16 October 2005

A few years ago when I was looking for work I was contacted by a chick who places
pros. Turns out she does this for money, from the pros, instead of the employers.
While visiting (and finding this out), she told me that my beard meant that I was hiding

I've faxed her a few hundred page useless document a few times, since then. Passive-aggressive?
Sure. But much milder than many other things I could do. I've also done that to spammers,
electronic and otherwise. Once a spammer had a 1-800 number, which I called, figured out
the message-system-code, and proceded to mess with their phone system. I was into crypto,
and that's how they got my address; however, if you spam cryptographers, you probably don't
want to leave the password for your phone mail to 9999, you know?

"You have no idea who you're dealing with, young man" ---Tommy Lee Jones, Men In Black
Speaking of NYC ---those WTC loser/widows keep harping on preserving the site, as holy somehow.
Well guess what happened to your beloved spouses ---they fed the NYC rats. That's where all the
extra bodies went, dumbsht. Now shut up and spend your winnings.

There's another good T-shirt idea: the WTC collapsing (like Sideshow Bob's dreadlocks on the Simpsons)
with "Feeding the Rats" as a subtitle.
On Iran's right under the non-proliferation treaties to nuclear reactors and fuel cycle:

Its a sign of the degeneracy and hypocracy of the US that Israel, a non-signer, has nukes
wheras Iran, a signer, is being hassled for trying to get nuclear power. The US govt
needs nuking. In fact, since its a nominal democracy, where all are responsible for the
government, any random Americans deserve 9-11-ing.

"An armed society is a polite society" --Heinlein.

And a world where only the US and its friends get serious weapons is a world dominated
by a bully. And as 9-11 showed, even bullies need to sleep.

What part of the right to keep and bear arms don't you understand?

Or don't you think the rest of the people deserve the same rights as Americans?

Certainly in any country the US has invaded, the first amendment has not been spread.


Israel should be in south Germany, since they lost the war, if the goyim really feel that much guilt about it.
Instead, the Brits who had 0wned Palestine gave it to the Jews, causing the whole middle east thang.
Funny how the Brits end up being responsible for so much crap ---largely due to colonialism-- though
now the US tries to emulate them. Better watch those cans of bubbling green soda, Bloomberg (you
fascist bastart) ---you have a target on your back. Go ahead and ride the subway, slimebag.
Just scanning the news. A lawyer's wife was offed in her driveway.

"Horowitz was the lawyer for former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko in a multicount money-laundering and fraud trial. In May, a judge threw out half of the convictions against Lazarenko, who is under house arrest at an undisclosed location in the Bay Area.
Currently, he is defending Susan Polk, accused of murder in the 2002 stabbing death of her psychologist husband in the pool house of their Orinda home, a trial that has gained national media attention. Polk's husband was her therapist when she was a teenager, and she claims she killed him in self-defense.
Horowitz also represented Steve Williams, the man who snagged Barry Bonds' 700th home run ball, in a lawsuit to determine who could keep the ball. "

Gosh, former PM, screwed up chick, and baseball. Guess which offed his wife? (Hint, Eastern Euro
folks play nasty.. got dioxin?)
"Newkirk has since said that dumping the animals into trash bins violates PETA policy."

Who gives a rat's ass where an animal is dumped? I can buy a chicken and dump it in my
trash (or for fun, the recycling bin). Similarly with mammals. Why treat "companion animals"
aka symbionts any differently?

"PETA typically euthanizes animals in Norfolk and cremates the carcasses, Newkirk said in a June 17 press conference.
Newkirk said at the time that the animals found in North Carolina had likely been given a lethal injection of a barbiturate that PETA is licensed to use"

So cremation is better than burial? Granted, it wastes less land, but who is making this crap up?

And barbies for the long sleep. That's great; too bad such compassion isn't shown towards humans,
except perhaps in Oregon, until the Feds in their infinite lack of compassion bust that state, much
as they have prevent medical cannibis or polygamy or any number of victimless crimes. Feds need
nuking, as I've said. A nerve agent would be ok as well.

