30 June 2010

Lindsey Graham is some weird latent homosexual Carolina congresscritter.
He seems to want to perform cunnilingus on the supreme court nominee.

Senator Spectre seems to want something more evil.


With no definable end of war, its Perpetual, Long, Total war. That means, in the limit, all soldiers are mercenaries, no mercenaries die, only civilians, and them massively.

Collaborators especially, actually, which is Just. Right?


If you define terrorism as coercion by violence or threat of, other than by the State, then you are simply substituting terrorism for dissent.

The State should merely protect us from others; anythign more proactive
is illegal and indicates a colonization of the free US by sinister forces.

Yes, I'm that paranoid.


And I believe in secession when a convex hull reaches 40e6 people.
Otherwise 'democracy' is a more obvious farce than normal.

And back to topic: Lindsey Graham is an evil rectumsucker on par with the
worst in Rand's novels.

Have a nice day.

28 June 2010

A while ago, co2 levels were 100 ppm. Now they are 300 ppm. They were once twice that, when our oil and coal were being made. Cannabis and other typical c-3 plants can take up to 1000 ppm or more co2. This may require serious humidity, but from a recent trip to Virginia, this is no problem in many environments. They can take up to twice the photons and a lot of nutrients if given well regulated hydro.

Well regulated. The Supremes figured out :-) that the second
(1-13 an 14-latest) applies. Its not just states that can't own slaves,
its everyone. Same with language, assembly, or arms.

Hang the dissenters.

I flew from the pacific to the atlantic the other day. I had four
kinds of cannabis with me: flowers in my tobac, cookies, pills, and
compressed trichomes in a pill bottle.

The latter were questioned as heroin, I overheard, by the TSA
guys, but they didn't question me. They don't have a warrant.
And 2g of nitrogenous material is not a threat. (80g on the other

Anyway, Transportaion Security Agency: it was kief, ie california
hash, and I was insulted that you thought me an opiate user.
I have a legal right to that (and travel in the us, and comity).

Well I guess the Mossad hit was an epic fail, on youtube even.

I wonder what they have on Obama. Well, looking at the
negro grinch he calls his wife, I'd say, a minor Spitzer transgression.

And the PR is .il is feeling hurt.

And that BO is still the counterMan.

Neither are true: BO became a signed in blood member, and .il still rules.

BTW, I'm hebraic but an atheist and non-zionist. So fuck you.

McChrystal (turns out he was gay and a junkie anyway)

BP (beautiful live ROV, put it to music, its performance art anyway,
worthy of Christo)

In the limit, of perpetual and total war, only civilians get killed. Some call it terrorism, some occupation.

Ever notice that Google's autosave can capture thoughts you retract from publication?

Has google bought NSA yet? It will happen, when the US can't pay anyone in anything more than paper. Which is the plan.

Got inflation? Got gold? Its just an element, a metal, relax.

July 2010
Northwood Pointe association newletter.
Northwood Pointe, Irvine, California, USA

"Some of you have been wearing clothes at the community pool that others of you have complained about."

Dang, I'm going to have to check out the community pool.

I really hope its not gays in speedos.
Got my kid's report card. All As, a B in math.

Got his state-required phys test. five of six, the fail being a BMI a little higher than the healthy range, 14-20. Only thing is, they list BMI as height/weight
and my kid is just over 20. So, what's he to do, gain mass? Go to a denser gravity field?

Jocks don't think. Jocks should be considered mobile organ banks.

Found I had 30 directories each with a few hundred directories
that each had an end-user licensing agreement and a dll. I could
not delete them.

Until I moved them from top level c: to a c:\temp directory, and then I could delete them. My system worked a lot better after that.

It is totally screwed that a file or operating system would allow you to move but not delete files.

Other than that, XP is sweet, although I may have to run something
else on my next device. My kid is away, so I have the device in the evenings, so I may blog more despite my work filtering.

22 June 2010

Lips. Shame lips. Barak Bush Obama
and Stanley Collateral Damage McChrystal.

General falls flat on his face, facing McCain and other detritus.

General disses BO et al bigtime, in rolling stone.

21 June 2010

Where are all the judeo-christian stoopids who have not picked up
on 911 being the fall of the tower(s) of babylon?

No doubt the Rastas have.

So its gotten even weirder. I can't make this up. Now Brad Manning
is a tranny, well, latent tranny, not just gay; and its Xeni who outed
him. I had written, as had others, that he was likely gay; and cryptome.org
exposed self-outing via the bradass87 nym. Then Xeni repeats some
insight from trannys observing Xeni's extended Lamo-Manning transcript that Manning uses tranny language, his "adjustment disorder" is likely that he wants to "transition" to a female.

Well, it can't really get much worse for Manning.

Assange is visible in Belgium though, good for him.

Release the f'in cables, Julian.

19 June 2010

I'm growing 2 tomato plants in the back. Yesterday, I saw a hornworm on them, and
called my son. He took a moment to see it. Then I saw another.

These are the size of a pinkie, with a nasty looking but harmless horn on the posterior.
They have white and black striped chevrons on a green body, camoflage.

I'd seen these in upstate ny, fascinated that some butterfly found our plants!

Then, walking today along a channel of the SD creek, found a wild tomato plant
growing along the banks. I had the kid retrieve a large tomato from it, which was
difficult, but his ancestors have been grabbing fruit from tenous locations for
ten thousand generations...

16 June 2010

Either repeal Love vs. whatever
which legalized interracial marriage
so you can keep prop 8

Or realize that prop 8 is the same
as the anti miscegenation laws.

