26 November 2008

Hotels in Mumbai (Bombay) attacked.

One reason: Israeli hang-out

Watching it live http://ibnlive.in.com/videos/video_streaming.php

25 November 2008

All you need to create Trinity/Nagasaki plutonium implosion weapons is
raw uranium, NOT enriched, and heavy water, which anyone can make.
This is how the Israelis and North Koreans, both part of the axis of evil,
did it. The Pakis ran enrichment based on A.Q.Khan (PBUH) theft of
centrifuge plans from northern-european URENCO. Uranium bombs
are trivial.

The Iranians are running centrifuges because you can do more with
enriched fuel. And they, unlike the Israelis, signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation
Pact, which means the more advanced nuclear countries have to help them
with peaceful uses.

Dimona is aboveground. Kinda dangerous.
Looking at Sen. Obama's early pics, he's clearly owned by the Zionists,
they have him by the short hairs.
Why I still have a Ron Paul bumper sticker:

So I can say, I told you so.

24 November 2008

Tony Fratto is the Bush admin's jokester PR equivalent to that
Iraqi who kept maintaining things were fine as statues were pulled

Bush needs to be held to trial. Otherwise, the US gets what it deserves.
And it, like Rome, and many other empires, will get feedback.
Even if not direct, it has grown too far, it is not vascular enough t6o survive,
not enough water, roads, electricity. But it has been far too arrogant and will
get feedback even beyond the cruise missiles of 2001.

Obama seems a sell-out already. What a surprise.
I read that "In New York State, anyone who advises someone to commit suicide can be charged with manslaughter."

Actually, NYS legislators need to commit suicide. They are treasonous unAmerican
bastards who would restrict our expression and inhumanely criminalize a personal
medical choice.

I will gladly send them some rope to assist them.

12 November 2008

So how far will the Prop 8 backlash go? Will we get into some good ole time
church burnin', and do we start with black churches or mormons?

I say for hypocracy's sake, the mormons, given that they caved to the Man
on polygamy, the infidels.

07 November 2008

Bringing back slavery in the works:

04 November 2008

Senile loser: fail
Obama: win
US reputation: maybe
McCain vs. Obama. McCain is Epic Fail.

Of course, both are epic fail for the US.

McCain gets all the retarded states: Tennesse, Louisiana.

I really hate how red which used to be commie ie democrat is
now, by virtue of vacuum-headed TV personnel, is now Republican
and blue is democrat.

They are both yellow, afraid of the constitution, and of lack of fascism or
lack of socialism.

Thank jeebus for nuclear weapons.

01 November 2008

I've written about how the Fates are trying out as comedy writers,
for the Republicans. But this is great:
Obama is not only born from an underage woman who illegally
married a negro, but he has an illegal immigrant aunt living
off the dole.