20 December 2012

New Armalite K-12 Rifle

Consider the new Armalite K-12 Rifle developed for use by US armed forces mercenaries to suppress disrespectful elementary school kids in occupied states.

Based on Adam Lanza's personal specifications.
And Condi Rice.

A civilian version of the K-12 will be available soon, including Hello Kitty and Transformers camoflage.

Its one thing to use a regular stock M16 to clear a school in some petrol-rich olive-skinned part of the world we're trying to pwn, old-skool Sgt. Bales style.   Yawn.  Mai lai.  Been there done that.

Its completely another to use a modern Armalite K-12 to clear a wealthy Conn. suburb
of rugrats.  Without even frickin making a point, cf Breslan, even NSA'ing your hard drive
(if you were in fact clever).

Armalite K-12:
Smooth, reliable, American made, something you could use for decades of occupation or oppression.  By lowlife mercenaries.

You think US AfriCom is going to clear classrooms and gorillas with expensive M16s and their ammo?   The American invasion of Africa (to save their n asses from islam) demands cost effective solutions.  The Armalite K-12 fills that role.   Available in jungle camo.

Otherwise, the Salafists, Wahhabis, Saudis, UBL, and other terrorists win.

On the other hand, if Feinstein, McCain, and similar fascist post-american turds have their way, we all become enemies of the the
festering failed state.

America needs to wake up, jail congress, invade (neighboring failed and invasive State) mexico, and become isolationist.

Then no one will bother us, we will be free of the tyrants in DC, we will prosper.

Or, visualize secession and let the parasite bastards fail.

Yep, I know this is public.   I am just handing out pamphlets in the square.

Problem, mate?


Ban religion.  Divorce the US union.  Live free or don't.