30 May 2010

Laurie Anderson
Lou Reed
Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie
Amy Winehouse
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Krusty Krustofferson
Jews who entertain
Amy is a goddess

Amy, you so funny


We thank those Farmers who have come before us
To domesticate and optimize
Maize, potato, cannabis, cows, pigs, cats.

Seeds seem to predominate on the lower part of the colas. No doubt an artifact
of my and the genome's timing, and its environment.

Yes, I have a male. I am only learning to clone. I appreciate what sex gives the genome, and I want a backyard & me adapted landrace.

Getting into plant signalling systems. Amusing, the chemical the plant uses to indicate "I'm sick" is also useful to humans in suppressing fever ---salicylic acid is a messenger. That's why it was found in willow by the Greeks.

Add an acetyl group, it works better, like heroin is better than morphine. But opiates are stupid.
Cloning was an interesting decision. Sacrifice a known good branch for experiment, with payoff if it works. Then again, I got a lot of seeds from a previous partial harvest (seeds fall after drying) so I'm exponentially growing :-)

Seriously, I was pleased to get a lot of seeds. Not only free, but worth bucks a piece, but adapted for my back yard and horticulture.

Decided to harvest some fairly completed colas. Trying some car-drying, with material in some fiberglass screening. Proper cure is actually tricky, and the primo commercial is so well trimmed and compact.. something to aspire to.

Also trying cloning, as I have a very healthy "mother", very bushy, with purple pigmentation on new growth and upper stems.

Yesterday I tried one, and it wilted, but today was turgid. Yes! So I just made two more.

Using Rootone powder, and mostly perlite with a little sphagnum in a small pot. Kept in a tray, and covered mostly with a plastic salsa tub humidity dome, and out of direct sun.

Showed the kid the pollen from my male, he was unimpressed. Also explained why the flowers were not pretty, as the wind which pollinates does not care.

He's more impressed with his jailbroken iThingy.

24 May 2010

Just learned that uric acid is a free-radical scavenger. That's cool --I have gotten a few attacks of gout, and its nice to know that there is a use
for this poison that feels like an incandescent baby being delivered
via your big toe. I carry some indomethicin with me now on my key ring.
If TSA has a problem with that, fuck them.
Had a friend over. Its very rare --I'm a hermit these days.
He is Mark Twain's reincarnation. A technical writer and
zen master and trip master and scifi writer and 20 years my senior.
Twain and Vonnegut, maybe.

Sometimes I jump above the water surface like a curious excited
dolphin. The water is my self, the air is social me.

SSRIs help clamp the lows. Cannabinols help you enjoy the stabilized
mood. Social behavior is harder. Alcohol helps. Caffeine, too.
They're all good. Useful tools.
Sampled a few inflorescences. And got over a dozen seeds! Exponential growth of life. And, these are all first gen adapted to the Locale.

Actual assay was not as good as 320/oz commercial, but I am new, and there is a lot of trimming and fine curing in commercial stuff.

Interesting that commercial growers can produce a better product than a dedicated gardener; for tomatoes, etc this is not the case.

On considering this, I realize they have more and more controlled resources, as the temperature, light, and atmosphere are better controlled. A cold day shows little growth even if clear and sunny. I dare say my nutrient-fu and pest-fu are equivalent. I even have a praying mantis,
nicknamed "Master Po", tending one of my plants.

23 May 2010

The American way of war is a marvelously ingenious thing. And thoroughly modern too. No more of that "don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes" jazz; your modern "warfighter" (they aren't called "soldiers" anymore, you know) prefers to view his targets through, say, a computer screen safely ensconced back in the Homeland or thousands of feet in the sky, or else through the unearthly greenish glow of night-vision scopes. And open combat? Forget it. The new American way is the sneak attack on civilian homes in the dead of night. You creep up, you break in, you cap a few ragheads, then you run away. What glory! What magnificent valor!

The Washington Post reports on yet another glorious page in the annals of the exceptional nation "intended by God to be a light set on a hill to serve as a beacon of hope and Christian charity to a lost and dying world." It's the usual story. Secret "warfighters" suddenly attack a civilian compound in the middle of the night. This, not surprisingly, provokes a few shots from some of the inhabitants, who have no idea who is attacking their home. The superior firepower of the beacons of hope and Christian charity quickly overcome the piddling arms of the demonic heathens, however, and in a trice, there are dead gook – sorry, raghead – bodies all around. Including children – you've got to have children in your body count these days, if you want to be a thoroughly modern Christian beacon warfighter. Then you and your brave band of secret warriors run away and prepare for the next bold raid.

