14 August 2016

Obama on dope


And in other news, Pres daughter can smoke pot but the FDA/DEA military-industrials say, no medical use.  

Donald needs to disband them.

11 August 2016

Wahabi Salafists for Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

Please specify Wahabi Salafists as the brand of Islam that is causing problems.  These are old-school "ultra orthodox" fundies.  They are the problem.

The Saudis (Sunnis) are favorable to Wahabis.  The Saudis fund Ms. Clinton.  

Specify this extremist sliver of Islam and you win everyone but the Saudis and similar troglodytes.

09 August 2016

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps just won gold.

Fucking stoner.  Bong hits and he still is the best swimmer in the universe.  Doper.  Wastecase. Head.  Loser.


Motivated intelligent athlete whose fondness for cannabis has hurt him exactly ZERO aside from cultural feedback ie sponsors.

However, consider the Phelps brand in Colorado etc.

I personally have 4 patents, make $135K, and have smoked many kilos of grass followed by grams of concentrates.

I loathe the stupid proles and like Maynard welcome the apocalypse.

Zika means everyone is as stupid as the politicians.  A Vonnegut universe.  Awesome.

Tool.  King Crimson.  Rush.  Tom Waits.  Bach.  Laurie Anderson.
Iggy Pop.  Kronos Quartet.  Lou Reed.  Smashing Pumpkins.

Trump because why not, and empires implode a lot faster now.

Einsturzende Neubauten.

28 June 2016

Huma Mahmood Abedin

Huma Mahmood Abedin

s attaturk ottoman goatfuckers ergodon

LOL attaturk ottoman goatfuckers ergodon

bangie bangie

muslim islamic pandering hemorrhoids

LOL Ergodan goat pussy



LOL Hillary Wellesley

LOL Hillary Weiner
LOL Bill Weiner
LOL Hillary Huma
LOL puss puss hillary altoids puss puss

21 June 2016

corporate pandering (HR SJW?)

21 June 2016

31 Technology Drive, Irvine, CA
Fagflag flying next to US flag.  Never seen that before.  At a JnJ Medical Device Campus.  After Orlando.

And printed flyers inviting employees to a sodomite (LBGTQwhatever, ie, homosexual, perverted, or mentally ill) meetup, compleat with "straight allies" [sic]   In plain sight, everyone forced to read them on entering a building.

Wonder how 3-way sodomite or 1:M mormon polygamy  or generic N:M polyamory would play out.   There are utah employees after all, and muslims.  Problem, CSS?

During Ferguson chimpout: posters with a negro employee with some comment about "culture".  I thought that was accidental at the time.

In between: break room posters with mongoloid retards and amputees.

WTF these millenial corporate pussy HR need serious hanging.
Meanwhile they charge 10x possible price for medical devices.

Now that I think about it, I haven't seen the truck with the anti-BO, pro-military etc bumper stickers on it recently.  Even though JnJ likes to hire ex-mil.  And other serious conformists.  Mediocrity central: talk the lingo and dress fancy.   Parasitism.   Lip service to patients but outsourced Indian engineering and hazardous scheduling (cut the testing, we have to meet schedule!) mean shareholder/exec is primary.

The Credo hotline is a trap.

Rome didn't fall in a day, but things happen faster now.

@nero save us.

20 June 2016

there has never been the child of a BLACK WOMAN in the white house.alicia garza-

Even still, I find it really unfortunate that the first black president that this country has ever had spends so much time chastising black people 

LOL niggy there has never been the child of a BLACK WOMAN in the white house.

He's the second Irish president.

LOL you pwned 


The Negro Family


Note that bastards are now at 50% instead of 25%

Alicia Garza drinking game

Every time she says "black" you have to drink:

I have a lot of respect for President Obama, and while I deeply disagree with some of his actions or lack of action on issues I care about, I still recognize the significance of the first black presidency and the challenges that come with that. Even still, I find it really unfortunate that the first black president that this country has ever had spends so much time chastising black people who have done more in three years to place structural racism front and center than he himself has done in eight years of being president. It’s fascinating to watch President Obama be subjected to blistering prejudice and racism from members of Congress and their supporters, and yet to then watch him chastise black activists and organizers for not wanting to play their version of politics. It’s not a coincidence that an upsurge in a fairly nascent black freedom movement emerges during the administration of the first black president this country has ever had.


