31 December 2009

WASHINGTON -- Seven Central Intelligence Agency officers and contractors were killed and six more wounded in a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan, the CIA Director Leon Panetta said Thursday, the second largest single-day loss for the spy agency in its history.

Among the casualties was the agency's base chief, former intelligence officials said.

Former intelligence officials said Thursday that the slain CIA base chief was a mother of three.

Boy, that's awesome, put a Mo3 in harm's way. PR FAIL. CIA

You might have a hard time getting approval for that.

And thumbs. I would also need opposable thumbs.

Maybe I could hire some chimpanzees as post-docs...
TSA is the new Gestapo. Take appropriate action.

Frischling, who runs a travel Web site called "Flying with Fish" and published the directive minutes after Elliott, said in an interview today that he had given his computer to the two federal agents who came to his house on Tuesday night. Frischling said he complied with their request after they asserted that he was "not a journalist" and handed him a subpoena, telling him he had now been "served." They also said they would return the next morning to confiscate his computer and other communications equipment if he failed to cooperate.


Frischling said his computer was returned this morning with several corrupted sectors and that he was running software to repair it.

F'ing technical imcompetance.
“Just walk up and say, ‘Hey, maybe I’m wrong, but this guy looks nefarious,’ or whatever,”
----chief Warden of the prison known as NYC, Bloomberg

A molotov cocktail would make a big impression on those crowds.
Though a sniper v. Bloomberg would make me smile more.
A million people in times square? It should be criminal to assemble
so many so densely; its at least a latent pandemic, and such a target.

Who is nominating whom for a street or building name.
PETN roasting o'er an open fire
Osama nipping at your nose

Calls to prayer being sung by muezzin
And folks dressed in turban
Everybody knows a lamb and some hash
Help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

They know that Yemenis are on their way
Bringing lots of toys and goodies
On your planes
And every mother's child is gonna be a spy
To see if reindeer really know how to fly
And so I'm offering this simple wish
To kids from Paris to Rome
Although it's been said many times,
Many ways
Yankee go home

(c) 2009
CIA workers killed by 'Afghan soldier'

30 December 2009

A decent flash has a critical detonable mass of between 30 and 50 grams. This means that that quantity will detonate with concussion and a shock wave when ignited in open air: no container, just loose on the ground. A cup or a shell casing does not count as loose: it still confines the flash enough to accelerate the reaction. Less flash than the critical mass will just burn violently. Compare this with black powder which has a critical mass of over 500 pounds.

This is related to the 'failure diameter' that a homogenous brisant also demonstrates.
Too little and it just burns.

Apparently all the "secondary explosive" nitrates burn before detonating, whereas
"primary explosives" (eg lead azide) will simply detonate. Both can be shock friction
etc sensitive.

Not so easy to smell PETN.

It has already been pointed out
that RDX and PETN have extremely low vapor pressures, and the vapor pressures of the plastic
explosives containing these compounds are even lower, due to the presence of oils and
plasticizing agents that give the plastic explosive its form and consistency. When these
explosives are manufactured, they are often spiked with a high-vapor-pressure nitro-compound
called a taggant. Common taggants include ortho-mononitrotoluene (o-MNT), paramononitrotoluene
(p-MNT), and dimethyldinitrobutane (DMDNB). These taggants have vapor
pressures similar to NG or EGDN, and their presence makes vapor detection of plastic
explosives possible. However, relying on vapor detection with plastic explosives is still very
risky, because old or homemade samples of plastic explosives will not contain the taggant.

acetaldehyde + formaldehyde --(basic)--> PE
PE + standard chilled nitric & sulphuric --> Pentaerythritol tetranitrate
sulphuric drain cleaner + saltpeter + distillation --> nitric

Rather symmetric little pinwheel, adorned with ONO2 groups.
Almost blew up over Detroit and all I got was this stupid voucher


The video shows some negro slob mother unable to control her kid who is bothering
other people. Classic.

The actual newsworthiness has to do with Jet Blue trying to destroy the video
and threatening the grandmother videographer.

SAN CLEMENTE – What started out as a call about a loud radio early this morning ended with the arrest of a nude 23-year-old man who officials suspect killed a family dog with his bare hands, then poured hot coffee on his head while running naked in a tennis club, authorities said.

He is being charged with cruelty to animals and may be charged for being under the influence of drugs and narcotics if that is confirmed, Amormino said.

Ya think?
>>Meanwhile, officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday that a man tried to board a commercial airliner in the Somali capital of Mogadishu last month carrying powdered chemicals, liquid and a syringe in a case bearing chilling similarities to the Detroit airliner plot.

The Somali man - whose name has not yet been released - was arrested by African Union peacekeeping troops before the Nov. 13 Daallo Airlines flight took off. It had been scheduled to travel from Mogadishu to the northern Somali city of Hargeisa, then to Djibouti and Dubai. A Somali police spokesman, Abdulahi Hassan Barise, said the suspect is in Somali custody.<<

Gee, you think "intel" would be expecting the pantsbomber..


>>"If you want to detonate it, you have to do that another way than he did. That is why we talk about amateurism," Ter Horst said.<<

Actually its the US that is amateurish... the bomber only needed to practice more.

29 December 2009

Note how PETN is at the bottom compared to other materials.

From Shock-wave phenomena and the properties of condensed matter By Gennadiĭ Isaakovich Kanelʹ, Sergey V. Razorenov, V. E. Fortov
He who made kittens put snakes in the grass

And chlorate from salt and water

Nitric from sulphuric

0.7% 235
Always wear clean underwear

28 December 2009


The war continues

guy gets a teddy bear filled with grass and calls cops..
EDS that use neutron activation
will run into a severe problem
---neutrons 'activate' ordinary
elements. Make them radioactive.

The sodium in your blood will
be activated. Your fillings.
Sure, its small. But its still
ionizing rad, and there is no
known safe additional dose.

(Note that I have uranium
ores etc in a personal collection, so I'm not rad phobic. Just predicting the fallout.)

X-ray scatter is probably more
harmless as the x-rays only penetrate skin depth, and you've
probably already layed down at
the beach, which may be worse.

Its amusing to design something
that works even if the transport is in hospital gowns, strapped
and sedated, surface scanned with
any of the above. Which is the endgame for air transport, it seems.

Fear surgeons who want to make
a difference. Its not just
for heroin-muling puppies anymore.

Glass Empires ought remember
even palestinians can throw stones.
GSM security is toast.

The table - a 2-terabyte list of known results that allows cryptographers to deduce the unique key that encrypts a given conversation - was developed by volunteers around the globe using giant clusters of computers and gaming consoles.
Bill Ray is a rube working for the TLAs

TLAs have been able to listen in real time for years.
Physics is not suspended for the holiday season.

Neither is evolution.


Do not surf trees.
Actual letter:

Dear Neighbors,
We have lived at the corner of ... since ... We are the one with a Singing Christmas

For two consecutive years... our two reindeers lighting on front yard of our house
has been vandalized in the night and been placed in an animal mating posture.

I don't think a comment is necessary.

27 December 2009

Just read Shippy's "The soul of a new game machine". Its about the Playstation
and Xbox Cell chip from IBM, Toshiba, Sony.

The author is clearly a manager type. He has no loyalty to his guild,
says "yes" too easily, has no sympathy for those he doesn't understand.
He uses the word "own", talks of "spins", pontificates about management (tm).

Its an interesting read, written in the first person. Lots of technical
stuff which would snow a non-CS person. Since I've worked for a chip
company (Verilog) and for a modern VC startup (that had the "war rooms" etc
also in the book), it resonated with me. Some of the personality characitures

Anyway, the author doesn't seem to realize that his "yes-man-ship" has
made him (and others) a corporate traitor. He goes on to detail the deceit.

And in the end, the interloper (Microsoft) wins schedule, and Sony misses
the xmas deadline. (OTOH Microsoft's Cell variant was simpler and has
a more familiar programming model and OS.)

Anyway, fascinating read.
And yet another NWA Nigerian with bathroom problems.
On the same flight.

