30 April 2010

The home that Dorothy (Wizard of Oz musical director) built -- bought by the Bin Ladens, and now a backdrop for X-rated fare.


After about a year, he tired of the work, he said, and became a forger, helping make false passports for Qaeda operatives who needed to travel. He said he became “very good with Photoshop,” the document says.
Democratic facism.

Responding to a 4th amendment unconstitutional law in Az, dems
show their true colors. Total control.

29 April 2010

Socialism, planned-community style. Spending $40K on banners.


Among the proposed budget cuts for the coming fiscal year are:

•A hiatus on the city-sponsored Sizzlin' Summer Concerts, the annual Pacific Symphony concert and the Joyful Jingles concerts, which is expected to save the city $42,000.

•A hiatus on the patriotic and holiday banners placed along city streets, which is expected to save the city $41,000.

•A reduction in overlapping free swim hours at the Northwood and William Woollett Jr. Aquatic Centers, consolidating winter and spring camps and after-school programs to fewer locations, and combining pre-teen and teen camp services at Heritage Park, which is collectively expected to save $187,000.

•Reducing the city's financial support of the Irvine Barclay Theater from $925,000 this fiscal year to $750,000.

The city would also hold off on planning for construction of new city facilities, including a new police headquarters adjacent to the Great Park and the expansion of the animal-care facility.

Taking $14 million from city reserves would leave a little less than $8 million in "rainy day funds." Despite the cutbacks, the city would still move forward with several high profile projects – including the construction on Jeffrey Road, planned work on Sand Canyon Avenue, and a renovation of the community center at Northwood Community Park – which are being financed separate from the city's general fund.

Even with the cut, Councilwoman Beth Krom noted that the city will still provide support to numerous community partners, including the Barclay Theater, the Legal Aid Society, the Orange County Human Relations Commission, the Discovery Science Center and millions worth of support for local schools.

"I don't want our pursuit of saving every last penny to alter our commitment to this theme of working in partnership with the community," Councilwoman Beth Krom said.

Others worried that city revenue may not bounce back as quickly as expected in city projections.

"I don't want to be a naysayer and say the sky is falling, but the sky is drizzling a lot," Councilwoman Christina Shea said.

"The program that you have reportedly authorized appears to envision the use of lethal force not just on the battlefield in Iraq, Afghanistan, or even the Pakistani border regions, but anywhere in the world, including against individuals who may not constitute lawful targets,"

Is this a complaint to UBL or to BO? Answer: BO

It goes on:
"The entire world is not a war zone, and wartime tactics that may be permitted on the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq cannot be deployed anywhere in the world where a terrorism suspect happens to be located."

The complaint is from the ACLU. Who is clearly naif. Stuck following rules from obsolete european wars.
Get it: total war. Bomb civilians. Everyone a target. Everywhere.

There is no law, its Obama's war, and Osama's.

Romero argued that the alleged program could set a dangerous precedent for other nations, which could result in foreign governments killing US citizens on home soil.

Ya think?

26 April 2010

Congressman Charlie Dent proposes removing someone's US citizenship because charlie doesn't like what he's saying.

Charlie is unamerican, a traitor.

Charlie needs to be stripped of citizenship and assasinated as a clear and present danger to this country.
In any order you like.

20 April 2010

The Supreme Court struck down on free-speech grounds Tuesday a federal law that makes it a crime to sell videos or photos of animals being illegally killed or tortured.

In a 8-1 ruling, the justices overturned the conviction of a Virginia man who sold dog-fighting videos.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., speaking for the court, said the First Amendment does not allow the government to criminalize whole categories of speech and expression that are deemed undesirable.

Roberts also said the law was too broad and could allow prosecutions for selling photos of out-of-season hunting, for example.

Perhaps this will apply to eg pictures of cartoons having sex too.

19 April 2010

The claim that one must distinguish between hatred of the Jewish people and hatred of the State of Israel is absolutely inappropriate and leaves a bad taste.”

Idiot ambassador, listen up: zionism isn't judaism isn't hebraic.

And semetic is a language category.

One can certainly think Israel was manufactured by British imperialists
and goy guilt, that the local Arabs were cheated, and any theology one likes.

18 April 2010

Amerinds cleaned their teeth with these silica bearing ancient plants.


Thought of this last night.

Room: 3x3x2 m = approx 20m^2e7 ccs.

Each breath: 20% O2 replaced by 10% CO2

Breathe: 100ml, so 10ml breathe
x 20 / min
200 ml CO2 per minute.

Room is 2e7 ccs, to get .1% need 2e4 ccs.

2e4 / 2e2 = 1e2 = 100 minutes of breathing in an uncirculated room,
to give 0.1 % CO2. Natural 2010 CO2 levels are .01 CO2 or so.

So, chill with your plants, listen to music, exhale.

Also, foliar spraying will allow them to open their stomata and you don't have to wait for
root to leaf transport.

Awesome plant.

Plants grown under lights



Weak stems
Weak wind resistance
Weak water shedding

I used some gibberellic acid on a plant, and got stupid 20cm internodals.
The plant is alive, shows smooth margins, and remains at 3 leaflets per.

