30 May 2013

npr, negro public radio

npr besides cartalk, it sucks its all negroes who say "axe" and mexicans and guatemans whining for experior help and an immense army of swarmy lefty easties who use "our" way too often as in "our" children etc. And then, parroting the USG line! What uncritical pwned hypocrites. What fraction works for a TLA? I listen to monitor the enemy. "Lock down" is the new black.

Mayor Bloomberg decides to ban guns for NYC blacks

Mayor Bloomberg today announced that, based on solid social analyses, most firearm violence in his city could be eliminated by banning all sales and possession of rifled or smoothbore pistols or longarms by citizens more than one quarter African-american ancestry. "Today marks a milestone" said the Mayor, accompanied by his bodyguards, "in the safe herding of NYC livestock, er, citizens." He added, "we have your best interests at heart and will continue to farm you as long as possible"

hey lets invade afghanistan

"twenty young men chase a cheese off a cliff and tumble 200 yards to the bottom, where they are scraped up by paramedics and packed off to hospital".[13]

british cheese-rolling liability

In May, 2013, a police inspector warned the 86 year-old cheese maker, Diana Smart, that she could be held responsible for injuries This is why we kicked their asses in the 1770's

shielding your cheese wheel during competition

The cheese currently used in the event is 7-9 lb. Double Gloucester, a hard cheese typically manufactured in cylindrical blocks.[10] Each is protected for the rolling by a wooden casing round the side and is decorated with ribbons at the start of the race.

cheese related injuries

In 1993, fifteen people were injured, four seriously, chasing cheeses down the one in three hill http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooper%27s_Hill_Cheese-Rolling_and_Wake I'm screwing around with cheese since my kid said he was interested. Not too hard; haven't event started with rennet yet. (WTF)

father of cheddar


snoop dogg

Allied records are vague on these encounters and the official stance of the United States Department of Defense is that they can neither confirm nor deny Snoopy's wartime service. Ok, he was OSS


On June 28, 1957, Snoopy walked on his two hind like a human, for the first time. This soon became so commonplace as to be almost unnoticeable, as Snoopy developed a variety of Walter Mitty-esque alter egos (often beginning "Here's the world-famous [name of occupation]"). Snoopy's transformation to walking to two feet also was accompanied by his larger snout and great body length. Furthermore, Snoopy takes his fantasies so seriously that he plays out even unpleasant elements of them such as taking lengthy penalties in hockey games or facing humiliating disciplinary actions for incompetence. Tony Weiner is public again, Gen'l Dickie Potreus is going to USC, Dick Morris is still alive, Bill clinton still shows his inbred bastard face.


"It Was A Dark And Stormy Night" remains his most successful work. Schulz summed up Snoopy's character in a 1997 interview: "He has to retreat into his fanciful world in order to survive. Otherwise, he leads kind of a dull, miserable life. I don't envy dogs the lives they have to live."[5]

Abdulrahman M. Alyahyan, springtime in OC!

Abdulrahman M. Alyahyan and 4 other Irvine teens died when he smashed an Infiniti into a tree at 100MPH without a license. He was from Iraq. He was a weighlifter (roids?) and had been cited for modifying his car. Four of 'em flew out of the car (seatbelts anyone?) and one was jammed in the car and died in the ensuing fire. Ahh, springtime in OC! An Irvine teenager who lost control of his car and crashed into a tree in Newport Beach, killing himself and four passengers, may have been going as fast as 100 mph, a Newport Beach city official said. While the investigation into the Monday evening collision continues, Newport Beach police have said speed was definitely a factor in the fiery wreck. Adulrahman M. Alyahyan, 17, was driving his 2008 Infiniti down Jamboree Road toward Newport Harbor at a high rate of speed about 5:20 p.m., police said. The stretch of road where he crashed is a downhill straightaway with a 55 mph speed limit. Alyahyan lost control and the Infiniti drove head-on into a tree in the road’s median, splitting the car in two and killing Alyahyan and his four passengers: Irvine High School 11th-graders Nozad Al Hamawendi and Cecilia D. Zamora, both 17; and sisters Robin A. Cabrera, 17, a 12th-grader, and Aurora "Christine" Cabrera, 16.