Serious coonin

Why NYC deserved 911

senator schumer
Hillary clinton

And the list goes on.  I'm glad I got out of the state and never stayed in NYC.

20 kilotons, baby, clean it.  Statist nanny scum.

Bring rope, I'll find a tree.

Seriously.  We have Boxer and Feinstein, and they need termination too.

It will be hard to explain to the future how we tolerated them.

Alicia Garza goes to liberia

Alicia Garza, a BlackJiveChatter co-founder, today declared that she is taking a one way flight to Liberia, the historic resettlement nations for the sub-saharans sold into slavery by their families.   She admits she has no skills, either in America or Afrika, such as farming, but expects that Afrika will take care of her.

parasite talk

Black Lives Matter is doing the work of engaging our communities around the issues that are important to us


"doing the work"  ---collecting welfare while being ungrateful and rude

"engaging our communities" ---agitating the negroes

"the issues" ---the problems

Many of our people are engaged in important work to help our communities understand the root cause of the violence that we experience

"our people" 
"important work" 
"our communities"

root cause = violent impulsive stupid tribe

niggas need coders

We need the best and the brightest thinkers, strategists, coders, surveillance experts, tech geeks and disruptors 


Parasitic negroes... write your own code

more cowbell


Burn ferguson now

about 16,000 of the 21,000 residents of Ferguson, Mo., are subject to arrest warrants.


Airstrike now

12 June 2016

la dodged a boston-marathon.


Wow did LA just dodge a bullet (LOL).

Of course, the NSA/CIA/FBI traced down a lot of these "not sufficient evidence" guys after the Orlando fagshoot.  So the "hey man, can I check your car" is typical 2016 orwelllian fakery.  You don't admit your mil-intel leads; you give a plausible other interpretation, their tail light was out.  And the "jury" believes it.


31 May 2016

Zika babies

Zika babies = new gen of democrats


06 May 2016

SIM life

SIM life.  A computer game where you are god over simulated beings.

SIM life.  Where you are owned by your phone, and identify as the data stored on it, your contacts, interests, etc.


Make America Great Again = Maga = female magician, female conjurer



maga f ‎(plural magas)
  1. female magician, female conjurer

01 May 2016

Who fellates McCain better, Boehner or Graham

Who fellates McCain better, Boehner or Graham 


Hang 'em high

27 April 2016


19th amendment, 1920.

We need to roll back to that checkpoint.  I think wifu might cast clinton. Shudder.


23 April 2016

HST moment, black privilege

What was I thinking?  I was just going to write it.  Damn.

Hippie chicks putting flowers in rifle barrels.


Negroes blocking political conferences, and traffic, including ambulances.


We don't want race war.

We don't want special privileges.

We don't want different standards.

Then all's cool with us.  Equal is equal.
Unless there's black privilege.

19 April 2016

Trump vs. Mexico is brilliant

Trump *can* shut down money xfers to mexico.
And this will devestate the mayans.

As a result, they *will* pay for or build a wall, just to keep sucking off the US teat.

Eventually we will take Baja, then the rest of the mexis to counter their cartels.  And we will liberate them, and make them citizens, and base our armies there, not in Japan or Germany.  And we will get mexi oil, vegetables, and labor, and they will love us for it.


Hilary "wins" NY

LOL, an arkansas lawer bitch, wellesley schooled, who splayed for the gov, then pres, then moved to *harlem* NY of all places, wins the corrupt state of NY.   Rome is smiling.

I grew up in upstate.

Damn it needs nuking, at least, downstate.  Wipe Harlem, NYC, and especially hillary and her ilk.