Fucking scientist stoner botanist freaks.

Thinking of putting white paper under young sprouts. One homely sprout put in a 150ml
saka cup filled with humid breathe (10% co2)
Actually though, you *can* smuggle a nuke into the country, as
unfissioned HEU is not easily detectable, nor is unfissioned Pu.

A dirty bomb is trivial to detect as the material is already hot.

A fizzle yield bomb turns into a dirty bomb upon fizzling. So a fizzle
isn't a win for the defenders.


I have an encylopedia from the 50's that uses "wetback" in a caption.
Also "iron chink" to refer to machines that replaced chinese cannery

Hilarious. Esp. if kiddo uses them as references.

16 April 2010


Before drainage channels were built to divert water to the sea, the rain that fell on the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains and slopes of the San Joaquin Hills settled in the lowland creating a vast waterlogged marshy ground.

This lowland, an early Orange County landmark that stretched from Upper Newport Bay almost to Red Hill, was known to Spaniards and Californians as the Cienega de las Ranas (The Swamp of the Frogs). It was covered with willows, tules and guatamote and had long been the dwelling place of millions of tree frogs.


During the winter none of this area could be crossed, even on horseback, but in the spring and summertime, when travelers did cross the swampland on that stretch of the Camino Real, they took their bearings from the frogs' collective high-pitched chorus. On dark nights, travelers were guided by the singing of these frogs and knew they were close to Red Hill, formerly known as the Hill of the Frogs.

The tract sometimes called Cerrito de las Ranas and sometimes Cienega de las Ranas was once part of the three large grants that went into the making of the Irvine Ranch that was known as San Joaquin.

One of the turning points in early California history was the Secularization Act of 1833, under which the Mexican government repossessed and distributed land that the Spanish crown had previously allocated to the California missions.

One of these mission ranchos was the Cerrito or Cienega de las Ranas that later became the property of Don Jose Sepulveda.

On old maps one can find Red Hill by looking for the Cerrito de las Ranas . A spring of water near there was calledAguaje de las Ranas and even the canyon reaching from the Irvine Ranch house almost to County Park was namedCanada de las Ranas . That region might well have been dubbed the Kingdom of the Frogs.

Frogs still croak along patches of water on the fringes of Red Hill but their high-pitched singing has long since vanished.

What was once the great frog pond of the cienegas is now covered by the immense buildings of the U. S. Navy's Lighter-than-Air Base.



Kathy Griffin will attempt to outdo Katie Couric's celebrity colonoscopy this Friday when she gets an on-air Pap smear for her cable series "My Life on the D-List" to raise awareness about cervical cancer.

Federal judge: National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional

Obama should be out of office for this ---and he's supposed to be a constitutional 'scholar'.

14 April 2010

It shows that one of five American teens have electronically transmitted nude or seminude images of themselves.

That means under American law that 20% of teens are sex offenders, child pornographers.

Or maybe, Americans (or American legislators and the piggly-wigglies that vote for them) are sexually obsessive-neurotic.
Gates insisted it was“irresponsible” of Wikileaks to release the classified video and that it showed only a “soda straw” view of the overall war. He also lamented that Wikileaks “can put out anything they want and not be held accountable.”

Its not like they're killing anyone and not being held responsible.

Its not like they're invading anyone and not being held responsible.

Alls fair in love and undeclared perpetual war...

13 April 2010

Mexico's federal government went ahead over the weekend with a plan to disconnect cellphone lines whose users did not submit their identities to a national registry by midnight Saturday, a move intended to strike a blow to organized crime. About 69% of the 83.5 million cellphone lines in Mexico had been registered, La Jornada reported. But by Sunday, 25.9 million cellphone lines not registered in time were in the process of being cut off.

Time to change the regime in Mexico. Legalize pharm, rip out the mexi government, mexi army. Give the Mexicans American freedoms.

When the deadline finally hit, a stunned disbelief gripped some Mexicans, clutching their hand-held links to the world in homes and businesses over the weekend: How could my cell number just ... be cut off?

How do you say "Clueless fucking sheep" in spanish?

U.S. military playing expanded role in Pakistan

12 April 2010

"Conservatives spend money on different things. They like embassies, and they like occupation. They like the empire. They like to be in 135 countries and 700 bases.

"Don’t you think it’s rather conservative to say, ‘Oh it’s good to follow the Constitution. Oh, except for war. Let the President go to war anytime they want.’



Excellent article.

International man of mystery

April 10, 2010
Julian Assange, who is behind the website WikiLeaks, and right, frames from the US military video leaked to the site, showing the scene in Baghdad after soldiers fired on a group of men, killing two journalists.

Julian Assange, who is behind the website WikiLeaks.


Also a fan of John Young of cryptome

Now, considering that U.S. government imprisons more of its own citizens than any other in the history, with 25 percent of the world's prisoners; that it has more military bases in more countries than any previous empire in history, and has killed millions of people from Iraq to Vietnam; and that its current head, Barack Obama, is openly targeting for extrajudicial killing Americans and foreigners alike, one might ask: why is a liberal magazine so concerned about this state's legitimacy?

