12 October 2007

Well, watching cspan today (12 oct 07) I saw Ron Paul at the Taft Club.
He is so fricking good, I donated $100 (in fiat bullsh*t currency, not something
real, though worth a few hours of my professional time)
besides the t-shirts and bumper stickers soon to be guerillaed across

Of course, anyone I vote for loses; still, I changed to republiscum from lib
for him. I will have to disinfect my body & soul. But for him, I will.

You want scum? Look at the other republinazis. Look at the preztarget.

I once swore to protect the Constitution. Dig it. RP actually takes
the law & its morality seriously.

I would not be surprised if RP was offed by the system.

I am amazed that he is popular, perhaps the above 100 crowd is
exercising its will.