Also, if you accept prop 8, you must also
logically null any marriage wherein one
party is sterile, eg all marriages in which
the female is post-menopausal.

Logic, mfker.

15 June 2010

Home early. Outside drinking a beer petting the cat whose absorbing
heat from the car on the driveway.

See a kid walking with a huge butterfly net.

See a little kid pushing a cart, his cat follows only so much, this
is amusing as I had done same some years ago.

Cat games with fronds.

Build process documentationreason home early.
Frustration with tools, leave to avoid burnout.

Wife on tower
Kid on netbook
Me on pen and ink (later transcribed; and I need to get my own nbook)

compile, assemble,
add crc

m.bat: master make

makefiles suck only slightly less that sendmail configs.

14 June 2010

More oil spilled in Nigeria "every year than has been lost in the Gulf of Mexico" (from boingboing)

because the nigerians make holes in the pipes to steal oil.


Assange god
Lamo judas
Manning christ
Obama pilate

get it?
God Devil Christ
God Judas Christ
Assange Lamo Manning

You get the idea

I say, rape Obama's kids in front of him, that's the way to find the truth.

Assange is God.

Lamo is the devil.

Manning is christ.

Its so obvious. Its so hilarious. Its so 21st century.

When Lamo sobers up he will be upset. Xanax, speed, SSRIs, FBI, good job there Adrian. And he doesn't even know how to code, reportedly.



Can't wait for the cables. Can you?

Mission: Readiness is made up of more than 150 retired generals and admirals.

Mission: Readiness is trying to farm citizens into cannon fodder. If you know
of a member of this terrorist group, you should kill them discretely.

You should make sure your children are not moral zombies who will do as they are told
by deathpigs.

And you should slaughter the deathpigs by any means possible.


Fairness anyone?

13 June 2010


Picture of Assange and caption:

i can has truth?

i can has leaks?

all ur cables are belong to us.

BTW I imagine a number of heads responsible for monitoring Manning will roll. Bummer, eh?

Its interesting, all three protagonists are brilliant, sensitive, consciencious.

Take the unauthorized release of classified information very seriously/Diplomatic Security is conducting a damage assessment/Forensic analysis of hard drives/Investigation is ongoing

Stuff that will come out:
  • Israelis wiretap the entire middle east
  • US knows most leaders are scum
  • US knows most nations torture
  • US has humint in some high places. Or rather, "will have had".
  • US foreign policy in the ME is designed around Israeli not US interests
Then there's some stuff only CIA memos will show. How the US runs various ME folks, because we or the Israelis know of certain weaknesses. That won't be in State stuff, but it will still be fascinating ---you can only truly learn about something
when it thinks it speaks in confidence.

Press secretaries are pointless when you have wikileaks.

We need an assasination politics distributed robust network.

I have only heard of Lady Gaga (tm) not heard her songs.
But American Hero Brad Manning supposedly used her
songs on CDRW as a social cover on the exfiltration medium.
Hilarious how things get strung together, fabulous historical
webs woven by insane spiders.

"A branch of the U.S. Navy uses Tor for open source intelligence gathering, and one of its teams used Tor while deployed in the Middle East recently. "

Pretty funny --someone also suggested using it to route to wikileaks.org.
And that its used in wikileaks' secure submission process.

I just installed it.
Leaks: 260,000 cables
Fines still owed by Lamo: $ 62,000
POTS Control frequency also generated by Capt'n Crunch whistle: 2600 Hz

Pure coincidence I'm sure.

McC figures out he's f'd. No one in Af will be collaborators when its known that the crusaders will leave eventually.

09 June 2010


So an Army intelligence officer about to be fired releases some warporn to an untraceable journalist-raw-source-site (wikileaks.org) and then after bragging to him an autistic turncoat ex-hacker turns said officer in, and inadvertently outs him as gay. Lamo is a serious hazard.

Now said officer is in military custody and Hillary and her ilk are about to have a cow, a very sacred cow. Because he also had access to State dept cables. Which could sour things much more than a little snuff video.

Added later: perhaps Manning isn't gay, what was Lamo hiding,
the "adjustment disorder" the mil hit him with (perhaps after
he hit another mil) or the recent breakup?

In any case Lamo is seriously in the spotllight and seriously weirding.

And Assange is seriously inspiring.

Its a tragedy in classic style. Young 20s idealist kid deep in the belly of the beast. 30 year old Judas. 40 year old white haired Savior. All run by their consciences.

And the beast squirming, trying not to appear flustered, but about to fail, epic style.
This is much better than the US soccer goal :-)

06 June 2010

Tegus join a long list of nonnative wildlife that have emerged in Florida, including armadillos, feral pigs, Burmese pythons, Cuban tree frogs, walking catfish, rainbow skinks and rhesus monkeys.

Sekerak often visits reptile and pet shows to check out the latest exotic animals people are buying, because those animals eventually could end up in the wild.

"Florida is being hit by so many invasive species that it seems there's no way evolution will be able to keep up," she said.

How bout them humans?

Brock Hopkins acknowledged smoking pot before arriving to work at Great Bear Adventures on Nov. 2, 2007. When he entered the bear's pen, he was attacked and had to be hospitalized.

The owner of the attraction near Glacier National Park says Hopkins was a volunteer and that his use of marijuana caused the accident.

But Judge James Jeremiah Shea of the state Workers' Compensation Court ruled last month that Hopkins is eligible for benefits.

Shea found that Hopkins was paid, and therefore he's an employee. The judge also concluded Hopkins' use of marijuana was not the main cause of the attack.


02 June 2010

Porn actor uses sword on other actors..

ok, who is making this up?