30 April 2012

Google vs. Sun/Oracle

Been watching the Google v Sun legal conflict. Basically I think the Nintendo decision that "an operational interface can't be copyrighted" applies. Nintendo once made a game system that required the display of the name Nintendo to run software. Non-Nintendo authors had to duplicate this. Nintendo sued, saying the name is copyrighted. Justice said yes, but since you made it operational, you fail. A language, an API, are operational interfaces. Sorry, Sun. They even implemented their own VM. And 9 obvious lines? Gimme a break. .... During his testimony last week, former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz said that Google had done nothing wrong in building its own version of Java .... He argued that Google’s use of Java was akin to using the same labels that Oracle uses on the outside of a filing cabinet — but not the same files and folders used on the inside. IE The Lotus spreadsheet decision.. menu item order etc is not copyrightable, its an interface. ..... Van Nest also attacked Oracle’s complaint that Android has fragmented the Java platform. “You haven’t heard a single developer come in and say, ‘Gee, I’m unhappy about Java because Android fragmented it,’” he said to the jury. He then presented a number of slides and emails that ostensibly show that Sun fragmented Java itself. “And they recognized it,” he said. Yes!

28 April 2012


get on with the fascination the underlying dream lifeson, lee, peart for those who wish to see
with insufficient tact for those who wish to see get on with the fascination the underlying dream

our great computers fill the hallowed halls

our great computers fill the hallowed halls

27 April 2012

shrimp with eyes

Shrimp fell on floor kid won't eat shrimp with eyes dog doesn't get it but brings shrimp to kid study kid melts down dog no eat shrimp still hungry wtf he's a dog wtf wife: "he'll eat it when its cooked" wtf

26 April 2012


Second glass of wine Cat on lap Listening to throbbing gristle

17 April 2012

What the amerikan "homeland" dumbasses don't understand is that Anders Behring Breivik could be you, with farm chems, no matter how whitebread you are. Dumbasses.

An IED a day keeps the dumbasses away. Folks in glass empires ought not fly drones. You get the picture.

Hang Obama, peace prize and all. Hang him high.
Anders Behring Breivik
wow, dude. Self defense is an awesome legal defense.

Anders Behring Breivik
is a hilarious character.

Smart folks playing with violence and the State are most amusing. Ted K. was awesome. And Timmy V., etc.

And the cypherpunks. Did you know you can buy HF as whisk?

George Zimmerman is a hero, Traycoon Martin a thug. Deal.
Don't bring skittles to a gunfight. Taste the rainbow: taste evolution. Don't jump random people, no_limit.

16 April 2012

Get a TI RF4CE chip. cc253x. Very low power. Cheap, ubiquitous. Devkit $200.

Get a micromems microphone. And a few discretes. And a tiny battery. You gotta bug.
Probably sucky antenna since you're size constrained, but deal with it.

Use expensive, small components. While you could build this for $20 as a hacker, your budget as a spook engineer is a few grand per. Live it up. Size matters. You can use as many signal layers on the PCB as you like. You can use exotic PCB materials if it helps. Shit, you can custom integrate an IC and have your fabs make 'em.

Store audio, compress, encrypt, transmit when "read" command received. Only wake up periodically (or time based pseudo-randomly!) to listen for it. Do this on minimal power, for as long as possible.

About 20 mA to listen 30 mA to transmit, for maybe 20 milliseconds each. Can't escape that much.

Actually since you're a TLA you can integrate all this on a 1x1 mm IC, size dominated by battery and whatever you use for antenna. Integrate since you own some nice secret fabs.

Of course the antenna in the white fiberglass truck on the street is very high gain.
To compensate for the mote. Also I suppose you get advanced battery chems, though not RTGs :-)

And you probably need to integrate a lot more audio storage flash on the IC; easily enough done.

With really small batteries you could be getting close to motes. A photocell and a an integrated supercap could last for a long time, but how much energy does it take to record and compress intermittent audio? And burst-encrypt-transmit cycles?

Interesting how, um, low energy *audio monitoring* approeaches physical limits as we get better, much like computation.

Yeah, I'm sure the TLAs could do this years ago. But now, everyone can.
ISM make me so horny.

15 April 2012

The nigger in the woodpile of Obama's visit to south america: do not talk about drugs. Do NOT talk about drugs. Talk about anything else. Even if your guests want to.

Meanwhile Obama publicly consumes ethanol and advocates this for his guests. Shithead.

Epic headline. For a prostitution scandal.

13 April 2012

I saw water up the sidewalk midday in western OC;
in Irvine I saw bb-sized hail briefly during a 5 minute severe squall.

Cold air blowing from west.
Warm moist air from south.
Jet stream stirring it up.
What could go wrong?

Major tornados vacuuming up the plains.

See you tomorrow... its 9 pm 13 apr 2012 right now.

Duck and cover.

11 April 2012

Now taking bets on Angela Corey's lifespan, and means and times of death.

You can trademark that.

09 April 2012

castle bravo


02 April 2012

Obama vs. Romney.

Epic American fail.

Fail in 10 years. Soviet style.

Plastic man, israeli man, pwned man.
Cat had third bat this morning.

Then a mouse.

This eve, I'm at the computer and the cat comes running
after a bird. Now watching me from a window.
Now taking bets on Calderone's demise. Also his family.
What street will their decapitated corpses show up on?
How many limbs will his wife have attached?
Place your bet now.