Singapore sucks

The Media Development Authority (MDA) announced yesterday that 'online news sites' reporting regularly on issues relating to Singapore and have significant reach among readers here will require an individual license from the MDA. This blog will now begin regularly reporting on the morally gangrenous Singapore government. Hey fascists: you suck pig dong.

29 May 2013

kill saudis now

5 irvine kids killed by saudi driver in newport. Saudi had been cited; had no license. Saudis were 911 perps. Next time some Saudi king comes here for medicine, we jail him. charge with wahabism (a terrorist organization) and salafism (a terrorist organization). We send them to Israel to be chatted with. Then we disconnect from zionists, taiwanese, etc. Isolation = no enemies, just trade. Or, you can enjoy your pressure cookers, ameritards. Half of all americans are sub-normal intelligence. Read the fawtas, redneck. Avoid foreign entanglements, read Gen Washington. or don't.

28 May 2013

Railroading Zimmerman

Reality of Travon thug Martin won't be evidence http://abcnews.go.com/US/trayvon-martin-drug-photos-mentioned-judge/story?id=19271093#.UaVauUBwp8E

Railroading Zimmerman

Reality of Travon thug Martin won't be evidence http://abcnews.go.com/US/trayvon-martin-drug-photos-mentioned-judge/story?id=19271093#.UaVauUBwp8E

24 May 2013


So the Boy Scouts LLC lets homosexual boys in. Ok. But no Masters. Still tax-exempt, public service? Freedom of speech or private group with its own standards. If black, Jewish, etc? Actually you can have a restrictive society but you can't get public funds. Perhaps no groups should have public funds. Constitution, minimal govt, anyone?

Solution to the china problem

US stop foreign intervention. Give a few 10Kt gizmos to korea, japan, nam. Also some 200 kt sea mines. Then, stop interfering. A lib viewpoint, deal with it.

lol nigerians

Hey MI5 hows your nigerian surveillance workin out?

23 May 2013

dog noodahl

At dogpark. Smelled with others some nice bbq. They were speculating; I said, they cooked up the ones they couldn't adopt. Dogn Noodahl. Lol. I worried a little that the barbituate-killed surgical-test pigs weren't eaten when I attended the surgeries, but Marylyn Monroe might have been toxic.

the rise of stego; national security religion

Because its become obvious to the most rural Wazi that all comms are overheard, and traffic analysis is trivial, perhaps steganograhy will take off. Expect to see lots more cat pictures from the caliphate. LOLcats are terrorist weapons. Just like belief in heavens and other Afterlives. Thank goodness we have today's Supreme Leader's recent (parrotted from his handlers) advertisement for drones! No more Blackhawk-Downs (tm). Sure, we assasinate, but we won't fly armed drones over CONUS (except for 100 mi in from the borders and coastlines). Besides, we say "targeted termination" not assasination. "NATIONAL SECURITY" now shut up and stop thinking. Its a religion. Believe in us, we'll keep you safe from the fears we cultivate in you. Never mind that We generate the real threat. The proles are disposable; they live below bouncing bomb dams, they make ball bearings, they feed the Insurgents/Rebels/Terrorists/Protestants. Rome did not fall in a day, but things are faster now. Rome also used foreign mercenaries in its army, just like the US today. You can be a homosexual non-citizen negro female US soldier and dominate Afghani males in the nation you occupy. How's that workin out for ya? Folks in glass empires ought not to fly drones.

22 May 2013

thanks hollywood

thanks hollywood for showing us that the good guys win in the end. The Pirate Bay and Sony, thanks for MJ too.... you'll get yours.

Gottfrid Svartholm

Gottfrid Svartholm Herolist_add( "Gottfrid Svartholm")



the pirate bay away from keyboard

We represent MGM, fox, universal columbia. Hollywood. M. Wadsted Call in an airstrike.

nuke africa

Half the women in Swaziland are HIV carriers. The US is going backrupt, follwing the Rome/Soviet model, and yet still sending money and tech overseas. Stop all foreign aid. Impose a 100% import tax, get rid of income and business tax, reduce the mil except for border control. Simple. Dr. Paul told you. Now, you will suffer for not listening. Enjoy your decline. Feeding people who can't afford it is simply funding future wars. Stop it. Do not feed people outside of US borders. It is an environmental / carbon catastrophe if you continue. But you will not listen. Either reach ZPG now or face the famine, war, and disease you have earned. Simple. You could use birth control, but your culture isn't up to it. So enjoy.