Seems PETN is involved, http://www.powerlabs.org/chemlabs/petn.htm
gives a good synthesis but of course there's patents. But its a simple
poly-alcohol nitration, all you need is the nitric. Similar to nitroglyercin,
TNT, even exotics like RDX.

The syringe and extended fire continues to indicate a sugar and chlorate
mix (same ingredients as "snake" fireworks http://www.chem.umn.edu/services/lecturedemo/info/sugar_dehydration.html

If the fire appeared purplish this would indicate potassium chlorate.

Of course aluminum powder is always good to add for energy and temperature,
but its metallic albeit nonferrous.

26 December 2009

Blog label seeding. See other posts.
Bomb details. Note that you want to get a windows seat for terrorism.

I'm still thinking the initiator was sulphuric + chlorate, even if PETN was
the primary.

The device intended to blow up the Northwest flight was made at the location in Yemen, according to Abdulmutallab, and consisted of a six-inch packet of powder and a syringe with a liquid. Both were sewn into the student's underwear so they would be near his testicles and unlikely to be detected, he told agents.

Authorities say the combination of the liquid in the syringe with the powder created the flash bomb, which was extinguished by passengers and air crew.

Investigators are conducting tests to determine the exact nature of the powder and chemicals used.

Abdulmutallab suffered second-degree burns in his genital area, investigators told ABC News.

The al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen has increasingly taken on a lead role in coordinating major terror attacks as the U.S. has disrupted al-Qaeda training camps in Pakistan, according to American authorities.

Authorities say the suspected bomber was traveling on a visa issued by the State Department on June 16, 2008 and valid until June 12, 2010. Officials tell ABC News he was on a U.S. "terror watch list" but not on the "no fly" list, which would have prevented him from boarding the flight.

He had previously traveled to the U.S. on an 11-day trip to Houston in Aug. 2008.

Published reports in Nigeria said Abdulmutallab's father had contacted the U.S. embassy six months ago about concerns his son had become radicalized and could pose a threat to the U.S. One report said the father could not understand why his son was allowed to board a flight to the U.S. given his warning.

Xeni caught in airplane mess...

funny thing is I can't tell if "Sky's on fire." is a reference to the south
american festival she's tweeting, or a reference to the Nigerian Detroit thigh bomber.

# Announcement on plane right now: "nothing allowed on your lap 1 hour prior to landing. Nobody allowed out of their seats final hr of flight" about 5 hours ago from Twittelator
# Noticed what seemed fairly stepped-up screening @Delta gate prior to takeoff (compared to my frequent, prior departures from this airport). about 5 hours ago from Twittelator
# FWIW, I'm on a long haul Delta intl flight today, same craft type. Got a particularly invasive latex-gloved upskirt groping from security. about 5 hours ago from Twittelator
# 2 afterthoughts on pantsbomb fail 1)Security @Lagos airport (Nigeria) long-known joke. 2) that close bystander who filmed: Creepy? Laudable? about 5 hours ago from Twittelator
# Two things that REALLY didn't need pantsbombing: 1) Christmas, you asshole! 2) Detroit. Poor Detroit. about 14 hours ago from Tweetie
# Sky's on fire. about 17 hours ago from Twittelator
# Ok, update. Now we're all on the roof watching/hearing the most overthetop fireworks explosion yet, more so because shooting off every roof! about 17 hours ago from Twittelator
# Final blowout posada approaches soon. Dozens carrying la virgen, banging turtleshell drums. All rooftops are firework launchpads right now. about 17 hours ago from Twittelator
# Dozens of extended fam up here on roof nomming pan, frijoles volteados, ponche. babies in tow, spooked by the bombas. #guate
WTF is Al Q's problem with detonation, if they can get PETN?
You can still take disposable cameras with flashes (300V, 4 Joules capacitors).

The suspect in the attempted bombing of Northwest Flight 253 used a highly explosive substance called PETN, a law enforcement official told CBS News Saturday.

The explosives were carried in a soft plastic container - possibly a condom - though much of the packaging was destroyed in the fire, the official said.

The FBI is questioning the suspect, identified as 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who claimed to be acting on orders from al Qaeda to blow up the airliner, officials said.

A high-ranking law enforcement official told CBS News that the suspect apparently used a syringe to inject a chemical into the powder, which was located near his groin. It is a technique not seen in previous attempted attacks and it's possible that this incident was a test of whether the materials could pass screening and how effective they might be at causing damage, the source said. <<
Bomb win: bomber had a valid US visa.
Bomb win: bomber was on a list but not no-fly list

"They may be concealing the explosives on the human body - but on the inside upper leg, and we only know this by seeing a very badly burnt leg on the suspected perpetrator."

Bomb win: more intrusive crotch searches
Maybe the lap bomb was just a laptop lithium battery that lit up?

Bomb fail: should have brought accelerants so that the flames
(if explosion failed) would have been harder to extinguish.
Delivering a plane full of asphyxiated passengers would be pretty

Bomb win: learned this.

Bomb win: US was clueless:

"A note was released earlier this week by the Office of Intelligence and Analysis that said FBI officials "currently have no specific, credible intelligence indicating plans by al Qaeda or other terrorist groups to conduct attacks in the United States during the 2009 holiday season."
Bomb win: former TSA director admits weakness, "Holiday traffic is too great to have marshals on every plane."

Nice opsec there guys.

"A relatively privileged life, and even an engineering background" yes can't trust those educated engineers.

"Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the main organizer of the Sept. 11 plot, was raised in Kuwait by Pakistani parents and earned an engineering degree in North Carolina." And of course
UBL has civil engineering experience, though wikipedia lists him also as
having "economics and business administration" which is pretty evil by itself.
Bomb win: air travel is now going to suck even more. Possibly no meds
and no getting up.

"the powder and syringe full of chemicals" ---should be interesting chem.
Could be as lame as chlorate, sugar, sulphuric.
Interesting that Detroit was the target. Detroit is Muslim central
in the US.

Naturally the bomber was a black african, equipt in Yemen. Part of the
Caliphate, face it.
Bombing win: the bomb got aboard and was initiated.

Bombing fail: didn't explode, you burnt your leg.

Jasper Schuringa is now a hero. He's Dutch BTW;
same as Geert. :-)

25 December 2009

Civilization fail. Enjoy 2010, you've earned all the attacks. Blowback
is physics.

not accused of any crimes in the US and it was inappropriate for the American government to attempt to assassinate him.

Though US officials have repeatedly labeled Awlaki an al-Qaeda sympathizer and potentially even a member of the terrorist group, they have so far provided no evidence linking him conclusively with them.

24 December 2009

Mobubu my kid says he's going to have. Mobubu.

Turns out he meant mimosa and the wife is going let him taste
a champagne and orange juice drink.

Mobubu from Mimosa?

At least I'm getting to eat food at home, not going out xmas eve.
Elephant bar.
Asimov is great. Read Positronic man after I robot (again)
and now ugly little boy. His best are about what it means to
be human, and the humans who deal with that.
Our puppet Karzai doesn't quite "get" freedom of speech

"But freedom of speech should have its limits," the aide said. "I don't think cursing one's wife — or insulting someone's personality — should have a place in freedom of speech."

In particular, satire.
We atheists believe that the nativity scene is mocking humanity," by suggesting that those who do not believe in Jesus will go to hell, Barker said. "But notice that we are not defacing or stealing nativity scenes because we disagree with their speech."

Though I will, if found on public property.
At the time of the winter solstice, let reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is just myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds."

22 December 2009

The irony is that a few of the stingers that the us/cia sold
UBL could have taken down the hijacked cruise missiles.
Happy solstice & good gregorian new year. That's what I've been wishing folks.

And to you too. I burnt a few cm of Mg to bring the sun back.

Your email eassier to remember/find than Andrew's, and I'm on a netbook with little history.

Drove to Rancho Palos Verdes today, you can go through the Trump course to the ocean.

Google earth + gps makes for interesting trips.

On vacation this week and next, if interested in daytrips, let us know

But memory serves, you have Unit 3 on the way. Hope that is well!
Still, you could send AW et al on an adventure and enjoy the solitude.

I/we would also be free for coffee without adventure. Generic grown up
intellligent conversation.