Naturally, the local losers come out and boo-hoo-hoo over their dead relatives, as if no one had ever seen their son shot to death in front of their eyes before. They trot out all their evidence that the victims had nothing to do with the "insurgents" (which is what your modern warfighter calls anyone who objects to the presence of armed foreigners prowling all over their land), they keen and wail and do all the other animalistic stuff that primitives do when one of the pack snuffs it. "Oh, I lost my son, oh my son, my precious son," etc., etc. – as if there's not a dozen more when he came from; you know how those people breed.

But anyway, here's the beauty part: if the local dorky darkies start to complain, you just say, "Hey man, we came under fire! Those monkeys shot at us when we came sneaking up on their house in the middle of the night with our guns drawn. That proves they were bad guys. We had to take them out."

That's it. That's the drill. It happens virtually every week now in Afghanistan – just as it happened time and again in Iraq, back when some guy named Stanley McChrystal was in charge of covert ops for that evil, reactionary throwback, George W. Bush. Whatever happened to old Stan anyway? Oh yeah; the nice, progressive, thoroughly modern Barack Obama put him in charge of the whole shooting match in Afghanistan, as well as the not-so-secret war of assassination in Pakistan. And oddly enough, the slaughter of civilians in both of these target countries has been rising ever since.

But hey, that's just how we roll nowadays. That's the American way of war. Creep, sneak, kill, run, lie – repeat. Sure, it only makes things worse, creates more enemies, keeps the wars going. But isn't that the point? Check it out, baby: they're piling an extra $33.5 billion of prime war pork on top of the mountain of Terror War funding already laid out for this year! And you need a whole lot of blood to wash down that meat – and a whole lot of new enemies to make sure the feast never ends.

WASHINGTON -- The United States is hunting for American-born Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Sunday.

Awlaki is on a list of US citizens that U.S. forces are unconstitutionally authorized to capture, or kill, senior administration officials say.


Filters at work, so I can't add to the blog while I'm waiting for firmware to download.

Villa park dam. May 2010

15 May 2010

Some images. Some short females. When exposed to gibberelin, shoots grow very "male" spindly with huge internodal distances. The leaves are smooth edged and flat. A male flower was
produced, although the plant has since reverted to female and is flowering.

When exposed to gibberelin, the colas become spindly and distorted.

Basically, there is no use for gibberelin in cannabis horticulture.

But I was reading that abscissic acid is the opposite of gibberelin in action on sensitive plants, and that should have the opposite response --short female bushy plants.

Also read that trichomes (at least in the medicinal anti-malarial plant being investigated, an artemesia IIRC) increase in density when the plant thinks its under insect attack. This can be done simply by crushing leaves below the colas. Can also be simulated with jasmonic acid, a plant communication chemical. Supposedly the 3-leaved kind of sagebrush emits a lot of this natively, so an obvious experiment might be useful: grow with sage augmentation of the atmosphere.

Combine that with a few times normal CO2, warmth, foliar feeding...

And of course Mr. Mantis on two different plants.

The Catsouras family's lawyers described the CHP dispatchers' behavior as "a ghoulish prank" and said they have asked the agency to give the family ownership of the crash photographs, which would empower them to demand that websites take them down.

Wrong. They are 1. newsworthy 2. taken by officials therefore under no copyright.

"I'm determined to get them off the Internet, although I've been told by every single person who's an Internet expert that we will never get them removed," said Christos Catsouras, a 46-year-old Realtor parasite.

That's right dearie, the internet routes around people like you. Your "privacy" fnord is just roadkill
on the information superhighway. Sort of like your daughter was 241 roadkill.

Soon after the photos hit the Internet, the Catsouras family contacted Michael Fertik, who had just founded ReputationDefender, a Redwood City-based company that seeks to protect customers' online reputations.

Since late 2006, Fertik said, his company has persuaded websites to remove 2,500 of the crash photos, but they continue to spread rapidly and exponentially, beyond his ability to remove them.

Fertik said the case illustrates that in the age of the Internet, "whether you opt in or not, you're opted in."

"Right now, the law protects copyright more than it does privacy," Fertik said. "The laws that were passed in this field, in the mid- to late 1990s, made sense at the time. That was the Jurassic era of the Internet."