silly machete woggie

LOL silly wog you could have done more with things that go boom. Though your hands-on approach could have some seriously amusing repercussions. Need ID to buy a kitchen knife? Worried about wearing fascist/colonialist t-shirts? Love how this guy has a pistol and you uk slaves can't... Allah save your Queenie, just like he saved your adultery Princess lol in the french tunnels. And remember as the Caths said to Ms Thatcher, we only have to be lucky once, you all the time. And you used to have chlorate in your gardener's stores. If you thought Lanza was a good govt ploy, wait for the US Breslan. Hope its a DC prep school. Feedback to your leaders is a good thing, no?

21 May 2013


It was there and then it was gone

It was there and then it was gone And then it was Light

tornado dog and friend

I was holdin' my little dog. Hang on, Toto!!!!

I know exactly what happened here

http://cdn17.castfire.com/video/305/2242/8032/1736806/cbsnews_2013-05-20-211006-4077-3-1-0.1100.mp4?cdn_id=26&uuid=de6ccbf057ec97302a29c70dcb205da6&referer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fl.php%3Fu%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fmedia.cbsnews.com%252Fvideo%252F1736806%252Fcbsnews_2013-05-20-211006.1100.mp4%253FADPARAMS%253DBRAND%25253D55%25257CSITE%25253D162%25257CSP%25253D181%25257CPOS%25253D100%25257CNCAT%25253Dcbsnewswap%2526track1%253DCBSNews%2526track2%253DMobileWeb%26h%3DWAQGIPMQP&track1=CBSNews&track2=MobileWeb This is the best video I've seen this year. Tough old woman gets dog back on camera. Life in the big city.

15 May 2013

Sofia or Anne in pix

Who'd you rather: Anna Ardin or Sofia Wilen

” … The farcical rape charges have once again been leveled against the Pentagon’s Public Enemy Number One. Julian Assange now stands accused of: (1) not calling a young woman the day after he had enjoyed a night with her, (2) asking her to pay for his bus ticket, (3) having unsafe sex, and (4) participating in two brief affairs in the course of one week. The second accuser, Sofia Wilen, 26, is Anna’ friend. Here is a video of an Assange press conference where one can see the girls together. Those present at the conference marveled at her groupie-like behavior. Though rock stars are used to girls dying to have sex with them, it is much less common in the harsh field of political journalism. Sofia worked hard to bed Assange, according to her own confession; she was also the first to complain to police. She is little known and her motives are vague. Why might a young woman (who shares her life with American artist Seth Benson) pursue such a sordid political adventure? http://www.antifascistencyclopedia.com/allposts/assange-beseiged-making-a-mockery-of-the-real-crime-of-rape A repost from 2010

ANNA ARDIN or Sofia Wilen Assange Accusers

So which CIA stooge is whining now? Sofia Wilen Anna Ardin Both of Sweden. Both voluntarily bedded the same guy on successive nights, got mad, got paid, the rest is history.

12 May 2013

modern warfare

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/military/bombing-hitler-dams.html suicidal pilots take out big infrastructure and kill thousands of civilians, harming enemy economy, psychology, invasions. It was the UK bounce-bombing germany. Also, 9-11 (tm) ---- Who said, let my people be free? 1. Moses 2. Usama 3. all of the above

Nigger the dog

Nigger the dog belonged to a dam-buster; his name was used as a codeword to mean a certain dam had been breached. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2323508/Dambusters-v-Elf-n-Safety-On-70th-anniversary-legendary-raid-jobsworths-banned-wars-bravest-airmen--public--official-fly-past-honouring-courage.html James Holland hopes fresh interest in the raid may also curtail the tedious row about a minor footnote to the raid — Gibson’s black Labrador (killed by a car just hours before the raid). As anyone who has seen the film will know, it was called ‘Nigger’. The same word was the victorious code to let HQ know the Mohne had cracked. The same word is still on the marble slab above the dog’s well-tended grave which lies outside Number Two hangar at Scampton. However awkward it may be, it is a historical fact. Yes, the word is now deeply offensive but, no doubt, many of Gibson’s vintage would be deeply offended by people walking today’s streets in French Connection T-shirts saying ‘FCUK’.