I went to a dollar bookstore near where your road meets megacivilization :-)
on the recommendation of a friend/colleage
and got a geology text over my head and a book of jewish humor.
Isaac has to my amuse/amazement read a few stories.
Jamboree & chapman.

Anyway, day is shortest, the first derivative at zero, the second at a maxima.
So, things must be looking up.


Supremes shred due process. You are now a soviet serf.

21 December 2009

FBI:Irvine safest city in US.

Why: lots of asians, some jews, no negroes.

Pop: 100K. That means at least 10K tokers.

Someone doesn't belong in the neighborhood, they know it.

Nigger in newport was a police code. I'm sure there's one
for Irvine.
Mamas & papas. Sly & the family stone.

Yes, I realize I'm appreciating groups as old as me.
At least these were recorded in *color*.

Hey, I just discovered the Pumpkins maybe 5 years ago.


Pop culture is a *thin* stream.

20 December 2009

Watching Ed Sullivan shows.

The Animals were great.

Rolling Stones are hilarious, Jagger was once handsome actually.
Hard to believe it was meds. Probably genetics.
But they're still alive and working.
Cox ISP, Irvine, ca.

Saw 400KB (3.2Mb !!) this evening upload, but only 50KB (400Kb) now.
Merry x-mas.

From a militant atheist.

All your stupid christmas, chanuka holidays are derivatives of the fundamental
state: the shortest day of the year, thanks to the earth's tilt with respect to
the solar orbit. Likely due to the Moon Event.

Anyway it makes for wider habitable range, albeit with seasons. More extreme
the higher latitude you go.

As hunter gatherers or (as much) farmers you care about the photoperiod.
Modern folks just synch to Hallmark.

Modern man is a farm animal. First farmers found productivity, then looters found
farmers, then armies, then politicians / wordsmiths / forebrains
farmed the armies, and here we are.

But back to the Cycles: we are not immune. I've avoided SAD via not wearing sunglasses
(plus a few psychopharms) this season. But I await the elongation of the day
that starts on the shortest day. Derivatives of cosines are sines.

I even acknowledge ---celebrate is too strong--- the mid-season days when the derivatives
at at their highest. Those are also the equinoxes, because of cosine-sine properties.

The sine wave (aka cosine, phase shifted 90 degrees) is what you get if you cast
a shadow down on a rotating arm. Its what you get when a sharper wave disperses.
Its what you get from simple harmonic oscillators. Guitar strings. Organ pipes.
It is Optimal in ways, eg smooth. And its derivative is itself, phase shifted.
Pioneer 11 plaque mods. As art projects.

Fat couple, with "we were thin once" as a caption.

Couple with rifle & bandolier, with "come and get us" as caption.

With cat silhouette and "master and slaves" as caption.

Frickin' aliens better have senses of humor or else.
A toothbrush is not FDA regulated because the mouth is open to the
world. A condom is not regulated for the same reason.

This is a biomed joke, sort of.

But true.
Uploading cat videos. Because that's why Al G invented the innertubes
and global warming (tm).

Cat brought in a mouse; I removed it via its tail, it was still twitching.
I'll let him sleep in my bed though.

Flaming Lips did a Dark Side cover. Gotta hear this.

Don't even know the band but they sound intelligent. Also found a cover
of Eno's "Fat Lady of Limberg" which was incredible, by some UK female (?) singer.

19 December 2009

The fact is bringing up wild child molester, pedophile, and terrorist scenarios is a cheap, dramatic tactic, designed to rile people up emotionally preventing us from having a dispassionate discussion about the facts of the situation.


18 December 2009

The Army general of U.S. forces in Northern Iraq has banned pregnancy among military personnel in his command, NBC News reported on Friday.

Anyone who becomes pregnant or impregnates another servicemember, including married couples assigned to the same unit, could face a court-martial and jail time, according to an order issued by Maj. Gen. Anthony Cucolo.

U.S. prosecutors accused three alleged al Qaeda associates of attempting to smuggle hundreds of kilograms of cocaine into Europe via North Africa to raise money for terrorist groups.

The men, from Mali, were arrested Wednesday in Ghana as part of a sting set up by agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. The men were turned over to U.S. authorities in New York on Friday.

How the hell does the US get any say over Mali people in Ghana? Same way
they board ships on the open seas --might makes right.

And gets planes driven into buildings.
April Wright says she is ‘embarrassed’ by the recent behavior of her four old son Hayden Wright.

Hayden Wright was recently picked up by police after he was found drinking a beer and wearing a girl’s dress. The dress he had stolen, along with several other Christmas presents, from a neighbor’s house.


In the middle of the night, a four-year-old boy in Tennessee got drunk, opened his neighbours' Christmas presents and was found by police at the end of his street wearing a dress and holding an empty bottle of beer. "I don't know how four-year-old could think of this," neighbour Logan Pugh said.

17 December 2009

“It’s like criminals using radio scanners to pick up police communications,” the senior officer says.

No, its like freedom fighters exploiting your ridiculous lack of
video encryption.


Wait till they take over your control channels.


Still, systems like the ROVER (and the Predator, for that matter) were “built to be cheap. They used commercial off-the-shelf hardware. We wanted to get stuff out there. So it’s not gonna be perfect,” the officer adds. “So yeah, if we’re broadcasting in the electromagnetic spectrum and you’re underneath the footprint, you can receive it. Duh-uhhhh.”

The president said that the costs ... are on an “unsustainable” trajectory and if there is no action taken to bring them down, “the federal government will go bankrupt.”

Bring it on. They already are, morally.

And you know what? They will continue to spend on wars and foreign aid
right up until the end.

16 December 2009

Dollar is no good any more.

New currency.


Gulf petro-powers to launch currency in latest threat to dollar hegemony

Linda Henrie, petty fascist of a backwater texas public school. Just look at the ice in her eyes. What kind of strange sexual fetishes does she have? Someone that
uptight has got to have them.

According to the district dress code, boys' hair must be kept out of the eyes and cannot extend below the bottom of earlobes or over the collar of a dress shirt. Fads in hairstyles "designed to attract attention to the individual or to disrupt the orderly conduct of the classroom or campus is not permitted," the policy states.

The district is known for standing tough on its dress code. Earlier this year, a seventh-grader in the district was sent home for wearing black skinny pants. His parents chose to home-school him.

On its Web site, the district says its code is in place because "students who dress and groom themselves neatly, and in an acceptable and appropriate manner, are more likely to become constructive members of the society in which we live."

This is a 4 year old in a Dallas public school.

See also these dimwits

And the bitch's blog itself http://lindahenrie.blogspot.com/
Their remains were eaten by rats. It is NYC after all.

9/11 families argue to remove ashes from NYC dump

NEW YORK (AP) -- A lawyer has asked a federal appeals court to let families of victims of the World Trade Center attacks remove ashes of their loved ones from a garbage dump.

Attorney Norman Siegel told the three-judge panel in Manhattan on Wednesday that 17 families he represents want fine particles of debris containing remains to be taken from a dump on Staten Island to a more respectful place.

City lawyer Jim Tyrrell referred to the debris as "undifferentiated dirt" and urged the court to toss out a lawsuit brought by the families.

Siegel said it was as if relatives were left on top of garbage.

A lower court judge had ruled that it was not an issue for the court to decide. The appeals court did not immediately rule.

Meet Deron, the Census Dept charicature of a shiftless, er,
Single Unattached Mobile male negro.
How they're going to psyop you

The Taliban offer, included in a statement dated Dec. 4 and e-mailed to news organizations the following day, said the organization has "no agenda of meddling in the internal affairs of other countries and is ready to give legal guarantees if foreign forces withdraw from Afghanistan."

That was the intent of the invasion. Now the US is simply occupying it,
trying to install its own puppets. What (disasters) happens to the US hereafter is thus earned, no?

Start bulldozing a few more acres next to Arlington.

"Cyberspace grants small countries and individuals a power that was heretofore the preserve of great states," (Israeli military intelligence chief) Yadlin said.

15 December 2009


Clever brits.

Narc pig. Enjoy jail.

13 December 2009

10 December 2009

Evil must be vigorously opposed, he declared as he accepted the Nobel Peace

Yep, as he continued invading nations on the other side of the planet.