Yeah, and the bill of rights was even earlier. Get over it.

14 May 2010

Chihuahua nursing a kitten. Nice.

Did my fifth or sixth pig yesterday. The bozos inflated the bacon
instead of the abdomen. But insurance will still pay for the time.

Medicated bikini zone for shaving your inguinal pubic cleft and associated areas. Only in Amerika.

Where the president can order the murder of a US citizen without any process. Whose only identified "crime" is expression.

Anwar vs. Obama. Anwar wins. Obama is the blackface of facism in amerika.

The warrant for Chen included grabbing his drivers license and credit cards?

Kind of Enemy of the State, don't you think?

Boycott Apple.

from la times archive

Informal War Memorial Loses Its Final Battle With City Hall

The tribute took root in a park in Irvine. Despite support from the public, it fell victim to laws banning such displays on municipal property.

The Region

July 05, 2003|Ashley Powers, Times Staff Writer

You know the story, right? she asked, nodding toward the wooden stakes planted in tight rows. How a guy put them up, just because he couldn't sleep. The war in Iraq bothered him. These are for its dead.

"It's a beautiful graveyard," Mary Laurin said softly. "Why would they want to take it down?"

At the corner of Yale and Bryan avenues in Irvine's Northwood Community Park, a makeshift memorial has become local lore. It appeared in March, 10 days into the war in Iraq, as the brainchild of a local medical company executive.

Only a few wooden stakes, topped with nametags for the dead and votive candles to be lit at sunset, dotted the corner at first. Two weeks later, a core of regulars was coming nightly to pay tribute. As the number of dead grew, so did the number of mourners.

Sunday, it will be taken down, a casualty of laws prohibiting such displays on property. It was supposed to be dismantled months ago. But like the candles that flicker into the night, the memorial found a reserve of fuel: people who see those wooden stakes as something bigger.

Visitors call the shrine intimate, speaking of the memorial as if it had sprung from the earth. There were no design squabbles or funding debates that tend to pock tributes such as the bronze Vietnam War memorial in Westminster. The park never was the site of sparring protesters, the fate of a sidewalk Sept. 11 memorial in La Habra.

The simplicity of the Irvine memorial gave it purity; its location gave it peace. Its narrative made it legend.

Day 9 of the war. Asher Milgrom watches the news. The 44-year-old decides he must do something. Something spills out in the garage. He fashions a clear glass cup for a candle and a red plastic cup for flowers onto a stake about 5 1/2 feet tall. He makes 30, one for each American killed.

The next day, he heads to Northwood, an 18-acre park. In sight of a baseball field, a playground and a bus stop, Milgrom births the memorial. Each stake has a sheet of paper listing the name, age, rank and military branch of its soldier.

That night, six people light candles at sunset.

The flames blink in the glow of stoplights and passing traffic.

So it has gone every night since. This week, the stakes numbered 201 as more markers were added to honor those killed since the war's official end. Neighbors have added photos and biographies from the Internet: Marine Pfc. Tamario D. Burkett, 21, Buffalo, N.Y. Killed March 23. A yellow silk flower is tied to his stake -- price tag: $4.50.

Hah! A mere 201! We've got thousands now.

Well Asher, you and your chinky wife Alice had better think even bigger than the 8K names you

have space for. You and that impotent Andy Zelinko will be shamed by your monstrous creation. You're both chickenhawks, pussies who suck the teat of mindless patriotism, nursing death.

Asher Milgrom is no medical specialist. He's a brain-damaged zionist who runs a skin clinic. That's not medicine that's a scam. Andy Zelinko is a retired pig, a catholic scumbag.

The only memorial to an ongoing war in the US. With space for more names, no less.

And the memorial will be a site of counter-displays. Freedom of expression, baby.


Is It Illegal To Tell People How To Commit Suicide Online?

Well, here's a tricky First Amendment issue. Apparently, a guy in Minnesota has been arrested and charged with "assisting suicide" because he spent an awful lot of time on various "suicide" websites

And the exiters were not even in the US!

What part of freedom don't Minn get? And why do they think they have a say (and use of force)
about what people do with their bodies, or words?

12 May 2010

Judge David Chaffee is a moron. And fed collaborator. Whore.

As is deviant Mayor Peter Herzog.

In his ruling on made public on May 3, U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Guilford's ruled in favor of the cities.