06 April 2010


NEW YORK - A former U.N envoy to Afghanistan on Tuesday questioned the "mental stability" of Hamid Karzai and suggested the Afghan president may be using drugs.

In an interview on MSNBC's "The DailyRundown," Peter Galbraith described Karzai as "off-balance" and "emotional." Galbraith also called for President Barack Obama to vastly limit Karzai’s power to appoint officials within the war-torn country until he proves himself a reliable partner to the U.S.


This is so hilarious I love it. If they can't pressure HK they try to defame him, thinking that the US slander matters.

So desparate, so fail.

"He’s prone to tirades. He can be very emotional, act impulsively. In fact, some of the palace insiders say that he has a certain fondness for some of Afghanistan’s most profitable exports," said Galbraith, in an apparent reference to opium or heroin.

So did Sukhee Kang approve a monument to perpetual war because his native S. Korea
is still at war? Well, undeclared war, perpetual war, of course.

Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos

Northwood Memorial

A "memorial" to the US military who have died in the (ongoing as of 2010) Iraq and Afghan/Pakistan wars is planned for 2010. [1] This would be the only known memorial to an ongoing (or perpetual) war in the US, constructed before the war is over by any standard (legal (eg WWII) or logistic (eg Korea)). It will have spaces for about 8K names; to date (early 2010) about 5K US military deaths in Iraq and 1K in Afghanistan/Pakistan have accumulated. Note that only US military deaths will be included (although not all US military are US citizens). Irvine City Council members have no published basis for the estimated body count [2] though there is provision to provide more space on other facets of its pillars.

05 April 2010


Showed up when searching. Its the only one listed though.

Interesting data.
Washington has lost yet another round to its Islamic enemies. Gaming America is so easy. The pattern is that Islam’s fascists do something cheap but gaudy, whereupon in response our federal fascists do something comic, hysterical, ineffective, expensive and, usually, unconstitutional.

This time a couple of women explode on a subway in Moscow, and in New York all manner of absurdly armed Robocops rush into the city’s subway with military paraphernalia dangling from all attachment points. Armor. Helmets. Steely gazes. And what appear to be M16s, described by the press as machine guns, which they are not, and as submachine guns, which they are not, and as assault rifles which, if they are selectable full-auto, they are. Nothing like high-velocity full-auto in a crowded subway car. I mean, all of this is so practical.

04 April 2010

"We've always been told that the government's policy was to let us smoke too much hash, as it makes us pacifists and not bothered with many things, including politics. That's why I find it strange they're fighting its traffic so hard now," said another hashish smoker.

Hashish in Egypt is normally weighed by piaster, a unit that equals around 20 grams and typically sold for 120 Egyptian pounds, or about $22. But the current "crisis" has prices rising.


02 April 2010

The more you drive, the stupider you are.

Moreso in Socal.

I drive 15 min to work, but I pick up a kid which consumes an hour,
with 15 min there and back. In the PM the drive home might take an

I used to work in LA. From Irvine. That was stupid. I should have carried
a gun.


Miners trapped in China.
Minors sexabused by priests

Blonde bombers

Tea party

Dan Quayle fnord

Gadsen flag

17 year old martyr bomber

Nice pistol for her boyfriend btw

01 April 2010

Interesting abstract on detonation of wet tatp/an. I've also seen articles on TATP putty
in the amateur pyro lit.


Detonation Performance of TATP/AN-Based Explosives
Robert Matyá 1, Svatopluk Zeman 1 *, Waldemar Trzciski 2, Stanisaw Cudzio 2
1Institute of Energetic Materials, Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice, Studentska 95, CZ-532 10 Pardubice (Czech Republic)
2Institute of Chemistry, Military University of Technology, Kaliskiego 2, PL-00 908 Warsaw (Poland)
email: Svatopluk Zeman (svatopluk.zeman@upce.cz)

*Correspondence to Svatopluk Zeman, 1Institute of Energetic Materials, Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice, Studentska 95, CZ-532 10 Pardubice (Czech Republic)

Cylinder Test • Detonation Velocity • Gurney Energy • TATP • Triacetone Triperoxide

The detonation velocity and performance were determined for four mixtures of triacetone triperoxide (3,3,6,6,9,9-hexamethyl-1,2,4,5,7,8-hexoxonane, TATP), ammonium nitrate (AN) and water (W) by cylinder expansion tests. The composition of these mixtures varied in the following ranges: 21-31% TATP, 37-54% AN and 19-32% W. The obtained results were compared with those of powdery 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT), AN-fuel oil explosive (ANFO) and emulsion explosive. It was found that the tested TATP/AN/W mixtures represent typical non-ideal explosives with relatively low critical diameter and with high sensitivity to initiation despite the high content of water due to the presence of the primary explosive (TATP). The detonation velocity is comparable to that of powdery TNT (at similar density). However, the acceleration ability is significantly lower than that of powdery TNT.

Also found an article that compared DADP to TATP yields with different acid catalysts, ratios, and sequences.
Sulphuric is best for the tri-yield. They used 30%. With 90% you can turn sawdust into an explosive.