Or, kowtow.  A thousand years of domination.

Or, one bullet, one noose, one vote.

LOL her competition is a self-proclaimed socialist.

Yet, she is an undocumented communist.

LOL, lock 'n load.  Prepare your Trumps now.

Trumpiverse coming, trumpadelic, time to clean hous, drain the swamp, send the senators' whore wives back to where they came from.

Especially, Hillary.

Trump/Palin/Lewinsky 2016


Hilary (pandering negroes): Hot sauce

Bill (cf Monica): Altoids

Sanders: viagra & prep-H

Utah leaders declare religion a hazard to young minds


Belief in supernatural things, polygamy, supernatural underwear, no coffee, freakazoids.


Utah approves supernaturalist pervs.


Super Power run over peon


S Power (get it?) runs over turd world niggy.


17 April 2016



Dead concert

Burning man

Camping in the desert several miles from any other humans.

Irvine Juggalos for Trump

Irvine Juggalos for Trump

*head explodes*

Hilary is the new House Nigger

Hilary is the new House Nigger

Owned, controlled, content.

Employed by zionists, and the M.I. complex.  And the socialist-welfare complex.

Hilary is what you want if you enjoyed Obama.

More dysfunctional families, with the clinton advantage of Dynasty (tm).

Saudi Faisal vs Zappa

Hey goatfucker Faisal,

When you come here for surgery, you'd best dress as Zappa
(SHEIK YUR BOOTY)  because you might have, um, *complications*
as Frank would say.

Penguins in bondage, baby.

We will feed your corpse to pigs or dogs, your royal choice.

Also, your wife sucks my Boeing.

Saudi goatfuckers need regime change

The "kings" in the oil sands, the sauds, need regime change.
Ship them to some island, put in a real government.

One that doens't fund Wahhabi or Salafist terrorists.

One that enforces the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

About three dozen SOF could take these camelmonkeys down.

Time is NOW.

Yo Kings & Princes: if you resign now, Donald may spare your lives.

Else, you will face your population.  A bayonet up the ass, like your Libyan buds.

Faisal, bring it on, when you remove your lips from your favorite camel (or Ergodan's) weenie.

Bring it, and start digging your grave.

16 April 2016

Zuckerberg needs to die

Facebook is a facist tool.

Facebook is trying to influence US politics.

Zuckerberg wants to outsource you.


What crap Zuckerberg has unleashed.  Needs hanging.

Arianna vs. Donald


Ariannas sole qualifications: she slept with a homosexual politician.

11 April 2016

Cruz fornicates in Irvine


Cruz is amusing as a religious fanatic and pseudo-conservative.

TRUMP is the man, he does not follow the PC.

Cruz needs to go back to Cuba, or where-ever.  Trump can clean this sh*t up.

LOL, another lib for DJT.



Trump vs. scum


Lindsey Graham
John McCain
"Altoids" Clinton

Needing killing.

All traitors.  All zionist puppets.  Traitors.

Trump 2016


Trump or Hilary?   Or Cruz?  Or Sanders?


Do you want a civil war?

Republican GOP fail

Replied Haugland: “Political parties choose their nominees, not the voters.”


so much for democracy.
which is mob rule.
but now we have back-room sleeze
How's that gonna work out, GOP?

“Because the system is corrupt.”

“Because the system is corrupt.”


Ya think? 

Bonita Tindle belligerant violent racist needs jail

She just so freely put her hands all over Cory, put her hands all over me, tried to take my property, tried to intimidate us into doing what she wanted,” King said. “That just wasn’t right. 


Bonita Tindle belligerant violent racist needs jail.

Then, send to Liberia.

csmonitor bias

Party insiders are terrified of Trump, an unguided missile of a candidate who has shown no real loyalty to the Republican Party and alienated vast swaths of the general electorate, making success in November difficult to achieve if not impossible. 


Political parties are private organizations, and not governed by the Constitution (which doesn’t even mention parties) or the Federal Election Commission. It’s up to the candidates, and their lawyers, to defend their own interests.

