30 January 2013

butane explosion at cannabis concentrators hotel room

Two people were critically burned Wednesday in an explosion in an Ocean Beach area motel room that was being used to extract hashish oil from marijuana, San Diego officials said.
The 20-year-old woman and 21-year-old man were using butane as a heat source in the process, when the man lighted a cigarette, causing the explosion, officials said.


Article is wrong, butane is a solvent.

Evolution never sleeps.  Light a frickin' cig with butane extraction going on inside a room?  WTF?

24 January 2013

other amusing jews

Lou Reed
Laurie Anderson
(a couple)

Amy Winehouse

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

montreal jews I admire

Steven Pinker

Geddy Lee

William Shatner

22 January 2013

real world ping


tracert, actually


Cat occupies half the chair.  I weigh 20x her.

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner..

18 January 2013

Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock

Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, interrupted Morrissey's speech to ask him to take his finger out of the trigger guard and later said that taking guns from citizens is what led to the Holocaust and mass killings under the Soviet Gulag.

Thank you Mr. Gilbert!

16 January 2013

aaron swarz, raspberry pi, freedom of information

introducing the
aaron swarz
raspberry pi bug

Don't use a frickin laptop in a closet.
Use this 2x2x2cm cube to bridge whatever you need to bridge.

Discretely, with no need to retrieve.

15 January 2013

Put bloomberg down

"No one hunts with an assault rifle," Cuomo said. "No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer. End the madness."

No one needs to kill a deer.  We need to kill tyrants.  Get it, govnor? 

14 January 2013

syrian sarin

If Syria didn't have sarin, it would as pwned as france is trying to colonize Mali.  Same with NKorea and Pu.

Intervene in someone else's civil war, what could go wrong?

msm loses it

The government news service said "terrorists" — the government's term for the armed opposition — 

Which govt is calling who what?  Who's on first? US is never wrong?  Rah rah

Rome did not collapse in a day, but things happen faster now.

mali, eiffel

Too bad about the Eiffel tower, but he never did design it to handle airplanes.

(July, 2013)

early julian

   PTSN stands for "Public Telephone Switching Network". Quite deffinatly the
biggist network in the world with over a billion connections (obviously). I am
constantly annoyed at my brains non-ability in the area of eidetic recall. If
you have ever done any drawing from memory, you may have noticed how your hand
is guided into the vauge outlines and shapes of thighs, calves or flowers. It
is a little like Newton's method for find roots of equatons? Yes? Conciousness
is an extreamly interesting trait. The fact that YOU can be altered so easily
at the base level is frightening. Being alive seems to be just as I imagined it
would. And it feels? Yeah... it swings from feeling fucked, to feeling fucking
good. Just remember kids, it all ends soon...


11 January 2013

implementatio flaw


A vulnerability in the Java Security Manager allows a Java applet to grant itself permission to execute arbitrary code.

Well that's ironic


Nice DDoS

One of the attacks generated 75GBps of DDoS traffic while the other generated 45GBps.

And they don't care if they're found; and their control channel is real time.


cbsnews is lowbrow

Experts believe hackers have found a flaw in Java's coding that creates an opening for criminal activity and other high-tech mischief.

The author of the above should be shot.

Holy Internets, Batman

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is advising people to temporarily disable the Java software on their computers to avoid potential hacking attacks.

The final Evil vs. Good:   DHS vs. Java.

I say, disable DHS etc

10 January 2013

insanity and planning

The use of beta blockers by the LA robbers a few years back was clever. 
Stay calm. Carry on. 
But the use of any psychotropics by Mr. Holmes is clearly medication or self medication as he began experiencing psychosis.  
Ban mental illness, not tools like rifles. 
Re: premeditation: yes, very much. He was clever too. And psychotic. The psychosis means the premeditation is not the same as regular "lying in wait". You may want revenge, but not here. 
PS: why are connecticut kids more valuable than afghani kids?  
Just curious. 

08 January 2013

Qi prediction

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Qi will take off for phones, tablets, etc and that the RC market could exploit that.

(NFC comms @ 15 MHz to enable charging, vs. inductive charging at 100-200 KHz)

Dunno @ CES but my mgmt sorta ignored this obvious futurism.  But they also fail about half the time with their estimates.  they hedge by pursuing all fronts, eg, rf4ce, ble, wifidirect.

Got coils?

got design?

public company, employer, has several employees who, if hit by a bus, would damage the company by several times their annual salary.  Perhaps several dozen.

Or if your sw architect gets breast cancer, is gone for months, shows up with typical bald-lady goofy hat.  But is still highly productive, aside from chemo days, apparently.

she'll get better, a jock, and has a little kid, so plenty of motivation.  but, you can be a jock and your genes will try to kill you.  or your lifestyle and your genes' interaction.  and others with critical tribal knowledge, not documented of course, are similarly succeptible as they (heh, we) age.

very few non jewess non asian female software engineers.

ha ha, Richardson at UCI, epic fail.

John Holmes clever


glycerin and KMnO4

oil soak everything

RC left on street with ignition target

boom box on timer

ropes, etc.

clever lad.


Of course, that wasn't enough to implement
the fascist gun control, so They had to trigger

05 January 2013

hilary's blood clot

it would be a shame if the sec of state of the largest deathstar in history suffered a bit o' infrastructure fail, no?

At least she's not in Iraq, afghanistan, yemen, pakistan, sudan, gaza, and soon the islamic republics of egypt, sudan, tunesia, iraq, afghanistan.

Ie, the caliphate wins, UBL's "let my people be free" wins, UBL=Moses in a few hundred years.

US = Rome.

I'm an atheist and nonsubscriber so I see it all, and f yall.  The nazis now run the US state.

do not even acknowledge them, and if you do...

03 January 2013

doesn't get meme

Cornell professor William M. Briggs stipulates that the notion of memes reproducing for their own benefit is unlikely, since “it is impossible for one copy of a meme tobenefit from other copies.” 

No.  Look up Metcalfe (FAX) effect.  Shared culture is shared culture.

Got culture?  I can haz culture?  Significantly only if human it turns out.

the first rule of Web 2.0 is

 the first rule of Web 2.0 is never question Web 2.0