14 September 2014

planes need airfields

Crater airfields, mine harbors, nothing leaves.
Snipers sans frontieres. Quarantine with extreme prejudice.
Civilization is a choice. Make it.
Famine, plague, war, or birth control. You had a choice.
Overpopulation is not a joke, and nature has feedback. Talk to Malthus.
Take the population to back before the West started feeding africans (and their wars, etc)

Can I have a side of fries with my fruitbat?

Plane full of nigerians on Hajj


What could possibly go wrong?

10 September 2014

911 Redux, ISIS, Saudi pawns


US getting a Saudi base again.  So we can pwn them if necessary, and expand empire to region.

Except US in Saudi was what 911 was about, and now Obama is following Osama's plan for sucking in the Amerikans.
Oh, and most 911 folks were Saudis.  LOL.  "Best friends"
And israel's whore.

We should let them all fight their civil wars and nuke themselves.  We are not zion, we are not ME.  We should protect our borders and evict illegals.   Jail Feinstein, Lieberman as foreign agents.  Put King in an asylum.
What part of "not our problem" don't they understand?

Oh right, the mil industrial complex relies on this.

Oh right, the chinese own the US, and will take taiwan.

Oh right, empires don't fall overnight, but things do happen faster now.

And, oh right.  Because ebola.  Because africa.



But instead, illegals come in, Obama invades the other side of the planet (whilst living in a glass empire, he flies drones).

Will not be surprised by 10 kilotons; only hope it will be over DC.

09 September 2014


Scotland, remember Diana.  Don't let Them do that to you.

Scotland, remember Camilla.  Don't let Him do that to you.

Scotland, you can do better.  Do it now.


Scotland, this is your chance.  You can remain part of the festering cesspool, and remain a target because of your intervention; or you can be the new Switzerland, a land of prosperity and neutrality.

Your choice.  Decide.

John McCain blasts John McCain for being less of a douche than possible

[Washington, DC] Senator John McCain blasted himself for being less of hawkish douche than normal.  The senator, who rode to fame on his daddy's coattails followed by a serious fail over Viet Nam, castigated himself for less rabid speech than usual.  Married-rich and admitted war-criminal John Kerry agreed.  No other combat veterans were available, except for Ron Paul, who spit when he heard of these antics.

07 September 2014

Serena Williams is a male


Williams and her/his sister is a freak, with hormonal problems that make them male.  Yet they compete in female sports.

Freaks, niggs, yet unchallenged.  Lance Armstrong wasn't such a freak.

LOL 500 kt of freedom over DC

The shirt a Navy SEAL wore in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden and a special coin given to a CIA officer who played a key role in finding him are being displayed at the Sept. 11 museum, 

LOL Detroit cadillac

General Motors Co. (GM:US), the largest U.S. automaker, will introduce a Cadillac model in two years that can be driven on the highway without the driver holding the steering wheel or putting a foot on a pedal.


More jews on nigball

(i.e., hip hop vs. country, white vs. black cheerleaders, etc.) and by stereotyping their perceptions of one another (i.e., that white fans might be afraid of our black fans). By focusing on race, I also sent the unintentional and hurtful message that our white fans are more valuable than our black fans."

Bruce Levenson speaking the truth, which gets him fired.

LOL, niggas.

03 September 2014

McKayla Maroney

A wikipedia description of McKayla Maroney's reaction to unauthorized copying and publishing of images she distributed.  Includes a description of the images for the visually impaired.

01 September 2014

Leaked nudes

 "It's so weird and hard how people take your privacy away from you."

Its so weird how idiots think that anything online is not published.


“The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence" -said a PR stooge with zero clue.

and it gets better

“Knowing those photos were deleted long ago" ---You cannot use "deleted" and "internet", "cloud", or "online" in the same sentence.  You cannot use the word "privacy" when you use an Apple, Inc. service or gadget.