Sure, go ahead with that, RNC.

Bonita Tindle creates more Trump voters than you will ever understand.

Bonita Tindle is a violent racist

Bonita Tindle is a violent racist.
Do not hire her.

In late March 2016, a YouTube video of her went viral on social media. In the video she confronts another student Cory Soulr Goldstein on San Francisco State University campus for wearing dreadlocks. 

She thinks she's a photographer
mostly a narcissist it seems.

The crime

02 April 2016

LOL kill gay son bad; kill transsexual, no conviction

Los Angeles Man Accused of Murdering Son Because He Was Gay: Prosecutors

People Magazine - ‎6 hours ago‎

LOL, homosexuals do not deceive; a homosexual will refuse a hetero advance, no harm done.

A transsexual will deceive, and end up getting killed for their deceipt.  Pretty simple.  The deviant community doesn't seem to "get it".

Bad that a father killed son, son was gay; if son was transsexual and seduced a 3rd party hetero, I would not convict the latter.


Brinkman bbqs suck

A few years ago, I spent $150 on a Brinkman propane grill.
It had a lot of stainless.  Looked nice.

Well, 3 years later, the stainless is fine, but the bottom structure is rust paper.  What crap.  How can you make something that is durable except for one (critical) part?

What crap.

So today after an attempt to save the old one I bought a new small gas grill.  Unfortunately it uses LP cylinders, not propane. I think there are adapters.

I could have bought a $80 stainless version of my $30 grille, but I know how the "stainless" may not cover all parts, in which case, BS.   Totally disgusted by the industry, I am.

Note that I spent ~$60 repairing the Brinkman before it was toast.
New burner tubes, heat distributers.   At super-expensive prices.

Total BS.  Don't buy Brinkman.

Next BBQ, I make my own from a regulator and pipes and a drill.


PPS: I once had an excellent heavy ceramic charcoal-fired BBQ.  Souped that mother up with a computer fan.  It cracked when we moved though.  Sad.  But I've worked with seriously pro ovens.

Also, electric, of course.

27 March 2016

The horror, the horror


MTA toy subway car appears to show image of man in Confederate flag shirt

25 March 2016

Lindsey Graham goes down

Graham told host Trevor Noah, grinning and seemingly aware of his own bullshit. 

"If Trump wins, your days are numbered, pal," he said. "Young, black, liberal guy from Africa is not going to work with him."


Lindsey Graham fellates McCain, redux


Lindsey Graham Just Went Off on Donald Trump and the GOP: "My Party Is Completely Screwed Up"

No, Lindsey, you screwed up when you slept with John McCain.

rat copulation

we now have wife wrestling AND rodent copulation
thank you ted & heidi cruz for that wonderful image.

Rodent copulation, from Ted Cruz.  Nice.

An Impossible Choice Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

An Impossible Choice Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton 


ZOMG if you think this is an impossible choice you don't understand freedom.

Mother Jones is an ISIS material supporter


"Trump is playing directly into what ISIS wants: Broad anti-Muslim rhetoric that pushes Muslims to the fringes of society" 

Actually Trump wants to disengage from the ME, sort of like Paul, or any decent libertarian.  Let them deal with themselves; we don't even need their fuels any more.

Trump sez: integrate or leave.  For mexicans, ME, everyone.  Not a bad idea.

NPR vs. AM talk radio

I used to listen to NPR exclusively, except for 91.5 classical.
But I got really sick of their ethnic sexual-deviant encouragement, so now I have to listen to AM talk radio stations to purge myself of this.  I listen to both genres with ironic, humor quotes around them, but NPR just slimes after a while.

Its is also amusing to hear Glenn Beck flip out at DJT, like the rest of the establishment.

Trump / Palin 2016

Palin is rural, and far from NYC.

Trump is urban, NYC.

Palin like Biden would be a hilarious sidekick bozo, and ensure that the primary will not be assassinated.

