24 December 2014

More Sony - Government Contacts

Michael Lynton's Govt Contacts

David Fincher

Fincher is a pretty good director.

Adam Sandler

Calling Al Franken

mpaa contacts for SPE

Whoopi --wanna watch some dogfights

Whoopi  (212) 327 2762

Sony's Gift

Not you too, Vint Cerf!

Call Steve Seagal

Sleep Troubles at Sony

Sleeping pills:
Rx#C 1051297
Dr. Steven Witlin

(prescription filled 9/30/13, 3 refills before 3/29/14)


(In Michael Lynton's Contacts)


Eric Schmidt --Privacy is Dead

Jim Carville is a lizard

03 December 2014

Fascist America Garner cigs


Garner's death.  That is f'd up.

Martin, shoot that nig.
Brown, double that.

Garner, WTF?   Yeah, great, I learn a chokehold is awesome.  And some dipshit nypd is dipshit.

I am obviously not really racist.... Garner was killed unjustly.  For a GJ to fail to indict in that case is awful.  (For real jury for GZ acquit, and Brown stone charge, perfect).

Selling loose cigs is not worth a chokehold, asshole.