircase in Puerto Rico and didn't get hurt (shoulders being wider than
head, alignment being right, and a saintly cook catching him at the end.)
Spin, baby, spin. My wife lost about 10 years.

He's been stung by hornets and (rightly) scared by (massive, poisonous) snakes.
He's a trooper, for sure.
If you use it properly, dangerous electricity is a good knife.
Dude, I may have to get into PIC programming for work.That you're getting into it because you have too much energy :-)is great.
I am currently wrestling with a 100 Mhz 486 motherboardtrying to do obscence things with NT and SCSI and video, etc.But the small engineering firm I'm now working for is gettingpaid to maintain this.
And develop a medical AM radio that can cut, or coagulate, during(laparoscopic) surgery, and you cut & stop bleeding with the sametool. Its the same as an RF burn, deep heating. We usethe "bipolar" method, running 400 V 100 W through tweezers tovaporize the bad meat between the tweezer jaws. The monopolarmethod uses the body (via a big metal plate) as ground.