Trump/Palin 2016
Its beautiful.   Its huge.  Its your future.

boycott American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Lowe’s and the National Basketball Association freakazoids


boycott the American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Lowe’s and the Negro Basketball Association

they support mentally-ill freakazoids who will let disturbed men into your daughter's bathrooms.


22 March 2016

Mizzou, Click, Can I get some muscle as an example of Leftist power hierarchies

So when Melissa Click, a white female Mizzou prof who thought she was protecting a negro enclave, called for "muscle" against an Asian journalist, it was an expression of the Left's power structure.  Asians, as high performers, can be suppressed by white females defending negros.


18 March 2016

Porter Ranch California, Aliso Methane Leak, Statistics, Placebo

So now that the Porter Ranch gas leak is capped, the gas company has to deal with people who think their nosebleeds, headaches, nausea are from residuals.

They'd never know if the gas wasn't odorized with mercaptans.

There is a background rate of nosebleeds, headaches, nausea.

There are > 1000 wealthy families affected so do the math.
Plus, paranoia / ignorance.


Also, LOL,
LA tells customers to conserve water, but has pipe bursts that nullify that, creating temporary rivers in streets.

Gas company tries to be "carbon friendly" then has a huge gas spill.

Worry about coal sulphur.  Because.  Pinatabo.

I do take lead and mercury and other heavy metal poisonings seriously to the affected people.

03 March 2016

count to 10 donald

jeebus crispus.

initiate self-destruct sequence

bring in some muscle

and microagressions

sterilize the planet, scotty

megyn kelley has caterpillars on her eyelids

perhaps fake eyelashes?   weird ness.

I'm allergic to juniper

I made juniper infused vodka.  And I got the hives again.


Self-experimentation.  And surprise.


little marco

seriously, little marco?

hope. Change. Trump.

don't hire a house negro who will toe the zionist and milindustrial line.

hire donald.

bypass fox and cox



Trump being extremely polite to Ms. Kelly.

Trump is non-sequitor.

Cruz is good, but a militant xian.

Romney is so lame, such a parasite, the problem.

02 March 2016

Africans, negroes, mulattoes, niggers

just to be clear.  I work with a few africans.  Very competent.  I work with some american mulattoes.  Also, very competent.

this is distinct from american niggers.  do you understand?

have you read _The Bell Curve_, ok, its a thousand pages, and only the last chapter is about race.  But, have you?

George Zimmerman is a hero.  Trayvon et seq. are violent, impulsive thugs.  Do you understand?

Do you?

20 February 2016

trumpiverse vs. negro entitlement

In the trumpiverse, the negroes will not block roads, will not threaten reporters, will not require safe ghetto spaces,
and will generally behave like everyone else.

Or not.  And be culled.  Their choice.


Trumpiverse.  Dig it, mofo.  Suck it.


You will wake up in the next year, and realize, DJT is president, Vladimir is not a problem, and isis is toast.

We will eventually get out of middle east, etc.  We will have jobs, charge large tariffs for foreign work, have immigration controls for real,.    Maybe I'm just a dreamer.  No Rand Paul, no Ron Paul.  So, deal with it.

15 February 2016

Kanye West vs. Kardassians: Cannibalism Island

New reality TV show.  Put West and some Kardassians on an island.  With no food.  See who reverts to cannibalism first.
Total win no matter what.

Do not  rescue any of them.  For the good of humanity.

back to this blog

Odd.  Now I can write to this blog again.

Very windy, warm out.  Love it, February.

My piss fluoresces because I drink G&T

My korean roomba is awesome.

Although the weakest force, we surrender to gravity when we sleep.

I have some systematic ? problem that is small itchy spots appearing randomly on my body.  Not sure if virus, parasite, or what.  Should be gone in a month or I'll invoke western med I suppose.  Likely not.

I found my second oil pen.  then lost it; the first is charging upstairs.  So lame.  Will get control.

Received my $10 green laser, awesome.  Uses same 18650 battery as UV laser.  China is awesome.