As he degraded our rights and socialized our society.

His Nobel prize: for having a beer with a nigger prof and a mick cop.
Accidentally stepped on my jet black cat's foot in a dimly
lighted room. Have winter shoes on, so insensitive. He's
ok, absorbing warmth off a car hood.
I typically get seasonal affective disorder when the days are short.
This season I've been avoiding sunglasses when driving, it may help.

Or slightly different meds. Or behav/cog learning and/or better
(ie intentionally less stressful) environment. Most likely meds

Don't really want to do the control, its unpleasant.

I celebrate the solstices (which are also dDay/dt holidays of course).
In between those and the equinoxes, there are mid-season holy days
when dDay/dt is maximized, 90 degrees out of phase with the acxtual
maxima or minima (or equinoxes).

the rest of the "holidays" (tm) are cultural baggage trash. I do like
fireworks though.

I may burn some magnesium on the solstice, to reawaken the day
having work done on car. leads to conversation with colleage.
He had to reflash his transmission, and then his engine too.

Yep, firmware updates.

I've heard same from father, with nice BMW or Mercedes car.

I loathe buying a new car for fear of the electronics and software in it.
Netbookk prices down. But the differential is the cost of the time you
got to enjoy the object between now (cheaper) and then (past).
Army Chief Warrant Officer Steven Michael Larrabee of Irvine was killed in Vietnam on March 24, 1971, the last day of his tour of duty. What a loser. He was killed by defenders of the nation when his invader helicopter was brought down by glorious fire. He was 21.

He left his parents, Larry and Barbara Larrabee; sister, Kelly; and brothers, Jeff and Mark. So his parents had replacements. No biggee.

Maj. Charles Soltes Jr., bled to death Oct. 13, 2004, when a martyr walked up to his convoy in Mosul, Iraq. Two months later, his wife, Sally Dang Soltes, gave birth to their third son, Robert Harrison. Maj Soltes Jr had been out of country for a year. Their other two sons were Brandan, then 7 years old, and Ryan, then 10.
They won't remember him.

Marine Pfc. Sean Horn was killed a year after graduating from Creekside High School.
He couldn't get any real job.

Horn was found dead on June 20, 2004, from a single shot in the head in a bunker at a camp about 150 miles northwest of Baghdad. He was 19. The Marine Corps called his death a "non-combative incident." Everyone knows it was suicide. The pansy couldn't take it anymore.

Army Mercenary Justin Pollard died Dec. 30, 2003, in Iraq. The 21-year-old died in a noncombat incident. Military officials told the family that he was the victim of an "accidental discharge of a rifle." Pointed at himself, by himself. Funny how that happens. When they find out they're not in Irvine any more.

Justin Pollard was angered by the attack on New York on Sept. 11, 2001, and within a few days he enlisted in the Army. He was clueless about history or why the blowback occurred. "Dumb animals" as Kissinger noted.

Marine Maj. Michael D. Martino was buried in Arlington National Cemetery 13 days after he was killed Nov. 2, 2005, in Iraq. Martino and his co-pilot were killed near Ramadi in western Iraq when his Cobra attack helicopter was shot down by al-Qaida skilled soldiers.

Arlington is the most hallowed of America's national cemeteries and so little space remains that normally, only decorated veterans can be buried there. Its filling up fast, and most of these losers didn't make it.

Lt. Cmdr. Keith Edward Taylor, a Navy reservist, was killed on Jan. 29, 2005, in Baghdad during a rocket attack on the U.S. Embassy. He was 47 and left his wife, Diane; daughters, Audry, Emily and Katherine; parents, George and Edith; and sister, Beth. As a middle aged reservist he certainly didn't expect to eat a rocket.

Taylor enlisted in August 1975, shortly after he graduated from high school. He served tours in American Empire-building exploits in Haiti, Bosnia and Kosovo as well as Iraq.

Marine Lance Cpl. Michael Probst was killed in Iraq on Feb. 14, 2006, by a bomb near Abu Ghraib. He was 26.

Family, friends and fellow Marines saluted Probst in a service at Red Hill Lutheran Church in Tustin, where he was baptized, attended pre-school and was confirmed.

But his god couldn't help him, so he died.

Second Lieutenant Mark J. Daily died Jan. 15, 2007, in Mosul, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. He was 23.

Daily, a Woodbridge High School graduate, joined the Army after the geopolitical feedback of fall 2001. More clueless cannon fodder from Irvine! Supposedly an objectivist but he should have known better than to use force against innocents.

More to come...

Debi and Rick Win'E, of Orange, light candles at a memorial to wasted soldiers in Irvine's Northwood Park. Their son, Mercenary Trevor Win'E, was killed in Iraq
by freedom fighters resisting the illegal american occupation.
Three Republican lawmakers have asked the Department of Homeland Security what can be done to bar or criminally penalize whistleblower sites that reposted a sensitive airport-screening manual that was published on the internet by a government worker.

Kinda funny. Sometimes my hobby is finding FOUO documents.

No fun if you don't share.
* Three counts possession of firearms without a license (firearm identification card)
* Possession of a rifle without a license
* Possession of an internal machine (rocket launcher)
* Possession of mace without a license
* Two counts of possession of large-capacity ammunition
* Unlawful possession of fireworks
* Six counts of possession of class E drugs (Neurontin, glyburide, micronase, citalopram, celexa and aciphex)

Funny how none of these are crimes against anyone ---just the King.
The meds aren't even good ones.

09 December 2009

"We're trying to find out who were these kids, what were they doing and why were they doing it. Our primary focus is, let's get them back safely."

Some of the five were born in the United States, and all are U.S. citizens, local Muslim leaders said.

"Kids",that's great psyops to minimize the homegrown or citizenized threat.

What they were doing is joining the jihad mil div, undercover, sleepers,
while the empire used noncitizens (hoping to become) as merc/centurians.

Also, torture twitter came out.

Do not be a collaborator. Saboteur is up to you, but do not assist.
My kid asked about artificial life, from a video game.

I explained that for 'natural' life everyone has a mom,
even if they don't (like most bacteria) have a dad
(albeit there's some very interesting horizontal
gene transfer that has little genetic analogy amongst
higher vertebrates, although amongst humans, culture
is transmitted not only with all the strength of normal
heridity, but also with horizontal meme transfer.

But synthetic life would be composed in a lab.

Kid will play Jonas Salk in a famous americans play.
I'm pleased; although its easy for him as he's done
several reports based on the same research. Much like
certain academics.

Salk snd Sabin are very cool dudes.
My netbook just went to sleep spontaneously. Computer narcolepsy.
But it wakes up quickly.

Happy widdle machine. Nice closed system.
Rare earth elements aren't that rare; they're hard to separate is all.

China figured out that rather than be a colonial-type source of
raw material (eg Africa) it would conserve its resources and only
sell them in high value added manufactured goods.


Esp. with the Green (tm) scam going on.

Stephanie Lazarus, LAPD detective, caught on murder charges

08 December 2009

I come home, I like to have a beer and garbage collect. My brain
gets filled with fragmented memory, spaghetti pointers, and needs
to veg.

Recently I've been watching Court TV. What a bunch of retarded freaks.
They don't even know they're on a freak show; they think its a legal show.

Stupid plaintiff ends up owing defendant.

Finest of the Empire.

The connection is weird, motion time artifacts, matrix like. Annoying,
though interesting slightly as not analog.

Stupid people *really* annoy.

We need an aerosol contraceptive. Then we need to dust Africa and various
city centers in the US.

Bill Gates, are you listening? Malaria is nothing compared to this.
Including for carbon footprint reduction.

The economist on how The Bell Curve is going to be demonstrated
further, with interesting political / biological repercussions.

Interesting study on SSRI and personality descriptors long "thought"
to be stable.

Obviously the MDs have very simple understandings... obviously genetic setpoints
in the circuits can be adjusted and obviously they can lead to software changes.

07 December 2009

We won't let this courthouse be used.

Some stupid 911 victim cases, regretting Bush's war,
now Obama's war. Stupid NYers. I bet: normalized to the country,
NYC residents are 90 IQ vs the national average 100.
The prof

Wearing a sweater, broken glasses, einstein hair. Writing code.
Groceries. Hiking. Hermit. Enemy of the state.
Well, I have to say.

