31 March 2012

Like you'd trust a nigga gravedigga as a forensic scientist. Fail.
LA times starts charging for excessive reading of their articles.

Control-shift-N anonymous browser window
works great

LA times run by monkeys

30 March 2012

28 March 2012

A police detective told the father of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin that his son initiated two confrontations with the neighborhood watch volunteer who fatally shot him.

Ahh, golden boy saint.

27 March 2012

To [Principal]


I was pleased to find out that the selling of grades which my kid had reported
was a stunt. Even more pleased that it was to teach about one of the metaphors
I was going to excoriate your staff with.

I was trying to figure it out. Walking the dog before my kid told me of it, I overheard
others of similar age asking each other if it were legal to sell grade. What the heck? I thought.
Later, my kid explained the full horror.

Was it budget desparation? The math didn't work. Cultural deprivation? A trial run? Was my kid making it up?
Even if he misunderstood, what had he misunderstood? And the misunderstood idea itself was a hazard.

I started to think of ways to express my disgust. I recalled the indulgences, how one could
buy one's way out of eg wars, jury, etc. (Not that I think conscription of any form is
constitutional.. nor subscribe to the sins the indulgences forgave..)

So tonight, I find out, when I ask, that it was to teach about indulgences.

I'd only caution against my other suspicion: a nonconsensual ethics test. But, I was delighted to find that
all is well in Irvine.

26 March 2012


The mother of slain teen Trayvon Martin wants to trademark her son's name in the slogans, "I am Trayvon" and "Justice for Trayvon," according to two petitions filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

"I am X" and "Justice for X" are memes, beetch.

And, commercializing is crass.
The real question is now: Who is Trayvon Martin and why did he jump George Zimmerman?

Maybe he was paranoid. He was kicked out of school for bringing narcotics in.


He was 17, impulsive, trained in violence (football), and obviously not the Golden Boy his parents lied about.

Most cannabis users, are not inclined to violence. Cf. ethanol. But for all psychotropics, its the individual, not the material.
Unborn Afghan Child Said to Be 17th Victim of Shootings

What pandering to US christian extremists.

But at $50K a pop, how can you go wrong?

25 March 2012

Learned that Branson supported german electronic music in the 70s. Wow. He's a hero.
US is paying $50K for each afghan slaughtered. Nice.

If they wore hoodies americans would care.
So the new rule is, you can't talk to blacks, or they'll be justified in jumping you from behind?

And when you defend yourself, you'll be lynched by the media and the black news parasites.

Might be time to start bringing a pistol in the car again... (unloaded, in back, locked)

24 March 2012

$10K, anonymous, to anyone who successfully predicts when Mikhail Muhammad meets his demise and how.
Who has better product placement?

Touareg (car)

Skittles (candy)

Kel-Tec 9mm (self defense tool)
Obama's son would look like Martin? No, Obama is Irish/Kenyan. Martins parents are obviously slave imports from a different region of africa.

So Obama's son wouldn't be a 6'3 footballer who starts fights.

But given Obama's foreign policy, perhaps Obama is more right than he realizes --his son would *act* like Martin. And get the appropriate feedback ---kinda like the US is getting overseas...

An armed society is a polite society.

23 March 2012

If 6'3 footballer Trayvor Martin was a "child", can George Zimmerman sue his parents for distress and damages caused by having to put him down?

22 March 2012

saw this

If the giant football player initiated violence against some neighbor talking at him, insteasd of leaving and/or telling him to f-off, does he not expect self-defense with whatever is handy when he attacks said questioner?

The football player had behavior problems at school; came from a broken family; not surprising he should be impulsive and violent. The shooter was nearly killed by the brute who attacked out of paranoia. GZ is a hero. Evolution wins.
"But the newly released police calls paint Andy Zelinko of Irvine as a man obsessed with law and order, with the minutiae of suburban life, and with black males."

Zelinko is a well documented war pornographer.
And expired cop.

So a guy watches an unfamiliar giant football black male act suspiciously in a neighborhood with a huge robbery rate.

