27 March 2016

The horror, the horror


MTA toy subway car appears to show image of man in Confederate flag shirt

25 March 2016

Lindsey Graham goes down

Graham told host Trevor Noah, grinning and seemingly aware of his own bullshit. 

"If Trump wins, your days are numbered, pal," he said. "Young, black, liberal guy from Africa is not going to work with him."


Lindsey Graham fellates McCain, redux


Lindsey Graham Just Went Off on Donald Trump and the GOP: "My Party Is Completely Screwed Up"

No, Lindsey, you screwed up when you slept with John McCain.

rat copulation

we now have wife wrestling AND rodent copulation
thank you ted & heidi cruz for that wonderful image.

Rodent copulation, from Ted Cruz.  Nice.

An Impossible Choice Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

An Impossible Choice Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton 


ZOMG if you think this is an impossible choice you don't understand freedom.

Mother Jones is an ISIS material supporter


"Trump is playing directly into what ISIS wants: Broad anti-Muslim rhetoric that pushes Muslims to the fringes of society" 

Actually Trump wants to disengage from the ME, sort of like Paul, or any decent libertarian.  Let them deal with themselves; we don't even need their fuels any more.

Trump sez: integrate or leave.  For mexicans, ME, everyone.  Not a bad idea.

NPR vs. AM talk radio

I used to listen to NPR exclusively, except for 91.5 classical.
But I got really sick of their ethnic sexual-deviant encouragement, so now I have to listen to AM talk radio stations to purge myself of this.  I listen to both genres with ironic, humor quotes around them, but NPR just slimes after a while.

Its is also amusing to hear Glenn Beck flip out at DJT, like the rest of the establishment.

Trump / Palin 2016

Palin is rural, and far from NYC.

Trump is urban, NYC.

Palin like Biden would be a hilarious sidekick bozo, and ensure that the primary will not be assassinated.

Trump/Palin 2016
Its beautiful.   Its huge.  Its your future.

boycott American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Lowe’s and the National Basketball Association freakazoids


boycott the American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Lowe’s and the Negro Basketball Association

they support mentally-ill freakazoids who will let disturbed men into your daughter's bathrooms.


22 March 2016

Mizzou, Click, Can I get some muscle as an example of Leftist power hierarchies

So when Melissa Click, a white female Mizzou prof who thought she was protecting a negro enclave, called for "muscle" against an Asian journalist, it was an expression of the Left's power structure.  Asians, as high performers, can be suppressed by white females defending negros.


18 March 2016

Porter Ranch California, Aliso Methane Leak, Statistics, Placebo

So now that the Porter Ranch gas leak is capped, the gas company has to deal with people who think their nosebleeds, headaches, nausea are from residuals.

They'd never know if the gas wasn't odorized with mercaptans.

There is a background rate of nosebleeds, headaches, nausea.

There are > 1000 wealthy families affected so do the math.
Plus, paranoia / ignorance.


Also, LOL,
LA tells customers to conserve water, but has pipe bursts that nullify that, creating temporary rivers in streets.

Gas company tries to be "carbon friendly" then has a huge gas spill.

Worry about coal sulphur.  Because.  Pinatabo.

I do take lead and mercury and other heavy metal poisonings seriously to the affected people.

03 March 2016

count to 10 donald

jeebus crispus.

initiate self-destruct sequence

bring in some muscle

and microagressions

sterilize the planet, scotty

megyn kelley has caterpillars on her eyelids

perhaps fake eyelashes?   weird ness.

I'm allergic to juniper

I made juniper infused vodka.  And I got the hives again.


Self-experimentation.  And surprise.


little marco

seriously, little marco?

hope. Change. Trump.

don't hire a house negro who will toe the zionist and milindustrial line.

hire donald.

bypass fox and cox



Trump being extremely polite to Ms. Kelly.

Trump is non-sequitor.

Cruz is good, but a militant xian.

Romney is so lame, such a parasite, the problem.

02 March 2016

Africans, negroes, mulattoes, niggers

just to be clear.  I work with a few africans.  Very competent.  I work with some american mulattoes.  Also, very competent.

this is distinct from american niggers.  do you understand?

have you read _The Bell Curve_, ok, its a thousand pages, and only the last chapter is about race.  But, have you?

George Zimmerman is a hero.  Trayvon et seq. are violent, impulsive thugs.  Do you understand?

Do you?