27 March 2012

To [Principal]


I was pleased to find out that the selling of grades which my kid had reported
was a stunt. Even more pleased that it was to teach about one of the metaphors
I was going to excoriate your staff with.

I was trying to figure it out. Walking the dog before my kid told me of it, I overheard
others of similar age asking each other if it were legal to sell grade. What the heck? I thought.
Later, my kid explained the full horror.

Was it budget desparation? The math didn't work. Cultural deprivation? A trial run? Was my kid making it up?
Even if he misunderstood, what had he misunderstood? And the misunderstood idea itself was a hazard.

I started to think of ways to express my disgust. I recalled the indulgences, how one could
buy one's way out of eg wars, jury, etc. (Not that I think conscription of any form is
constitutional.. nor subscribe to the sins the indulgences forgave..)

So tonight, I find out, when I ask, that it was to teach about indulgences.

I'd only caution against my other suspicion: a nonconsensual ethics test. But, I was delighted to find that
all is well in Irvine.