29 June 2013

do it

I am increasingly disgusted at the use of "do" in public english as a completely lazy verb.  You say "do NOUN" and let the listener figure out the correct verb.

Heard NPR say some California politician-scum was "doing the ceremony" instead of "performing the ceremony" or some other more informative verb.

Its the Rachel Jeantel-ization of America.  Bringing Culture down to the lowest possible level, at the speed of light.

Lockdown DC

The word "lockdown" is a recent symptom of the creeping state

and its arrogance that we are livestock.

27 June 2013

Rachel Jeantel

I'm pretty sure Rachel Jeantel is a synthetic creature made by crossing Zippy the pinhead with OJ Simpson.

Any juror who convicts George is stupider than Rachel.

NBC map animation fail

The world mapped to a spinning sphere... poorly.  Note "liftups"

26 June 2013


Trayvon Martin sought "crazy ass crackers" at the store, but they didn't have any, so he settled for Skittles.

Rachel Jeantel fan club

Epic testimony. And more tomorrow!! The court really should provide a translator though.

An Army of One

Ed Snowden. Spec ops. An army of one.

25 June 2013

senators make fine biodiesel

2 Senators Say the NSA Is Still Feeding Us False Information http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2013/06/2-senators-say-the-nsa-is-still-feeding-us-false-information/277187/ LOL, the *senators* worried about disinfo and misleading the citizens? They are collaborators.

kerry is a moron

"It is accurate there is not an extradition treaty between Russia and the United states, but there are standards of behavior between sovereign nations," Kerry said And gentlemen don't read each others' mail, John.

pig haircuts

It's like giving a baby pig a haircut: there's a lot of squealing, but there's little wool, -V Putin, leader of the free world

24 June 2013

If you see something, say something

If you see something, say something. Snowden did. Problem, fascists?

US outraged at being less than omnipotent

US 'outraged' over how the Taliban office opened: envoy http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5gsW49OHP7LWpLSJw9f5efCCyJcIA?docId=CNG.c81506ce26d08479ff9abcf7dd08e8f4.c21 LOL reminds me how US touts democracy, then when a party it doesn't like wins, it doesn't recognize them. Palestine, anyone? Oh goodness, first China doesn't jump US's hoops now Talibs setting up offices. Oh dear oh dear. Neither Karzai nor Obama wears clothes.

Render Caesar

Sometimes the torch of liberty must be fed with biodiesel made from politicians. Render Caesar.

20 June 2013


holocaust definition: a trademark of the zionists referring to their particular problems during the second world war, as compared to that of the russians, gypsies, and other undesirables. Often used to denote a supposedly unique genocide, when genocides happen all the time. also may be used to describe the effect on america from various american jews: bloomberg, feinstein, fox come to mind. Most jews are benign but certain politicians are run by a certain foreign state, as well as being socialists. Has Lieberman been indicted yet?

lynching definition

Lynching, 21st century: to prosecute and persecute someone because of their race, as in George Zimmerman.

18 June 2013

just for historical yucks

Hans Thomas Reiser (born December 19, 1963) is an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, and convicted murderer.

17 June 2013

Red China

Of course, "petting a palace phoenix" is a code/release phrase.

palace petting a phoenix

Everyone's upset because its Red China. Since when was China Republican?

14 June 2013

that dog smell

there is a theory that a cat virus makes cats smell good to humans. It may be true. My dog smells like a dog, and I have come to love this smell. you can only really smell these by snuggling your domestic animal. since you're exhaling warm air and/or holding them in warmer than ambient arms, they like it.

maker tinker hacker diyer

bought the kid a nice touch-to-dim light. He broke the glass shield. So now, its downstairs, next to this computer. The shade is a dog-cone, which the dog wouldn't tolerate and doesn't need now anyway. Its alumimum-foil-duct taped to the fixture. No dimming, but I wired it to a dimming gizmo and now its fine. Improv.

hang P. King (R) of NY

He is a threat to national security, a collaborator, and general douch.

the USG is the enemy

the allegiance we have as Americans is to the Constitution, not the institution of government http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/06/14/the-sickening-snowden-backlash.html

Snowden vs. Palin

Snowden dropped out of high school. Obviously bored. He got a cert after attending some college classes, also boring. Compare to Sarah Palin: her daughter and her ephemeral husband dropped out, never even bothered. Snowden has IQ of probably 2.5 above normal, 150 or so. Most congressvermin are around 110. They really don't get it. they're english or history majors. and mostly pwned.

