24 December 2012

You go girl, afghan style

US Spy Killed by Afghan Policewoman in Kabul


A fine demonstration of the empowering of women in Afghanistan!  Maybe the Talibs will appreciate their ability to serve, much as say the french resistance employed women against their invaders.

You go girl!

20 December 2012

New Armalite K-12 Rifle

Consider the new Armalite K-12 Rifle developed for use by US armed forces mercenaries to suppress disrespectful elementary school kids in occupied states.

Based on Adam Lanza's personal specifications.
And Condi Rice.

A civilian version of the K-12 will be available soon, including Hello Kitty and Transformers camoflage.

Its one thing to use a regular stock M16 to clear a school in some petrol-rich olive-skinned part of the world we're trying to pwn, old-skool Sgt. Bales style.   Yawn.  Mai lai.  Been there done that.

Its completely another to use a modern Armalite K-12 to clear a wealthy Conn. suburb
of rugrats.  Without even frickin making a point, cf Breslan, even NSA'ing your hard drive
(if you were in fact clever).

Armalite K-12:
Smooth, reliable, American made, something you could use for decades of occupation or oppression.  By lowlife mercenaries.

You think US AfriCom is going to clear classrooms and gorillas with expensive M16s and their ammo?   The American invasion of Africa (to save their n asses from islam) demands cost effective solutions.  The Armalite K-12 fills that role.   Available in jungle camo.

Otherwise, the Salafists, Wahhabis, Saudis, UBL, and other terrorists win.

On the other hand, if Feinstein, McCain, and similar fascist post-american turds have their way, we all become enemies of the the
festering failed state.

America needs to wake up, jail congress, invade (neighboring failed and invasive State) mexico, and become isolationist.

Then no one will bother us, we will be free of the tyrants in DC, we will prosper.

Or, visualize secession and let the parasite bastards fail.

Yep, I know this is public.   I am just handing out pamphlets in the square.

Problem, mate?


Ban religion.  Divorce the US union.  Live free or don't.

19 December 2012

taking it out on the dog

dog is on my poo-list after his bit of breaking out and breaking through the gate (fobless) and then me having to walk (then carry) him home three long Irvine blocks in the dark with no supplies.

so no, I will not walk him tonight.

wife asks, why are you taking it out on a two-year old (permenant human mental age and current chrono physical age)?

I say, he's annoying me.

Then I think, yeah, but 2 year olds are underage; you can't harvest them til at least 6, cf Newtown.  Have to throw the real younguns back.

Doggie seemed to be trembling on my lap though.  I hope not because of me.

structure activity relationships


nervous system signalling and operation

energetic chemistry


hackito ergo sum

innertubes filled with cats

these are a few of my favorite things

Eliminating Newtown Violence

A simple proposal for eliminating Newtown massacres (housemate borrows legally owned normal weapons).

Have the mil enslave all citizens at age 18 (can't just do men!  Women and trannies too!).  Rate them as far as weapons-ownership.

Ie, mandatory state psych evaluations under the guise of military conscription or eval.  The disobedient will be denied, of course.

The lowest scorers will also be given only 5/8ths of a vote, being essentially slaves, ie, unarmed.


PS: This just made 3-d additive printing relevent.  Fsck receivers; make magazines.

Of course, there are infinate receivers and mags out there.  And Lanza was clean.  He could have bought the tools himself.

But I like the makerbot magazines, since they route around are a recently acknowledged weak point.

17 December 2012


Accordingly, typical feed rates for the P-1 range between
4.0 and 13.5 mg/s, which corresponds to separation factors of 1.48 and 1.26,

Well there you go.

Number of machines vs. Stage number


For a given maximum separative power
of the centrifuge, the effective separation factor then varies inversely with
the feed rate.

I don't understand.  If that's the case, then any 'fuge can separate to an arbitrary concentration.


Its concentration change vs. time that upsets.

But, really, one fuge can given enough time sep enough topes to arb sep?   Cool.  Sounds reasonable.

Listening to: attica

14 December 2012

False flag shooters for Obama

"President Obama promised action to prevent such tragedies again but did not say what that would be."

Just get a few psychos to shoot and you can impose fascism.

Mental illness is a fact.  

Maybe we should mandatory govt-test all 18 year olds psychologically/ psychiatrically.  If we could euthanize all the potential politicians it would be worth it.

Conn. Kids vs. Ore. Mall people

Oregon mall shooter eclipsed by Conn. town doing the Columbine thing, except by a son of a teacher, not victims of school.

Why shoot little kids

Wife learns of Conneticut shooting, 20 dead kids.
(And even some grups)

Asks, why kill little kids (after you shoot your mom)?

I say, well, they can be pretty irritating... but that's probably not the reason.

Deathmatch: Carl Sagan vs. Henry Rollins

Sagan: Hey there, would you like some of this [cough]
Rollins: No man
Sagan: somewhere right now there is a sun exploding
Rollins: and around this sun are a billion lovers
Sagan: and it vaporizes everything
Rollins: and they are stardust, again

12 December 2012

ROBERT FRIPP, modest and bashful egghead electric guitar wizard

ROBERT FRIPP, modest and bashful egghead electric guitar wizard


More artistic jews


Tony Levin !!!

I should have guessed from name but his physiognomy isn't characteristic.

He rocks!  And not just with R. Fripp, but on his own, and with other amazingly skilled and creative musicians.  Thank you Tony.

06 December 2012

canadian jewry hair

Dr. Steven Pinker.

Geddy Lee.

Intellectual, creative, handsome Canadian Jews with serious hair.

I approve.

05 December 2012

Uncle Paul


03 December 2012

union terrorists

So some port workers are striking and the meximafia Villaragosa whines about the billion dollars a day it costs.

Well, the WTC was about 2 billion.  So these unions are pulling off about a 911 every two days.

Rome did not fall in a day.  As Julian wrote, in the worst case, we hasten the einsturzende neubaten.

Who is John Galt?
I dunno, is he plumbing a Kardashian?

kill these degenerates

anyone who says "impactful"
or even "impact"

anyone who says "dis" or "disrespec"

anyone who says "green" meaning other than the color

FUK DIRCIA gets better

Petraeus’ friend, Brig. Gen. James Shelton, is saying that Broadwell is responsible for the affair with the married retired general.
Petraeus “was the innocent one when it came to relationships,” Shelton told the Daily Mail of London’s website MailOnline. Besides being beautiful, intelligent, and a fellow West Point Academy graduate, Broadwell is “a savvy woman,” Shelton said. “She’s not a kid. In a lot of ways I think she knows more about the world than Dave — I’m talking about sex.”


Experience at buffalo wild wings

Experience at buffalo wild wings

So I wrote the "Buffalo Wild Wings" company about their utter crap treatment of customers.

Here's the boilerplate BS I received: 

I'd like to suggest that "Buffalo Wild Wings" is going to collapse being a generic, poorly executed 'sports bar' which is rude to customers.  Do not visit Buffalo Wild Wings.  You will have a bad time at Buffalo Wild Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver is a major fail.  Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver sucks.  Its that simple.  You can do much better than Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver.  Pulling trash from a dumpster you'd have better service than at Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver.  They will blow smoke in your face while you eat at Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver is.  They will hammer, drill, etc while you to talk at Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver.  When asked, the smokers will not leave the patio, though both doors are marked no smoking, at Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver.  I suggest that the building owners start looking for new tenants at Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver.

Yes, Buffalo Wild Wings of Irvine at Walnut and Culver is a place to get dissed, not eat or drink.