A few brews and Celtic Women and I'm willing to move there.
And dance like a medieval fool.

Moving there is not a bad idea. They might dig a greying Master.
I dig the way they talk. Pale women tend to age faster than
eg asian women, but in their finest they are fairly irresistable.
As are some asian women, actually.

What I've come to realize at my age is that They regard what We regard
as amazing as ordinary.

But interesting souls are what I think I shall desire.
Google is an associative memory.

So is the mammalian cortex.

I remembered
bagpipe site:ocregister.com dog railroad
and found the article about the dude who plays pipes

because I'm watching a show, Celtic Women, which includes pipes.

I know way too much about the physics of pipe music.
And I love it more, thusly. (Feynmann)
the heavier beauty who is dominating this show has her hands on her hips.
That is the wrong accentuation.

Still, she is hot, the show would be so much better if there were no clothes.
Accompanying the Celtic Women show, is a kilted bagpiper.

I love bagpipe music.

Reed music. Harmonically very biassed. PWM. Great stuff.

Good times.
Beer. Netbook. New Celtic Woman show on PBS. I once donated,
after a computer-generated music show ("Animusic") which I found
so novel that I had to donate.
At the time finances were better, more confident.

Same small blonde plays fiddle. 7/10 attractiveness women sing.
Dusk in Ireland?

05 December 2009

Made the mistake of watching pop tv. There are a few failing wars on,
nukes about to go wahabi, but we've got housewhores of oc and everything

Culture fail.

Can't wait for the DC nuke.
LAPD will trade $100 certificate for your weapons. Niggah.
Trade it in. Trust us. We won't let you have jobs, language,
thought, or guns. Nigger.
Message to TEP Xi (MIT)

To frosh

Congrats on acceptance to the Tute. Your interest in and
acceptance by TEPXI Corp indicates you are likely an intelligent
interesting person.

You may also have undiagnosed problems. Bipolar disorder (Hendrix' disease) for instance. I doubt you're a psychopath, but you may be autistic. Or just grew up
isolated, or with f'ed parents.

Many of these are soluable, some organic ones quickly and some software ones
with more time debugging. In my case I left after 2 years, not handling the
contact or obligations, and went to various small closet dorm rooms.
Not the best of times.
Had a zit appear on the left crease of my nose. Swelled up quite a bit,
even up to my eye. Been going down. Just put 3% peroxide on it, felt like bugs on my skin.
Used saliva to stop that.

I have 30% peroxide for cleaning things and chemistry.

90% peroxide can be used to make pretty much any fuel explosive.

HTP rocket fuel is about 50-70%.

Zits at 45 are stupid. Should get my microbial flora in gear.

Illness is better than the alternative.
Like an intellectual cow, I often regurgitate and recogitate previous
Death is best put off until after reproduction.

As I get older I heal slower. I figure this is an anti-cancer
measure, as cancer involves cell growth, as does healing.

Or it could just be entropy. Accumulated defects in the library of (protein
and regulatory) designs for lifemachines.

Not at absolute zero so its gonna happen, despite your error correcting or
detecting codes.


The fish I angsted about were dinner for some. Yeah!

Silly me. Out empathizing Nature. Fortunately, my
Nature is not a vengeful Nature, unlike many. Its not
a benevolent Nature either; just benign. It is what is is.

There is no god, and Murphy is his prophet. Of course. Just
a corollary of the primacy of Entropy.


Read that Dirac was an asp on the creative scale of uncle albert. Need
to look into this.


Got a great egret feather. Who ate the fish. Awesome nature, to be able to
watch Nature.


Just an engineer in irvine, california. Orange county. Behind the orange curtain.
Constructino of a personal portable disposable combustion vaporizer
pulmonary medicine absorbtion apparatus via additive manufacturing

or, making a pipe out of celery

Whereas many field improvised pipes are made from subtractive technology
(think coring apples, puncturing bell peppers, etc.) it is possible to
assemble a decent ephemeral pipe from celery which takes the form of
longitudinally slided half tubes of sufficient length. By planing the
rounded edges of the half-tubes one can assure a sufficiently airtight

Just thought I'd put this out there..
tree abstract light color

Many words are both nouns and verbs. Its hard to find a noun that isn't.

Don't know what cat means as a verb. But dog, weasel, worm, ape, they are verbs.
On the new 5 year old cat, not sure if written before:

knows to poo outside, litterbox only if trapped, with no instruction
only eats kibble, not wet, not human, will refuse all but kibble
no fleas
done with neighborhood fighting, sustaining an earnick and an infection once,
but now equilibriated

still brings birds and rodents
chases spiders and silverfish

very vocal
knows to come when called
knows our routines
likes to play, evolves to rough/sharp play

handsome shorthair black with nice snout
I'm thinking of getting a kitten. I already have a 5 year old cat.
I don't know why a kitten is attractive. My cat is certainly interactive
enough. A little I think he's bored. Am I? Maybe I'm expecting
more interaction or new behaviors. Maybe I'm thinking of a dog?

Dunno. Should avoid change.
Saturday. Hiked to the dam. Found out what happens to fish in a drying
pool: they get eaten.

Rightnow: cat sitting next to me (his choice when he saw me writing),
beer, gonna rain tomorrow finally, cooking salmon & squash. Salmon
from Japanese market that I get an occasional bento from (and they sell
cheap skin-heavy thin cuts that I like, probably waste to them). Squash
from the local korean market, Zion, which has fantastic selection and
prices. Not so much dairy :-) [BTW I'm eastern euro hebraic from
new england so its pretty alien still.]

Fish get eaten. And if their tiny pool is surrounded by mud you get amazing
tracks of everyone who feasts. Saw giant egret, racoon or opossum, cats.
Saw a deer track where the deer got stuck in mud; might have been chased by
dog, or those might be independent.

And I suppose vultures would eat the fish if they flopped out and died.

So, I should have had more faith in bio, no need to worry about fish dying.
One species' tradgedy is another's feast.

04 December 2009

Joe "felch" D'Agostino, Senior Assistant DA, is a prick who needs to find real work.
His wife has taken drugs so they can have recreational sex. He has taken psychotropic drugs during his life. As has his kids. But he has a problem with medical cannibis vendors. Back to Jersey, punk.

03 December 2009

“[Shi] was riding a rally bike down Pereira, going 25 miles per hour,” Sergeant Steve Monsanto of the UCI police department said. Shi was also biking with earphones and riding on the wrong side of the road without a helmet.

Shi swerved to avoid a bicyclist riding with the green directly in his path. The tire of Shi’s brakeless bike hit the curb, sending him over the handlebars and onto the pavement.

The ambulance pulled away, the scene cleared and the crowd broke up. As students departed, Gabriel Borjon, who had been at the scene, asked what many others might have been wondering: “Who would ride a bike without brakes?”

Evolution even affects asian uci students.
Note to my friends in the FBI, "needing killing" is protected speech.
And you know sometimes I'm right.

PS: How's Hal Turner doing? That Craig Monteilh thing didn't work out
too well, did it? Not as bad as Robert Philip Hanssen though.
The CBC members laid out a series of policies they would like to see enacted: efforts to reduce foreclosures, including through principal write-downs; better access to credit for African-American-owned auto dealerships; more aid to small and community banks that lend to African-Americans; and more federal money going to support ad buys in minority radio stations and newspapers.

The 10 Democratic members include: Waters, Mel Watt (N.C.), Gregory Meeks (N.Y.), Lacy Clay (Mo.), David Scott (Ga.), Al Green (Texas), Emanuel Cleaver (Mo.), Gwen Moore (Wis.), Keith Ellison (Minn.) and André Carson (Ind.).

Shameless racist parasites.
Soldier sent to detention for cooking on Shabbat after cat ate his meal

Kfir brigade soldier about to eat Shabbat meal finds out a cat has 'tasted' their meal. Soldier offers to cook new meal, gets caught, sentenced to 20 days in detention for violating IDF rules

Hanan Greenberg
Published: 12.02.09, 16:10 / Israel News

A combat soldier from the Nahshon battalion was sentenced to 20 days in detention, after he found out a stray cat "tasted" his Shabbat meal and decided to cook a new meal, despite IDF's strict orders that forbid cooking on the holy day.

