31 July 2013

you might be an engineer if..

you might be an engineer if..

your dog gets one of those stupid dog-cones.  Which he dispatches in minutes.
Then you tape it to a desklap as a shade, since the lamp lost its regular shade.

Yes, I use a dog cone as a light shade.

speed kills

First Asiana pilot Wi Tu Lo comes in 30 knots/hr too slow.
Now Spanish railroad driver drives 50mph too fast.

The train had been going as fast as 119 mph shortly before the derailment, and the driver activated the brakes "seconds before the crash," according to a Santiago de Compostela court statement Tuesday after the data recorders were examined. The speed limit on the section of track where the crash happened was 50 mph. The court said in its preliminary findings that no technical failure had been found so far.

30 July 2013

Benign dogs and people

In contrast to dogs used by states for violence:

most dogs are wonderfully loyal only to their owner.  I love dogs.  I don't love dogs that are used for violence against people.  Bomb dogs are ok.  Attack dogs, no.

Also, although I recognize that various strains (of humans, dogs, etc) have different tendancies towards aggression, etc, I try to treat each individual neutrally a priori.

So I'm ok with some Hades Kerberos dog, if he's a good dog.  But without meeting him, my Bayesians tell me to watch him.

That's called rationality.  It may not be politically correct.  Too bad.

Fascist dogs

I should comment on my last post:

I've never heard of government or other tyrannical use of domestic felines.

how many races of dogs are used for state violence?

German shepards
Pit bulls

If you can't walk with a loaded gun, how is it ok to walk with these?

I've seen a pair of muzzled dogs pull their owner to the ground yesterday.
I may have to carry something.  Maybe a stick, maybe more.  Coyotes too.

Be prepared.

Julian Assange loves cats

Someone once claimed Julian didn't like cats, drove one insane, stalked it, etc.

What BS.  Julian Assange is a cat.  A bipedal, articulate, polite, melanin-free cat.


He loves cats.  He knows how to relate to cats.  He would never harm a cat in any way, physically mentally emotionally or "spiritually" LOL.

I would leave my cat in his care (should he open the Assange Daycare for Felines).
(Should I ever need to be away for more than a day or two)

Liberty and cats just go together.  Fascism and dogs, well, history...


 The Keymaker informs further that there is only one door to the Source, adding that it will be accessible for exactly 314 seconds


Within the Matrix, keys represent tokens of authentication used to gain access to abackdoor or control of a device. The authenticator is represented by the bitting on the key, as illustrated when Seraph uses one to reach a corridor filled with backdoors in The Matrix Reloaded.

The Keymaker is an old program[6] and his past is obscure.[7] Faced with deletion or exile, he chooses exile.[8] Consequently he becomes a type of program known as the exile and is referred to as such by the agents.

 Kim says his character shouldn't have any freedom of choice, but he did make a choice by hiding along with the other exiles.[3]

the Merovingian, who guards the imprisoned Keymaker, explains him as being a means but not a 'why'

The room is filled with thousands of keys representing different modes of activating higher states of awareness.

the Keymaker shows him how to escape to the next telephone - a device used to leave the Matrix

Manning, Snowden, Assange, Ellsberg

Manning is a self-destructive hero.  His flaw was talking to Adrian Lamo.  Otherwise he would have been clear for a while, at least.

Snowden is a self-destructive superhero.

Assange is a hero.

Dan Ellsberg is an old-school hero :-) I never knew much about until Assange etc.

Thanks guys.

The US thanks you, even if the USG du jour doesn't.

cellphones kill

Spanish train driver was on phone.

2 years ago California train collision driver was on phone.

Phones are like being drunk.  Hands don't matter; cognitive limits do.

When I drive I require my wife and kid to be silent.  They distract, give bad
nav info, drain resources.  Not good at 80 mph in the dark.

photojournalism Benz vs. Landscaping truck

Ca 12:00 (pix taken at 13:00)
Meadowwood Drive between Creekglen and Canyonview
Irvine, California

(c) 2013 Thisblog

Rachel Jeantel for DHS Secretary

In July 2010 Jackson Lee said: "Today, we have two Vietnams, side by side, North and South, exchanging and working. We may not agree with all that North Vietnam is doing, but they are living in peace. I would look for a better human rights record for North Vietnam, but they are living side by side.”[28] It was noted that Vietnam had not been split for four decades.

Sheila Jackson Lee fail

Speaking in July 2010 at the NAACP national convention, Jackson Lee compared the Tea Party to the KKK

The NAACP?  Another racist org.

This congresslime needs to stay in her ghetto, milking the negro, playing the victim.

Zero chance of her getting anywhere.

Sheila Token Jackson Lee

Sheila Jackson Lee as DHS Sec?  Sure, she's black.  And a woman.  And black.  Did I mention she's black?