My Mom studied CBW while she was gestating me so my dad could take his law exams. Maybe that's
why I'm into CBW. Not that I have anything against explosives and conventional ballistics. As
G. Gordon Liddy said, "go for the head shots, they're wearing body armor".
Today there's rain, and also tonight there's lightening. Both are rare, the latter moreso.
The rain will quash the fire hazard (typically from Santa Anas, ie Foehn winds, warm dry
winds descending from the deserts down the mountains, say 95F and 20% relative humidity).
It may also cause landslides where its burned, but it didn't burn much this year.

Cool weather is nice, I'm wearing sweatpants instead of shorts for the first time this year.
My kid was in "T-ball" last summer.

At age 41, I've started to watch baseball. The local team is the Anaheim Angels (of Los Angeles, which
they're not :-). They have been beat two or three times by the Chicago White Sox this year, and the
latter team seems to be truly slightly better.

One of the more offensive things said during the game is "accounts and depictions may not be
disseminated wihtout the express written permission of the commisioner of baseball". Well,
fck that. Tax dollars pay for stadia, as well as defer its taxes; and anything I can see, like
a game on TV, is fair game for my descriptions, in real time or not.

In fact, only real-time "sports" make money; however, the use of video-digitizers and Bittorrent
like multicasting means that anyone can watch anywhere, with at most a few second delay.

So, my description: it was raining, the Angels cycled through pitchers, the Sox didn't. Those
moustache plus chin beards are real popular. The umpires have really tough calls to make sometimes;
on the last game, they were harshed for saying that a ball hit the ground before it was grabbed, which
was true in the replays (why use live-umpires if you have replays?), but the locals were supposedly
annoyed at the call.

Hey commisioner of baseball, you still deny beating your wife?

15 October 2005

Movies worth owning:

Fight club
Apocalypse Now
Fear & Loathing
Dr Strangelove
12 Monkeys
Good Will Hunting

Probably some Clint Eastwood too.

Funny how they're not romances or car-chase-explosion movies..

I'm big into plot. Generally I'm indifferent to acting; rarely (eg, in Kubrick films)
is photography noteworthy.

Also of course all the original Star Treks. None of the sequalae.
Idea for T-shirt: "An Army of One" below a picture of Mohammed Atta.
Another annoying thing about academia is first, you teach stupid undergrads who just want to go through
the motions so they get their trophy wife and beemer at the end of the road. Second, you don't have
much freedom, since the money for research comes from folks with agendas.

Speaking of which, pretty cool that some robo-cars made it across the desert on their own this year.
Of course, they will be bringing in supplies to the next country we invade. That should make for
some interesting freedom-fighter vs. robo-car wars. I wonder if the future robo-cars will be
able to shoot. Of course they will. And if we shoot the wrong person, maybe a robot will deliver
the "compen$ation" to the family.
Ralph Cicerone is an atmospheric chemist, now a high-powered scientist, one of the ozone-hole-milkers,
who was bought by UCI as part of its attempt to buy high powered profs. But his wife Carol was also
given a professorship in the psychology department; not many know that that kind of "we want you so much we'll
take your fckbuddy too" finagling goes on in the pristine halls of academia.
Wacky Irvine.

Some stuff.

Christine Shea, on the city council, can't be mayor despite her dearest if pathetic dreams, because
when her daughter was caught with methamphetamine, she chewed out the police. Shea is pretty
skinny herself..

Larry C Ford, a mormon gynecologist, blew his head off with a shotgun when questioned by
police about an attempted hit on a business partner. Turned out that old Larry had plastic
explosives, full-auto machine guns buried in his Irvine yard. And various nasty bugs like cholera
in his fridge. He also had ties with the South African head of chemical warfare. His Irvine
neighbors were evacuated to expensive hotels for a few days while the bomb squad / hazmat
folks cleaned up his sparkling little Irvine cottage.

Pretty surreal, but true.
A very good website is www.antiwar.com.

Personally I think when DC gets nuked, it earned it, plus it gives America a fresh start.