Last weekend, the soldier and his friends, who serve with the Kfir division, entered the base's dining room, and intended to eat from a pot of cholent (meat stew) that was cooked according to the Shabbat regulations.

However, before they managed to dig in, the soldiers were surprised to discover that a cat ate out of the pot. The soldier, who refused to eat from the tainted pot, offered instead to make a light meal for him and his friends.

As his luck would have it, during the meal preparations, one of the kitchen's staff arrived and instructed the soldier to stop cooking immediately.

Details of the incident were handed over to the battalion commander, who decided to put the soldier on trial and sentenced him to 20 days in detention for violating IDF orders.


02 December 2009

Leaked e-mails allegedly undermining climate change science should be treated as a criminal matter, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Wednesday afternoon.

Since when is East Anglia under US "protection"?

Judge Jeff Cox writes about jury duty. He lies and deceives --carefully omitting
mention of the juror's option of privacy (in camera), of jury obligation to be there
(slavery vs volunteering) and of jury nullification.

Judge Jeff Cox is the 26th Judicial District Court Judge for Bossier/Webster Parishes

01 December 2009

Channel flipping.


I once donated to PBS.

Now rewarded.
NY Times confirms _The Bell Curve_


(Notice also the inflated self worth of the described.)
Russians have actually had quite a lot of terrorism

One wonders if this would get America's attention. At least in the last
trainbomb the "elites" were chosen. (Somewhat similar to WTC but not
as directed?)

Anyway, we're going more into Afghanistan, so the Empire will fall that much sooner.

29 November 2009

My regular dispensary was closed, so it was time to diversify, to second

Using weedmaps, I found a place <7mi from home, albeit in santa ana.
Mr GPS was useful as ever.

It was in a similarly obscure single story industrial / mall complex.
There was a sign though, and I saw someone going to his car with an
opaque bag and asked him... giving only 2 letters of the 4 letter name
he directed me to the door.

This was a larger place, the lobby could have held my regular dispensary.
There was a guard, which there isn't in Irvine. Just the receptionist, "Tyler Durden" and the sales associate. At this new place they took credit cards,
which Irvine doesn't. You pass the card and driver's license into a
banker's sliding drawer, faced with a 2-way mirror. Sales desk samples are in clear-topped
containers with vent holes for smelling. But you get your buds via the
banker's drawer and mirror. They come in a bag labelled prescription Rx, in
plastic jars with annoying tops. Recently Irvine has started using plastic
jars too; once I got glass jars, then polythene baggies, recently rigid jars.

I write in part because this is a unique part of american history. I wonder
if there are diaries of speakeasy visitors.

In Irvine, you go to a very obscure skinny office in an industrial park,
authenticate, and go into a small locked room with clear shelves so you
can see all the material (actual stock) on the bottom, mid, and top shelf.
Typically top shelf material is worth it.

The botanical all have funky "strain" names, which are apparently not local or random, as they can be found on international web sites. Anyway, evolution
and artificial selection at its finest. Absolute finest.

The Santa ana dispensary had a posted and verbally reinforced policy of no cell
phones, pagers, or cameras. Irvine is not that paranoid. And if you could use
one of the gizmos, you could readily disguise it or substitute a stealthier gizmo.

I may be legal these days, but the opsec is still there.

24 November 2009


No charges for couple who grew pot in baby's room
2009-11-24 07:51:56

TUSTIN – A man and a woman accused of growing marijuana in a child's bedroom were released from jail Monday after the District Attorney's Office declined to file charges.

Stephen Casino, 26, of Huntington Beach, and Tina Marie Turrieta, 29, of Tustin, were arrested Thursday on suspicion of felony child endangerment after police found marijuana plants growing in the bedroom of a 1-year-old child, authorities said.

According to the Orange County Jail records, Casino was released at 5:37 p.m. Monday and Turrieta at 11:06 a.m. after they spent the weekend in jail. In jail records, the reason given for their release is "D.A. refused to prosecute."

The 1-year-old boy was placed in the custody of Orangewood Children's Home last Thursday.

The pair had a doctor's recommendation allowing them to grow the marijuana, police said.

Police officers who visited the home at the Segovia Apartments at 15560 Tustin Village Way made some observations that led them to fear for the safety of Turrieta's 1-year-old son, Lt. Tom Tarpley of the Tustin Police Department said Friday. He declined to say what those observations were, but said that the marijuana plants in the child's bedroom were the primary concern.

Police received a call from Child Protective Services around 3:30 p.m. Thursday reporting a possible child endangerment case, Tarpley said.

Detectives started surveillance at the apartment, and arrested Casino when he arrived around 5:30 p.m.

Under California law, a person can be convicted for felony child endangerment if he "permits that child to be placed in a situation where his or her person or health is endangered."


The kid benefits from extra oxygen and humidity.
As long as he doesn't stay up past bedtime because
of photoperiod concerns.

Cannabis is the new ficus.

22 November 2009

Sarah Palin. You go girl!
American comedy at its finest!
You go girl!
You watch that russia, baby!
Drill, baby, abstinence, drill!

20 November 2009

Assakeena, kinda like ass kissa.


It's not clear who would decide what is considered grossly abusive, but each country's criminal courts would likely have initial jurisdiction over that decision, according to Marghoob Saleem Butt, a Pakistani diplomat in Geneva who confirmed the campaign's existence and has lobbied for the ban.

"There has to be a balance between freedom of expression and respect for others," Butt said in a telephone interview.

"Taking the symbol of a whole religion and portraying him as a terrorist," said Butt, referring to the Muhammad cartoons, "that is where we draw the line."

19 November 2009

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Thursday that trying self-professed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a federal civilian court in New York is unwise and unnecessary.

"There's no reason to put New York through this," said Giuliani.

Of course, Giuliani's claim to fame (and lame attempt at presidency)
is 911 (tm).

Albeit, Obama likes to dick with NYC --look at the airforce-1 flyby scare.
Now bringing the Big Boys into town.

Like they're going to get a fair trial.

18 November 2009

“I don't think it will be offensive at all when Bush is convicted and when the death penalty is applied to him,” Obama told NBC’s Chuck Todd.

When Todd asked Obama if he was interfering in the trial process by declaring that Bush will be executed, Obama, a former constitutional law professor, insisted that he wasn’t trying to dictate the result.

Obama FAIL
"Well mayor, how are you going to feel when it is your daughter that is kidnapped at school by a terrorist?" Shadegg said.


Too big to fail, I suppose.

17 November 2009

With the Hauser bomb, he had for the first time used a mixture of aluminium powder and ammonium nitrate, producing a much bigger bang and signaling to Ronay that worse was to come.


So that's how he did it ---you can make aluminum powder and NH4NO3 is a common ag chemical. He was in Montana.
In order to get our message before the public with some chance of making a lasting impression, we've had to kill people.


Pretty concise description of terrorism
Backwater town tries to define legal curfew, stumbles over


Exemptions include:

4 The juvenile is accompanied by a parent

4 The juvenile is involved in an emergency

4 The juvenile is engaged in an employment activity

4 The juvenile is on the sidewalk directly abutting their residence

4 The juvenile is attending an institutionally sponsored activity

4 The juvenile is on an errand at the direction of a parent and bears a written consent

4 The juvenile is involved in interstate travel beginning or ending in Emmitsburg

4 The juvenile is out after curfew hours while exercising first amendment rights, such as that covered by Constitutional freedom of speech, religion or right of assembly.

12 November 2009

Moron Mass. democrats stumbling over themselves to
take moron Kennedy's place in the Senate

"I incorrectly interpreted the question to be asking if I would support a mandatory draft in the event we needed additional troops and my answer was yes," Pagliuca said in a statement after the debate. "I now realize that was not the question posed to me, and I want to be clear that I do not support reinstating the military draft at this time."

He said that if there were a need to increase troop levels beyond what voluntary recruitment could provide, "I would support a mandatory draft that would be fair, transparent and equal."