more war

Every time I'm between jobs there's a nice war to watch, though little will compare with CNN a decade+ ago. Currently: yemen, afghanistan, iraq, pakistan, syria, various black african states, qatar, kuwait, Saudiland (latter several with mil bases), israel, jordan, taiwan, korea, etc. Notable is how many *kingdoms* the US spends blood and treasure on. What would Jefferson do? The islamists chased the americans out of lebanon etc during Reagan years. Still working on freeing the caliphate. They'll win. The crusades fail. US should be fighting: mexico Leaving the rest of the world alone. Israel is not the 51st state. Its a theocracy with its hands on the US's short hairs. Thanks to various senators.. yeah Feinstein, I'm looking at you... and a lot of other collaborators. If all the senators were killed, it would be an american holiday.

13 June 2013

open source bowel noises

go ahead, run effects and use them for your next dinosaur movie http://youtu.be/crI81cR2G4k http://youtu.be/j1czhUW1FN0 http://youtu.be/ZpaoNRGLgVY btw: the US Supremes just open-sourced the genome

a webcam down my pants

these are spectra of intestinal sounds (small intestine into hernia-distended right ascending large intestine) recorded with a webcam down my pants. blogger won't let me post the soundtracks.. working on it.

12 June 2013

copper mine in aynak

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aynak Ayn AK

benign drunken letter to chinese embassy about archeology

I composed this to the chinese embassy, cc'ing postmaster@nsa.gov, but decided not to send it. Directly. Its not coded; its me ranting. Hello, I just heard a recent radio news story reminding me of Chinese investments in .af and the archeological diggings that "should" go on before the historical copper site is mined. I'd like to suggest that China fund a massive, fast program to send "zillions" of archeologists there, and also employ many more *local* workers as diggers and sifters. The PR would be great and then you could get on with mining --the world clearly needs copper: its stolen from public places in the US because it has become so valuable, although Chinese demand is often cited as a reason for this, "lol". Demand is demand. Investment == capitalism but I'm just ribbing you there, I suppose. China could prevent destruction of some artifacts ---these are Buddhist objects in Afghanistan, which don't have a great longetivity. :-) That's why it occurs to me to write / rant. (Also, see below) The cost for these academics and diggers is trivial in the mining maths. This can help "ameliorate" China's supposed destruction of fish and mammals and villages by creating hydro dams, which I've read about. Though of course it doesn't really fix those problems, it just moves resources; very common in US. 'develop' one area, 'preserve' another in compensation. [note to us intel: no, I'm not a militant environmental dude]. But this is an aside. The point is: for cheap, you can study an old town then rip it up without too much hassle. However, China doesn't need to placate anyone. China is I think sympathetic to Buddhism. I'm sympathetic but/and an atheist. FWIW. I'm not going to be personally terribly upset if cultures are blown up, excavated, whatever. (LOL is that buddhism or apathy?) China has recently being contributing enormously to studying fossils, perhaps unearthed by growing excavation (same here in SoCal ---they find sloths and whalebones when they dig a highway). Recent Chinese bird fossils are greatly informative and amazing. So someone in China digs paleontology (get the pun, Translator-san? NSA-san?) I never thought I'd be reading about the colors of dinosaur's proto-wings from chinese fossils. But I do. In such a campaign (sending many many chinese and other archeologists to an ancient copper-town site before trashing it) you'd have to deal with spooks and justified spook-paranoia on all sides (incl. convincing locals that your folks aren't :-) but you can greatly build up your archeological national academics, esp. if you invite foreign scientists. I realize archeology is not on anyone's list of important national goals (its not actually that important to me personally) but I thought of this opportunity. A few glasses of wine allowed me to compose this nonsense. China likely has a 'neutral' purely economic "persona" which might facilitate what it does. "They will dig some old stuff, then mine the earth, and hire and pay us. Ok. They don't want more than that. Ok." You might do well to isolate your miners from the locals to keep the locals happy, a commercial version of the iraqi "green zone" castle concept. You don't want your folks to act like drunk off-duty US military in Japan, say. Or go Sgt Bales on the locals. But you know that. Ok, getting off track there. My point: do something *big* to preserve a culture (not even your own) then go full-on industrial mining it. And you build up a particular niche academic "industry" in the process. Hey, you can always use those young archeos as spooks when they visit other places. By super-funding a burst of research you can somewhat (rightly or wrongly) deflect later criticism about archeological or cultural "insensitivity". That doesn't really matter (being cynical here) but being perceived as "sensitive" might help future resource-extraction-expeditions. You don't even have to pretend to be a NGO. ... Mining is a good thing, better than farming for those who can: read "De Re Metallica". Most aren't so lucky, historically. ... I expect a reply from neither your Embassy nor the Supreme Postmaster I cc'd (gratuitously :-), but I do hope you enjoy this. My intent is to encourage archeology with China'$ abilitie$. Politically, copper is good, leave the afghans to the afghans. ... I realize these strategies may be somewhat obvious to all parties involved. The irony of China 'conquering' (as much as has been possible in the last few thousand years) .af via capitalism is staggering. Cheers

