29 June 2014

Kindle Haram

A breakaway sect of Boko Haram, the Kindle Haram, has been formed by an unlikely alliance of Pennsylvania Amish and Nigerian Muslims...

Goodluck with that

So, I have to say: Nigeria is its own reward.  And thanks for all the spam, dear prince...

Basically its becoming easier and easier to just nuke the Saudis, Sunnis, Wahabbists and Salafis.  Besides, our oil exports become more valuable when arabia is burning.

Or perhaps camel-flu (MERS) will help... or Ebola in the Hajj.

Got Ebola?

Bats ---chicken of the cave.

Maybe Ebola is the cure for Boko Haram.

Maybe both are good reason to shoot down anything leaving the continent.

HIV is too slow.

Bring back our Boeing

Those Boko girls have been located, they're partying with the MH370 passengers..


Can't pay water bill but can stay fat and paint her nails

'Single mother' studying 'homeland security'.  Black in Detroit.

This is the problem.

And south america sending kids here.

And the Caliphate.

I'm beginning to wonder if Atlas Shrugged III will be shown before the Collapse.

I mean, the WTC took about 10 seconds, but Rome did not fall in a day.  Things happen faster now.

Guy at work was talking about Detroit race riots.  Turns out the LA riots were worse, according to encyclopedia.