28 June 2016

Huma Mahmood Abedin

Huma Mahmood Abedin

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muslim islamic pandering hemorrhoids

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21 June 2016

corporate pandering (HR SJW?)

21 June 2016

31 Technology Drive, Irvine, CA
Fagflag flying next to US flag.  Never seen that before.  At a JnJ Medical Device Campus.  After Orlando.

And printed flyers inviting employees to a sodomite (LBGTQwhatever, ie, homosexual, perverted, or mentally ill) meetup, compleat with "straight allies" [sic]   In plain sight, everyone forced to read them on entering a building.

Wonder how 3-way sodomite or 1:M mormon polygamy  or generic N:M polyamory would play out.   There are utah employees after all, and muslims.  Problem, CSS?

During Ferguson chimpout: posters with a negro employee with some comment about "culture".  I thought that was accidental at the time.

In between: break room posters with mongoloid retards and amputees.

WTF these millenial corporate pussy HR need serious hanging.
Meanwhile they charge 10x possible price for medical devices.

Now that I think about it, I haven't seen the truck with the anti-BO, pro-military etc bumper stickers on it recently.  Even though JnJ likes to hire ex-mil.  And other serious conformists.  Mediocrity central: talk the lingo and dress fancy.   Parasitism.   Lip service to patients but outsourced Indian engineering and hazardous scheduling (cut the testing, we have to meet schedule!) mean shareholder/exec is primary.

The Credo hotline is a trap.

Rome didn't fall in a day, but things happen faster now.

@nero save us.

20 June 2016

there has never been the child of a BLACK WOMAN in the white house.alicia garza-

Even still, I find it really unfortunate that the first black president that this country has ever had spends so much time chastising black people 

LOL niggy there has never been the child of a BLACK WOMAN in the white house.

He's the second Irish president.

LOL you pwned 


The Negro Family


Note that bastards are now at 50% instead of 25%

Alicia Garza drinking game

Every time she says "black" you have to drink:

I have a lot of respect for President Obama, and while I deeply disagree with some of his actions or lack of action on issues I care about, I still recognize the significance of the first black presidency and the challenges that come with that. Even still, I find it really unfortunate that the first black president that this country has ever had spends so much time chastising black people who have done more in three years to place structural racism front and center than he himself has done in eight years of being president. It’s fascinating to watch President Obama be subjected to blistering prejudice and racism from members of Congress and their supporters, and yet to then watch him chastise black activists and organizers for not wanting to play their version of politics. It’s not a coincidence that an upsurge in a fairly nascent black freedom movement emerges during the administration of the first black president this country has ever had.


Serious coonin

Why NYC deserved 911

senator schumer
Hillary clinton

And the list goes on.  I'm glad I got out of the state and never stayed in NYC.

20 kilotons, baby, clean it.  Statist nanny scum.

Bring rope, I'll find a tree.

Seriously.  We have Boxer and Feinstein, and they need termination too.

It will be hard to explain to the future how we tolerated them.

Alicia Garza goes to liberia

Alicia Garza, a BlackJiveChatter co-founder, today declared that she is taking a one way flight to Liberia, the historic resettlement nations for the sub-saharans sold into slavery by their families.   She admits she has no skills, either in America or Afrika, such as farming, but expects that Afrika will take care of her.

parasite talk

Black Lives Matter is doing the work of engaging our communities around the issues that are important to us


"doing the work"  ---collecting welfare while being ungrateful and rude

"engaging our communities" ---agitating the negroes

"the issues" ---the problems

Many of our people are engaged in important work to help our communities understand the root cause of the violence that we experience

"our people" 
"important work" 
"our communities"

root cause = violent impulsive stupid tribe

niggas need coders

We need the best and the brightest thinkers, strategists, coders, surveillance experts, tech geeks and disruptors 


Parasitic negroes... write your own code

more cowbell


Burn ferguson now

about 16,000 of the 21,000 residents of Ferguson, Mo., are subject to arrest warrants.


Airstrike now

12 June 2016

la dodged a boston-marathon.


Wow did LA just dodge a bullet (LOL).

Of course, the NSA/CIA/FBI traced down a lot of these "not sufficient evidence" guys after the Orlando fagshoot.  So the "hey man, can I check your car" is typical 2016 orwelllian fakery.  You don't admit your mil-intel leads; you give a plausible other interpretation, their tail light was out.  And the "jury" believes it.