20 February 2016

trumpiverse vs. negro entitlement

In the trumpiverse, the negroes will not block roads, will not threaten reporters, will not require safe ghetto spaces,
and will generally behave like everyone else.

Or not.  And be culled.  Their choice.


Trumpiverse.  Dig it, mofo.  Suck it.


You will wake up in the next year, and realize, DJT is president, Vladimir is not a problem, and isis is toast.

We will eventually get out of middle east, etc.  We will have jobs, charge large tariffs for foreign work, have immigration controls for real,.    Maybe I'm just a dreamer.  No Rand Paul, no Ron Paul.  So, deal with it.

15 February 2016

Kanye West vs. Kardassians: Cannibalism Island

New reality TV show.  Put West and some Kardassians on an island.  With no food.  See who reverts to cannibalism first.
Total win no matter what.

Do not  rescue any of them.  For the good of humanity.

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Odd.  Now I can write to this blog again.

Very windy, warm out.  Love it, February.

My piss fluoresces because I drink G&T

My korean roomba is awesome.

Although the weakest force, we surrender to gravity when we sleep.

I have some systematic ? problem that is small itchy spots appearing randomly on my body.  Not sure if virus, parasite, or what.  Should be gone in a month or I'll invoke western med I suppose.  Likely not.

I found my second oil pen.  then lost it; the first is charging upstairs.  So lame.  Will get control.

Received my $10 green laser, awesome.  Uses same 18650 battery as UV laser.  China is awesome.