In his judgment filed April 30, he concluded: "At this stage, the court agrees with defendants. Marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act, and under that Act, it currently has no medical purpose."

How can some idiot english or history major (later collaborator judge) declare what has a medicinal purpose? Seems to me that is a factual matter to be established by scientific method. And the arrogance of the judge and his predecessor legislators (who don't have the right to control intrastate commerce)... You bring the rope I'll find a tree.

Gedanken picture: Buddha with a sawzall, smiling.
Its obvious the cross was a religious symbol -a roman torture device, like waterboarding, only more public and lower maintenance- because of the cults getting upset.

"It looks like someone might have used a Sawzall," he said, bending to touch the bolts that are all that's left of the Mojave Cross.

Illegal, covert drone wars are bound to spawn - spin or no spin - a terrible, absurd and deadly string of blowback.

11 May 2010

So we learn the names of the terrorists who put up the torture symbol that's the base of
their evil religion: Henry and Wanda Sandoz.

May you rot in hell.

And BTW, the US had no place in WWI or II.

Interventionist bastards.
"This was a legal fight that a vandal just made personal to 50 million veterans, military personnel and their families," National Commander Thomas J. Tradewell said.

You bet it is, scumbag.

"The American Legion expects whoever is responsible for this vile act to be brought to justice," said Clarence Hill, the group's national commander. "While the memorial has been attacked, the fight will continue to ensure that veterans memorials will remain sacrosanct."

Your sacred cows taste delicious.

F'in mercenary scum.

MOJAVE NATIONAL PRESERVE, Calif. (AP) -- Authorities say a 7-foot-tall cross in the Mojave Desert that sparked a U.S. Supreme Court dispute has been stolen.

The National Park Service says someone cut the bolts holding down the metal-pipe cross and made off with it late Sunday or early Monday.

Veterans groups say they're outraged at what they consider the desecration of a symbol that was erected in 1934 by the Veterans of Foreign Wars to honor World War I dead.

The cross was challenged by critics who say a religious symbol shouldn't be allowed on public land but the U.S. Supreme Court last month refused to order it removed.

2010-05-11 A wonderful day for freedom!

"The wooden cover was reported missing from the cross by park staff on Saturday morning, and the uncovered cross was seen again on Sunday," a news release explained. "When park staff arrived on Monday morning to replace the cover, they found that the cross had been removed."

Supreme Court justices in late April rejected a lower court decision banning the 8-foot cross on the grounds that it was purely religious. "It is a symbol often used to honor and respect those whose heroic acts, notable contributions and patient striving help secure an honored place in history for this nation and its people," Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote, noted the LA Times. The case was sent back to the lower court for reconsideration in that light.

Sometimes boltcutters will do what the courts lack the spine to do.

Taking a cue from George W. Bush, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said of the Times Square bomber, “We will not be intimidated by those who hate the freedoms that make … this country so great.”

But defenders of the ultra-Orthodox credit them with preserving Israel's Jewish identity, saying that without the high birth rates of ultra-Orthodox families, Israel could see an Arab majority in future generations.

And neither Orthodox nor Arabs work in Israel. The Orthos are paid to study their navels, er, religion.

"Some people drive a taxi, others pray," said Robert Zwirn, 63, a former doctor from Brooklyn who moved to Israel 20 years ago and gradually gave up his practice to adopt an ultra-Orthodox lifestyle. "But the Messiah won't come on the merit of you driving a taxi. It will be on the merit of our prayer."


Today Arabs and the ultra-Orthodox together make up less than 30% of the population, but they account for nearly half of school-age children. If trends continue unchecked, Arab and ultra-Orthodox children could make up 78% of Israeli classrooms, recent studies have shown.

"Eventually it's going to break the bank," the economist said. "We're on trajectories that are not sustainable."

10 May 2010

Someone expresses a doubt and gets crucified.

Guess what: there are populations differences between races.

Not a lot of jewish basketball players.

Seems this is due to a certain Yelena Shagall?

Catholics sent predator priest to remote village

I read that headline as predator drone, at first.

Too many X sending too many predator Y to remote villages.

07 May 2010

TSA Worker Assaults Boss After Body Scanner Reveals (small) Genitalia

This will pin your meters. Hilarity, irony, etc.
Corrupt train boss steps in front of train when found out

And lots of Illinois politician suicides. Come on, polis in other states, you can do it too!
Which is more hilarious, the Indonesian mud volcano

or the oil that will not stop?
Pissing on times square

So the times bomber had a hundred kilos of urea? WTF? Not urea nitrate; not nitro urea.