09 May 2013

jury slavery

Another said that, as an engineer, she was too quantitatively focused to be able to make an “arbitrary” judgment about a pain-and-suffering award. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-05-09/what-jury-duty-taught-me-about-immigration.html

08 May 2013

sleep is short death is long life

"Sleep deprivation is a great, hidden problem that afflicts a great percentage of children in affluent countries. About 73% of 9- and 10-year-old children in the U.S. are sleep deprived, as are 80% of 13- and 14-year-olds. The new study thinks this is linked to the increased access to devices such as mobile phones and laptops late at night. One of the researchers put it very simply: 'Our data show that across countries internationally, on average, children who have more sleep achieve higher in maths, science and reading.' This disruption is also causing schools to dumb-down their instruction to accomodate the reduced capacity of these kids. Thus, even the kids who are getting enough sleep will suffer. The long-term impact of sleep deprivation on nationwide education levels is enormous." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22209818

07 May 2013


Messed up prev post. I gelled whole milk with vinegar and buttermilk. Yawn, thick milk. Then I innoculated with a suspension of blue cheese in water. Under paper towel. Picked up the towel. HORRY CRAP! Surface is wrinkled uniform cyan. the blue has taken over. I thought it was stupid penicillium, but no, i won! Eaten some. Not fully developed like a 2 mo old waxed/rinded, but damn!

Following the herds

Laid off, 1 and 11/12ths into it. In the last week I programmed 8051 code to read a NFC chip (I was given the wrong datasheet and had to reverse-engineer the IC's address myself) and set up embedded linux wifi-direct groups. Also major Wiresharking diagnostics for a FUBAR wifi direct project the company got in bed with. Hilarious, my tyrannical boss lost two in a month when I was hired, then lost another recent hire. Got two more freshmeats, one of them said to me he'd leave, was pissed at our boss pissing on him/us because his now obsolete corp bosses are pissed. But they can't do anything. His only >2 year employee is a 49 year old woman with a 6 year old kid who is the aggressive software lead. Who unfortunately has no design docs, just read the code. And because code is $ optimized (size) not performance or safety (problem? reset!) its a 1970s global hell, to save pennies. Wonderful. The actual production was by a completely asian group of excellent american-naturalized engineers. At least I've learned low power coding and various sensor ICs. Also seen manufacturing, serious amerikan offshoring, mediocrity, and management hubris. Good luck with that. How are them tablets workin out for ya? I guess buggy-whips are kinda old. Like IR databases. But if that's your kurestu, play it. Are SONY execs seriously wearing hawaian shirts and flip flops because of FUKU? Lol. STBU, Michael Jackson = Beelzebub Manager. Do Nips have devils? The boss and his boss make decisions without input. they sell things they haven't built. they are dinosaurs who think the dino way persists. Not the way I run my craft. Not the way I want my Guild to operate. Glad I'm free.

03 May 2013

Ricotta is Italian for "recooked" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasta_filata Mozzarella is a fresh cheese, originally from southern Italy, traditionally made from Italian buffalo and later cow's milk by the pasta filata method. The term is used for several kinds of Italian cheeses that are made using spinning and then cutting (hence the name, as the Italian verb mozzare means "to cut"):

02 May 2013

Natural burns

It is now 94F and under 30% humidity. It rained very little this last "winter". Welcome to burntime in socal. Don't build structures without clearance. Also, some AlQ (tm) pubs recommend forest arson; supposedly there are folks worried about this in europe. Hard to tell though; you'd have to compare to other natural or manmade initiation campaigns. Anyway, burns in the forest or desert are natural, should be allowed. Else you build up huge fuel reserves which do not have the right thermal etc profile to encourage resprouting (and are uncontrollable for humans in the way, too). The forest-gov-ocrats know this recently, and are trying to manage using this knowledge; in the past, it was "all fire bad" without realizing the *unintended consequences*. Smokey, random-periodic fires are good, even if some bears get toasted. The forests that sustain you need it. Besides, Smokey, you're a frickin' federal PR puppet and you need to be taxidermied. You're not the only one, though, and certainly the most handsome.