And belongs to racist, sexist organizations, like the  Alpha Kappa Alpha group
and the  Congressional Black Caucus.

29 July 2013

Meshael Alayban one of six wives of Saudi Prince Abdulrahman bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz al Saud

IRVINE, CA (July 10, 2013): Last night, Irvine Police Detectives, working closely with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, arrested a Saudi Arabian national, Meshael Alayban (2-7-1971) for  holding a domestic servant against her will. Alayban was arrested at her condominium on Gramercy in Irvine.

BTW isn't polyamory often cited as a degenerate effect of same-sex marriage?  Isn't bigamy illegal in California? 

28 July 2013

Irvine Americas safest city for serious crazies

Grocery bagger off meds decapitates fellow Albertson's employees with a sword, whilst dressed like some movie character.  Taken out by Irvine Police sniper.
This was where I get groceries.  I recognized his face.

Mormon Gynecologist Larry Ford.   Has south african bioweapon researcher ties and live biowarfare agents in his garage fridge, military explosives buried in his back yard.  Is accused of hiring a hit on a partner.  Ford blows his head off with a shotgun when the Irvine Police visit his Irvine home.  Neighbors are evac'd to fancy hotels when explosives found.  The unresolved questions are not answered, but there are also threads about recreational and HIV drugs and sexual coercion.

Occasional others.  A physics grad killed his SO at UCI last year or so.

One of the very first email legal implications was at UCI when a mexican student emailed lots of people with his gripes about asians.    This is now a classic

Irvine America's safest city for arab slavery

Location: Irvine, California
Owner: Saudi
Slave: Kenyan
(search for "irvine slavery kenyan")

Location: Irvine, California
Owner: Egyptian
Slave: Egyptian
(search for "irvine slavery egypt")

26 July 2013

Women's group attack Weiner

though the article uses a more passive voice in its headline

23 July 2013

fucking donkeys

I hope my Title does not attract the wrong kind of reader.

KABUL  - Three NATO soldiers and their Afghan interpreter were killed Tuesday when a suicide bomber riding a donkey detonated his explosives in eastern Afghanistan, an official said.
Four Afghan soldiers were wounded, said Ataullah Khogyani, the spokesman for the Wardak provincial government.
"The suicide bomber wearing farmer clothes and riding a donkey targeted the Afghan and coalition soldiers at 10:30 am (0600 GMT) in Sayedabad district, killing three NATO troops and their Afghan interpreter," he said.


Baku-APAAlgerian border guards managed to seize ten quintals of phosphate destined for bombs manufacture near the border with Tunisia, a security source told Xinhua Tuesday on condition of anonymity, APA reports quoting local media.
A unit of the border guard launched a wide night search operation in the desert region of Richa in the province of El Oued, 620 km southeast of Algiers, where a suspicious 4x4 vehicle was intercepted.
The source said the car passengers were running away, leaving behind the car and 10 quintals of phosphate, a substance used to make bombs and explosives.

WTF, confusing phosphate and nitrate.
WTF is a quintal? 
The quintal or centner, from Latin centenarius ("hundredlike"), is a historical unit of mass in many countries which is usually defined as 100 base units of either pounds or kilograms.

22 July 2013

Patrick Johnson of Volusia County is ok with me

Volusia County businessman is receiving death threats after he offered acquitted George Zimmerman a handgun, the same make and model used in the shooting of Trayvon Martin.
Patrick Johnson sent attorney Mark O'Mara a letter offering a free gun to Zimmerman.
Once the letter was leaked to the press, Johnson said the death threats started coming in.


God likes George Zimmerman


If I weren't an atheist, I'd think God likes GZ.  One shot one kill, no permenant brain damage, and now he's a hero *twice*.

I figure when he gets his keltec back, it'll auction for a lot.  Good for him.

what does stasi mean

they recorded everything

I trusted them they're the goverment


Can't we all just get along

I am George Zimmerman

boy don't get one planted in yo chest

"boy don't get one planted in yo chest"
Message to Trayvon Martin 11/22/2011


21 July 2013

tech doc matters

LOL, techdoc works!

In Mauritania, the country's military regime was forced to abandon its efforts to censor the Internet after a dissident named Nasser Weddady wrote a guide to Tor in Arabic and distributed it to opposition groups. "Tor rendered the government's efforts completely futile," Weddady says. "They simply didn't have the know-how to counter that move."


19 July 2013

What does negress count more than Peruvian mom?

What does negress count more than Peruvian mom?

GZ's mom in Peruvian.  Thug Martin's mother isn't.  Why is the latter given more credibility?    Because Martin's mother is obvious a stupid emotion orang?