He also said the country should have imposed a "patriot tax" to pay for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.


11 November 2009

We must all kudos the officers who fragged the fraggable
Arabs, americans, grenadiers,
the empire tries to survive on foreigner mercenaries
it spells fail
in big capital letters

John Doe #2
Lake Forest officials are communist atheist necro-bestial-pedophiles.
(They like dead veal)

Or otherwise violate the law of the land in pretend performance
of their doodies.

Hang 'em high. Its more humane than hanging them low, which is a form of

Hang 'em by the short hairs and turn 'em into soap.

My kid, a theist, thanks to his mother, gets upset when I say that god is
asleep as its past 7pm (PST) which is past His bedtime.

Awesome, Obama's TSA pick has a history of abusing
databases for personal reasons:


Obama = Bush

10 November 2009

Apparently Ms. Prejean has a new movie out. This might be a trailer from it, demonstrating "fisting"

Great quote: "Nothing is private anymore, nothing" --Carrie Prejean

mirrors Monica Lewinsky's quote in the LA Times
I think people have not quite gotten their hands around the
speed at which information can be disseminated online.
-Monica Lewinsky, LATimes 9 may 01

09 November 2009

05 November 2009

Larry C. Ford

A fine mormon if ever one did blow their head off with a shotgun whilst being
investigated for homicide, whilst having explosives, ammo, and fully automatic
machine guns buried in their Irvine, California back yard.

And bioweapons in his Irvine, California garage's fridge.

And connections to south african biowarfare and human experimentation (hiv) research.
Some were Ecstacy (tm) drugs.

After he blew his head off they had to evacuate, to expensive hotels, his neighbors whilst they found the explosives, machine guns, biological agents, etc, you know, the stuff
every mormon gynecologist keeps at home.

FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) -- An Army psychiatrist set to be shipped overseas opened fire at the Fort Hood Army post Thursday, authorities said, a rampage that killed 12 people and left 31 wounded in the worst mass shooting ever at a military base in the United States.

The gunman, first said to have been killed, was wounded but alive and in stable condition under military guard, said Lt. Gen. Bob Cone at Fort Hood. "I would say his death is not imminent," Cone said. Col. Ben Danner said the suspect was shot at least four times.

The man was identified as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a 39-year-old, eight-year veteran from Virginia.

Moslem. Psychiatrist. Arabic name. Virginia Tech. Postal. Not making this up.

Visualize whirled peas.

03 November 2009

Clerical Error Leads to Massachusetts Woman's Arrest

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

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A Massachusetts woman was pulled over by police over a clerical error made nine years ago, MyFoxBoston.com reported.

Karyn Meunier, 39, of Haverhill, Mass., was driving to work in October 21 when an officer arrested her for skipping out on jury duty in 2000.

Meunier said she had resolved the issue years ago and that she has since served jury duty.

An error, possibly linked to a national database that police have access to in their patrol cars, failed to clear the warrant for Meunier's arrest, MyFoxBoston.com reported.

Meunier was detained in jail for 30 minutes with other inmates she characterized as hardened criminals. She called the experience terrifying.
Bell Curve

Overall, about 49 percent of all children were on food stamps at some point by the age of 20, the analysis found. That includes 90 percent of black children and 37 percent of whites. The analysis didn't include other ethnic groups.


02 November 2009

Thanks to caffeine nicotine ethanol thc fluoxetine I'm pretty much in
control. Its a delicate balance but someone's got to do it.

Fine machines need exotic oils to keep working.

Could be an excuse but it works for me. Paraphrasing Hunter
Does Abdullah Abdullah know Sirhan Sirhan? They're both in the news today.

This is a very esoteric computer science joke involving types (complexities)
of languages. Repeating something is pretty primitive.

I once saw Noam, was bored and left. I've since migrated towards his politics
and like his writings. He might still be boring in person. Doesn't matter.

Thanks Noam.
One of the dispensaries argued that the city's request for records, among other reasons, violates medical and financial privacy rights of its members, the Fifth Amendment's protection against self incrimination and the Second Amendment protection of freedom of association.

"The council is curious: are the existing organizations complying with all the state laws, (if so) then they might be more interested changing the municipal codes," Munoz said. "If the exiting businesses are just a sham and basically selling dope, then that might change their views."

"I just wish recreational pot smokers could understand what they are supporting," said Joshua Smith, natural resources project manager at the nonprofit Watershed Research & Training Center in Trinity County. "They're supporting clear-cutting the forest, pesticides, de-watering the streams, poaching wildlife, Mexican drug cartels and human trafficking."

Actually, its those who support prohibition that cause this.
Just like the moonshiners whose stills would blow up,
start fires, be defended with machine guns, have poor
quality control, etc.
Under a year ago, an American died at the IAEA in strikingly similar circumstances, his body being found at the bottom of a stairwell.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1224377/British-nuclear-experts-17th-floor-UN-death-plunge-suicide.html#ixzz0Vj0hGnNr

30 October 2009

"She loved the woods and had a deep affinity for their beauty and serenity," --about Canadian Folk singer who got eaten
by coyotes in the woods.

Arkansas lawyer in over her head

"Americans want this country to face anarchy," says Munawar Hassan, the head of Pakistan's largest religious party, Jamaat-e-Islami.

He has just finished giving another press conference in his "Go America Go" tour.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Pakistan
Hillary Clinton combined parades with round-table debates

"They will then say that the atomic weapons of Pakistan are unsafe and that the United Nations should come in," he continues.

"They want to deprive Pakistan of its nuclear programme."

Drug-War Assassinations
by Jacob G. Hornberger

The U.S. government has now extended its assassination program to the drug war. According to the New York Times, the Pentagon now has an assassination list for suspected drug dealers in Afghanistan.

No arrests. No hearings. No attorneys. No judges. No trials. Just kill them.

Great! So now the occupation of Afghanistan has expanded not only to CIA drone assassinations but also now to Pentagon’s drug-war assassinations.

U.S. officials are justifying the drug-war assassinations as part of their counter-insurgency operations in Afghanistan. They say that they’re only going to be assassinating those drug dealers whose drug trafficking is benefiting the terrorists.

I wonder how they make that determination, especially without judicial hearings and trials.

Keep in mind that U.S. officials justify their occupation of Afghanistan as part of their overall “war on terrorism.” Keep in mind also that according to them, in the war on terrorism the entire world is a battlefield, including the United States.

As part of their war on terrorism, U.S. officials claim the power to treat Americans as “enemy combatants,” which entails the power to ignore the rights and guarantees in the Bill of Rights for people suspected of committing the federal criminal offense of terrorism. That includes the power to arrest suspected terrorists, incarcerate them for life, torture them, and deny them due process of law.

It also includes the power to assassinate suspected terrorists, a power that U.S. officials have exercised on “the battlefield” in such places as Yemen, where they assassinated an American citizen who happened to be traveling with a suspected terrorist, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. So far, they have not exercised the assassination power on that part of the battlefield that encompasses the United States, but they certainly now wield the post-9/11 power to do so.

And now they have extended their assassination power to the drug war. And without even bothering to ask Congress to enact a law giving them such power. Hey, this is the era of the war on terrorism. They don’t need no stinking assassination law. All they need is a presidential order to the CIA and the military to begin assassinating people.

Will they apply their assassination power to suspected drug dealers elsewhere in the world? After all, doesn’t the sale of heroin everywhere likely put money into the pockets of drug producers in Afghanistan, given that that’s where 90 percent of the world’s heroin originates?

We know that they are employing the power to assassinate suspected terrorists in different parts of the world. Time will tell whether they do the same with suspected drug dealers, including, of course, that part of the battlefield that encompasses the United States.

Meanwhile, families are mourning the deaths of three American DEA agents and 11 U.S. soldiers who died this past week in two helicopter crashes in Afghanistan.

Fourteen more senseless deaths. Where does this lunacy end?

End the assassinations. End the occupations. End the war on terrorism. End the war on drugs. There is no other solution for restoring freedom, morality, peace, prosperity, and security to our nation.

29 October 2009


Drug sniffing dog sniffs drugs.

28 October 2009

Gotta love the southern republican family values:

Assistant Attorney General Roland Corning.

