03 October 2012

Biden vs. Ryan

Imagine BO and MR are taken out.  Can you imagine the 40 IQ points between the VPs?

Not saying who dominates but...

(MR is 20 behind BO, though they're both socialist scum run by foreign and internal forces.  Clueless rubes.  But you and the TLAs knew that was my opinion.)

The US should survive on only an import tariff of 300%.  This would provide plenty of jobs and strongly resist foreign dumping or monopolization (Got Rare Earths?).  It would provide a limited budget that would avoid wars.  It would avoid a sales or income tax, federal, at least.  Yes, I'm a frickin' isolationist.  Do not involve in nonfriendly nations; allow trade with all.  Under no circumstances fly cruise missiles into people because they can get ideas about flying things into structures.

And then, Reagan and Lebanon barracks, etc, etc.

For our TLAs monitoring this mildly intoxicated rant, I want our govt to follow the blessed Constitution.  That is all.  Well, also, the economy is not the govt's business, blah blah libertarian blah blah.

I really hate this declining empire shit.  I admit, I once did wonder how the Italians fell. But now that I live it (usulua leguinn novel?) I regret wondering about it.

Folks in glass empires ought not fly drones.

I frickin love this meme mutation.  Being a Gadfly is not a crime.  (A gadfly on a skateboard where prohibited might be a misdemeanor.  I don't skate.  Charlie don't surf.  I don't really surf either but I've bodysurfed.
It should be fairly obvious to our monitoring buddies that I don't have nor seek clearances (tm) so I am just another Internets Author (tm).)

My careful parenthetical closing indicates much about my existence.

Doghk nudul and coconut juice wid doghk pulp

Be seeing you.