Just curious.

sub-saharan africans, america, decline of empire, negroes, blacks, violence, impulsiveness, cortical deficit, genetics, race, retards, rachel jeantel

funny how they're all sub-saharan africans in ancestry.





Big company getting old

I have worked for and interviewed at a few "big companies getting old".  Typically they have complex, unmaintainable software.  Components that could be open and modern are proprietary.  Their are stifling organizational fiefdoms.  There are way too many managers between actual programmers and execs.  Accountants will hold up your purchase of tools you need today.  Project Managers cycle frequently.
STB customers pull you by the nose.  Documentation is nonexistent.   Hardware is scarce.


past JVE its all managers who don't code.

Apparently and not surprisingly Extron also has this problem  ---and its also ~30 years old.

Can you spell "technological debt"?   I knew you could.  Though actually Extron seemed to have fewer levels than previous place.

The whole TV/ STB / Audio Visual market is going to implode, face it.

You can milk late-adopters only so long.

The tablet will defeat Remotes, FOSS video distribution will defeat Extron.  Mammals eat birds.

Fear the beard, Extron, Human Resources, diversity, cultural sensitivity

I just interviewed at Extron.  The managers and engineers were very friendly, intelligent, it was great
talking shop with them.

The subsequent HR interview was OK until the woman (had braces, wore pants too tight for an office, medium complexion) brought up my beard.

Its a cm.  Two of three engineers had beards.  Apparently a cm is a bit much for this narcissistic pinhead social whore.

So, I didn't get it.  But, I like my beard.  Had it for longer than this HR bimbo was alive.

Good thing there's no good jewish, sikh, muslim, or other engineers.
I'm sure the company will do fine, building out a linux capability ... with cretin staff like this.

18 July 2013

Brigham Young


All university male personnel are required to adhere to the Church educational System Honor Code and the BYU Dress and Grooming Standards which state that "Men are expected to be clean-shaven; beards are not acceptable."
Exceptions may be granted if an individual (1) has a documented medical condition which is exacerbated by shaving, (2) is performing in a theatrical event short-term, or (3) actively participates in an officially recognized religion which advocates the wearing of a beard as one of its religious tenets.
Faculty who fit one of these categories are required to obtain a beard waiver from the office of the Associate Academic Vice President--Faculty . Staff or administrative personnel may obtain the waiver by contacting Benefits Services. Anyone receiving a long-term beard waiver is required to update it every five years.
Full-time or part-time non-LDS faculty who are employed at BYU for one year or less may wear a beard, unless it is intended that they continue their employment with BYU for longer than one year. Since adjunct faculty, visiting scholars and cooperating professionals are not University employees, they are encouraged, but not required, to be clean shaven
These procedures apply to full-time faculty, full-time staff and administrative employees, part-time employees, temporary employees and to spouses and dependents who desire activity privileges

These are multiple-wives cultists who are also into young-girl marriange.  But don't wear a beard, for Allah's sake!

HR is pinhead narcissist conformists

HR is pinhead narcissist conformists

but you knew that


Screw that, I'm a militant atheist and I like the beard my Ancestors gave me.

Bring it on, beetch

17 July 2013

ass whoopin

11:40 into it

Das not killin

Violence is trivial in urban negro culture.

Jeantel convicts Martin YET AGAIN


Who started it?  Martin.  Who threw the first punch?  Martin.  Who says this?
His girlfriend, zippy Jeantel.

ass whoopin vs 9mm luger


More of the sow on how trivial assaults are in her "culture"

Dats jus an ass whoopin

don't talk dat way around adults


19 year old (can vote!) talks about speaking around "adults"

Sterilize Rachel Jeantel on Kickstarter

starting a kickstarter project.. to Sterilize Rachel Jeantel

16 July 2013

Chimpout building, don't bring whoop ass to a gunfight

Jeantel says Trayvon administering a "whoop-ass" is nothing.  Aparently her "urban Miami" culture thinks this trivial.

Fortunately most of us don't, and respond appropriately.  As George Zimmerman did.  Saving us all from more of Martin's violence.

Jeantel continues to convict Martin, and feeds the morbid freak show that is her "appearances" where she attempts to talk.

Can we get a Kickstarter to sterilize her?

Meanwhile, there are the beginnings of riots, er, "vandalism", stopping cars, attacking cars, etc.

And the Feds haven't even said yet that they have no case against George.  I figure that will be the catalyst.

13 July 2013

George is Free, Minor chimpout in LA

Zimmerman free.

Minor chimpout in LA right now.

fire Circuit Judge Debra Nelson

Circuit Judge Debra Nelson said, "You have no further business with this court." 

Nelson, you have no further business as a judge, either.

Lubing my arm of choice for tomorrow...