The guy questions Trayvon Martin. No physical contact, just words. Yaba yaba. You never have to talk to anyone, just provide a DL if you're driving. We are citizens not livestock.

Trayvon Martin attacks George Zimmerman. Initiates force. Starts violence. Attempts a lethal blow to the face, etc.

George Zimmerman defends himself with whatever is handy.

Now Trayvon Martin is a golden saint; never mind his problems at school, broken family, towering football figure. F that. George Zimmerman is a hero, like Bernie Goetz.

Initiators of force are subject to evolution.

Also works for nations, hows that Occupy Iraq and Invade Afghanistan working out for ya?

Say what you want; touch me and you die. Its simple.
Impulsive, violent "children" learn that assault is
not a joke.

Buy ammo now, for the riots when GZ is exonerated.

21 March 2012

19 March 2012

Dr Patton scolded me for typing too hard.

After I set up text to speech translator, after
he couldn't read.

He got a copy of his MRIs, his head was swiss cheese.

After the cyanide ischemia it was different and worse.

Eventually he consumed the full dose without intervention.

I was the friend to break into his apt and discover his notes and pretend to be his fellow adopted brother who happened to have the same first name and age.

Uh huh. But the md in charge was ok with it; i reported what I suspected and knew. Too bad emts
don't carry certain diagnostic / treatment kits.
Some silver photo fixer I think works.

Barbituic acid derivatives are the preferred euthanasia

Fucking swiss cheese. In a phd neuroscientist who couldn't log in anymore.

Swiss cheese.
In dogs, 30000 years of association are 30000 selective events. As a result, our dog (who thinks himself a wolf) has floppy ears, bug eyes, silly walk, mostly white, and curly tail.

Humans, who have selected each other much longer, have even more ridiculous traits.
compel you at gunpoint “under federal supervision” to work as a slave


Yes this is iwars, but please, please, do this. Accelerate the implosion.

13 March 2012

09 March 2012

Pat Robertson backs legal marijuana.



Marijuana advocates, not surprisingly, are applauding the move while antidrug groups are attacking Mr. Robertson’s credibility, saying he has made several “strange remarks” in the past five years about prayer, tornadoes, and homosexuals.


Ok, if you're going to pray while being in a tornado and surrounded by gays flung by the tornado, you should
probably light up.

Do the prohibitionist idiots have a better idea?


Professor MacCoun says the Robertson comment helps break up polarized discussions.

“We can now have a more grown up discussion about what are the tools in the tool box – rather than just hyperlatives hurled at each side from the extremes,” he says.


Noting that America makes up 5 percent of the world's population but 25 percent of jailed prisoners, Robertson said: “We've said, 'We're conservative, we're tough on crime.' That's baloney. It's costing us billions and billions of dollars. We need to scrub the federal code and the state codes and take away these criminal penalties.”
Mayor Bloomberg of NYC needs killing.

Commissioner Kelly has said that the department’s surveillance of Muslims was nothing out of the ordinary. “In fact, the police department uses many of the same methods to find and stop terrorists that we use to arrest drug dealers, human traffickers, and gang leaders,”

he forgot pedos and cryptographers


He needs to be tried and hung

07 March 2012

David Friend stated:[2]
No one with daughters the age of Sandra Fluke

I'll hit them!
The chinese have tripled their coal consumption 2000-2010
whereas everyone else has remained the same. So all your priuses are fail.

The solution to the CO2 problem is to eat chinese people.

Or, HxNx flu. Same thing, really.

Or, continue on. In another two decades you get 2e9 africans if you keep feeding them.

You *could* have clean cheap energy, or you could continue to be animals, and do the Gtons of CO2 experiment previously run only with volcanoes. Ref Matrix.

02 March 2012

Heard about the USG wanting to require cars to have rear view cameras. At $200 a pop, to save < 250 kids a year.

How about rear-drive beepers and flashing lights? For about $5? Much more reliable electronics and easy to train kids to run.

But govt morons want to require not only mpg but now cameras. In cars.

Not enough AC, radio, cd, gps, dvd. Now cameras, required.