06 February 2012

According to reports from the Los Angeles Times, ESPN poker commentator Norman Chad – whose sense of humor is well known to the poker community – was chastised by a California Superior Court judge for using that sense of humor over Twitter.

In an article written by the Times’ Kimi Yoshino, Chad was called in for jury duty in January and was selected as a juror in a residential burglary case. As the case was litigated, court officials informed Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Laura Foland Priver, who was the judge for that particular case, that Chad had been Tweeting during the proceedings. Judge Priver took the action of filing contempt of court charges against Chad and dismissed him from the case as a result of his Tweets.

The hearing on those contempt charges brought Chad and his attorney back to the courtroom on Wednesday, where Judge Priver blasted Chad and his attorney. “He made a mockery of our system,” Judge Priver stated during the hearing to Chad’s attorney. “I’m disturbed by this behavior. Once the information is out there, it’s out there forever. The public who sees these Tweets is going to think this behavior is OK.”


Judges are paid by the State. You cannot trust them.