22 March 2012

So a guy watches an unfamiliar giant football black male act suspiciously in a neighborhood with a huge robbery rate.

The guy questions Trayvon Martin. No physical contact, just words. Yaba yaba. You never have to talk to anyone, just provide a DL if you're driving. We are citizens not livestock.

Trayvon Martin attacks George Zimmerman. Initiates force. Starts violence. Attempts a lethal blow to the face, etc.

George Zimmerman defends himself with whatever is handy.

Now Trayvon Martin is a golden saint; never mind his problems at school, broken family, towering football figure. F that. George Zimmerman is a hero, like Bernie Goetz.

Initiators of force are subject to evolution.

Also works for nations, hows that Occupy Iraq and Invade Afghanistan working out for ya?

Say what you want; touch me and you die. Its simple.
Impulsive, violent "children" learn that assault is
not a joke.

Buy ammo now, for the riots when GZ is exonerated.