Dude, either get ANFO or GTFO.

F'in MBAs...

Mind games as art

06 May 2010

Giant Mosque going up on WTC site.


How about a government shooting range at Ruby Ridge in Texas?

Or a military recruiting station on that field at Kent State?


Lots of unlicensed drivers.

I'm rooting for the Afghanis to beat out the Iraqis. There are 5,500 corpses so far, plenty of room on the northwoodmemorial.com pylons of death for more names.

Americans play homoerotic football with a childs'-ball made of pigs. Real men fight for dead goats on horseback.

LEFT OF THE RIGHT: Time To Face The Ugly Truth… We’ Are Today’s “Evil Empire”

May 06, 2010 01:43 PM EDT
views: 24

With nearly 370,000 of our soldiers deployed in over 150 countries throughout the world, no other term but’ empire can describe what the United States looks like to the rest of Earth’s residents. And their opinion of that empire is not very high. Almost from the day we won the Revolutionary War we’ve been busy “intervening” all over the place.

I Googled “history of American military deployment” and found that going all the way back to the beginning of the 19th century, hardly a month has gone by without some kind of American military action somewhere on our planet. And that action could be for something as trivial as insulting an American diplomat. We’re not talking about economic sanctions either. In those early days an insult to An American diplomat or military officer would be answered by a dozen U.S. Navy ships showing up in your harbor. Followed by a few hundred marines landing and setting fire to a town or two as “punishment.”

After reviewing our countries behavior in regards to how we’ve used our military. I’ve had to conclude we’ve been acting like a school yard bully since the beginning. Here’s an example. I doubt you could find an American who would not agree that defeating Japan’s aggression in WWII was a righteous thing. But did you know that the method we used to get Japan to open itself to trade and relations in the 19th century was by sending a good portion of our Navy and pretty much telling them “do it or else?” It’s no wonder there’s so much animosity towards the United States around the world.

In the 20th century we added insult to injury by adopting the practice of never leaving. Going back to WWII, we’ve left troops in virtually every country we’ve fought in. We’re told that these deployments are necessary to ensure our national security. Really? Everyone raise your hands if you believe Germany or Japan is planning to attack the United States. Or maybe some one thinks Great Britain is planning to reclaim the colonies because we’ve got nearly 10 thousand deployed there. Why???

There is simply no justification for these deployments and the effect is so negative they’ve only resulted in making us less safe. Ever since the 1950’s we’ve been in possession of a trump card that made the deployment of troops in foreign countries anachronistic. That trump card has been and is today our fleet of nuclear submarines. Any sovereign nation knows a blatant attack on the U.S. would result in their complete annihilation.

The reason these troop deployments have made us less safe is because it is one of the biggest motivations for terrorists. Sadly though, instead of learning that lesson and beginning to reverse the mistake, our attempt to use our military to address terrorism has been kind of like sending a blind man with a baseball bat into a china shop to kill a fly. Look at the evidence… 9 years and 2 wars later and attempts to attack us keep coming. Thankfully our Homeland Security people under both Bush and Obama and some pure dumb luck has prevented another tragedy on our home soil so far.

When you combine the economic and human cost of dealing with terrorism with the fact that maintaining this world wide military empire is bankrupting our nation. It becomes evident how imperative it is that it is time to bring our troops home. We simply can longer afford to be the world’s baby sitter. And dealing with terrorism I believe would be better left to the cops. Besides, maybe folks will start to like us when we stop hanging out in their yards carrying machine guns.


Supposedly the mix in Whistling Petes will detonate if confined,
otherwise you're just dealing with tiny amounts of Al flash in
regular consumer fireworks.
CIA shoots without knowing names

05 May 2010

"Jonas Brothers are here, they're out there somewhere. Sasha and Malia are huge fans, but boys, don't get any ideas. Two words for you: predator drones. You will never see it coming. You think I'm joking?"

The bad news is that this attempt to create a mass casualty event was not "thwarted," despite claims by President Obama and Attorney General Holder - it simply failed. When a VBIED is parked in a crowded public place in the heart of New York City, the driver walks away and the bomb begins to detonate and then fails to explode, that is not thwarting, it is reacting.