The thing Americans still have realized, even after 9/11 and Spain and the "Tube" bombers,
is that Even Bullies Must Sleep. This is when you burn their house down. (This is natural law
if there is no government and police to protect citizens. You also get massive blood feuds if
justice is not served; look at Yugoslavia. This is what anarchists (typically teenagers rebelling)
don't realize, is that they're slaves or worse when gangs take over when government falls.
Government has a place, protecting citizens against coercion (and fraud); and nothing else is
the government's job, despite what socialists say.


It gets me that dividing the US into separate nations is politically dead. Its clear that culturally
the US is e.g., rural vs. urban, or east vs. west coast, or north vs. south. There is nothing sacred
about the US, folks have the right to choose their own destiny. No one cried when the Soviet Union
let satellite regions go free; why not give the US the same freedom?

Maybe 2 decades ago, I called NPR and gave my opinion on splitting California between North
and South (which makes sense culturally, economically, etc.) I said that freedom requires the
ability to divorce; that the USSR had split; why not California. This got national airplay, they
used to play phoned-in opinions as part of their (news?) broadcasts.


Speaking of slavery, why don't American negroes realize that Europeans didn't have slavery *until*
they went to Africa, where the European merchants *bought* African slaves from other Africans?
But American negro culture likes to blame Europeans and reify Africa. And then beg or rob Europeans.
Starving Africans (yawn) are Africans fault. Look at Zimbabwe. Look at the population growth
in Africa. Giving them food (including the 'green revolution' tech of the past) just puts gasoline on
the fire. Give them birth-control!

Of course, Malthus rules, and in addition to the self-inflicted famines & wars, Nature found some
simian virii to control the population. Ok, retrovirii.

And a good one, too: a long, asymptomatic incubation period. And the ability of the retrovirus to insert
into the human genome. Monkeys is monkeys.

Hey "Magic Johnson": Is it in you? (Paraphrasing a gatorade slogan)


Mix "12 Monkeys" and "Dr. Strangelove"... you get smallpox... a decent doomsday bomb, but
one that won't fade like radioisotopes of Cobalt eventually do..

Too many goddamn monkeys, the planet's infested with them.


What will it take to quarantine Africa? Ebola in New York? Think of the impact on real-estate prices!
Schwarzenegger is on TV a lot, because he's got some referenda on the ballot. Damn is he ugly. All those
steroids, groping chicks and having to deny it just to get elected, and finally having to stick your thing into that skull with money, Maria Shriver. Shiver. He didn't need the money; he was buying Society. Ick. Sure, he smoked cannabis, posed nude, and he gets points for that, but what has time done to him? He could have found something better to stick his thingie into, really.

At least the constitution keeps him from getting too carried away with himself.
So the Iraqis are voting on a constitution. Like that will matter; ours doesn't any more either.
As Leno said, why not give them ours, we're not using it.

Really, Iraq should have been split into the 3 nations (ethnically, linguistically, etc) it is: Kurdistan, a Sunni part, and a Shiite part. But for some reason this did not enter into NeoCon Imperialist plans. It would have
been much easier, even if Kurdistan pisses off the Turks; but hey, screw the Turks, they didn't let the US
use them when the US wanted to bomb Afghanistan. Which has a bumper crop of opium this year, and since the US knows what's good for it, any attempt to stop that economy is for TV only.

Aside: back in the 80s I smoked hash labelled Kabul in gold foil, and back then we were helping the Afghans
fight the Russians. As was the US and its buddy Osama. (Look up "blowback" in the CIA sense)
Then, a few years ago when the US took Afghanistan, I saw more hash --it being fairly rare in the States.
Amusingly, I thought of an idea involving *computational* hashes while partaking. Those ideas are being

(A hash function maps a long input to a short input; "good" hash functions perform random mapping, such that
two "similar" inputs go to random outputs. The other kind of hash is the compressed material you get by
rubbing a plant.)
"Impeach or frag."
Today 15 Nazis marched in Ohio, and as a result several hundred negro gangsters rioted, torched
a bar, looted, threw things, etc. The Nazis, who were peaceful, must be loving it. The mayor
who tolerated and negotiated with the gangsters should be torched after being gangbanged.