Corning, who is a former state legislator, left his job with the attorney general's office after he was pulled over Monday on suspicion of illegal activity. When he was pulled over, Corning identified himself as an employee with the attorney general's office and was not charged with a crime.

The city's Mike King said after reviewing the incident with Police Chief Tandy Carter, "there is no indication of any wrongdoing of the officer."

Officer Mike Wines, whose wife works in the attorney general's office, stopped Corning Monday after witnessing his car pull into a secluded spot in Elmwood Cemetery in downtown Columbia.

Corning was in the car with an 18-year-old employee of Platinum Plus Gentlemen's Club, Wines reported. After receiving conflicting stories from Corning and the woman, Wines searched Corning’s car and found some sex toys and sex enhancement drug.


27 October 2009

WASHINGTON -- U.S. prosecutors accused two men in Chicago of plotting with a Pakistani terror group to carry out an attack on a Danish newspaper that in 2005 printed controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

How is this a crime? It was legal to go join the spanish
civil war and bring your US-made rifle; how is it not
permissable to do whatever you want overseas, out of
US jurisdiction?

Oh yeah, everything is the US's.
Some good news

Not only the most productive day / month for the freedom fighters, but:

DEA agents among 14 Americans dead in Afghanistan

Paraphrasing the special assistant to the president
G. Gordon Liddy,

"Go for the rotor shot, they're wearing body armor."
You can't spell FAIL without AF
"I'm not some peacenik, pot-smoking hippie who wants everyone to be in love," Hoh said. Although he said his time in Zabul was the "second-best job I've ever had," his dominant experience is from the Marines, where many of his closest friends still serve.

"There are plenty of dudes who need to be killed," he said of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. "I was never more happy than when our Iraq team whacked a bunch of guys."

Of course he's right about the AF war being FAIL, but he enjoyed the Iraq invasion which was more wrong. Then
he quits when he sees he's on the losing side. Loser.

25 October 2009

Those buddies in .AF aren't happy about some troops shootin up the Koran.
But hey, they had just driven over one of them homebrew mines and were
kinda pissed and jittery.

The brits can drink; the french are given a ration of wine. The US troops
can't do anything, although xanax runs pretty freely.

The report said blandly:
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization force said in a statement that it "condemns any behavior that disrespects Islam or the people of Afghanistan."

Actually it should have been:
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization said in a forced statement that it "condemns any behavior that disrespects Islam or the people of Afghanistan. Although
we don't consider invasion, bombing wedding parties, or dropping a palet of
propoganda on some girl's head to be disrespectful. Also, do you know how
far the North Atlantic is from Afghanistan?


23 October 2009

A priest doesn't like competition:


He sells opiates but..

In 1996, Israeli jets bombed a UN building where civilians had taken refuge at Cana/ Qana in south Lebanon, killing 102 persons; in the place where Jesus is said to have made water into wine, Israeli bombs wrought a different sort of transformation. In the distant, picturesque port of Hamburg, a young graduate student studying traditional architecture of Aleppo saw footage like this on the news [graphic]. He was consumed with anguish and the desire for revenge. As soon as operation Grapes of Wrath had begun the week before, he had written out a martyrdom will, indicating his willingness to die avenging the victims, killed in that operation--with airplanes and bombs that were a free gift from the United States. His name was Muhammad Atta. Five years later he piloted American Airlines 11 into the World Trade Center. (Lawrence Wright, The Looming Tower, p. 307: "On April 11, 1996, when Atta was twenty-seven years old, he signed a standardized will he got from the al-Quds mosque. It was the day Israel attacked Lebanon in Operation grapes of Wrath. According to one of his friends, Atta was enraged, and by filling out his last testament during the attack he was offering his life in response").

22 October 2009

I have no interest in rappers, but when someone is
searched for cannabis (should be legal)
and then charged with owning a gun on bus (should
be legal) I think he's being harassed.


Also, his DNA on the gun means nothing; your DNA is on
everything around you. If you've walked on a bus its everywhere on the bus.
This is a good reminder of how the US gave Iran
bomb-grade uranium once.


And how they have a medical reactor we gave them.
“You cheapened their sacrifice and made a mockery of it,” Keane said in an email referring to victims of 9/11. “Think carefully about what all fringe groups who break the law, including the one that caused the tragic and infamous 9/11 event, say to justify their actions, they have a higher calling, their friends and comrades have died trying to protect their ideals and values. And before you call me un-American for linking you with the terrorists, of course I don’t think that. But think about what you did and what you are now saying to justify it.”

Laguna Woods City Manager Leslie Keane on some motorcyclists
who ride on 11-9.

21 October 2009

How many things wrong with Kit Bond. He's a republicosaurus
from the inbred retarded south. A pompous suppressed homosexual,
as is typical of that ilk. Going on and on to an empty room.

Goddamn cspan makes me a misanthrope.

He is sticking his nose far up the McChrystal's rectum, orgasming slightly every
time he says "terrorist".
Kerry thinks we need a bigger footprint. For more humint.

He thinks we need to convince them we're here to stay.

The US will be bankrupt in a few years, and no one has every stayed
in Afghanistan.

They are not stupid.

ObamaWar = Fail
Saw John Kerry on the tube. He was in Nam. He is still in Nam
but its spelled differently. He doesn't realize it. He has
become his former enemy.
Channel flipping,
found on cspan,
keeper of the flame
peace through strength
rumsfeld, cheney, and libby,

dinosaur hitler channel combined
Karzai is a puppet, like mickey mouse. A fully owned
american property.
8:30 pm.

Bomb thunder.

Either Disneyland or Pendleton. Dunno which.
Same thing anyway.

More good news: LA pigs caught in their own filth
Troop use After Ala. Shootings Illegal
October 20, 2009
Associated Press

SAMSON, Ala. -- An Army investigation found that Soldiers should not have been sent to man traffic stops in a small Alabama town after 11 people were killed in March during a shooting spree.

An Army report released to The Associated Press on Monday in response to a Freedom of Information Act request said the decision to dispatch military police to Samson from nearby Fort Rucker broke the law. But an Army spokesman said no charges have been filed following the Aug. 10 report.

"As a result of the findings of the report, the Army took administrative action against at least one person," Lt. Col. Christopher Garver said.


20 October 2009


Roberts thinks the fourth amendment should be repealed
because anonymous tipsters might find drunk drivers who
don't exhibit bad driving. Anonymous tipstering is
a great excuse, eh?

Those that would sacrifice liberty for security..
well you know how it goes.

19 October 2009

Page 2

18 October 2009

LOS ANGELES — In a rare public rebuke of state government and policies delivered by a sitting judge, the chief justice of the California Supreme Court scathingly criticized the state’s reliance on the referendum process, arguing that it has “rendered our state government dysfunctional.”

Democracy is mob rule.
In an interview, Bonnie Dumanis, the district attorney for San Diego County, said that state laws governing medical marijuana were unclear and that the city had not yet instituted new regulations.

Ms. Dumanis said that she approved of medical marijuana clubs where patients grow and use their own marijuana, but that none of the 60 or so dispensaries in the county operated that way.

“These guys are drug dealers,” she said of the 14 that were raided. “I said publicly, if anyone thinks we’re casting too big a net and we get a legitimate patient or a lawful collective, then show us your taxes, your business license, your incorporation papers, your filings with the Department of Corporations.”

Notice how she says "dealers" instead of pharmacists, farmers, vendors, apothecaries, chemists, etc. She is a gullible fool who can't think for
“About 100 percent of dispensaries in Los Angeles County and the city are operating illegally,” said Steve Cooley, the Los Angeles County district attorney, who is up for re-election next year.

16 October 2009

Baez said the case might have been settled for community service had Torres stopped her car after she struck and ran over Pound, who was walking slowly along on a sidewalk with the aid of her cane on her way to her church.

Instead of stopping to render aid, Torres drove away from the scene and parked her car. Baez argued that it would have been impossible for Torres not to know she had struck and run over the elderly woman, who screamed after she was knocked to the ground. Pound's DNA was found on the undercarriage of Torres' parked car.


75 year old driver vs 89 year old ped.