Along that same line, it is not helpful when senior administration officials explain in detail what component of the explosive device failed. In the last several failed attempts, the weak link has been identified as the detonators. Thanks to these officials wanting to impress the media, the perpetrators now know they need to perfect their detonator design, or increase their training on that portion of the device.

Feh. It is obvious the detonation system didn't work.

What's more interesting is that a son-of-a-general was the vector. The underwear bomber was son-of-a-banker.

Now, Tim McVeigh and the Beltway Sniper were not so upper class, but they were properly trained by the US military.

Johnny Walker Lindh and Adam Ghadan/Perlman were also middle class or higher.

Unfortunately the author then goes on to declare war against yet another nation...

The Obama Administration needs to demand that the Pakistanis police their own house in both North Waziristan and South Waziristan. If they can't, then we should.

Once just another middle class MBA, Shahzad now is the topic of conversation in the halls of power, with Sen. Joe Lieberman (I – CT) demanding that he lose his citizenship and Sen. John McCain (R – AZ) cautioning the administration that Shahzad had better not receive his Miranda rights.

Speechless from their arrogance and blatant disregard for law.

Bloomberg calls for arbitrary, no due process cancelling of citizen's Bill of Rights enumerated rights because the government put you on a List.

Bloomberg is a cryptonazi.

04 May 2010

Park workers have also found a resourceful way to remove other unwanted guests — rodents.

Years ago — no one seems to know when — feral cats began to sneak into the park, living among the park's trees and shrubs during the day. At night, they venture out, and an estimated 200 cats now prowl through Disneyland and neighboring California Adventure Park.

But instead of evicting the cats, Disneyland's animal wranglers work to control the feline population by spaying and neutering the adult cats and finding homes for all kittens born in the resort. The cats eat at five permanent feeding stations installed throughout the two parks.

"We are not trying to get rid of them," said Gina Mayberry, manager of Disneyland's Circle D ranch, where the park's animals are housed. "They keep the rodent population down."

They stress police are allowed to lie as long as they don't violate a suspect's rights to remain silent and speak to an attorney, and that detectives don't need a warrant to conduct "trash rips" - operations in which they seize a suspect's trash from outside his home.

"Fourth Amendment protection does not extend to property that is abandoned or voluntarily discarded, because any expectation of privacy in the item searched is discarded upon abandonment," she said.
What: Disturbance
Where: Meadowbrook , Irvine, CA
When: 7:08 p.m. , Thursday, April 15, 2010
Description: Students at school were calling the victim names, and had created a Facebook account about her.

What: Disturbance
Where: 4500 block Sandburg Way , Irvine, CA
When: 10:10 a.m. , Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Description: A school reported that they were investigating a fight between 1st graders.
What: Brandishing a weapon
Where: 4800 block MIchelson Drive , Irvine, CA
When: 2:09 p.m. , Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Description: A three-year-old inadvertantly pointed an arrow at another juvenile.

What: Petty theft
Where: 14200 block Jeffrey Road , Irvine, CA
When: 2:29 p.m. , Sunday, April 25, 2010
Description: A woman stole detergent and fabric softener from Albertson's before fleeing the area in a Mercedes.

What: Disturbance
Where: 300 block San Leon , Irvine, CA
When: 12:05 a.m. , Sunday, April 25, 2010
Description: Police arrested a man who admitted to drinking alcohol, eating mushrooms, snorting cocaine and smoking a hit of marijuana.

What: Indecent exposure
Where: Laguna Canyon Road and Limestone , Irvine, CA
When: 3:23 p.m. , Thursday, April 29, 2010
Description: A man wearing a black bikini top and heels was reportedly seen masturbating while standing next to a black sedan.

What: Grand theft
Where: Mirasol , Irvine, CA
When: 8:03 a.m. , Friday, April 23, 2010
Description: Someone stole brass water check valves from four buildings.

What: Burglary
Where: 6300 block Irvine Boulevard , Irvine, CA
When: 12:13 p.m. , Friday, April 23, 2010
Description: Someone stole two iPhones from AT&T.

What: Disturbance
Where: 4400 block Trailwood , Irvine, CA
When: 9:27 p.m. , Friday, April 23, 2010
Description: A small baggie of marijuana was found on top of a bush.

What: Disturbance
Where: 4300 block Fireside Circle , Irvine, CA
When: 7:03 a.m. , Saturday, April 17, 2010
Description: Someone splattered mustard, ranch dressing and BBQ sauce on the victim's car.