11 June 2013

The Land Beyond the Land of the People

The frozen wastelands around ALERT see no twilight in the winter. Stankievech reports only “complete and utter midnight darkness, all the time.” The ALERT Signals Intelligence Station is so far round the top of the world, it is closer to Moscow than it is to Ottawa. Inuktitut, the Native American language of the Nunavut territory, describes the region as “Inuit Nunangata Ungata” which translates as “The Land Beyond the Land of the People.”

10 June 2013

Ed Snowden McAfee Assange

Ed Snowden, McAfee, and Julian Assange have recently been seen hanging out in a pub in Antarctica enjoying penguin tapas. The Assange that appears at the embassy is a clever animatronic version. Much like Obama and many Senators. Wonder who programs them.

Listen up rubes

there's an app, written in java, which lets you see relations. Like, your daughter dated someone who's sister knew someone who knew someone who burned down some buildings. Ie, an "eco" aka "green" aka "hipster" terrorist. So, you're on the list. Nothing to fear if you've nothing to hide, right? The bright red point representing the arsonist diffuses out to all he knew, and all they knew, a few hops away. Its a pretty cool graph. Gotta record it in case we need it. Only terrorists (pharmaceutical vendors, kidvideographers, and I forget the fourth horseman) need worry. Why are you closing your blinds? What are you hiding? And golly, the four horsemen never guessed you were wiretapping them...

Obama transfers his Nobel Peace Prize to Edward Snowden

Here come the drones Thery're american drones Made in America. Smoking, or non-smoking? Here come the drones. So you better get ready. Ready to go. You can come as you are. But pay as you go paraphrasing Laurie Anderson Snowden. Assange. Manning. Ellsberg. Woah. Even J. Young. And ok, another gratuitous image

05 June 2013

killing afghans for yucks vs. wikileaks

Sgt Bales is getting life for offing 16 afghanis. Also burned them. Wonder if Bradley Manning gets worse. Or prof. ........ electronic surveillance for dogs

03 June 2013

shiism ??

Shalabi said, “It is a duty to carry out jihad against every attacker, especially if the attack includes killing the soul and forcibly spreading Shiism.” Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/security/2013/06/jordan-salafist-leaders-calls-fight-hezbollah.html#ixzz2VC49OKJN

why is the us sunni / israeli?

why is the us sunni / israeli? oh right. oil. northeast jewry. never mind.

01 June 2013

moses wins

Moses, the original terrorist: let my people go, or we kill your firstborns, etc. UBL? And then the civilized euro nations. We shoot V2s in your general direction. We bounce bomb your dams and kill a few thou collaterals. We kill your ball bearing workers. We burn Dresden. And then a little asymm warfare, america goes fascist, you thought israel was the 51st state but in fact the US is run by zionists. Who have recordings of most of the legislators' adultery, having built much telco infrastructure. And the chinese? ---- Nuke DC, seccede, deal only in trade and not in foreign entanglements. Who pays *your* salary?

John F Kennedy

Kennedy decided to blow up the moon. After he had almost blown up the world over cuba. He was plooking Marilyn Barbituate Monroe at the time, having grown tired of his coldfish uppercrust wife. Who, admittedly, scooped his fascist brains up in the limo. And was unhurt... went on to plook an old billionaire... god DANG that's good sniping.. you still get a point for the texas senator.. (posted on Marilyn's birthday.. happy birthday, mister fuckpresident...) http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1139989

middle east virus

BEIRUT (AP) — Eighteen rockets and mortars rounds from Syria slammed into Lebanon on Saturday, the largest cross-border salvo to hit a Hezbollah stronghold since Syrian rebels threatened to retaliate for the Lebanese militant group’s armed support of Syrian President Bashar Assad. LOL. US is fail-fail, assad or islamics. israel fail too. russians good, hamas good, hezbollah ok.