12 July 2013

Boeing Dreamliner jingle


When I got back home I found a message on the door
Sweet Regina's gone to China crosslegged on the floor
Of a burning jet that's smoothly flying:
Burning airlines give you so much more.

Possibly also a Boeing Dreamliner jingle


 As I did 20 years ago, I still fervently believe that the only way to make software secure, reliable, and fast is to make it small. Fight Features.


he was just a kid and didn't know better

The first version of Linux was like a time machine. It went back to a system worse than what he already had on his desk. Of course, he was just a kid and didn't know better (although if he had paid better attention in class he should have), but producing a system that was fundamentally different from the base he started with seems pretty good proof that it was a redesign.

random tech digression

My view is that you want to avoid shared data structures as much as possible. Systems should be composed of smallish modules that completely hide their internal data structures from everyone else. They should have well-defined 'thin' interfaces that other modules can call to get work done. That's what object-oriented programming is all about--hiding information--not sharing it. I think that hiding information (a la Dave Parnas) is a good idea. It means you can change the data structures, algorithms, and design of any module at will without affecting system correctness, as long as you keep the interface unchanged. Every course on software engineering teaches this. In effect, Linus is saying the past 20 years of work on object-oriented programming is misguided. I don't buy that.

I have to agree with that.



new favorite word: rubbish.  Seen it used unusually frequently in various infofeeds.
Means: trash.  But can be applied to nonphysical entities eg ideas or processes.

origin: modern brit

cloud based biometric snooping

users can continuously monitor and control heart rate, blood glucose and other health metrics from their smartphones. Beyond monitoring, users can upload this information to "the cloud" for real-time analysis and graphical measurement, liberating the data from a singular sensor device and allowing it to be accessed from any client device at any time. 


11 July 2013

zimmerman riots

“There is a time now, it seems to me, for the civil rights leaders and for the President of the United States — because there will be a jury decision next week — somebody will say this is not about black and white,” Beckel said.

My 7.62x54R says its about civil war and chimpout.  My various more portable arms say, bring it on, nigger.

My car says, try it.

Never again.  We will bury you, then shit on you.

lift, asiana

Draw a box around a plane.  It must deflect enough air (1 kg/m^3) to keep itself aloft.

Fuck the stupid theories (see nasa.gov) you must fly fast enough to push enough air down to keep yourself afloat.


American Heroes


Heroes, patriots, Americans.  (OK, not Julian :-) but I don't even have enough positive adjectives for that lad.

We are Ed Snowden.  Expect us.

Safest city in US unless Arab slave

Recently a Saudi "Princess" and polyamorous wife of a Saudi "Prince" living in Irvine was caught with Kenyan and Asian slaves.  She's in jail now on a $5,000,000 bail.

A few years ago an Egyptian family in Irvine was caught with a girlslave living in their garage, she had been purchased in Egypt from her parents.

Irvine ---safest city in US, unless you're an arab slave.

Irvine Slavery

Recently a Saudi "Princess" and polyamorous wife of a Saudi "Prince" living in Irvine was caught with Kenyan and Asian slaves.  She's in jail now on a $5,000,000 bail.

A few years ago an Egyptian family in Irvine was caught with a girlslave living in their garage, she had been purchased in Egypt from her parents.

Irvine ---safest city in US, unless you're an arab slave.

syria, egypt, oh my!

syria, egypt, the rest of the ME Fustercluck
and then the Zimmerman riots.

2013, part of the decline.  By 2030, the US had dissolved as the USSR had done a few years before, also after invading Afghanistan.

Rome did not fall in a day, but things happen faster now.

Got ammo?  Bleach?  Food?  Arms for neighbors?  Coffee, tobacco, tequila, aspirin?
Batteries?   Dial-up modem and line configured on your cellphone?  Tested?

SF south korean crash

Its gonna be the young guy not talking to the senior guy.
Been there done that.

npr idiots

Listening to a report how the army runs 6 generators at 30% which is less efficient than running at 90%.  They run a different generator for different functions, kitchen, barracks, etc.

What NPR doesn't mention is that *reliability* is improved this way.  If one generator dies, not only do other systems remain online, but their extra capacity can support the lost generator.


09 July 2013

french cpunk


WTF, the french guy's glasses are fake.  Jake's are pretty weak.


Ever notice words that repeat?

I've now heard the brit term "rubbish" used thrice --twice by BBC, now by JA.

Society is rubbish.

Obama Kerry flip flop

LOL neither Obama nor Kerry (both war crims!) know how to deal with Syria.
Democracy or coup?   If coup, no $.  Egyptian military is still fully pwned by U$ and I$rael.

Epic fail.  UBL wins.  Enjoy the caliphate.

01 July 2013

no matter how strange it may sound on my lips

"no matter how strange it may sound on my lips"

more codephrases